Best 18 Crystals For Sleep 

Got Insomnia? See Top Stones For Sleep

➤ By Liz Oakes

The crystals for sleep featured here are known to be beneficial to help you if you have insomnia and need to have a more restful night.

So see the list below of the best crystals to help you to sleep well.

Some of the healing crystals for you to utilize are known to help you if you have difficulty sleeping.

Trying natural ways to put a stop to annoying sleep issues may help you to get enough sleep more easily.

Many of these will also aid you if you have trouble quieting your mind in meditation so that's another way they may help you. 

Crystals For SleepHowlite is one of the Best Crystals For Sleep

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Crystal Tip: If you are suffering from insomnia, adding crystals may be simply one more thing to try. But don't despair you may have found the answer, so check out the crystals below which may help you.

Are You Awake At Night? So Frustrating!

If you lie awake unable to settle because of those pesky thoughts going round and round in your head, it might be time to take a new approach to the issue.

There are a number of healing stones that help sleep, and all of the crystals suggested below are generally quite safe stones to have in the bedroom, so this is another good reason to choose them.

Checkout the list of crystals below. All of the stones on the list are well known crystals to help these problems.

So you may find a solution for both your insomnia and be able to meditate more easily.

What Is Insomnia? Solutions For A Restful Nights Sleep

People who are not getting the amount of sleep that they require may state that they have insomnia, so let's look at - what is insomnia? This term is sometimes misinterpreted.

Let's start with the definition of insomnia:

  • habitual sleeplessness
  • inability to sleep

The word habitual relates to recurrent or frequent, and in many cases those who say they have insomnia may have had problems related to sleep for some time.

For some people it is not insomnia, but an inability to get to sleep that happens often enough for it to be frustrating.

Those people may also want to work out how to fall asleep more easily.

For others it's about sleep quality and the need for a good night’s sleep, especially if your sleep cycle is disturbed by too many wakeful nights.

ScoleciteScolecite Helps You To Sleep Better

Going to sleep then waking up and being unable to get back to sleep often prevents deep sleep from happening.

A lack of sleep can be quite disturbing as its usually in the middle of the night.

This is when having crystals for sleep nearby can be helpful to assist you to regain an ability to have a restful sleep.

Some of you may have issues with thoughts going round and round inside your head so your mind cannot settle for sleep.

If you have an overactive mind causing you to feel emotional tension, this is the same problem that a number of people find challenging when they sit down to meditate.

Are You Ruminating?

So if you find it hard to settle into a state of deep relaxation when meditating, as well as when you are trying to get to sleep, my crystals sleeping guide will help you.

Of course this is an individual thing to some degree. Please be aware that not everyone finds every healing stone on the following list to be helpful to create better sleep.

I have read that the use of crystals, including crystals for sleep relates to the placebo effect. 

But if you have used crystals before, you will know that the healing power of crystals can be beneficial to help you in many ways.

There are also a large number of crystals that will help you if you have been experiencing bad dreams or nightmares, so check out this related article.

List Of Top Crystals For Sleep

The top sleep crystals are listed straight below and in addition there are also other stones for sleep mentioned after these. 

This is the list of the types of crystals that I believe are the most effective crystals for sleep, as they are all helpful to aid you to have a restful nights sleep. 

All of the above crystals for sleeping better are on the list and they all have unique vibrations to aid insomnia.

Choosing the right sleep crystal is not an exact science as each of you will react differently.

Howlite BraceletHowlite Bracelet

Each of the stones listed below have different properties that are summarized below.

They all have their own in-depth page so if they appeal to you, simply click on the link below the picture to learn more about them.

Many of the crystals or stones on the list are fairly easy to obtain but a few are not as well known.

These are included as they are good crystals for sleep with other excellent metaphysical properties.


Scolecite is at the top of the list of crystals for sleep as it has such an excellent action to help your sleep.

It has a deeply calming and soothing energy that is also very effective to help to relieve stress.

It is both one of the best crystals for insomnia as well as also being a stone that encourages lucid dreaming.

So if you wish to experience lucid dreams, place a piece of this dream crystal under your pillow to help you with this.

When I first heard about it I was surprised that it was one of the crystals for sleeping better, as it is one of the high vibration crystals.

It resonates within the crown chakra and third eye chakras. It is also a great meditation stone, and seems to work well in combination with any of the other crystals.

So you may choose to use it with other sleep crystals to create a highly effective result. 

My own sleep problem relates to waking up and being unable to get back to sleep so I have a piece of Scolecite within easy reach.

This is so that I can hold it when I need it and sleep commonly comes quickly to me when I use this white crystal. 

Remember: if you have a stone either under the pillow or nearby, do make sure you regularly cleanse it.

If you are using it and start to find it is no longer effective, take it out and both cleanse it and charge it, and perhaps give it a break to allow it to re-charge.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a powerful stone to aid your sleep as it has a strong vibration to transmute negative energy into positive energy.

These black stones are excellent crystals for sleep and also have a powerful energy that can aid you in many other ways.

This includes assisting sleep problems, grounding you, helping EMF sensitivity and they are strong psychic protection stones.

Black Tourmaline may help to calm your nervous system and can enhance peace of mind so you can get a good night's sleep.

If you are finding you are still not attaining a better quality of sleep wear a piece on your body during the day as well.

Read more about them on their specific page, as they are potent stones to add to your crystal collection.

One of the best ways to use these stones is to create a crystal grid with a stone on each of the corners of your bed.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Crystals are very well known for their action as one of the most potent love stones as they have a strong role to assist relationships.

But you may not have been aware that they are also excellent crystals for the bedroom as they are one of the most effective crystals for sleep.

These crystals have a good action to resonate out into the location where they are placed.

This may help to create a soothing gentle vibration and harmonious effect that helps you to more easily go to sleep.

Their calming energy fills the area where you are sleeping, bringing an influx of positive feelings that replace any tension, anxiety or stress you may have.

Rose Quartz energy is also comforting at times when you are feeling out of sorts, and it will help you to rest more easily at times when you are emotionally disturbed.

Rose Quartz crystals are well known as crystals for love and they have an excellent energy to boost flagging relationships, so this is another reason for having them in the bedroom.


Lepidolite has many powerful attributes that make it a wonderful crystal for sleep to use as it aids a number of issues, including helping you to sleep better.

If you are anxious, depressed or stressed and need help to feel more calm, this is my top choice of crystals to relieve stress.

This is also one of the crystals for sleep mentioned above that will help you to relax and attain deep meditation, helping you to switch off and get into deep meditation.

They are also beneficial crystals to help bad dreams or nightmares, a problem that is related to sleep, but where horrible dreams can stop you from having good sleep.

Lepidolite has so many powerful attributes that make it a wonderful stone to use for all sorts of reasons.

It comes in a number of colors from deep purple, to lilac through to pink. All of the colors are very effective calming stones as they contain natural lithium.

It helps you to get to sleep more easily because of its action to help you to easily sink into the alpha state, where your brain waves slow.

Alpha brain waves are the relaxed state that you attain just before you sink into sleep, and are the brain waves associated with the beginning of stage one sleep.

This lovely stone will also assist you to attain deeper brain waves, a highly relaxed state that is normally reached when you are deeply asleep.

There are now a number of relaxation systems that assist you to reach theta state and it is also associated with a healing method called theta healing.

Doing meditation with crystals that take you to the theta state helps you to more easily reach the higher realms, and is a helpful method to use if you are working on your spiritual growth.

Petalite Lepidolite is a stone that is a blend of Lepidolite with Petalite, and it has a good energy to assist you to sleep better.

It is also helpful to use for meditation, for a number of reasons including its action to connect with the angelic realm.

Amethyst Crystals

Amethyst Crystals are one of the most common stones that are specific crystals that are recommended to help you to sleep better.

All of the various types of Amethyst are made from quartz, and quartz has strong amplification properties.

They may also be programmed as well, so you could program it to broadcast calming messages to you, creating a sense of peace while you sleep. 

This purple quartz crystal embodies the vibration of the violet flame. This is a powerful healing energy, so they are strong healing stones.

They are both crystals for sleep and are also an excellent protective stone that creates a peaceful atmosphere and they aid psychic protection.

So if you put a piece of Amethyst in your bedroom they will also protect you while you are sleeping.

Please note: not everyone finds that it is comfortable sleeping with Amethyst. They can be too stimulating for some people, until you adapt to their energy.

You may find it more beneficial to simply keep your piece near you during your everyday life, so that by the time that you are ready sleep it has had its effect.

Crystal Tip: there are quite a few other stones in the Amethyst family such as Black Amethyst, Elestial Amethyst, Brandberg or Chevron Amethyst.

They are all helpful for this purpose, but note the same applies to having them nearby. If they bother you in the bedroom think about programming them.

Elestial AmethystElestial Amethyst
Brandberg Quartz sq175-3Brandberg
Chevron Amethyst TumblestoneChevron Amethyst


Howlite are crystals for sleep that have a calming and quite soothing energy that will assist you to more easily get to sleep.

They are said to be useful to calm angry people, and may be used by placing a piece under the pillow to allow its calming influence to affect the angry person while they are asleep.

Teenagers often get out of sorts while adapting to hormonal changes and you may find that placing pieces of this stone where they spend time is helpful to soothe and calm them and you as well!

This is another sleep stone that is known to aid stress and tension.

These crystals for stress also have a good action to help you to relax fully so that you can attain a deep and relaxed meditation experience.

Their vibration may be beneficial for those in rocky relationships and they are known to aid communication and stabilize bad moods.

These white crystals are also good stones to boost your patience.

They are recommended to help those in relationships related to domestic violence, where there may be a need to soothe a violent partner.

Placing them in the bedroom may be helpful for this reason as they are calming and soothing, can make you more patient and they also help sleep. 

They also have a good number of other healing attributes, including helping to heal broken bones.


Stilbite is useful for anyone who is having trouble sleeping due to mind chatter that just won't stop long enough for you to get to sleep.

Mind chatter is also one of the most common reasons why many people find it hard to meditate, as they can't stop those pesky thoughts from going round and round in their head.

You can therefore see why they are excellent healing crystals for you to use to assist you to calm your wayward thoughts and more easily get to sleep, and they may help to create clearer thinking.

These crystals have an energy that not only helps to stop the mind chatter but their vibration is also said to balance both hemispheres of the brain which can assist concentration.

They have a lovely heart based energy that helps to heal grief or loss, and have other excellent attributes as well.

They are helpful crystals for aiding decision making and they have a good energy to enhance your creativity.

Regular meditation is also helpful to generally calm you emotionally, which may assist sleep. Their energy may help you to reach a state of deep meditation more easily.

Their vibration also encourages you to make contact with spirit teachers, who may give you guidance on the next steps in life to take.

Stilbite are potent crystals to aid deeper meditation and may aid you to travel to the higher realms and make contact with spirit guides.


Cookeite also contains lithium and although it is an uncommon stone, it is included here as it has such a strong action to aid insomnia.

It is a one of the more powerful crystals for sleep as it helps to create a quite tranquil and relaxed sleeping space.

It may be advantageous to grid your sleeping space with pieces of this stone, or to place a piece on the bedside or under the pillow.

Their energy is very calming and soothing which is helpful to aid you to reach the deep relaxed state needed for successful meditation.

These stones are also psychic protection crystals that prevent psychic attack.

A strong protective barrier emanates from them, which prevents negative entities or thought forms from attacking you.

They are also strong healing stones that are known to help muscle pain and allergies and this is useful as pain can stop you from sleeping well.

They are also beneficial crystals to assist problem solving.


Unakite is also a helpful stone to relieve stress and has a lovely heart based energy that aids emotional healing.

They assist you to feel greater love for yourself, by helping to boost your self esteem and stimulating feelings of love and compassion.

They are helpful grounding stones and are beneficial to use in your daily meditation as they stimulate the third eye and may assist the birth of clairvoyant ability.

They are good crystals for sleep that also help to release anger and other negative feelings that may be keeping you awake and that may also make you sick.

They have a number of other healing properties, including helping you to release addictions, and they are known to help convalescents to get better more quickly.

Crystal Tip: If you are having trouble sleeping it is possible that it could be related to EMF's, especially if you have your wi-fi going while you are asleep or if your mobile phone is on, even if it is in the other room.

There are a number of crystals for EMF protection you can use to help you, so check out the article on EMF protection crystals as it also has information about the symptoms of electrical sensitivity.

Crystals For Sleep

Other Crystals For Sleep

There are also a number of other crystals that can help you to sleep better.

While these crystals are not the top crystals for sleep they still may benefit you, so if you have them it may be helpful to use them for this purpose.

Other stones that you may like to use includes Dream Quartz, a good sleep to help you if you are having nightmares or bad dreams.

Other stones for sleep include Clinohumite, Kinoite, Glendonite, Trolleite, Afghanite, Maori Greenstone, Augelite and Zircon.

If I come across others that I feel may help I will also add them here.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Sleep? How To Use Them

As you can see there are quite a few stones that you can use to aid insomnia.

There are a few common ways to use these crystals for sleep, and these are all known to be very effective methods to help you to sleep better.

The most well known way to use them, and a method that is spoken about quite often is to sleep with crystals under your pillow or alternatively on your bedside table.

This is the way that most people use them, as the closer they are the better.

Another beneficial way that you could choose to use your sleep stones, is to use them to do a crystal meditation before you go to bed, as this will help to calm you.

Cleanse Your Crystals

Note: you do need to remember to regularly cleanse the crystals that are under your pillow.

If you are not sure about the best way to use to cleanse your crystals there is more information on this page about cleansing crystals.

Please remember to take them out every few weeks and cleanse them, or you may find that they are no longer effective, as they will absorb negativity while you sleep.

Wear Your Sleep Crystals

The last method to use is to wear them during the day as well.

Having a sleep stone on your body for a good amount of time every day allows the energy to assist you, and you may find that you get to sleep more easily.

Discover more about how you may be able to sleep better by changing some of your regular sleep habits. 

18 Crystals For Sleep & Insomnia18 Crystals For Sleep & Insomnia

Crystal Books: Educate Yourself

If you would like to read my reviews of some of the more popular books about crystals and stones, I have a dedicated page reviewing crystal books.

Most of the books that I have reviewed are commonly found in bookshops, and there are more and more crystal books coming on the market all the time.

Many of these are very helpful to use to learn about the many different types of crystal varieties, rocks and stones that are available for sale.

Howlite is one of the Best Crystals For SleepHowlite is one of the Best Crystals For Sleep

On my book review page I have written about many of the books by the most popular authors, to give you an idea if the book might be beneficial to purchase.

So check out my book reviews and get yourself a crystal book so you can learn more about the many wonderful stones that are available, including the crystals for sleep featured here. 

Read my crystal book reviews here.

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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