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In The A Alpha Section 

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The healing stones written about on this page belong to the alphabetic group A. 

For ease of reference, there is a photo grid showing pictures of featured stones. See the A alpha group grid below.

The pages containing the meanings of all of the crystals and stones on this site have been divided up.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine Garnet In Matrix

Each of the individual groups has its own page related to the starting letter of their name.

The grid shows the A section of the alphabetical list of the healing crystals for you to choose between, that are covered on this site. 

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Healing Stones & Crystals Starting With A

Take a look at the pictures below to see if the crystal you are looking for is here. You may even learn about stones you hadn't heard of before as well.

So let's get started on crystals in the A alpha group!


Although many of these crystals are mentioned in various other parts of this web-site, you can discover which stones are written about in more detail.

I have assembled this page so that you can find information on the various healing stones more easily.

Alpine QuartzAlpine Quartz
Amber CalciteAmber Calcite

Just click on the name of any healing crystals where the name under the photo is highlighted with a link, to take you to more detailed information on another in-depth page.

Did you know that there are quite a few types of Amethyst.

Not all are listed on this page but you can see them all and learn about each type on the in-depth page about Amethyst Types and Varieties listed below.

When the name of a stone does not have a link, it means that they have not yet had their individual page written.

Angel Aura QuartzAngel Aura Quartz
Angel Wing Blue AnhydriteAngel Wing Blue Anhydrite

Those stones that haven't got an in-depth page instead have a brief outline of the metaphysical properties and healing attributes of them below this picture grid.


After they have an individual article written about them, their properties will no longer be on this page, as you can read about their specific attributes on their own page.

You'll also see links to various other pages in the text of course as there are lots of articles about how to use crystals to help specific things.

AtlantisiteAtlantisite also called Atlantasite

Chakras: For ease of reference, there is a list of the chakras for each stone below the metaphysical properties and healing attributes of the stones covered here, (at the bottom of this page).

It shows the Chakra Stones that begin with A. This list provides information on the chakras that each stone may heal.

Aztec CalciteAztec Calcite
Azurite MalachiteAzurite Malachite

Video About Apache Tears: Helps Grief & Loss

Looking for something specific?

If you are looking for something specific that isn't in the A alpha group, its simple: Checkout The A-Z of Crystals Minerals and Stones which is a hub page.

Go to the starting letter of the crystal you are looking for information on and click on the link to go to the alphabetic group's page! 

Meanings Of Healing Stones & Crystals: A


Natural ActinoliteNatural Actinolite

Actinolite has a number of good qualities for healing the physical body, and is known as one of the healing stones that assists the elimination of toxins through the liver and kidneys.

It also helps to relieve stress and iis an excellent stone to use when doing spiritual work, as it is both protective and also aids a connection to the Divine mind.

It does not work quickly, and you will need to use it for some time before its effects will be felt.

It is beneficial to aid self esteem and is helpful to help you with your decisions when you are making changes to the direction your life is taking.


Adamite crystals bring through feelings that encourage you to feel happier about life and they will also help to stimulate your creativity.

AdamiteYellow Adamite on Matrix

They are both a heart chakra and solar plexus chakra crystal that are excellent to use in meditation to stimulate the birth of new ideas.

They are also excellent healing stones, that will help to relieve stress, depression and may aid PMS and the seasonal affective disorder. 

Adamite are known to commonly aid psychic communication, including the birth of clairvoyance aka psychic visions and mediumship abilities.

Agate Types

Agate is a powerful variety of crystal that is the name given to group of stones that are varieties of chalcedony, minerals within the quartz group.

This includes: Crazy Lace AgateFire Agate, Holley Blue Agate, Moss Agate, Tree Agate, Turritella Agate, Blue Lace Agate, Botswana Agate, Treasure Agate and Wind Fossil Agate.

Many of the Fire Agates are quite extraordinary gems with fire in them. 

Within the healing stones and crystals pages there are scattered quite a few agates, and individual meanings are given there.

There are quite a few agates on the birthstone list for various months. These crystals are some of a large group of stones and any good crystal retailer will have some agates.



Agnitite is also called and sold as Fire Quartz, Flame Quartz or Harlequin Quartz.

This can be confusing I know, and there are a number of companies that specifically sell under various names, so just remember that they are all the same type of stone. 

I love their energy as they are powerful healing stones that stimulate you to feel more alive, more animated and more likely to want to get out and involved in things that are happening.


Alexandrite on matrixAlexandrite on matrix

Alexandrite is a heart chakra stone discovered in Russia, where the people believe that it is a stone of good fortune.

Note: This is a very small specimen. It is known to bring through joy, and emanates a feeling of rapture when you have it on you.

It is one of the helpful healing stones, that aids you to let go of grief, and its vibration is known to help you continue on after you have been effected by misfortune.

It is one of the Modern Birthstones, and is specifically a June Birthstone and it can be found on the list of birthstones by month.

It has an unusual quality, in that it changes color, being a reddish color under artificial light and green or blue green in daylight.

Alpine Quartz also called Himalayan Quartz

Alpine QuartzAlpine Quartz aka Himalayan Quartz

Alpine Quartz is another name for Himalayan quartz, which is found in the high mountains in the India-Nepal region.

This variety of quartz are phantom crystals that contain inclusions of various minerals within clear quartz, including green chlorite.

They commonly stimulate the higher chakras and have helpful metaphysical attributes for helping you to develop your clairvoyant abilities.

They have a strong vibration that aids one to discover and understand the healing lore of the sherpa shamans who have lived in the high mountain regions for centuries.

These are healing stones that stimulate your consciousness, to help healers to better understand the reasons for specific healing required.

Amber Calcite also called Golden Calcite

Amber CalciteAmber Calcite also known as Golden Calcite

Amber Calcite is also called Golden Calcite as it is the deep golden amber colored variety of Calcite. They are strong healing stones, both physically and spiritually.

Many people are being drawn to work with Golden Calcite as it helps to create a connection with the Golden light of spirit and the Divine mind.

In common with other colors and type of Calcite crystals, it helps to create a strong flow of energy throughout the body, as all stones in this family are strong energy amplifiers.

You may choose to use this variety of Calcite on its own in meditation, to take you to the higher realms to work with spirit.

Ammonite also called Ammolite


Ammonite is also known as Ammolite. This stone is opalised ammonite shell, and is said in Feng Shui to be a very fortunate stone that is known to bring wealth health and happiness into your life.

Use it at the third eye chakra to help you to let go of karma, and to release any past life obsessions or soul imperatives associated with past lives.

Ammonite is a protective stone that helps to give you stability, and will help you to release negative energy. 

It aids the healing of a number of issues, especially degenerative problems.


AnataseAnatase with Rutile also called Octahedrite

Anatase is also known as Octahedrite, and these stones have this quite distinctive shape.

This mineral commonly occurs with rutile, and they have excellent metaphysical properties.

These stones are known for their energy to aid you to deal with change with ease and grace, assisting you to allow the alterations in your life to happen without fighting it.

It has an unusual energy that helps to lengthen positive situations, helping to ensure happiness flows within your life.

These healing stones have a good action to aid allergies and sensitivity to medicines.



Ancestralite is also known as Jasper Martite and is a mixture of Red Jasper and Hematite.

These stones are known for their action to assist you if you are working on healing karmic issues that have been passed down through your family line.

These healing stones are said to aid you to clear toxic issues that you have been previously unable to release.

Angel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura QuartzAngel Aura Quartz

Angel Aura Quartz Crystals aid you to make contact with beings in the higher realms and in particular may help with connecting the angels, which was why it was named Angel Aura quartz.

The effect of this coating does not hurt the crystal but many people do not like these added coatings of aura crystals, as they feel it is unnatural, even though they do add another dimension to these quartz crystals.

Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite

Angel Wing Blue AnhydriteAngel Wing Blue Anhydrite

Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite is a variety of crystal closely related to Angelite, that forms in a type of fan shape that resembles the wings of angels.

They are powerful stones to make contact with the angelic realm and with the Divine mind, and are beneficial when used in meditation for making contact with angels.

These crystals have a softness and sweetness, and yet are powerful healing stones, that cleanse the aura of negativity and help to prevent negative thinking.

They help you to remove any discordant energy including psychic hooks and entities trapped in your auric field.



Annabergite is a green mineral that has a lovely energy that brings peaceful harmonious feelings.

These healing stones can assist both the physical and etheric bodies, helping to align the meridians and bring about greatly improved health.

They may help to boost your intuition and imagination, assisting you to understand that anything may be possible.

Their energy is helpful to use during meditation, as they assist you to have mystical visions where you may receive from past masters who are in spirit. 

Their energy may stimulate automatic writing, when you may receive insights of an important spiritual nature. 



Antigorite is a variety of Serpentine that is also known as Williamsite

Antigorite has many of the same attributes as Serpentine, but it also has some specific properties of its own.

It has a helpful energy to disconnect you from others that you may have had a close relationship with, but now need to cut yourself off from.  

If your memory isn't working as it should, it may assist you to think more clearly, and it is known to help you to recall information about things you might want to remember.

It may stimulate your intuitive gifts and it helps to release negativity from your emotional body.

It has a number of helpful attributes and is one of the healing stones that you might like to utilize if you have spinal problems and it is also useful to assist you to release toxins from your body.


Apatite may be available in a variety of colors but the blue, green and golden yellow stones are the most common.

Other colors such as the beautiful pink apatite stone and the white apatite are fairly uncommon. These pink crystals have a strong heart based resonance.

The different colors have quite different qualities so I have covered each one separately.

Golden or Yellow Apatite is a strong stone for self confidence, weight loss and for boosting your creativity, and is also known as a stone to aid manifestation.

The Green Apatite will aid you to relax and will revitalize you.

It is an excellent abundance stone, and this is about being abundant on all levels, so its energy is not just about money.

Blue Apatite may aid the development of psychic gifts, and helps spiritual attunement. It is known to be helpful when used for lucid dreaming and will help astral travel.

White Apatite has a strong action within the higher chakras to aid spiritual growth.

Pink ApatitePink Apatite
White ApatiteWhite Apatite

Pink Apatite is a more heart based variety of this stone, that also stimulates the third eye.

It assists you to develop psychic gifts, helps to balance your chakras and is known to be a good healing stone.

Apricot Moonstone

Apricot Moonstone shares many attributes in common with other types of Moonstone.

Their energy helps to boost the occurrence of coincidence and synchronicity and they have a good action to stimulate and strengthen your intuitive ability.

Their vibration will aid you to utilize your intuitive gifts to create better outcomes in your day to day life.

They are lovely stones to use at the time of the full moon, as their energy can aid you to tune in to the cycles of life and recognize what you need to keep your body healthy.

If you have been suffering with stress or anxiety, these healing stones will help to ease stress and will aid you to generally feel calmer.

They resonate with a good vibration that can be utilized within the solar plexus and sacral chakras to aid the healing of issues within the reproductive areas of the body.

Arkimer Diamonds

Arkimer DiamondsArkimer Diamonds

Arkimer Diamonds are a variety of double terminated quartz crystal that come from Arkansas, and many look similar to Herkimer Diamonds, which is why they have a similar name.

Many of these are very small, as well as being quite short and often stout around.

They may have black carbon inclusions in them and often the crystal is quite bright.

They are zingy little crystals with a lovely energy that makes you feel good to be alive!

They resonate within the higher chakras, and are excellent to use for spiritual work.

Use one in meditation to connect to the higher realms, and to aid your connection with guides and with the angels.

They may aid you with development of psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Atlantisite also called Stichtite in Serpentine

Atlantisite is also spelled as Atlantasite. It gets its name from the specific vibration within the stone that will aid you to connect to the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

AtlantisiteAtlantisite also known as Stichtite in Serpentine

It is a combination of both Stichtite and Serpentine, which are both strong healing stones and can be used for kundalini work, and it works well combined with them for this purpose.

This green stone can be used to help you to stimulate kundalini awakening, and will help to move the kundalini energies from the base of the spine, up the body to the crown chakra.

It will take this energy through the heart chakra, and it will energize your heart to augment the process.



Avalonite is a fairly uncommon type of Blue Chalcedony, that has a coating of fine druzy crystals, often over a geode.

It is named for the isle of Avalon, in Glastonbury UK. 

These stones are known for their magical and mystical vibration, that can assist you to take an inner journey to discover past lives in places of mystical significance, such as Avalon.

This is a lovely stone to open the heart and bring emotional healing.

Aztec Calcite also known as Inca Calcite

Aztec Calcite is also known as Inca Calcite and is a type of Rainbow banded calcite crystal.

Depending on the specific colors of calcite that are in the stone it will resonate within different chakras.

These Calcite Crystals have lines of dark iron between the bands of calcite, with a lovely lacy configuration in the stone. 

They are lovely healing stones and as many of these crystals are quite large chunks.

Aztec CalciteAztec Calcite with mixed colors of green, orange, white and pale pink

They are excellent pieces to have in the home as they will resonate their energy out from where they are located to bring peace and healing.

A mix of various colors is common to these stones, and this piece features a mix of green, orange, white and pale pink bands.

They are helpful to use in meditation, as the iron will ground you, and keep you fully present.

Depending on the colors you they can be excellent to stimulate your will power (orange) and create emotional balance and healing (green).

Chakra Stones A

For extra information on which chakras these stones will assist, see the following chart.

It outlines which of the chakras that each stone may specifically benefit.

As some healing stones benefit more than one area of the body they may be in more than one chakra category within this table.

If you need to discover more about what chakras are, there is detailed information about the meaning of chakras on another page.

For a general overview of the chakra stones please see the article about the stones for specific chakras.

Specific Chakras - List Of Alphabetic Group A Chakra Stones

Soul Star Chakra: Agnitite, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amblygonite, Amegreen, Amethyst, Ancestralite, Angel Aura Danburite, Angel Aura Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz, Angel Wing Selenite, Apophyllite, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Auralite 23,  Augite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite

Crown Chakra: Agnitite, Aegirine, Afghanite, Ajoite, Albite, Alpine Quartz, Amber Calcite, Amegreen, Amethyst, Ametrine Gemstones, Ancestralite, Angel Aura Danburite, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Angel Wing Selenite, Angelite, Angel Aura Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz, Antigorite, Anyolite, Apophyllite, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Atlantisite, Auralite 23, Augite, Aurora Borealis Stone, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Azurite

Third Eye Chakra: Agnitite, Aegirine, Afghanite, Agrellite, Ajoite, Albite, Alpine Quartz, Amber Calcite, Amegreen, Amethyst Crystals, Ammonite, Ancestralite, Andalusite, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Angel Wing Selenite, Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Annabergite, Anyolite, Apatite, Apophyllite, Apricot Moonstone, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Asparagolite, Astrophyllite, Auralite 23, Aurichalcite, Atacamite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Axinite, Azurite

Throat Chakra: Aegirine, Afghanite, Agrellite, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amazonite Stone, Ancestralite, Andean Blue Opal, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Apatite, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones,  Asparagolite, Aurora Borealis Stone, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Azurite

Higher Heart Chakra: Agnitite, Aegirine, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amazonite, Amegreen, Ancestralite, Andean Blue Opal, Angel Aura Danburite, Anyolite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aquamarine, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atacamite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Azurite

Heart Chakra: Actinolite in Quartz, Adamite, Aegirine, Ajoite, Alexandrite, Alpine Quartz, Alunite, Amazonite, Ametrine, Amegreen, Amulet Stone, Analcime, Anatase, Ancestralite, Andean Blue Opal, Angel Aura Danburite, Annabergite, Antigorite, Anyolite, Apache Tears, Apatite, Apophyllite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aquamarine, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Asparagolite, Atacamite, Atlantisite, Augelite, Aurora Borealis Stone, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Aventurine, Azurite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Adamite, Aegirine, Alpine Quartz, Amber, Amber Calcite, Amblygonite, Amegreen, Ametrine, Amulet Stone, Anatase, Ancestralite, Antigorite, Apatite, Apricot Moonstone, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Augelite, Aurora Quartz

Sacral Chakra: Aegirine, Afghanite, Alpine Quartz, Alunite, Amber, Amulet Stone, Ancestralite, Angelite, Apache Tears, Apatite, Apricot Moonstone, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atacamite, Augelite, Aurora Quartz, Azurite

Base Chakra: Actinolite in Quartz, Agnitite, Aegirine, Almandine Garnet, Alpine Quartz, Alunite, Amulet Stone, Anatase, Ancestralite, Andalusite, Anyolite, Apache Tears, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atlantisite, Augite, Aurora Quartz, Axinite

Earth Chakra: Agnitite, Aegirine, Alpine Quartz, Amulet Stone, Ancestralite, Apache Tears, Aragonite Star Clusters, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Augite, Aurora Quartz, Axinite

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