Healing Stones ... A

Healing Stones and Crystals Starting With A

Amphibole QuartzGolden Angel Phantom Quartz

The healing stones written about on this page belong to the alphabetic group beginning with A.

Although many of these crystals may be found in various other parts of this web-site, you will find a brief outline of the metaphysical properties and healing attributes of each of these stones below.

So take a look through the stones shown here and see if the one you are looking for is here. You may even learn about stones you hadn't heard of before as well.

I have assembled this page so that you can find information on the various healing stones more easily. Any healing crystals where the name under the photo is highlighted with a link, will take you to more detailed information on another page.

If there are any healing stones that may interest you that are in another part of the alphabet, find out the stone meanings and healing attributes in these categories.

You can also see if there is more written anywhere else, about any of the stones on this page, by using the search box at the bottom of this page.

Table Of Healing Stones & Crystals Starting With A

For ease of reference, the table below is the A section of the alphabetical list of crystals or stones, from other pages of this site. Below the first table is another table on the Chakra Stones that begin with A. This provides information on the chakra that each stone may heal.

Almandine Garnet
Alpine Quartz
Amber Calcite
Amulet Stone
Andean Blue Opal
Angel Aura Danburite
Angel Aura Quartz
Angel Phantom Quartz
aka Amphibole Quartz
Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite
Angel Wing Selenite
Apache Tears
Apricot Moonstone
Aqua Aura Quartz
Aragonite Star Clusters
Arkimer Diamonds
Ascension Stones
Auralite 23
Aurora Quartz
aka Anandalite
Aztec Calcite

Chakra Stones A

For extra information on which chakras these stones will assist, see the following chart. It outlines which of the chakras that each stone may specifically benefit.

As some healing stones benefit more than one area of the body they may be in more than one chakra category within this table.

If you need to discover more about what chakras are, there is detailed information about the meaning of chakras on another page.

For a general overview of the chakra stones please see the article about the stones for specific chakras.

Chakra Stones A
Soul Star Chakra
Agnitite, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amblygonite, Amegreen, Amethyst, Ancestralite, Angel Aura Danburite, Angel Aura Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz, Angel Wing Selenite, Apophyllite, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Auralite 23, Augelite, Augite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite
Crown Chakra
Agnitite, Aegirine, Afghanite, Ajoite, Albite, Alpine Quartz, Amber Calcite, Amegreen, Amethyst, Ametrine Gemstones, Ancestralite, Angel Aura Danburite, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Angel Wing Selenite, Angelite, Angel Aura Quartz, Angel Phantom Quartz, Antigorite, Anyolite, Apophyllite, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Atlantasite, Auralite 23, Augelite, Augite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Azurite
Third Eye Chakra
Agnitite, Aegirine, Afghanite, Agrellite, Ajoite, Albite, Alpine Quartz, Amber Calcite, Amegreen, Amethyst Crystals, Ammonite, Ancestralite, Andalusite, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Angel Wing Selenite, Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Annabergite, Anyolite, Apatite, Apophyllite, Apricot Moonstone, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Auralite 23, Aurichalcite, Atacamite, Augelite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Axinite, Azurite
Throat Chakra
Aegirine, Afghanite, Agrellite, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amazonite Stone, Ancestralite, Andean Blue Opal, Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite, Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Apatite, Aquamarine, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arfvedsonite, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Augelite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Azurite
Higher Heart Chakra
Agnitite, Aegirine, Ajoite, Alpine Quartz, Amazonite, Amegreen, Ancestralite, Andean Blue Opal, Angel Aura Danburite, Anyolite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aquamarine, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atacamite, Augelite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Azurite
Heart Chakra
Actinolite in Quartz, Adamite, Aegirine, Ajoite, Alexandrite, Alpine Quartz, Alunite, Amazonite, Ametrine, Amegreen, Amulet Stone, Analcime, Anatase, Ancestralite, Andean Blue Opal, Angel Aura Danburite, Annabergite, Antigorite, Anyolite, Apache Tears, Apatite, Apophyllite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aquamarine, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atacamite, Atlantasite, Augelite, Aurora Quartz, Avalonite, Aventurine, Azurite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Adamite, Aegirine, Alpine Quartz, Amber, Amber Calcite, Amblygonite, Amegreen, Ametrine, Amulet Stone, Anatase, Ancestralite, Antigorite, Apatite, Apricot Moonstone, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Augelite, Aurora Quartz,
Sacral Chakra
Aegirine, Afghanite, Alpine Quartz, Alunite, Amber, Amulet Stone, Ancestralite, Angelite, Apache Tears, Apatite, Apricot Moonstone, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atacamite, Augelite, Aurora Quartz, Azurite
Base Chakra
Actinolite in Quartz, Agnitite, Aegirine, Almandine Garnet, Alpine Quartz, Alunite, Amulet Stone, Anatase, Ancestralite, Andalusite, Anyolite, Apache Tears, Aragonite Star Clusters, Arkimer Diamonds, Ascension Stones, Atlantasite, Augelite, Augite, Aurora Quartz, Axinite
Earth Star Chakra
Agnitite, Aegirine, Alpine Quartz, Amulet Stone, Ancestralite, Apache Tears, Aragonite Star Clusters, Ascension Stones, Astrophyllite, Augelite, Augite, Aurora Quartz, Axinite

Healing Stones and Crystals - A

Actinolite in QuartzActinolite in Quartz

Actinolite has a number of good qualities for healing the physical body. It is known as one of the healing stones that assists the elimination of toxins through the liver and kidneys, and helps to relieve stress.

It does not work quickly, and you will need to use it for some time before its effects will be felt.

It is an excellent stone to use when doing spiritual work, as it is both protective and also aids a connection to the Divine mind.

It is beneficial to aid self esteem and is helpful to help you with your decisions when you are making changes to the direction your life is taking.


Adamite crystals bring through feelings that encourage you to feel happier about life, and will also help to stimulate your creativity.

They are both a heart chakra and solar plexus chakra crystal that are excellent to use in meditation to stimulate the birth of new ideas.

They are also excellent healing stones, that will help to relieve stress, depression and may aid PMS and the seasonal affective disorder. 

Adamite are known to commonly aid psychic communication, including the birth of clairvoyance aka psychic visions and mediumship abilities.

Aegirine is also known as Acmite, and this is a stone that will help you to more confident.

It is helpful if you are feeling depressed or filled with negative emotions that may cause you to feel stressed by your life circumstances.

This dark crystal is especially helpful if you have emotional issues caused by allowing negativity to overtake you.

They are protective stones, that are beneficial psychic protection stones to have on you if you feel you may have someone attacking you psychically.

These crystals are also good healing stones, which may benefit the gallbladder, spleen and liver, and are excellent to aid the removal of toxins from the body.

Aegirine helps to bring light into the body's auric field, which may help to heal damage done by long term use of computers and other equipment that contains energy fields that can cause health issues.


Afghanite is a strong third eye, throat chakra and crown chakra stone, and it has a calming and soothing vibration.

Its energy is easy on you as it works at the pace that is needed by the individual.

It is known as one of the healing stones that aids problem solving, and may stimulate the brain and may create clarity in your thought processes.

It helps you to manage your life better, but it assists you to go with the flow, and allow the universe to solve your issues.

It may assist communication via its energy within the throat chakra, and may heal health issues associated with the throat.

Agate is a powerful variety of Agate is the name given to group of stones that are varieties of chalcedony, minerals within the quartz group.

Some of these are: Blue Lace Agate, Moss Agate and Fire Agate. Many of the Fire Agates like the one in the image, are quite extraordinary gems with fire in them.

Within the healing stones and crystals pages there are scattered quite a few agates, and individual meanings are given there.

There are quite a few agates on the birthstone list for various months. These crystals are some of a large group of stones and any good crystal retailer will have some agates.


Agnitite is also called and sold as  Fire Quartz,  Flame Quartz or Harlequin Quartz.

This can be confusing I know, and there are a number of companies that specifically sell under various names, so just remember that they are all the same type of stone. 

These crystals are clear quartz with an inclusion Red Hematite, and this can sometimes be seen in the crystals as a row of red dots. In some specimens there may also be inclusions of Lepidocrocite. 

I love their energy as they are powerful healing stones that stimulate you to feel more alive, more animated and more likely to want to get out and involved in things that are happening.

This is a potent stone to aid spiritual growth, and their vibration is known to stimulate kundalini energy. They have a strong vibration within the base and earth star chakras, to bring energy up from the earth and charge your body.

The energy moves up the body, stimulating the heart chakra, and then moving up to the crown and into the higher soul star chakra, then brings this lovely flow of energy back down to all of the body.

Agrellite is a white stone from Canada, that is often found in combination with other minerals including with Eudialyte, Arfvedsonite and Nepheline... as shown in this picture.

This is one of the healing stones that has a useful energy to help you to conquer writers block.

This is an excellent stone to assist you to free yourself from stifled emotions, and helps the angry or moody person to release the negativity and become happier.

It is helpful to assist you to let go of the need to control others in your life who you may have felt a need to subdue, and it may also aid you to escape from the restriction of anyone who has been inhibiting you.

This stone's energy will help both parties to become independent of each other. It an excellent healing stone that aids the immune system and helps to ameliorate the effects of chemotherapy.

Ajoite is a fairly rare stone, and while it is found on a matrix of other stone, it commonly occurs as a bluish-green inclusion in quartz.

It one of the more powerful healing stones, with a beautiful emotionally supportive vibration, that emits the loving energy of the Goddess, and of Mother Gaia.

It encourages forgiveness, and stimulates healing of karmic wounds from past lives.

This is a strongly spiritual stone, that will take you up to meet with the angels and to let you to speak with spirit, and then allow you to communicate that wisdom to those on the earth plane.


Albite is a type of feldspar that is often found in combination with other minerals.

It has a lovely energy that helps to boost you mentally, as it works on the brain to encourage you to think more clearly and logically.

They are also good healing stones within the brain, helping to heighten the way the physical brain works.

They aid issues such as Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and injuries caused to the brain from accidents.

They have a good action within the higher chakras and are useful used in meditation. Their energy can also assist you to talk about what you experienced during your travels in the higher realms.

Using them in meditation may help to awaken your third eye and their vibration may boost your intuition and your psychic powers, and also help you when you're exploring the spiritual realms.

Alexandrite on matrixAlexandrite on matrix

Alexandrite is a heart chakra stone discovered in Russia, where the people believe that it is a stone of good fortune.

It is known to bring through joy, and emanates a feeling of rapture when you have it on you.

It is one of the helpful healing stones, that aids you to let go of grief, and its vibration is known to help you continue on after you have been effected by misfortune.

It is one of the Modern Birthstones, and is specifically a June Birthstone and it can be found on the list of birthstones by month.

It has an unusual quality, in that it changes color, being a reddish color under artificial light and green or blue green in daylight. Note: This is a very small specimen.

Almandine GarnetAlmandine is a Red Garnet

Almandine Garnet is a very dark deep red garnet and has a strong connection with the earth and the base chakra.

As one of the useful healing stones, it will ground you and bring anyone who is a bit 'airy fairy' back down to earth.

It may assist to awaken your kundalini, and aid in the arousal of the kundalini energies, that reside at the base of the spine where the base chakra is located.

This Red Garnet variety creates a connection between the base chakra and the crown chakra, and brings with it the gift of feelings of security and safety.

Alpine QuartzAlpine Quartz aka Himalayan Quartz

Alpine Quartz is another name for Himalayan quartz, which is found in the high mountains in the India~Nepal region.

This variety of quartz are phantom crystals that contain inclusions of various minerals within clear quartz, including green chlorite.

They commonly stimulate the higher chakras and have helpful metaphysical attributes for helping you to develop your clairvoyant abilities.

They have a strong vibration that aids one to discover and understand the healing lore of the sherpa shamans who have lived in the high mountain regions for centuries.

These are healing stones that stimulate your consciousness, to help healers to better understand the reasons for specific healing required.

Alunite stoneAlunite

Alunite is also called Angel Wing or alumstone, and has a good grounding and stabilizing energy.

It is known as stone that is balancing to the yin and yang energies, helping to stabilize you both physically and emotionally.

This is one of the healing stones that is useful to have in a room to balance the energy in your close environment and so improve your health.

It has a good action to enhance creativity, and to particularly bring the creative aspects into play in your day to day life.

This crystal was used in the distant past to reduce body odor, and it is said to be helpful for healing problems in the eyes and to assist excessive thirst and dehydration.

Amazonite stones will aid you with communicating truth, with balance and integrity, and will help to energize the words you speak.

It is one of a the more powerful healing stones to aid with electromagnetic negativity given off by cell phones or microwaves.

Tape a small one to your phone or place one next to computers or microwaves to absorb unwelcome energy.

It is also a heart chakra, thymus chakra and throat chakra stone, and will enhance loving communication and dispel blockages in the nervous system.

Amber is not really a stone but is fossilized tree sap, but it is still well known as one of the foremost healing stones, as it is powerful healer and cleanser.

It will work to heal muscular pain and promote tissue revitalization. It is a useful stone to wear during and after illness to help recovery.

It is also well known as a manifestation stone, working using your innate abilities to bring through increased abundance and prosperity.

It has  excellent metaphysical properties to aid psychic protection, and it eases stress by clearing phobias and fears. It works particularly well if paired with other golden stones.

Amber CalciteAmber Calcite also known as Golden Calcite

Amber Calcite aka Golden Calcite is the deep Golden amber colored variety of Calcite, and these are strong healing stones, both physically and spiritually.

Many people are being drawn to work with Golden Calcite as it helps to create a connection with the Golden light of spirit and the Divine mind.

In common with other colors and type of Calcite crystals, it helps to create a strong flow of energy throughout the body, as all stones in this family are strong energy amplifiers.

You may choose to use this variety of Calcite on its own in meditation, to take you to the higher realms to work with spirit.

Amblygonite assists with boosting your creativity, as it encourages you to allow your inner brilliance to flourish and prosper.

It works within both the solar plexus chakra and the soul star chakra as it unites the physical body and the mental and spiritual bodies.

These healing stones aid you to release emotional hooks from past experiences and relationships, and to break free from the past.

This yellow stone contains lithium, so it is a stone to aid the release of stress and worry, and bring calmness and peace of mind. I keep some in the bedroom to aid sleep as it has such an excellent calming energy.

Amegreen is a beautiful stone comprising bands of both Purple Amethyst Crystals and Prasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst, separated by white quartz.

The amalgamation of these three stones makes it a light, sweet stone to work with. It is protective, emotionally supportive and will integrate the heart and mind.

It embodies the energy of violet flame healing, a wonderful and powerful vibration.

Its energy will create harmony within all chakras, and like all quartz crystals, it is an excellent stone to use in a healing environment.

If you are looking for help to relieve your stress or anxiety, this lovely quartz variety will assist you to heal your emotional problems, including depression, as these crystals stimulate a beautiful heart based loving vibration.

Amethyst crystals are some the most popular crystals available, and this attraction may relate to the fact that they embody the energy of the violet flame.

For meditation it is the premier stone to use. More than any other crystal it will quieten the mind allowing you to more easily make contact with spirit.

You may use its power for healing on all levels, as it is one of the healing stones with a vibration that is highly useful to assist meditation, as it will calm the emotions.

This stone is also highly protective so is an excellent stone to keep on the body for psychic protection.

Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. Because it embodies the energy of Citrine Crystals, this stone holds the vibration of the solar plexus chakra and the 'will'.

Its energy aids weight loss and may help you to release your addictions that have been holding back your healing.

The vibration of the Amethyst within the stone stimulates the crown chakra. Together the mixture of the energy of these two quartz varieties embodied in the stone can result in a quite powerful effect.

It is one of the more useful healing stones to assist the user to make decisions based on Higher Guidance and in line with Divine Will.


Ammonite is also known as Ammolite. This stone is opalised ammonite shell, and is said in Feng Shui to be a very fortunate stone that is known to bring wealth health and happiness into your life.

Use it at the third eye chakra to help you to let go of karma, and to release any past life obsessions or soul imperatives associated with past lives.

It is a protective stone that helps to give you stability, and will help you to release negative energy. Aids the healing of a number of issues, especially degenerative problems.

Amulet Stone is another name for Mt Hay Thundereggs, and while thundereggs are found in a number of locations, the ones from Mt Hay in Qld Australia have some quite interesting and helpful attributes.

These stones usually form with a window or veins of color that glow when held up to the light, and while they are often brown or green colored many contain patches of other colors. 

They are excellent healing stones that are powerful to lift your energy when you are sick, or just needing a boost to get on with your day.

The are also helpful for grounding you as well as having a strong protective vibration, creating a bubble of protection around you when it is required.

You will also see Mt Hay Thundereggs selling as Star Agate and this relates to the way they often form a star in the center.

This variety of names can be a little confusing, but unfortunately some stones are marketed under various names.


Analcime is a member of the zeolite family, and often occurs as the base stone that other crystals are found on, including specimens of Natrolite, Calcite, Prehnite and with Rubies.

This is a good stone to use when you are in a situation where others wish to control your actions.

This may be at work, and as it also has an energy that assist people to work better together and encourages teamwork.

It is known to create serenity and tranquility and this may be helpful to make people work better together as well.

The energy of this stone is also beneficial in personal relationships where one partner wishes to control the actions of the other. It helps you to think more clearly about what is happening and it assists you to make changes in your life when needed.

It has a lovely heart based energy, and has a vibration that aids transformation. It is also a healing stone that is said to assist water retention and issues of the pancreas. For those who feel weak, it is known to assist you to feel more stable.

AnataseAnatase with Rutile aka Octahedrite

Anatase is also known as Octahedrite, and these stones have this quite distinctive shape.

This mineral commonly occurs with rutile, and they have excellent metaphysical properties.

These stones are known for their energy to aid you to deal with change with ease and grace, assisting you to allow the alterations in your life to happen without fighting it.

It has an unusual energy that helps to lengthen positive situations, helping to ensure happiness flows within your life. These healing stones have a good action to aid allergies and sensitivity to medicines.


Ancestralite is also known as Jasper Martite and is a mixture or Red Jasper and Hematite.

These stones are known for their action to assist you if you are working on healing karmic issues that have been passed down through your family line.

They are good stones to use in meditation, as they will help you to access the Akashic records and discover information about past life situations that need attention.

These healing stones will aid you to clear toxic issues that you have been previously unable to release, and will aid you to cut cords or ties that may have made you feel restricted within your current life.

Their energy works at the etheric level to clear any negative issues that have been trapped there, not just by circumstances of your own life but also by family members that came before you.

It is said to heal these issues throughout the family line, and is particularly helpful to aid you to let go of issues that relate to family members that you need to release. After using it, I feel it will be interesting to see how this will effect family dynamics in years to come.


Andalusite is an useful stone to use to clear blocked chakras, and they are excellent healing stones.

When you hold it in your hand its energy is quite pleasant and easy to feel, like a deep pulsing sensation.

If you are a healer, you could benefit from using this stone on yourself, as they take excess high vibration energy to earth for grounding.

This may stop you from getting overloaded from a build up of too much energy, especially when you are working with stones that stimulate the higher chakras. They are also protective, so are useful to use during meditation if you are making contact with the higher realms.

Andean Blue OpalAndean Blue Opal

Andean Blue Opal, also called Peruvian Blue Opal is an attractive stone with a lovely sheen. 

It is found high in the Andes Mountains in Peru.

These healing stones are beneficial to aid you to gain awareness of communication from your heart, and to feel the prompting from the higher heart about old issues that need healing.

They may bring to your attention emotional concerns that you may have suppressed, but that still need healing, and may help to ease stress and anxiety.

They embody a peaceful energy that can support improved communication with others.

This blue opal has a calming vibration that resonates within the throat chakra as well as the heart and higher heart chakra, to assist you to feel more calm and tranquil when required.

These healing stones can also help to improve the health of the eyes and ears and may aid certain female health concerns.

Angelite is a stone that is believed to provide the person who wears or carries it with a connection to beings in the angelic realms.

This is a wonderful crystal to use in meditation, as it connects to the third eye and crown chakra and has a highly spiritual energy.

It gives those who use it special psychic gifts such as mediumship and clairvoyance.

It is an excellent communication stone, that may assist you to develop the psychic gifts to communicate with spirits who have passed over to the other side of the veil.

Angel Aura Danburite may also be called Opal Aura Danburite.

These are simply alternative names used to describe Danburite stone that has been heated in a special process, in which their surfaces are bonded with vaporized silver and platinum.

This coating is permanent and has a potent effect on the stones. Danburite crystals are already strong healing stones before going through this process.  

The addition of the coating takes them to a new level and they are powerful stones to aid spiritual awakening and connection with angelic beings.

These beautiful crystals are excellent to aid spiritual development as they make a connection within both the heart chakra and higher heart, as well as within the crown chakra and the higher transpersonal chakras.

Angel Aura QuartzAngel Aura Quartz Cluster

Angel Aura Quartz is clear quartz crystal that has had a treatment where finely vaporized platinum, silver and trace minerals are bonded to the stone, which creates a quite beautiful stone.

This process does not simply color the crystals, but results in stones with a higher vibration.

These crystals aid you to make contact with beings in the higher realms and in particular may help with connecting the angels, which was why it was named Angel Aura quartz.

The effect of this coating does not hurt the crystal but many people do not like these added coatings of aura crystals, as they feel it is unnatural, even though they do add another dimension to these quartz crystals.

Angel Phantom Quartz is also known as Amphibole Quartz, and has a soft sweet energy that aids you with connecting with angels and other beings in the higher realms.

These lovely crystals contain beautiful phantoms within them, see image to the left and in the column, and may be white or colored.

Many of the colored Amphibole Quartz crystals are very lovely as they come in range of colors including reds, pinks, yellows and golden colored inclusions in the stone.

These crystals dissolve negativity and help you to maintain a more positive outlook, and bring good feelings and a sense of happiness to your day.

It resonates within the higher chakras, including the third eye, crown chakra and soul star chakra. This is an excellent stone for meditation as it assists you to connect with the Divine and with your higher self.

Angel Wing Blue AnhydriteAngel Wing Blue Anhydrite

Angel Wing Blue Anhydrite is a variety of crystal closely related to Angelite, that forms in a type of fan shape that resembles the wings of angels.

They are powerful stones to make contact with the angelic realm and with the Divine mind, and are best used in meditation for making contact with angels.

These crystals have a softness and sweetness, and yet are powerful healing stones, that cleanse the aura of negativity.

They help you to remove any discordant energy including psychic hooks and entities trapped in your auric field.

Angel Wing Selenite is a less well known variety of Selenite that is also known as Fishtail Selenite.

The Angel Wing Selenite name is partly reflecting the way it looks. But this name is mostly to do with its strong action to aid you with connecting with angels and with beings located in the higher realms.

These are powerful healing stones, and are excellent used in body layouts, particularly at the higher chakras.

They are crystals that are known to aid ascension and may help to take your spiritual growth to a higher level.


Annabergite are green crystals that have a lovely energy that brings peaceful harmonious feelings.

These healing stones can assist both the physical and etheric bodies, helping to align the meridians and bring about greatly improved health.

They may help to boost your intuition and imagination, assisting you to understand that anything may be possible.

Their energy is helpful to use during meditation, as they assist you to have mystical visions where you may receive from past masters who are in spirit. Their energy may stimulate automatic writing, when you may receive insights of an important spiritual nature. 


Antigorite is a variety of Serpentine that is also known as Williamsite. Antigorite has many of the same attributes as Serpentine, but it also has some specific properties of its own.

It has a helpful energy to disconnect you from others that you may have had a close relationship with, but now need to cut yourself off from.  

If your memory isn't working as it should, it may assist you to think more clearly, and it is known to help you to recall information about things you might want to remember.

It may stimulate your intuitive gifts and it helps to release negativity from your emotional body. It has a number of helpful attributes and is one of the healing stones that you might like to utilize if you have spinal problems and it is also useful to assist you to release toxins from your body.

Anyolite is also known as Green Ruby Zoisite. They are beautiful healing stones that vibrate within both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra, both of which are the higher spiritual chakras.

This energy will aid you to alter your consciousness, and to access your soul memory, to assist your spiritual learning.

It will also enhance the energetic and neural connections between your brain and your heart.

It resonates with a strong energy within both the heart chakra and the thymus or higher heart chakra, encourages the mind to hear the desires of the heart. A truly wonderful stone.

Apache Tears are a form of Black Obsidian. It is an excellent stone to use for psychic protection, both for protecting the aura and absorbing negative energy.

For spiritual workers it is one of a group of highly protective stones. 

Often those who work constantly with higher vibration stones may become ungrounded.

It is excellent for grounding you spiritually, so these are positive healing stones to use to bring you back down to earth, and make contact with the natural realm.

Apatite may be available in a variety of colors but the blue, green and golden yellow stones are the most common.

Other colors such as the pink stone are fairly uncommon. The different colors have quite different qualities so I have covered each one seperately.

Golden or Yellow Apatite is a strong stone for self confidence, weight loss and for boosting your creativity, and is also known as a stone to aid manifestation.

Blue colored Apatite may aid the development of psychic gifts, and helps spiritual attunement. It is known to be helpful when used for lucid dreaming and will help astral travel.

The Green Apatite will aid you to relax and will revitalize you. It is an excellent abundance stone, and this is about being abundant on all levels, so its energy is not just about money.

Pink Apatite is a more heart based variety of this stone, that also stimulates the third eye. It assists you to develop psychic gifts, helps to balance your chakras and is known to be a good healing stone.

Apophyllite crystals help to create a conscious connection between the physical world and the spiritual realm including the angelic kingdom.

The use of this high vibration crystal will enhance clear sight, develop intuition and enable you to see the future. It is a calming stone, which releases stress and aids decision making.

Clear Apophyllite is often found inter-grown with yellow Stilbite also a type of Zeolite, and there is also a green variety of this stone, known as Green Apophyllite which is a lovely heart based crystal.

Apricot Moonstone shares many attributes in common with other types of Moonstone.

Their energy helps to boost the occurrence of coincidence and synchronicity and they have a good action to stimulate and strengthen your intuitive ability.

Their vibration will aid you to utilize your intuitive gifts to create better outcomes in your day to day life.

They are lovely stones to use at the time of the full moon, as their energy can aid you to tune in to the cycles of life and recognize what you need to keep your body healthy.

If you have been suffering with stress or anxiety, these healing stones will help to ease stress and will aid you to generally feel calmer.

They resonate with a good vibration that can be utilized within the solar plexus and sacral chakras to aid the healing of issues within the reproductive areas of the body.

Aqua Aura Quartz is quartz that has been through a special treatment in a laboratory where gold is bonded to the stone.

This creates crystals with a vivid blue color on the surface, with flashes of bright rainbows.

This process does not simply color the clear quartz crystal clusters, but results in crystals that have a higher vibration.

Aqua Aura are also strong healing stones, and are known to strengthen the energy of other crystals used with them.

Like most blue crystals they have a strong action within the throat chakra, and are strong stones to aid psychic abilities as they resonate strongly at the third eye chakra.

Aquamarine are good healing stones to calm anger, reduce stress and create courage.

Beautiful Aquamarine gemstones are popular for jewelry, and they are on the birthstones list by month as well as the zodiac birthstones list

They promote communication with the Goddess, and improve communication generally as they are strong throat chakra stones.

They release old emotional baggage, particularly issues from the past that you haven't been able to let go of, and that that you have been carrying.

These stones can be very helpful to aid your life, due to their strong vibration to encourage you to embrace change.

Aragonite Star Clusters may sometimes be called 'The Conservationists's Stone', as they are excellent crystals to aid with healing the earth.

Their unique structure, with many outward pointing crystals, will distribute energy and light outwards, to create an amazing energetic charge.

These are strong healing stones to help with emotional problems, such as stress and anxiety, and they will also assist you to feel more physically energized.

They may clear energy blockages that originate in past lives, they are also strong stones for spiritually grounding you.

Arfvedsonite is a stone that has the potential to produce amazing manifestation.

It helps you to create a clear path ahead, as it helps you to re-organize the way you live your life.

If you have been feeling depressed it may help to life your spirits to make you feel better.

It may assist you to awaken to the Divine Light, and is helpful used on the third eye during meditation. It is a strong stone to assist developing clairvoyance that will predict the future.

Within the throat chakra it will assist you to be able to communicate very accurately. This stone is known to chase nightmares away, and to bring sound peaceful sleep.

Arkimer DiamondsArkimer Diamonds

Arkimer Diamonds are a variety of double terminated quartz crystal that come from Arkansas, and many look similar to Herkimer Diamonds, which is why they have a similar name.

Many of these are very small, as well as being quite short and often stout around. They may have black carbon inclusions in them and often the crystal is quite bright.

They are zingy little crystals with a lovely energy that makes you feel good to be alive! They resonate within the higher chakras, and are excellent to use for spiritual work.

Use one in meditation to connect to the higher realms, and to aid your connection with guides and with the angels. They may aid you with development of psychic gifts such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.

Ascension Stones are found only in Britain. Meditation with these stones is a very beautiful and quite powerful experience.

Although they are primarily made from Marcasite, they act differently in the body than this stone alone.

It is said that part of the reason why meditation with them is so powerful is because they align the chakras as part of the process.

While meditating with them they bring through the Divine light, and connect you to whatever ray you need to heal you at that time.

Yet they do not leave you spacey as they also very grounding, and this is possibly due to the Marcasite vibration within them.

Astrophyllite is a strong stone to illuminate your true self, and encourage self knowledge.

This crystal will activate, stimulate and align your whole chakra system, as white light flows entirely through it.

It has been called the 'marriage stone' as it encourages fidelity and complete honesty between partners.

It is one of the helpful healing stones that may assist you if you have addictions, to find a solution to the problem.

It is stone of coincidences, those seemingly unplanned and unforeseen events that happen, to create wonderful results in your life.

Atacamite stone was discovered fairly recently and is a powerful third eye chakra stone.

If you choose to use this crystal you need to be fully aware of its impressive nature.

Meditation with it will bring through powerful visual images and it may forcefully open the third eye.

But even though it may be forceful, it will intensify your ability to make a connection to your guides and higher self.

It commonly intensifies the connection with your higher self and with your spirit guides, and it may aid you to experience clearer physic visions and stimulate clairvoyant ability.

Stichtite in SerpentineAtlantasite also known as Stichtite in Serpentine

Atlantasite gets its name from the specific vibration within the stone that will aid you to connect to the ancient civilization of Atlantis.

It is a combination of both Stichtite and Serpentine, which are both strong healing stones and can be used for kundalini work, and it works well combined with them for this purpose.

This green stone can be used to help you to stimulate kundalini awakening.. and will help to move the kundalini energies from the base of the spine, up the body to the crown chakra.

It will take this energy through the heart chakra, and it will energize your heart to augment the process.


Augelite has a lovely soothing vibration that may be utilized by placing it close to your upper body while resting, to bring calming and peaceful sleep.

Their energy will also stimulate you to dream more, and to experience powerful and evocative dreams.

For those who regularly feel angry and out of sorts with others, using one of these stones may be beneficial to assist you to feel more peaceful.

If you feel wilful or contrary expect it to have a comforting and settling action. 

These healing stones are particularly useful to treat obesity, and their energy is also known to assist issues within the digestive system and will aid elimination.


Augite is one of the stones known to assist you to bring about change in your life.

This is a advantageous stone to assist you when you feel that life changes seems to be slow in coming, or when change seems difficult. 

The black variety of Augite has a good grounding energy and is also one of the healing stones associated with a deficiency of minerals.

These stones are also said to help with aging, and are known to assist with tightening of muscles and skin.

If you wish to allow transformation in your life, the energy of this stone may benefit you. It is a spiritual and mystical stone that may be utilized as part of your altar or other sacred area.

It is said to be quite advantageous for those who are working as leaders of spiritual groups, and may assist you if you are working with sacred music.

Auralite 23Auralite 23 Wand

Auralite 23 is an interesting quartz crystal that is said to be comprised of Chevron Amethyst Crystals, along with a lot of other minerals, mixed in with it. There are said to be seventeen other minerals that make up the mix.

These are said to be Hematite, Lepidocrocite, Chalcopyrite, Goethite, Cacoxenite, Ajoite, Magnetite, Pyrite, Titanite, Bornite, Epidote, Pyrolusite, Rutile, Covellite, Limonite, Gialite, Sphalerite, gold, silver, platinum, nickel, copper and iron.

Other types of quartz are also mixed in, including green quartz and a yellow quartz which may be Citrine.

You can see the bright red of Hematite in the quartz in many of the stones. Auralite 23 are quartz crystals with a high vibration.

They are helpful healing stones as they are quite calming and are beneficial stones for meditation. Like Amethyst they have a good effect to aid you to develop psychic abilities, and will assist your spiritual growth as they are also known as ascension stones.


Aurichalcite is a blue or greenish blue stone that resonates within the third eye chakra.

These healing stones will create a protective shield around you, and make you feel more secure in your environment.

They help to encourage personal freedom and may assist you let go of old negative ways of looking at life.

Aurichalcite clears the auric field, and its energy will help you to feel more stable, and less fearful about life.

It may aid you to think creatively, may stimulate original thinking and enhance your courage... while also helping to encourage inner peace and harmony within you.

Aurora QuartzAurora Quartz

Aurora Quartz is a type of Rainbow Quartz, and is now known by the newly registered name Anandalite.

This name relates to a Sanskrit word meaning 'Divine Bliss', and they certainly have a wonderful vibration.

The name Rainbow Quartz is in reference to the amazing play of colors or luminescence across the stones, which is possibly caused by a Rhodium inclusion. The vibration of these quartz crystals is very strong.

These high vibration crystal stones from India activate all of the chakras... and aid kundalini awakening.

When you pick up these high energy healing stones, this exacting energy can easily be felt at the heart chakra, and then up within the higher chakras.


Avalonite is a fairly uncommon type of Blue Chalcedony, that has a coating of fine druzy crystals, often over a geode. It is named for the isle of Avalon, in Glastonbury UK. 

These stones are known for their magical and mystical vibration, that can assist you to take an inner journey to discover past lives in places of mystical significance, such as Avalon.

Use these crystals in meditation to aid you to access the collective unconscious... also called the Akashic records. The energy embodied in these stones will help you to remember past lives as a wise woman, healer or priestess in ancient times.

Using one of these wonderful healing stones may assist you to develop psychic ability, and they commonly stimulate telepathic gifts, especially between soul mates.

Exquisite Crystals

They also have a helpful vibration that can aid you to make contact with nature spirits, faeries and devas.

This is a lovely stone to open the heart and bring emotional healing.

They work by aiding you to release fear that may relate to situations that relate to these past lives you discover. 

Make sure you cleanse it regularly when using it, as it may absorb negativity as you let go of any fear that has been holding you back.

Aventurine is a variety of quartz. The most common color available are the Green Aventurine stones and they are helpful to use as healing stones.

They are heart chakra stones that will release anxiety, and create optimism and love of life.

They aid you to manifest prosperity and will help you to deal with inner child anxiety caused by childhood problems.

Aventurine also occurs in other colors, including, blue, red, pink, white yellow or peach colored, and all have good attributes.

So take a look at my article as it outlines the attributes of the various colored stones. The blue stones are very popular, as they are useful aids to stimulate psychic gifts... but they are little harder to obtain. 

Axinite is a strong grounding stone that helps to bring earth energy up into the body. They are very helpful healing stones for helping problems in the feet and legs.

By bringing extra energy into the body this helps your overall energy levels, strength and vitality. It is known to be a stone to aid change.

Its vibration is helpful for meditation as it assists you to let go of thoughts that are blocking your progress.

It is known to improve your memory and is helpful to aid you to remember dreams, and may stimulate lucid dreaming.

Azeztulite® is a name given to a number of different quartz types in various colors, and it is basically a name that came into being after a writer of some crystal books channeled information on this crystal.

Its vibration is believed to be of extra-terrestrial origin, and like most quartz, has the ability to lift your spiritual growth quite quickly, once you decide you will work with it.  

Many stones take some time to adapt to, and many high vibration varieties of quartz are like this.

New stones of various colors have also been given this name, and most are crystals that were previously available for many years under other names, but were renamed by the people who created this name. 

I have found that the registration certificate does not give you a superior stone, just one with a different name.

I have bought some of the colored stones with this name.... that have a certificate, and have also bought similar, if not identical stones that come from the same area as some of the colored certified stones.

Most can easily be bought, and I have purchased many of these.

These lovely healing stones are sold under the original name that they were called before they were renamed, e.g. the lovely Himalayan Gold Quartz.

While it is said that it doesn't need cleansing like normal quartz, as it does not absorb negativity, it is beneficial to cleanse it anyway.

Rainbow Banded CalciteAztec Calcite with mixed colors of green, orange, white and pale pink

Aztec Calcite is also known as Inca Calcite and is a type of Rainbow banded calcite crystal.

Depending on the specific colors of calcite that are in the stone it will resonate within different chakras.

These Calcite Crystals have lines of dark iron between the bands of calcite, with a lovely lacy configuration in the stone.

They are lovely healing stones and as many of these crystals are quite large chunks.

They are excellent pieces to have in the home as they will resonate their energy out from where they are located to bring peace and healing.

A mix of various colors is common to these stones, and this piece features a mix of green, orange, white and pale pink bands. They are helpful to use in meditation, as the iron will ground you, and keep you fully present.

Depending on the colors you they can be excellent to stimulate your will power (orange) and create emotional balance and healing (green).

Azurite stone is a deep blue stone that is the pure embodiment of the deep indigo blue ray.

It resonates within both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra and is a stone of inner vision.

Not only will it help you with development of psychic gifts, but will also stimulate the mind and attune it to spiritual guidance. 

Azurite are lovely healing stones that may stimulate the memory and clear worry grief and sadness.

While not all Azurite occurs with other minerals, the Azurite Sun shown, being an example of where it is not a mixture.

Many of the places where it is found it is intergrown with other popular minerals. Beautiful mixes of energy.

This includes natural combinations of Malachite, Chrysocolla  and Cuprite in various amounts... and sometimes all of them can be found in the one stone. 

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance." Confucius.

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To begin with, it is best to combine various stones for short periods, as each individual may react differently.

Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.