Powerful Crystals For Deep Meditation

Help You Still Your Thoughts

➤ By Liz Oakes

Using the crystals for deep meditation listed below can be helpful. Many of these also have a soothing energy that calms you and helps you to relax. 

If you have trouble meditating you may need help to still your thoughts. Successful meditation relates to being able to fully and totally relax.

When you find it difficult to settle into meditation because you keep thinking about all sorts of unrelated things, you may need some help.

Crystals For Deep MeditationStilbite: Best Crystals For Deep Meditation

You may need help to slip easily into a deep state where your thinking mind no longer interrupts you.

This is sometimes referred to as a state of no mind, because your thoughts are not interrupting the quiet stillness and serenity of your meditation.

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Experience More Effective Deep Meditation

There are a number of crystals or stones that can assist you to experience more effective deep meditation, and fourteen of these are listed below.

These stones may benefit those who feel that it is hard to get to the point where you can go deep enough into the relaxed state to get results.

Many of these crystals will help to calm the inner voices that can hinder successful meditation, and prevent you from attaining the depth you need in order to achieve good results.

Mt Hay ThundereggMt Hay Thunderegg or Star Agate

The more often you meditate the more quickly it will work. But sometimes, even when you have been meditating regularly, you may still feel that you aren't getting enough from it.

What Is The Purpose Of Deep Meditation Crystals?

Holding one of the stones below during meditation, or even keeping it nearby will be advantageous. 

This may be helpful to aid you to go deeper and achieve the results you are looking for.

Many of the crystals for deep meditation on this page were chosen for their action to help you to stop thinking about the days events.

You need to let go of thinking about what you need to get done, and simply meditate.

Some of these stones are also effective crystals to aid you to sleep better, as by stopping these constant thoughts you may get to sleep more easily.

Helpful For Stress

Meditation is powerful to assist stress, and once you start meditating you may find that your stress levels will drop dramatically as a consequence of this regular activity.

Crystals that help to still the ongoing flow of thoughts can be very effective to help you to get to the point where you can move forward with using other crystals in meditation.

The list below of the specific crystals for deep meditation is followed by more detailed information on each individual stone on the list.

Green Prehnite PendantPrehnite Pendant

The information on each stone will help you to discover whether they embody other stone properties that might aid your choice. 

But please allow yourself to use your intuition to choose the right stone, rather than over-thinking it.

List Of 14 Best Crystals For Deep Meditation

The list below contains some of most effective crystals for deep meditation that aid you to sink into a profound state of relaxed inner awareness.

Checkout the information about each of the stones on this list. Where there is a link under a photo, this means there is more information on a dedicated page about that crystal.

At the top you can read about the nine most effective crystals for deep meditation, and in addition below them there are another five that have an excellent energy to help you.

In total, this makes 14 crystals for deep meditation that you can use to aid you reach a deeper state of relaxed inner awareness.


Mariposite is an excellent stone for reaching the deep state of meditation known as the theta state.

The word "theta" basically relates to how your brain waves are operating during meditation.

There is quite a bit of information about the theta state and how it works in the article about Mariposite, and I won't rewrite it all here because it is explained in some detail on that page.

Go directly to the section about Mariposite and deep meditation by clicking here.

Not only is it one of the best crystals for deep meditation, but it may also be beneficial to use if you wish to experience lucid dreaming.

It may assist you to have prophetic dreams as well.  It has a large number of excellent metaphysical and healing properties.

It is a crystal for stress that also assists you to think more clearly and helps you to deal with fear better.

Mt Hay Thundereggs

Mt Hay Thundereggs have an unusual quality which assist you to get deeper into meditation.

Their energy is well known for the way it can assist you to establish deep measured breathing.

They have a lovely deep pulsing vibration, and by flowing with this pulse you may find that you enter a deeper meditation state fairly easily.

Mt Hay ThundereggMt Hay Thunderegg

This deep pulsing has other benefits as well, including helping you to adapt to the energy of high vibration crystals.

They are useful crystals for deep meditation that can also be combined with any of the high vibration stones which you may be using as they have powerful benefits to aid your spirituality.

Have Spaciness After Meditation?

Many people who have been using high vibration crystals in meditation, find that they end up spacy and find it hard to return to normal afterwards.

These stones also have a good grounding energy.

So this makes it an excellent crystal to use both for its own properties but also to combine with strong crystals that may cause you to feel unwell.

They have other excellent metaphysical properties including being highly protective and are excellent stress relief crystals that create harmony when working with others in a group.

As always the actual article on this stone has more information. Click on link under picture to learn more.

These stones are also called Star Agate or Amulet Stone, so if you are looking to purchase them look for these alternative names used by crystal sellers.


Mordenite are good crystals for deep meditation as they help to stop the unceasing stream of thoughts that many people find is a problem when they close their eyes to begin meditation.

Note: this may also be the same sort of situation that occurs when you close your eyes at night, hoping for a good night's sleep, only to lie there unable to go to sleep.

If you lie in bed hoping to get to sleep quickly, only to be stopped by the relentless unfolding of thoughts relating to your day, then using stones that still your mind can be helpful.

This white member of the zeolite family can help you to let go of thoughts that go round and round, relating to events that occurred that day.

By assisting the release of these thoughts relating to your day to day life, this can help you to more easily slip into meditation as well as aiding better sleep.

Mordenite energy is quite soothing, and may assist you if you are depressed.

They are also known as abundance crystals, that may help to attract those things you desire into your life.

Nirvana Quartz

Nirvana Quartz is an amazing, quite potent stone with a profound spiritual energy.

It has an extremely powerful vibration that takes you deeply into inner silence.

It is one of those stones that you should not just use and expect to go about your daily life afterwards with no effects.

Its energy is powerful, and quite wonderful. I describe it as blissful in my article about these stones!

They can help you to connect you with the flow of Divine energy, and may aid quite profound spiritual advancement, and life changes of a spiritual nature.

You may connect with beings in the higher realms and receive visions which are messages for you to take notice of. 

If these lovely crystals attract your attention, read more about them.

These quartz crystals are also called Himalayan Ice Quartz and may be pink colored (more heart based) or clear.

They are one of the crystals for deep meditation that encourages silent contemplation, and by allowing yourself to reach out while using them you may attain a deeper spiritual connection.

Picasso Marble

Picasso Marble are crystals for deep meditation that will assist you to get into the state of deep inner awareness fairly easily.

This is quite valuable when you are sitting down to do a mediation. 

Their energy to enhance your ability to release the day to day everyday thoughts is very helpful.

They aid you to travel within the higher realms and connect with beings in Spirit. 

Some of the beings that you may connect with when using this stone, have been known to communicate information to you that can be advantageous to help you.

This information may pertain to situations in other parts of the galaxy that can be beneficial to assist you to make changes in your life path. 

While these stones are known as one of the beneficial crystals for deep meditation, in some people the full effects are not immediate, but may happen over subsequent uses. 

Note: crystal sellers also sell it as Picasso Stone or Picasso Jasper.

The energy of these stones also has some other excellent qualities, including helping weight loss.

They assist you to keep going and not give up, and may also clarify your thinking.


Prehnite is here on the list of crystals for deep meditation as it has some unique attributes.

It enhances a special type of vision, that can help you to be prepared for events that may occur, either in your life or in the life of close family or friends.

This makes them very helpful for quite a few people, and it is calming with a restful energy that brings inner peace.

This stone may help you if you are a person who thinks constantly and also talks excessively. 

In particular, this stone could be helpful if you are attending a group meditation session.

Their energy can also help you to recall your dreams, so if that interests you, this is another excellent attribute of these green crystals.

It not only induces deep meditation but also can help to settle you down and may stop the flow of words that can interrupt other participants in a meditation circle or group.

Once you have attained deep meditation, Prehnite also has a powerful action to boost the gift of precognition, and may allow you to experience precognitive visions.

Stellar Beam Calcite

Stellar Beam Calcite is a wonderful high vibration crystal that resonates within the higher chakras and helps you to make a quite strong connection to Spirit. 

It may also be found selling as Dog Tooth Calcite. It is very strong and can take you very deep, so be aware of this and don't use it when you have anything to do afterwards.

I prefer to use it before bed, as it creates a very peaceful state of mind.

It has such a sweet vibration, that it is definitely worth following up to see if you can obtain one.

While they are not common, they have an amazing energy that is highly beneficial.

Brings Through The Golden Light

It is included on the list of crystals for deep meditation as it brings down the golden light from the higher realms, a powerful energy to assist your spiritual growth and healing.

You may find that the energy that comes through flows throughout your entire being.

It assists you to easily travel into the higher realms, and may aid you to connect with beings in spirit.

Stellar Beam CalcitePale yellow Stellar Beam Calcite

Their energy helps you to travel the corridors of light, and this can be beneficial to help you to receive details about past lives you may have lived.

Stellar Beam Calcite are excellent crystals to aid you to access the akashic records which is a place in the higher realms where details of past lives are recorded.


Stilbite are excellent crystals for deep meditation, and for aiding spiritual growth that results from regular deep meditation. It helps you in a number of ways.

It helps to still those pesky thoughts that go round in your head, stopping you from getting deep into the meditative state.

Overthinking or ruminating is another name for when your thoughts just won't stop!

Stilbite is one of the top crystals for overthinking, and if this is a problem for you, check out this article as there are lots of other stones that calm overthinking.

This stone's energy helps to create a tranquil and serene state and commonly engenders a peaceful feeling that mentally relaxes you.

They help to calm your physical body, which can be useful for anyone who finds that there are physical reasons, such as feeling twitchy, that stops you from being able to settle.

These crystals have a gentle energy, that helps you to chill.

Powerful For Journeying In Higher Realms

Stilbite is an excellent meditation stone as it not only assists you to go deeply into meditation, but its energy can also help you in your journey within the higher realms.

When you do go deeply into the meditative state, their energy assists you to remain in a relaxed state that allows an easy and more comfortable connection with Spirit.

As you continue to use it in subsequent meditations, it will support you by bringing a reassuring energy to your state of mind, as your thinking expands and your spiritual growth develops in a new way.


Allow the vibration of Stilbite to assist you to progress in a more measured pace when in the higher realms.

This may enhance gentle contact with spirit guides, angels or other beings who connect with you on your journey.


Trolleite is a crystal with a nice calming vibration, that relieves stress and tension and will assist most people to easily relax into meditation.

It has a soothing energy that aids you to be able to relax fairly quickly.

As it is also one of the stones that will help to stop thoughts constantly running this can be helpful.

This is a problem that many people need help with, and it can be advantageous to use you if you have trouble settling into meditation due to thoughts constantly playing in your mind.

They are helpful crystals for deep meditation as they assist you to attain deep stillness, and sink deeply into meditation with relative ease. 

You can read more about Trolleite on its own page, but the following information is not on that page but does relate directly to this pages' subject.

This is a crystal that has only recently come onto the market in reasonable amounts due to a new deposit being found, so you may not have heard about it before.  

These stones are excellent to generally help to soothe and calm you, so this makes them beneficial, for other reasons, including helping you to wind down at the end of the day.

Quartz Aids Meditation But May Disrupt Your Sleep

Be aware that Trolleite stones do commonly contain quartz, and this can be a good thing for meditation as you can program them to help you.

Check out my article on programming crystals if you are unsure about how its done.

Quartz is helpful for meditation as it can be programmed, and this means you can place a program in them to aid you to go deeper, so this can be beneficial. 

While this article is not about stones for better sleep but just a little warning.

Be aware that in some cases, stones containing quartz, such as Trolleite, can interfere with your sleep and here is why.

Quartz crystals have an excellent ability to magnify the vibration of other minerals they are close to.

So if there are stones nearby with a stimulating energy, they may boost this energy as well.

It's all about working out what stones you have and where they should be kept.

It is helpful to keep stimulating stones away from your sleeping area and away from quartz crystals.

Other Crystals For Deep Meditation

It is sometimes difficult to choose my top crystals in any category.

So there are a few more that you might like to consider that are not included amongst the top group of crystals for deep meditation.

While the above stones are very effective to assist you to get deeply into meditation, I have also included these other crystals for deep meditation for you to check out.

Skye Marble, Magnesite, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Blue Apatite and Chrysoprase are also stones that will assist you when you desire to meditate more easily.

There are in-depth articles about all of these stones. 

The pictures here are links to their specific article where you can read more about them and decide it they are a better choice for you.

Best Way To Use These Stones?

While there are a number of ways that you can use crystals for deep meditation, one of the best ways is simply to hold your crystal or stone in your hand.

Of course if its an enormous specimen piece that's more difficult. But if its an average sized piece, holding it is very effective to assist the energy to flow through you.

The vibration of the stone will move into your hands and with many stones will move upwards through the higher chakras to the crown and above that to the soul star and other etheric chakras.

Many of the stones that aid deep meditation have quite powerful metaphysical properties, and are not just excellent stones for doing a crystal meditation but may also assist spiritual healing.

Wear Your Crystals

If the crystal you are using is a piece of jewelry, like the pendant above, wearing it on the body in contact with the skin will be helpful.

This means you don't have to worry about dropping it if you go very deep while meditating. 

While the purpose of this article is to discuss crystals for deep meditation, this may apply to any stone you are using during meditation.

If it concerns you, you can place it nearby, and the energy will still help you to go deep.

My Final Thoughts

I personally love holding my stones, unless they are too big. Bigger stones will resonate quite strongly so you should still make an excellent connection with their energy.

If you need any tips on meditating, there are a couple of articles listed in the menu below, so check them out to see if they give you any other ideas not covered here.

Enjoy your meditation! Love and light Liz.

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