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Starting With The Letter V

Written By Liz Oakes

This page outlines the meaning of crystals in the specific alphabetic area for the letter V.

Not surprisingly there are not a lot of stones in this section, but what there are are quite beautiful.

So how does this page work? At the top of the page just below this is a series of images in a grid. 

VarisciteVariscite Slab

This has photos of all the stones I have been able to find that start with V.

Some photos have links under them which means there is a page where you can go to to learn more about it.

If there is no link this means there is more information here on this page, for you to learn about that stone.

Meaning Of Crystals & Stones: V

Also note that crystal sellers are inclined to name stones, and some of these are quite unusual, and while some names are based on metaphysical properties of the stone, many aren't.

I try to cover all the variations that are used to describe a particular stone where possible, and in some cases there may be more than one.

It is not me who has named any crystals or stones, as I think its highly confusing for crystal lovers.

But as crystal sellers do make up names, I share the names I find them selling as, to help you to find them when you are shopping.

So if you click on a link and it takes you to a page where the name is different its just that the name is part of this alphabetic group so is featured here.

Meaning Of Crystals & Stones: V


As mentioned above, the V alpha group is all that is covered here. If you haven't found what you were looking for, go to my site map page, as it has a list of all the page I have written.

This may help you to discover what you are looking for. The site map link is at the bottom of every page on the site.

The Meaning of Crystals: V

Vatican Stone also known as Frosterley Marble

Vatican Stone is also known as Frosterley Marble, but in fact is not actually a type of marble, but is Ammonite or Ammolite in matrix stone, that has been tumbled or polished.

You can clearly see the fossilized sea creatures in the stones. So why are they called Vatican Stone?

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

Apparently these stones were found in the same quarry that the stones used to build the Vatican came from, around 1500 years ago.

Other than that the meaning of crystals like these has no connection to the church or its teachings.

They do have a lovely spiritual energy, and they aid spiritual communication, and their vibration will help you to let go of negative energy.

Vatican Stone vibrates within the third eye chakra and the base chakra, and are known to promote patience. These stones have a protective energy that helps to make life more stable.

They help you to have tolerance during difficult life situations. They have good healing attributes that will help you in a number of areas, but will particularly assist degenerative problems.

Viking Balls

Viking Balls are stones comprised of algae and fossil remains formed 65 million years ago. They are no longer mined, as the area they come from is a national park now, but are collected from the beach when they are released by storms.

Viking BallViking Ball

The meaning of crystals or stones like these relates to the area they come from in Denmark, as they embody the spirit of the people who lived in these Scandinavian people in the deep past.

They are known to provide courage and vitality when you are in dangerous situations, and will also protect you from misfortune or hurt. They embody the energy of the area where they formed.

These areas are known to embody the vibration of energy vortexes, and this same energy will resonate into where they are placed and kept.


Vogesite is a type of jasper from South Africa. It commonly has swirls and patterns in a range of earthy colors.


The meaning of crystals like these relates to their energy to aid you to have confidence in your life journey, and to understand where you are and where you have been so that you can go forward with assurance.

This stone's energy helps you to realize that you already have what you need inside of yourself, and to look within for answers. 

Aids past life healing and releases any guilt or shame related to these lives.

It is said to be a stone of innocence and it may aid you to reawaken the innocent child within and to heal any pain and negativity that have filled your spirit.

Specific Chakras - List Of Chakra Stones V Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Vera Cruz Amethyst

Crown Chakra: Vera Cruz Amethyst, Vivianite

Third Eye Chakra: Vanadinite, Vatican Stone, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Vesuvianite, Vivianite

Throat Chakra:  Vivianite

Higher heart Chakra:  Variscite, Vesuvianite, Vivianite

Heart Chakra: Variscite, Vesuvianite, Vivianite, Vogesite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Vanadinite, Vesuvianite, Vogesite

Sacral Chakra: Vanadinite, Vesuvianite, Vivianite, Vogesite

Base Chakra: Vanadinite, Vatican Stone, Vivianite

Earth Chakra: Vanadinite, Vivianite

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