Top 14 Crystals For Precognition

May Boost The Gift of Prophecy

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystals for precognition help to boost the gift of prophecy or precognitive dreams and may interest to you if you have begun to receive messages or visions. 

These messages may be received as visions during meditation or may come in dreams at night while you are sleeping.

Or they may be messages heard clairaudiently, meaning through your psychic hearing, or seen when gazing into scrying stones.

Crystals For PrecognitionNatural Green Prehnite: Crystals For Precognition

Visions that feature ideas or events may have specifically got your attention, especially when what you saw later shows up in your life or in the life of others. 

Your visions or messages may relate to world events or to incidents occurring in your life, or in the life of a friend or loved one.

You may find that they seem to show events quite accurately. Experiencing these messages may seem to be highly beneficial. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Developing The Gift Of Precognition Or Prophecy

While they can be utilized to help you or others, some people feel frustrated that they seem to occur infrequently and unexpectedly. 

The vibration of specific crystals may help to boost the frequency of precognitive messages or visions, helping them to happen more often.

Dream QuartzDream Quartz

In addition there are a number of stones that are known to encourage what may be prophetic visions, as well helping you to experience precognitive dreams.

There are a number of healing crystals for you to utilize for these purposes, and many of these have other excellent properties that will also benefit you.

What Is The Meaning Of Precognition?

Let's start by looking at the meaning of precognition. So what is precognition?

Precognition is related to knowing about the fact that an event is likely to happen in advance of the actual incident occurring.

The idea of prophecy is often linked to the gift of precognition, and this is because the way that precognition works can be similar to how the gift of prophecy works.

The big difference is that prophecy is seen by many to be a more spiritual event. Prophetic messages are thought to have come from a Divine source, and are believed to be a direct message from God.

Prophetic events or episodes may be the outcome of deep prayer and may happen during guided prayerful meditation and are often linked to a specific faith of some sort.

Raw Black ObsidianRaw Black Obsidian Stone

Precognition may also be received in a way that allows one to have an awareness that the messages received are inspired by Spirit, yet may not be related to any type of faith or religious belief.

You may receive messages through the process of coincidence or synchronicity, although sometimes these messages have a lighter less potent energy, but may also be the result of prayer.

Crystals For Precognition: Learn More About Precognition

Some people believe that in order for one to know that this gift is true, that the event does need to actually happen. 

But sometimes the event shown is a possible or probable event.

A vision shown may be a warning to help you to realize that you need to take action to prevent the event from happening. 

Sometimes these warning messages come from your guardian angel or from one of the Archangels, who is letting you know to take care.

Ethiopian OpalEthiopian Opal

Many people experience prophetic or precognitive dreams, and you may find that these dreams are rich in detail, with elaborate, intricate and precise features and true factual happenings within them. 

Alternatively, some people find that they experience brief incomplete visions during meditation, yet they have a strong intuitive feeling that the vision is accurate even if the details are missing.

If this is the case you may want to boost your ability to experience more detailed dreams, messages or visions.

You may also wish to look for help to stimulate an increase in these episodes to allow you to obtain answers.

This is where the use of strong crystals for precognition or prophesy may be utilized during meditation, to heighten the outcome of the meditation and encourage prophetic visions.

It is my belief from having experienced this type of vision, that even when you receive a quite powerful vision that seems quite real, it is possible for you to walk in another direction.

Some messages are designed to warn you about where you are heading.

They may be a warning that you are losing your way and need to follow a path that may lead you to experience a more productive and happy life.

How To Use Crystals For Precognition

The best way to get started with any of the crystals for precognition, is to use them in meditation.

All of the stones below have helpful attributes for meditation and may assist you in other ways as well.

If you do not know a lot about meditating and are unsure about the best way to get started, use my easy instructions and techniques for doing meditation, to get you started.

You can use any of the crystals for precognition shown below while meditating, by holding them in your hand.

If they are too big or are difficult to hold, simply sit near them during meditation. Their energy will resonate quite a distance from them.

Once you are confident about meditation, read my article about psychic mediation, as it will guide you to reach the level required to obtain answers to questions you might have.

Green Prehnite PendantGreen Prehnite Pendant

Another way to use them  is to keep a piece of one of the crystals for precognition on your body, to allow their energy to effect you during the course of the day.

If you can obtain a pendant, ring or other jewelry made from one of these crystals, this can be helpful.

The longer they are within your aura the more their vibration can help you.

If the stone you are using is known to be effective to stimulate precognitive or prophetic dreams, you may choose to place them on your bedside or under your pillow.

Keeping them close to you during sleep will mean that their energy may help you to receive future telling  dreams.

Before you go to sleep tell yourself to remember your dreams when you wake up.

List Of Best Crystals For Precognition

The list of the top crystals to boost precognition contains a number of excellent choices for you to use. It also includes stones that may boost prophetic ability.

These are all highly beneficial to assist you if you are working on opening up precognitive ability.

In the section below you can read specific individual properties of each of the stones, and discover how it may help to boost precognitive ability.

You can learn more about each crystal by clicking on the link below each picture that leads to its in-depth article, to aid you with your choice.

All of these stones also have other powerful qualities.

Black Obsidian Stone

Black Obsidian stone is extremely well known as it is advantageous to help you in many ways, as it embodies a powerful psychic protection energy and is a strong grounding stone as well.

Using these crystals for precognition development may be advantageous, especially when used in meditation.

Shiny pieces have been used for scrying by seers for hundreds of years.

Many people find that placing them on the third eye is highly effective to make a stronger connection to spiritual beings.

Placing a piece of this stone in this location brings the energy of the pineal gland into play, assisting you to make a deeper spiritual connection.

Its energy is quite desirable for those who wish to use it in meditation, as its energy may aid you to communicate with spirit guides or other Spiritual beings who may help you to receive answers to questions.

When using Black Obsidian, if you wish to find solutions to problems you may reach out during meditation to seek an answer to questions you feel will be helpful to your life path.

You may receive a response in the form of a spiritual vision or by hearing a message sent from Spirit.


Prehnite is well known for its action to assist you to be prepared. This is because it can bring through information related to life events that may be going to occur.

Use these green stones while you are meditating, as they have a good action to assist you to go deeper into meditation.

They may assist your mind to settle more easily, related to their action to stop thoughts that seem to go round and round in your head.

They are powerful crystals for precognition as their energy may assist you to make contact with various beings in the higher realms including aiding you to connect with your spirit guides.

They help you to listen more easily to what is being communicated to you by Spirit and they are known to help you to surrender to the will of the Divine and to listen to what you are being told.

Prehnite Crystals also have a highly protective vibration.

They are known for their action to assist you to have dreams that may include visions of future events, and their vibration may also help you to remember your dreams.

Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz has a lovely energy that can help you to dream prophetic or precognitive dreams, and may also assist you to experience precognitive visions while meditating.

They are excellent crystals for precognition as they can assist you to have visions and receive messages during meditation

They may also show possible future events and aid you to receive messages in your dreams.

While it is possible that the visions you receive are accurate, some are sent to you as a warning, to assist you to be aware of possible events that could occur if you take certain actions.

Dream Quartz are also excellent healing crystals for you to use to boost lucid dreaming, which relates to you being aware of the dream even though you are asleep.

Their energy may help you to recall details of what you saw when you wake up.

They resonate within the higher chakras, which can boost psychic gifts and help you to make a connection with your spirit guides while you are meditating.

They are well known for boosting clairvoyance or the ability to see visions as well as stimulating clairaudience or psychic hearing and telepathic ability

They can also assist with the recall of past life events as well.

They have a number of other beneficial attributes for healing so it may be helpful to read more about them on their in-depth page.

Dream Quartz are helpful to prevent nightmares or bad dreams.

Although of course there is a possibility that a dream relating to a future event may have elements that could be seen as nightmarish!

Prophecy Stone

Prophecy Stone is popular with many people as its name attracts those who wish to develop the ability to see prophetic visions.

It's energy can assist you to develop prophetic visions as well as precognition, both of which relate to the ability to see visions that may be of the future.

As explained in the section above, prophecy is similar to precognition, with the difference being whether you are using them as part of a faith based process when it is known as prophecy.

For those who are not part of a specific faith and yet are still spiritual, and this is lots of people, these visions are commonly called precognition.

Regardless of their name, Prophecy Stones are powerful crystals for precognition.

They are highly stimulating within the pineal gland, which is located within the third eye chakra.

They help you to develop psychic visions known as clairvoyance, and can also aid you to receive clairaudient communication.

This means you may receive a message in your mind, similar to hearing it.

Read more about how they work in their specific article, as they have other beneficial metaphysical properties.

Prophecy Stones commonly do not work immediately, so you will need to use them for some time before they will assist you to experience visions or receive messages.

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal have a powerful energy to help you to see future events and may assist you to make a good connection with beings in the Spiritual realms during meditation.

When used in meditation their energy may magnify your intuitive abilities and may assist your psychic communication gifts.

This may be beneficial if you are reaching out for help regarding a specific thing.

Their energy is helpful to release karma related to past life events and this can be useful if you are seeking help or knowledge related to what measure may be required to create a viable solution.

If you use them in meditation and reach out for help regarding a particular situation, you may then receive a precognitive vision or message that can assist you to know what action to take.

Not all prophetic or precognitive visions are real true visions, some may be guidance to help you to know possible results of actions you might take, so don't assume all you see is a true vision of the future.

Ethiopian Opal are excellent crystals for precognition as they may also help to enhance your intuition.

You may get an intuitive idea during or after meditation on what action you might take, that relates to the precognitive message that you receive.


Wollastonite is a fairly uncommon stone that has a number of powerful attributes including assisting you to develop clairaudient gifts and may boost precognitive ability.

They are good grounding stones and can increase your potential to use a divining rod, and can help you to be more accurate when using it, which could be quite beneficial.

These crystals make a strong spiritual connection up through the crown chakra, and this can be highly advantageous if you use them in meditation.

They are excellent crystals for precognition that boost your ability to experience future events, and they are very helpful to assist you when working in a group to aid everyone to find common ground.

In addition Wollastonite are good crystals for pain, especially helping muscle pain. They have a number of other useful healing properties including helping bronchitis and pneumonia.

Crystals For Precognition 500Crystals For Precognition

More crystals for precognition

The following crystals do assist you to utilize precognitive ability, but their energy is not as powerful as the stones already discussed.

While the following crystals for precognition may be helpful, they are best used combined with the more powerful crystals shown above to boost the overall energy.

  • Mariposite: can be used in meditation to enhance precognition and may help you to have prophetic or precognitive dreams.
  • Jeremejevite:  may help you to know what the future holds.
  • Celestite: may assist you to develop the gift of prophecy.
  • Shungite: may help you if you'd like to discover what may happen in the future and may enhance precognitive ability.

There are a number of other crystals for precognition that may be beneficial to use to stimulate prophetic or precognitive ability.

This includes Pecos Diamond, Hyalite Opal, Indigo Gabbro, Lamprophyllite and Kauri Gum.

In addition to the above, Ouro Verde Quartz, Faden Quartz and Cats Eye Chrysoberyl all have a good energy to boost these gifts.

Cats Eye ChrysoberylCats Eye Chrysoberyl
Ouro Verde QuartzOuro Verde Quartz
Faden QuartzFaden Quartz

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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