Meaning of Crystals 

In The X to Z Alpha Section

➤ By Liz Oakes

This page covers the final section of the alphabet, and has the meaning of crystals within the alphabetical section from X to Z.

Start by taking a look at the picture grid below, which has images of the stones in this final section of the alphabet.

The name of each stone is under its picture, so check if it is highlighted with a link.

Yellow Apatite ClusterYellow Apatite Cluster

This means there is an in-depth page specific to that stone, where you can learn all about its metaphysical properties. 

There are quite a few interesting healing crystals for you to learn about in this alphabetic section and many of the stones shown below have a specific page dedicated to them. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Meaning Of Crystals: X 

Not surprisingly there are not a lot of stones in the X section!


Crystals & Stones: Y

The crystals that have not yet had their individual page written have a short paragraph outlining the most important reasons why you might choose to use this stone to aid your life.

Yellow RichteriteYellow Richterite
Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire

This includes the most valuable ways that it might help your body to heal as well as other metaphysical attributes associated with it.

If you are looking for a particular stone, first check the photo grid below to see if its here. 

Yellow TurquoiseYellow Turquoise

Crystals & Stones: Z

Be aware that if you are after a stone in the U to Z area, it may be in one of the other pages that make up this full article which is spread over three pages.

Zebra RockZebra Rock
Zebra StoneZebra Stone

Chakra Stones For X to Z Alpha Section: At the bottom of the page there is table listing each of the chakras for each stone in this alpha group. 

It is located below the metaphysical properties and healing attributes of the stones covered here.

Video About Yellow Topaz also called Imperial Topaz

The Meaning of Crystals: X



Xenotime is a good stone to stimulate your creativity, as long as the results are for the good of everyone.

It is said to be helpful to aid cancer at the root cause, and helps to release parasites from the body.

The meaning of crystals like these are quite interesting, as their vibration will help you to release people from your life who may be taking advantage of you.

This may even be those who you may be taking advantage of, as it works both ways.

Once you release those people who have been taking advantage of your generosity, you may find your life can move forward in a new direction.

It helps you to lose interest in inconsequential and nonessential things, and to concentrate on the things of value that are important to your forward growth.

The Meaning of Crystals: Y

Yellow Richterite

Yellow RichteriteYellow Richterite

Yellow Richterite is a variety of amphibole crystal, and it resonates strong calming feelings.

The meaning of crystals like these predominantly relates to its good action to relieve stress.

Place a piece of this yellow stone on the solar plexus, when you feel that churning in the gut that often comes with tense and stressful situations.

Richterite is an excellent stone to aid the body to heal many health issues related to stress, including helping adrenal fatigue.

If you have trouble letting go of thoughts during meditation, use this crystal.

It will help your mind to calm and aid you to get deeper into the meditative state.

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow SapphireYellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is a wonderful abundance and prosperity crystal, and they are beautiful gemstones.

Its energy carries a strong vibration to aid wealth creation and to manifest money.

Alternatively you may wish to manifest creative abilities which are also stimulated by its energy.

This is a visionary stone that will help you to focus your attention on your intentions.

They have traditionally been used in India where they were worn by merchants to ensure the success of their businesses, so the meaning of crystals like these is well known.

Their energy is easily felt and will allow you to use the will, the energy of the solar plexus chakra, to focus your intention onto manifesting whatever you desire.

Through the power of your intention, which is strengthened by this stone, it is possible to bring an increase of prosperity and abundance into your life.

Yellow Turquoise Jasper

Yellow Turquoise JasperYellow Turquoise Jasper

Yellow Turquoise Jasper is the name given to a type of yellow jasper that contains hematite inclusions.

It is really not a variety of turquoise at all, so in theory it really shouldn't be called that name.

The meaning of crystals like these relates to its action at the solar plexus chakra, which will work to boost your personal power.

It is a good stone to enhance your creativity and is known to boost your intuition. It is said to be highly protective, as well as being a useful healing stone.



Youngite is an uncommon stone from Wyoming in the United States. It is a variety of Jasper that is thought to be overlaid with druzy quartz.

They have a calming and soothing energy that may assist you to deal with grief and sadness.

They are wonderful crystals to boost happiness and are known to infuse your life with a sense of increased joy, good spirits and laughter.

These stones are beneficial to use in meditation as they are known as stones that have useful shamanic vibration.

The meaning of crystals like these relates to their energy that is said to assist you to travel in meditation to places that can aid you to retrieve lost soul fragments.

Use them in an inner child healing meditation, to assist you to deal with old hurts that relate to the years when you may have been too young to recall situations that occurred.

The Meaning of Crystals: Z

Zebra Rock

Zebra RockZebra Rock

Zebra Rock is a mixture of (white) Quartz and (black) Basinite, and this makes for an interesting combination of energy.

Basinite has a quite strong grounding energy, and this makes it a good stone to help you to more easily feel connected to the earth.

It is helpful to assist you to let go of stress and anxiety, and is known to be helpful to produce heightened energy within the physical body.

It helps to create an increase of stamina and the ability to continue going when your body lacks energy.

Zebra Stone

Zebra StoneZebra Stone

Zebra Stone has a very similar name to the one above and the two stones often get mixed up. 

This stone comes from Western Australia and is a sedimentary stone that has layers of various minerals.

It usually is striped with the brown coloration being from hematite.

Its known to be helpful for enhancing creativity, and stimulates mental ability so boosts mental creativity.

Specific Chakras - List Of Chakra Stones X-Z Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Yellow Datolite, Yellow Kunzite, Yttrium Fluorite, Zircon

Crown Chakra: Yellow Datolite, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Topaz, Yttrium Fluorite, Zircon

Third Eye Chakra: Yellow Datolite, Yellow Kunzite, Zincite, Zircons

Throat Chakra: Yellow Kunzite, Zircon

Higher heart Chakra: Yellow Datolite, Yttrium Fluorite, Zircon

Heart Chakra: Yellow Datolite, Yellow Kunzite, Yttrium Fluorite, Zircon

Solar Plexus Chakra: Xenotime, Yellow Apatite, Yellow Datolite, Yellow Fluorite, Yellow Kunzite, Yellow Richterite, Yellow Sapphire, Yellow Scapolite, Yellow Topaz, Yellow Tourmaline, Yellow Turquoise, Zebra Stone, Zincite, Zircon

Sacral Chakra: Xenotime, Yellow Apatite, Yellow Topaz, Zincite, Zircon

Base Chakra: Zebra Rock, Zincite, Zircon

Earth Chakra: Zebra Rock, Zincite, Zircon

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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