Coincidence And Synchronicity

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Coincidence and synchronicity or serendipity? What is this concept and how does this relate to what is happening in your day to day life?

What is synchronicity and what is happening when this strange phenomenon occurs?

Where does coincidence fit into the picture and how can knowing more about this concept help you? 

Coincidence And Synchronicity CrystalsRainbow Moonstone: Coincidence And Synchronicity Crystals

What I do know is that this is a spiritual experience, and these experiences are related to your relationship to Spirit. 

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Random Bringing Together Of Unrelated Events

Did You Know? Jung called this the collective unconscious, and Edgar Cayce referred to the Akashic records, which is based on a similar supposition.

My own definition of the meaning of synchronicity is: 'the random bringing together of unrelated events'.

My meaning is slightly different to how it was defined by Carl Jung who defined this word around 90 years ago.

Carl Jung believed that we are all linked, and I also believe this is highly possible, moreover probable, when I look at my personal experiences.

Learn about how using specific crystals can draw these powerful situations into your life, and which stones will do this.

What Is Synchronicity?

It was the psychologist Carl Jung who put together the definition of synchronicity. He took the word from a story by Horace Walpole, the 'Princes of Serendip.'

Quite a few different people then used the term but it was Carl Jung who defined it in the 1920's.

Carl Jung answered the question 'What Is Synchronicity' after he experienced an event, that brought this phenomenon to his attention.

This happened in response to a patient, that was on the couch and telling him about a dream she had experienced about a golden Scarab beetle.

At that precise moment Jung looked out the window and saw a real live scarab beetle.

Now this story has a lot more to it of course, and as I am not a psychologist, I will simply tell you his definition for Synchronicity.

Carl Jung said: 'Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that cannot be explained by cause and effect, and that is meaningful to the observer.'

How Does It Work? What Is The Role Of Crystals?

Some of the stones that I have been writing about on this site, like the Labradorite Crystal Ball shown below, have vibrations that encourage synchronicity to occur.

As I began to write about them I began to attract a greater number of these events into my life.

As these began to happen I pondered, is there a difference between the two concepts of coincidence and synchronicity?

Labradorite Crystal BallLabradorite Crystal Ball: a strong stone to stimulate coincidence & synchronicity.

Some scientists believe that we only experience these synchronistic events when our emotions are heightened.

They believe this is because we notice things in a different way and we may see things that we have not seen before.

At such times as deaths, births, marriage or other highly emotional events we seem to notice them, and this is their explanation for these happenings, but this may not be correct.

Cause and Effect

You may have experienced the result of prayer, and may particularly remember it.

You may feel that this was clearly cause and effect, when you received what you needed as a result of deep heart-felt prayer. A highly spiritual experience.

You may use any of the stones listed here, including Chrysanthemum Stone or Rainbow Moonstone to encourage this cause and effect to happen.

You may recognize that there seems to be a cause and effect happening.

First you think about something, then later, just coincidentally, you have this other related experience. This is what is known as synchronicity.

Chrysanthemum StoneChrysanthemum Stone

Synchronicity varies from the spiritual experience of prayer, as part of the concept of synchronicity is that the thoughts associated with this phenomenon are lighter.

Yet they seem to get your attention, in some strange way. They do not usually have the depth of emotional need. 

These fleeting, yet quite strong thoughts are often associated with receiving exactly what you need at that time.

The time and place when this coincidence and synchronicity happens may become indelibly imprinted on your mind from that time on. 

If you have been working on your spiritual development, you may begin making a connection with angels and can ask them for help.

Angels are known to use this process to help them to deliver what you have asked for. 

It may then become quite spiritual, as you feel that only a Divine source could have delivered what you received at that time.

Coincidence & Synchronicity: Stones & Crystals

If you would like to encourage more coincidence and synchronicity to occur in your life, you may choose to use any of the crystals shown here.

These crystals all have other aspects that make them useful crystals to have in your life.

If you are wondering how to use crystals to encourage coincidence and synchronicity, one of the most helpful ways is to keep them within your auric field for as long as possible each day.

One of these crystals is Rainbow Moonstone, a delightful crystal that is known as a stone that brings a lovely sense of joy, and encourages good vibrations to flow out into your aura.

Of course it is also a stone that encourages coincidence synchronicity and serendipity. 

Wearing any of the stones talked about here will benefit you in a number of ways.

To encourage these vibrations to expand in your life, you could wear a lovely Rainbow Moonstone Pendant. 

Allow the process of coincidence and synchronicity to aid you to choose which crystal is right for you.

Alternatively, you may click on the links under many of the pictures of individual stones on this page, to help you to discover more about the qualities of that stone.

Using that method, particularly if you are an analytical person, will still aid you to bring the right stone into your life.

Look at what other qualities you desire to also bring into your life, as this may aid you to make a choice.

Some of these stones also have qualities that may aid the development of a variety of different psychic abilities.

Unusual or Peculiar Circumstances

Coincidence and synchronicity may work like this. 

Firstly an image comes into your mind, maybe something you actually see with your eyes somewhere, or it may pop into your mind as a thought or even occur in a dream.

Secondly an actual event associated with this comes into your life as reality. There may be unusual or peculiar circumstances associated with what happens.

A common situation may be when you are thinking about someone you have not seen for a very long time.

Then the next day you go somewhere and coincidentally bump into them.

But to make it even more interesting you may also find that coincidentally they have an interest in something that you need to know about, and are able to tell you this information.

This could be called synchronicity! You may recognize that synchronicity is happening, when the moment feels so right, a perfect time and place in your life. 

It is often like a time out of time, as you feel this amazing feeling that you are just in the right place at the perfect time.

A quite stunning surge of positive feelings may also be associated with these moments.

You may be caught unawares by a surge of pure joy, a fleeting wonderful feeling that surprises you with its intensity!

When you feel this amazing flow happening, you need to simply get out of the way and let it happen.

If you can, still the busyness of your mind, and step back from controlling it and simply allow.

Allow Spirit to take control, and some quite astonishing things may happen.

Following your intuition at these times when you feel that coincidence and synchronicity is at work can be important to the outcome.

Keeping a crystal in your pocket, like Star Hollandite Quartz, shown in the image above, may aid the process. Of course these type of things may only be of importance to you the observer.

If you feel something is important, and it does work out to be so, you might wonder why this information, person or situation came into your life at the exact moment that it did.

This is where there is a strong link between spirituality and synchronicity.

Coincidence And Synchronicity At Work In My Life?

I had an interesting event happen to me. Some may question, was it coincidence and synchronicity at work in my life?

On the way home from my meditation group, I turned a corner the wrong way, then again turned a wrong corner (or two) and I was lost.

On thinking about it later, I realized that I was a little ungrounded from the meditation, so this may have contributed to what happened. Instead of stopping and back tracking, I kept driving.

Soon I recognized that I was close to my childhood school, so I decided to drive past it to see if it had changed.

As I drove past I saw a large sign that mentioned that it was 90 years since it had opened. 

Perhaps it was the concept of coincidence and synchronicity at work, that they were having a fair to celebrate the next Saturday, and that I decided to go.

The next Saturday I arrived too early as I had not read the sign properly. Although it did not start until lunch-time, I decided to take a look around.

Just coincidentally, the first person I met inside the gate was a relation that I had not seen for some time.

He also was too early! We quickly caught up on family news, and I heard word about family members I had not heard about in a long time.

As we walked around together, we just coincidentally ran into the lady running the history display, which was in the school hall. 

It was not going to open until four hours later, but she allowed us to go in and we were able to save a lot of time.

It was a lovely experience, and I know that this was the process of coincidence and synchronicity in action. 

Had I not just coincidentally got 'lost' I would not have gone there and met my relation who I had not seen for a while, and I would not have learned things I had no other way of finding out.

Meaningful Coincidence

Meaningful coincidence and synchronicity is also associated with luck. How often have you heard about that one in a million chance.

Where someone misses the plane, and it crashes, and their life is saved.

Or someone catches the bus, just in the nick of time, and they find out later that there was a big crash on the freeway, and their bus was the last to get through.

There are many positive one in a million chances that happen every day and these may be very lucky.

The person who did not intend to buy a ticket in a lottery, and some strange coincidence makes them do so, and they win!

Most of you may hope to be in the right place at the right time, to enable you to take advantage of something, to get lucky!

Often I will have read about a particular crystal in one of my crystal books, then I will be at one of the groups I belong to and someone is either wearing it or may be discussing it.

Sometimes, not long afterwards I may be somewhere and that same type of crystal will be selling.

I often find that I hear about a book on a subject that is very beneficial to me, and quite quickly it will somehow come to me, and often in most strange circumstances.

Ask yourself, what is the chance or probability that these events occur? You see some word or thing mentioned, either on the internet or in a book. 

It seems to stand out for some reason and you realize that it has special meaning to you, then it is spoken to you by some totally unrelated person.

Often there may be strings of synchronicities that occur that are just too unbelievable to put down to anything but what I believe is an amazing spiritual concept.

These clusters of synchronicities often occur to both myself and my friends about the same time, and if I did not believe in coincidence and synchronicity I would find it most bizarre.

You see the same words popping out at you, and you have an almost time out of time feeling, at the unfolding of these sequences of occurrences.

Once you begin to detect the patterns, it is so interesting to watch as it unfolds!

Assistance to move your life in a new direction

The crystals shown here are powerful to encourage coincidence and synchronicity, and many of them are also powerful crystals for change and transformation.

If you understand the concept of synchronicities, most of the stones have a strong vibration that encourage these to occur.

If you decide to use them for this purpose, keeping a journal on the events that happen to you will benefit you. By writing in a journal every day you may notice these things more easily.

As most of these stones will increase both the number and frequency of experiencing synchronicities in your life, it is highly possible you will have something to record. 

This seemingly random bringing together of unrelated events is a powerful assistance to move your life in a new direction.

Common OpalWhite Common Opal
Coincidence Synchronicity CrystalsCoincidence Synchronicity Crystals
How To Attract Coincidence & Synchronicity With CrystalsHow To Attract Coincidence & Synchronicity With Crystals

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