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Heart chakra stones are wonderful healing crystals that will help you to live a happier and healthier life, filled with love, compassion and peaceful interactions with others in your life.

The crystals for this are are also wonderful for emotional self healing as well as for healing the organs located in the area around the heart and chest, governed by the energy of this chakra.

Green AventurineGreen Aventurine is one of the heart chakra stones

The number of stones and crystals that you can use to stimulate the 4th chakra is enormous and you will see a good number of pictures of specific stones on this page.

Many stones that aid this area are in the colors for this chakra, but a good number of crystals that are not in these colors are also strong heart based crystals that will assist the health of this chakra.

Which Heart Chakra Stones to Use

The use of Kyanite before you begin to use any of the specific stones stones for this chakra is advisable. Although this stone comes in a few different colors, the heart chakra attunes very well to Green Kyanite.

The principal reason for using Kyanite is to bring all of the chakras into alignment. Not only will green Kyanite do that, but as well it will bring you into alignment with nature and the world in which you live.

It brings adaptability and stability to your life, and if combined with the Blue Kyanite, will help you to be more balanced when you begin to assimilate any psychic abilities opened by the Blue variety.

Green Kyanite also helps you to feel the truth of the heart and know if those you are talking to are speaking 'truth'. You may then follow this with the individual chakra stones for this chakra.

Colors Of Heart Chakra Stones

The heart chakra resonates well to the chakra colors of green and pink and so the pink and green stones are powerful to aid this area.

Both the green and pink crystals not only heal the physical body but resonate with the spiritual concepts of love, compassion and truth. 

Pink SpinelPink Spinel

As the heart chakra is one of the higher chakras, the high vibration healing stones may be used to help you to improve its function.

If you use some of the other heart chakra stones first until you adjust, later you may progress to the higher vibration stones.

There are many beautiful pink and green stones, and most have the added advantage of being obtained at a reasonable cost. Quite a few attractive and effective pink or green stones are easily obtained.

Some examples of well known pink or green crystals are Pink Rose Quartz and Pink Rhodochrosite, and the green crystals such as Aventurine and natural green Emeralds.

The higher heart or thymus chakra also assists in ones receptiveness to Divine love, forgiveness and the release of fear. A good number of the the stones mentioned also resonate within the higher heart.

Who Should Use the 4th Chakra Stones?

Check out the article specifically about the heart chakra to learn more about this chakra and how it works to assist your life.

For women it is advisable to use heart chakra stones to improve the energy flow in the breast area as a preventative measure.

There are many lovely green crystals that  have a strong heart based energy. Wearing a bracelet or pendant made from one these green stones is a powerful aid for women.

Another way to keep the energy close to you, is to put a small tumblestone, such as a piece of Green Aventurine in your bra, or in your pocket.

If you have any physical problem in the chest area, including the heart, these stones may assist you. Of course using these stones is not a substitute for medical attention.

High Vibration Heart Chakra Stones

Some stones with intense crystal energy will work simultaneously on all chakras above and including the heart chakra.

This includes all of the chakras from the heart chakra up to the crown chakra as well as transpersonal chakras, which are above the crown chakra.

The green high vibration crystals such as Green Moldavite, Green Datolite and Green Herderite are very powerful heart stones, as are Pink Danburite and Petalite.

Please note that occasionally if you are using high vibration stones you may have difficulty adjusting to them. So it may be wise if they are new to you, to adapt slowly to them.

How To Use The Heart Chakra Stones

You may notice that quite a few of the heart crystals are not green or pink and there are a huge variety of stones of other colors that are advantageous to heal the heart area.

If you wish to heal an area of the body one of the easiest ways is to wear the chakra stones in jewelry, and there are many beautiful heart crystals that are readily available.

One of the most well known stones is the gorgeous Pink Rose Quartz, which is well known as a heart based stone, that resonates a strong loving vibration.

You may choose to wear your heart chakra crystals in the chest area, and wearing jewelry such as pendants is one of the most advantageous methods to keep their vibration close to you.

Some women even wear tumble stones in their bras.

This way the chakras energy will be directly impacted by their closeness, but any method that keeps the stone both within the aura and the chakra area that you are treating is helpful.

How Will Heart Chakra Stones Help You?

Quite a few of the chakra stones for the heart are beautiful pink or green crystals, that will assist you to live life from a heart based perspective, and aid you in learning how to be happy. 

Many of the chakra stones have properties that are extraordinarily beneficial, but not all heart chakra stones are green or pink.

The energy of green healing stones like the lovely light-reflecting green Fuchsite, are very beneficial to have close to you.

"Dancing with your feet is one thing, but dancing with your heart is another."

Read More About The Heart Chakra Crystals...

Many of the stones discussed here have had in-depth pages written about them. So its easy to discover more information about any of the crystals on this page, and its simple to learn if its been written about somewhere else on this site, and where.

Simply check my site-map, see the link at the bottom of the page to assist you to learn more...

Seriphos Green QuartzSeriphos Green Quartz
Green MoonstoneGreen Moonstone
Lithium QuartzLithium Quartz Cluster
Pink TourmalinePink Tourmaline
Pink OpalPink Opal
Pink ChalcedonyPink Chalcedony
Transparent Pink CalciteTransparent Pink Calcite
Star RubyStar Ruby
RhodochrositePink Rhodochrosite
VariscitePale Green Variscite
Moss AgateMoss Agate
Green TourmalineGreen Tourmaline
Rainforest JasperRainforest Jasper
Botswana AgateBotswana Agate
White EuclaseWhite Euclase
Green ApophylliteGreen Apophyllite

Some High Vibration Heart Chakra Stones

List Of Heart Chakra Crystals And Stones

There are a very large number of heart chakra stones and although there are a lot shown on this page there are many others not pictured here.

Other crystals and stones that also have a good effect when used at this chakra include the following... Heart Chakra Crystals A to E: Actinolite, Adamite, Aegirine, Ajoite, Anatase, Angel Aura Danburite, Antigorite, Apache Tears, Apophyllite, Aqua Aura Quartz, Aquamarine, Aragonite Star Clusters, Ascension Stones, Atacamite, Auralite 23, Azurite, Beryllonite, Bixbite, Blizzard Stone aka Gabbro, Bloodstone, Blue Aragonite, Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Lepidolite, Bowenite, Brazilianite, Cancrinite, Carnelian, Cavansite, Celadonite In Quartz, Charoite, Chlorite Quartz, Chrysanthemum Stone, Chrysotile, Creedite, Crocoite, Cryolite, Cuprite, Demantoid Garnet, Dianite aka Siberian Blue Jade, Dravite Brown Tourmaline, Eckermannite, Eilat Stone, Elestial Quartz, Epidote, Erythrite, Ethiopian Opal, Euclase- Blue & White, Eudialyte.

Heart Chakra Crystals E to M: Fire Quartz, Fulgurite, Gaia Stone, Gem Silica, Golden Aura Quartz aka Imperial Gold Quartz, Golden Healer, Green Andradite Garnet aka Demantoid Garnet, Green Apatite, Green Chrysoberyl, Green Heulandite, Green Selenite, Green Stilbite, Grossular Garnet, Healers Gold, Hemimorphite, Hiddenite, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Holley Blue Agate, Hypersthene, Inesite, Jeremejevite & Schorl,  Kambaba Jasper, Kimberlite, Kornerupine, Larimar, Lavender Quartz, Lemurian Jade, Libyan Desert Glass, Lilac Lepidolite, Linarite, Magnesite, Marialite, Matorolite aka Mtorolite, Mt Hay Thunderegg aka Star Agate or Amulet Stone, Mt Shasta Opal, Muscovite.

Heart Chakra Crystals N to Z: Nebula Stone, Nepheline, Nephrite Jade, Nirvana Quartz, Ocean Jasper, Pargasite, Pink Calcite, Pink Scapolite, Poppy Jasper, Preseli Bluestone, Pumpellyite-Mg, Pyromorphite, Quantum Quattro, Que Sera, Red Spinel, Rubellite aka Red Tourmaline, Ruby In Fuchsite, Ruby In Kyanite, Ruby, Scolecite, Septaria, Serandite, Serpentine Stone, Shamanite Black Calcite, Shattuckite, Shiva Lingam, Siberian Green Jade, Sillimanite aka Fibrolite, Sinhalite, Smithsonite, Spurrite aka Strombolite, Staurolite, Stellerite, Stibnite, Stichtite in Serpentine aka Atlantasite, Stilbite, Tanzanite, Tibetan Black Quartz, Tiffany Stone, Tinaksite, Turquoise, Unakite, Vivianite, Watermelon Tourmaline, Wavellite, Witches Finger, Zoisite and  Zircon.

Heart Chakra StonesHeart Chakra Stones

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When you buy a new stone or crystal, it is advantageous to use it on its own first. Once you are fully aware of its energy, you may choose to combine it with other stones. Combine stones for short periods to begin with, as individuals may react differently.

But knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.

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