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Blue SmithsoniteBlue Smithsonite

The crystal properties for stones and crystals starting with B is the subject of this page.

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Even if a stone does have its own specific article on the site, you still will find a brief synopsis of the healing aspects and metaphysical actions of the stone on this page.

Some stones listed here are uncommon, or even rare stones, so it is possible that the only place on the site where they occur may be on this page. 

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Table Of Healing Stone and Crystal Properties B

You will find a list of the stones covered in this article in the following table.

To make it easy to find what you want, have a look at the table below, to see if the crystal that you are seeking information about is listed there.

While specific pages provide in-depth information on that crystal, the function of this page is to help you to find information on the various healing crystal or stones more easily.

Below this first table is another table on the B chakra stones. This provides information on the chakra that each stone may heal.

Bastnasite aka Bastnaesite
Biotite Lens
Biotite Mica
Black Agate
Black Amethyst
Black Ammonite
Black Andradite Garnet
Black Calcite Shamanite
Black Coral
Black Diopside
Black Jade
Black Kyanite
Black Merlinite
Black Moonstone
Black Morella Smokey Quartz
Black Obsidian
Black Onyx
Black Quartz
Black Spinel
Black Star Diopside
Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline With Mica
Blizzard Stone
Blue Apatite
Blue Aragonite
Blue Aventurine
Blue Barite
Blue Calcite
Blue Chalcedony
Blue Euclase
Blue Fluorite
Blue Hemimorphite
Blue Herderite
Blue Jadeite
aka Dianite
Blue John Fluorite
Blue Kyanite
Blue Lace Agate
Blue Muscovite
Blue Quartz
Blue Sapphire
Blue Scapolite
Blue Smithsonite
Blue Tigers Eye
Blue Topaz
Blue Tourmaline
Boji Stone
Boli Stone
Botswana Agate
Boulder Opal
Brown Aragonite
Bumble Bee Jasper

Chakra Stones B

See the following chart, which outlines which chakras the stones will assist. It gives details on which chakras that each stone may particularly benefit.

Many stones have crystal properties that benefit more than one chakra or area of the body, so you may find them in more than one chakra category within the table.

For a general overview of the chakra stones please see the chakra crystals and stones page.

If you need to learn more about what chakras are, there is also more detailed information about the meanings of chakras on its specific page.

Chakra Stones B
Soul Star Chakra
Bertrandite, Black Calcite Shamanite, Blizzard Stone, Blue Kyanite, Boji Stone, Boli Stone, Brandenberg, Brookite
Crown Chakra
Baryte, Bertrandite, Beryl, Beryllonite, Biotite Lens, Bismuth, Black Calcite Shamanite, Black Merlinite, Black Moonstone, Blizzard Stone, Blue Euclase, Blue Jadeite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Smithsonite, Boli Stone, Bornite, Botswana Agate, Brandenberg, Brookite
Third Eye Chakra
Baryte, Benitoite, Bertrandite, Beryllonite, Biotite Lens, Black Calcite Shamanite, Black Merlinite, Black Moonstone, Black Obsidian, Blizzard Stone, Blue Apatite, Blue Aragonite, Blue Aventurine, Blue Barite, Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Fluorite, Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Jadeite, Blue John Fluorite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Muscovite, Blue Sapphire, Blue Scapolite, Blue Smithsonite, Blue Tigers Eye, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Boli Stone, Bornite, Brandenberg, Brookite
Throat Chakra
Babingtonite, Bertrandite, Black Calcite Shamanite, Black Moonstone, Blizzard Stone, Blue Apatite, Blue Aragonite, Blue Aventurine, Blue Barite, Blue Calcite, Blue Chalcedony, Blue Euclase, Blue Fluorite, Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Jadeite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Lace Agate, Blue Muscovite, Blue Quartz, Blue Sapphire, Blue Scapolite, Blue Smithsonite, Blue Tigers Eye, Blue Topaz, Blue Tourmaline, Bornite, Brucite
Higher Heart Chakra
Bertrandite, Black Calcite Shamanite, Blizzard Stone, Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Smithsonite, Brucite
Heart Chakra
Bertrandite, Beryllonite, Bixbite, Black Calcite Shamanite, Blizzard Stone, Bloodstone, Blue Aragonite, Blue Euclase, Blue Hemimorphite, Blue Kyanite, Blue Muscovite, Blue Smithsonite, Bornite, Bowenite, Brazilianite, Brochantite, Buddstone, Bustamite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Beryl, Black Calcite Shamanite, Blizzard Stone, Blue Kyanite, Blue Jadeite, Bornite, Bowenite, Brazilianite, Bumble Bee Jasper
Sacral Chakra
Bastnasite, Black Andradite Garnet, Black Calcite Shamanite, Blizzard Stone, Bloodstones, Blue Kyanite, Bornite, Botswana Agate, Brazilianite, Bronzite, Buddstone, Bumble Bee Jasper, Bustamite
Base Chakra
Bastnasite, Bismuth, Bixbite, Black Agate, Black Ammonite, Black Andradite Garnet, Black Calcite, Black Diopside, Black Kyanite, Black Moonstone, Black Morella Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Black Quartz, Black Spinel, Black Tourmaline, Blue Jadeite, Black Merlinite, Blizzard Stone, Bloodstone, Boji Stone, Brochantite, Bronzite, Brown Aragonite, Buddstone, Bustamite
Earth Star Chakra
Bastnasite, Bixbite, Black Agate, Black Ammonite, Black Andradite Garnet, Black Calcite Shamanite, Black Diopside, Black Kyanite, Black Morella Smokey Quartz, Black Obsidian, Black Onyx, Black Quartz, Black Spinel, Black Tourmaline, Blue Jadeite, Blizzard Stone, Boji Stone, Bronzite, Brown Aragonite

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Crystal Properties ... Crystals Starting With B


Babingtonite is the blackish mineral in this image. This stone has good healing attributes, and can be used within the throat to treat thyroid conditions and other health issues related to the area of the throat.

Still in that area, it is useful if you have communication issues, particularly if you are shy and need help getting words out.

It is known as an ascension stone, and its crystal properties may assist you to see what situations are in your life that need changing.

The vibration of this stone may help you if you need to alter some things in your life, to allow you to live the life you came here to achieve.

This energy may also assist you to discover if the various relationships in your life are beneficial to you.

Baryte also spelled Barite, is a powerful crystal to aid you with out of the body travel, or journeying.

It may help to enhance dream recall and is a crystal to stimulate clairvoyant visions. It is a stone for both the crown chakra and the third eye chakra.

It has crystal properties that may also assist you to clear any blockages within these higher chakras.

It will attract high frequency energy, and this will create within you a more heightened field of light within your etheric body. These crystal stones will enhance relationships of all kinds.


Bastnasite also spelled as Bastnaesite, is one of a few rare earth carbonate minerals.

This crystal is wonderful to aid manifestation, and its crystal properties work via the sacral chakra to creatively manifest your desires.

It has a good grounding action to ground your imagined ideas into reality, and its energy may also help you if you have been working with high crystal energy stones that have made you feel ungrounded.

They work within both the base chakra and earth chakra to create a good connection with Mother Gaia, and with elemental beings.

Their crystal properties are well known to help you if you are studying herbalism, or if you have a strong interest in the health of the planet, and ensuring that it is kept safe and healthy.


Bauxite is not a crystal as such, but this mineral does have a number of quite interesting attributes.

These stones can be used in meditation, and this may be helpful to help you to obtain answers to situations that may be concerning you, and amy allow you to be aware of the intentions of others.

If kept in your vicinity, its energy works to stimulate you over time, helping to create feelings of happiness and heightened well being.

It may assist you to release emotional issues that are stopping you from achieving what you desire, and may assist the release of feelings that are causing you to feel angry or resentful about your life.

BenitoiteBlue Benitoite crystals on a base of white Natrolite

Benitoite is a fairly rare blue mineral that occurs as an inclusion with or on other stones, and it often occurs alongside Neptunite or Natrolite.

The crystal properties of this stone strongly relate to their action within the third eye chakra.

Specimens like the one shown on the right that occur with Natrolite (the white stone) are very powerful to expand your consciousness.

These crystals have a strong energy to stimulate psychic abilities.

As well, they may aid you to be aware of coincidences as they plays out in your life, and to see the deeper meaning of what you are experiencing.

If you use it in meditation, it may help you to make contact with the angelic beings that arrange positive synchronistic events.

Communicate with these beings either directly, or via your spirit guides, and ask them to give you messages about what you need to know, via synchronistic events.

Bertrandite is also known as Tiffany Stone. It used to come from only one mine that stopped production and so for a long time it was hard to get, and this made it a rare stone.

A while ago a new mine opened, so the stone is now available more easily.

This is one of the high energy crystal stones, with a vibration that connects you with the higher chakras.

It has many powerful crystal properties, and it is known to help you to develop your intuition as well as enhancing your channeling abilities.

Beryl may be pink, green, blue, colorless, yellow or red.

The names of the crystal stones in the Beryl family are the pink crystal Morganite, the lovely green ones are Emeralds, see image shown on left.

Blue to blue-green beryl crystals are called Aquamarine and the colorless beryl is Goshenite, also known as White Beryl.

The yellow to yellow green stones are Heliodor and the rare raspberry red stone is Bixbite, see picture further down the page.

Beryl generally is a stone that teaches you that you should do only what you need to do, rather than too much.  It has excellent crystal properties that aid you to deal with stress, and is helpful for calming the mind.

Crystal balls are often made out of it, and balls made from the clearer crystals are excellent tools to use for scrying, as they may open and activate the crown and solar plexus chakras.

BerylloniteBeryllonite Twinned Crystal

Beryllonite crystals have a high beryllium content, which creates a high vibration and amazing crystal properties.

Using this crystal can bring spiritual light into the higher chakras, to aid spiritual awakening.

This light is the pure light of Spirit, and it has strong attributes that help you to deal with dark emotions such as fear, hatred and any other type of negative vibration.

They may also aid you to develop psychic visions or clairvoyance, and may assist you to see the angels and your guides.

These high vibration crystals are powerful to aid you at times that are very difficult, by assisting you to utilize the power of the light, to overcome unhappiness and embrace well-being.

Biotite LensBiotite Lens

Biotite Lens is an interesting stone that has a number of excellent crystal properties, including aiding the healing of problems in the eyes, and assisting motor problems.

Its energy helps you to look at problems using your mind but it brings through loving energy from your heart.

This vibration helps you to look deeper into the issue, and this helps you to have greater clarity when making decisions about a specific situation.

This stone is helpful to aid you to be more organized, systematic and efficient. It vibrates at the crown chakra to aid a better connection to Spirit, and it may enhance your spiritual growth.

Biotite MicaBiotite Mica

Biotite Mica occurs in thin sheets, in layers in the stone. The vibration of this stone may help you to look at situations in your life from more than one point of view.

It can aid healing of the eyes and its crystal properties may assist you to look at situations in a different way as well.

It may help you to let go of immaterial and inconsequential parts of an issue that may be concerning you.

It enhances the values you bring to every issue, helping you to see things in a more loving and compassionate way. It has a good grounding action, working through the base chakra to connect you to the earth.


Bismuth is a lovely stone to create a connection with Spirit as well as with others. This is a man made stone, but it still carries a quite powerful energy.

Like the natural Bismuth stones, this stone has useful crystal properties that may help to bring members of a group together, and aid them to work towards a common outcome.

It helps to bring a sense of calm and tranquility into your life, and may help you to make changes that are transformative in nature.

It works to modify the energy coming in at the crown chakra so that it can energize the base chakra.


Bixbite is the name for the raspberry red variety of beryl stone. It mainly comes from Utah in the USA, and is now quite rare, so I am grateful that this stone came to me.

It has crystal properties that may assist you to release stress, help you to have improved self esteem and its energy may help you to feel more energized.

The vibration of this stone is quite powerful, as it brings together the heart chakra energy with that of the base chakra.

It can be useful to help you to recover from long held illness, especially if you have manifested your illness because you do not sufficiently love yourself.

Holding it can bring through memories of the issues that have caused your illness, and this may enable you to free yourself of the reason for many of the problems in your life.

Black AgateBlack Agate

Black Agate is helpful to aid you to interpret your dreams, and to discover how what you see in your dreams applies in your life.

This crystal is helpful to assist you to see what is behind those things you are fearful or apprehensive about.

Its crystal properties may aid you to learn more about the deeper inner fears that you have not allowed to surface, from your inner self.

Using this crystal may help you to rise above limitations based on your fear. Larger pieces my be used for gazing, and this may help you to discover more about what is behind difficult situations in your life.

Black AmethystBlack Amethyst

Black Amethyst has many qualities in common with the Purple Amethyst crystals.

All types of Amethyst are good psychic protection stones, but in addition the black stones have a good grounding vibration.

The crystal properties of Black Amethyst also makes them excellent healing stones, that help rejuvenate your entire system.

This is a helpful stone for healers to use on days when you have perhaps done to much and need to pick up and replenish your energy. This is a good stone to use in meditation, as like purple amethyst it is stimulating to the higher chakras, and in particular the third eye, while at the same time grounding you.

Black AmmoniteBlack Ammonite

Black Ammonite stones embody a fossilized animal from deep in the past.

They work within the base chakra to help you to release negativity, and they are said to be able to help you to retrieve past life memories.

They may aid you to recover more easily from the trauma associated with doing this work, and like many black stones they carry a highly protective vibration.

Due to its circular spiral design its energy extends outwards, bringing positive growth within your life, and it is said to aid the breathing process.

Black Andradite Garnet is a black variety of Garnet that has powerful crystal properties that resonate within the base chakra and earth star chakra below the feet.

It is an excellent grounding stone, that aids you to make a stronger earth connection.

Use it in your daily crystal meditation to learn about the morphogenic fields of knowledge, and to open you to experience psychic visions.

It brings an increase in your life force energy which makes you feel better about life, and can be helpful for anyone who has suicidal thoughts to feel better about life.

Overall this is one of the more useful healing stones to add to your collection, as it can assist you on many levels, including to aid creativity, help you to release addictions, boosting personal power, and it is a highly protective stone as well.

Black Calcite Shamanite is commonly black or brown and was used by Indian shamans to communicate with spirit guides, and ancestors in spirit.

Also known as North American Black Calcite, this a rare variety of high carbon based stone from the Colorado mountains, that consists of a mixture of Black Calcite along with other minerals including Baryte, Zircon and Quartz.

Use it in meditation to help you to make a connection with your guides and to help with developing psychic gifts.

It vibrates within all chakras, but has a strong resonance within the higher chakras and will connect your heart chakra and third eye chakra, and then open the crown chakra, to make a strong spiritual connection.

Black CoralBlack Coral Pendant

Black Coral is a helpful stone to wear on the body as when worn it helps you to release negativity. As it absorbs negative energy it should not be worn continuously without being cleansed.

This stone also has good crystal properties to assist healing, and it is said to be helpful to aid the body to release toxins.

It assists both the skin and internal organs of the body. It is a beneficial stone to enhance creativity, and is also helpful to aid you to feel calmer and more at peace. Use in meditation to help you to release fear.

Black Diopside makes a good connection to the earth, and vibrates strongly within the base and earth chakras, and is an excellent spiritual grounding stone.

This stones energy may help to balance your aura and absorb a greater level of light energy within your etheric body.

It has good crystal properties that may assist anyone who does dowsing, as it makes a good attachment to the earth.

The union that it helps you to make with Mother Gaia, aids you to connect with the elemental beings, and this may change how you feel and act towards the earth, once you appreciate the sacredness of life on our planet.

Black JadeBlack Jade

Black Jade has a strong protective energy, and may prevent negative entities from attaching to your energy field. It has long been used in the past as a talisman against evil influences.

This is a good stone to wear at times when those around you seem to be sucking your power, as it will make you less attractive to their energy.

It also will help at times when the community is feeling negative, including at times when fear is being increased by the media.

This is known as one of the stones to wear to protect you when you are spending time with anyone who seems to drag you into their negative stuff. Its highly protective energetically, and may be useful to protect you from physical harm when travelling.

Black Kyanite will bring all of the chakras into alignment and may also replenish the meridian system.

If you have suffered from any accidents in any specific area and there may have been damage done there, any color of Kyanite will heal the area by bridging the energy gaps.

It is both an earth star chakra stone and a base chakra stone. It is an excellent stone to aid you with spiritual grounding.

Black MerliniteBlack Merlinite

Black Merlinite is another name for Psilomelane, which is a rather mystical stone, that may attract magic into your life.

It can be used to access the Akashic records, and its vibration may assist you to attain a trance state, that can be utilized for channelling and for gazing.

If you look into your stone, often you can see what looks like a picture of a landscape of some sort, often with hills and valleys.

Gaze into its depths to help you to go into a trance and look at what is occurring in the far distance. This stone has many useful crystal properties, and it has a strong energy to aid emotional healing.

It is said to bring positive things into your life and it may help you to let go of undesirable behavioral patterns.

It can assist you to release negative thought patterns that have been trapped in your unconscious, from earlier life experiences, and once recognized they may be released from your life.

Black Moonstone crystals are generally from either India or Madagascar.

The stones look black at first glance, but when they are moved they have a lovely silver grey sheen.

My stone also has peach lines through it, and this makes it have crystal properties that aid a connection to the sacral chakra. Stones like these may assist the birth of new ideas.

Like the lovely dark gray moonstone variety called Larvikite, that comes from Norway, Black Moonstone will make a good connection within the lower chakras and aid grounding.

It helps you to get in touch with the Divine Feminine, and assists you to connect to new moon energy. Like the more well known types of Moonstone, this color will also make a connection within the throat chakra, third eye and crown chakras.

Black Morella Smokey Quartz are naturally irradiated while in the earth, and this helps them to be a useful healing stone, especially if you are undergoing radiation treatment.

As they are a variety of quartz, this will amplify their unique healing qualities, so it is good to keep them close to you after treatments.

The crystal properties of these unusual naturally occurring black crystal stones from Morella in Victoria Australia, are unique, and different than the other Smoky Quartz.

They are said to improve the healing outcomes for those who are receiving these treatments.

They are excellent spiritual grounding stones, with the energy moving down from the base chakra through the earth star chakra to ground you to Mother Gaia.

They are also psychic protection stones, that will both protect you from negativity, and take any negative energy down into the earth.

Black Obsidian Stone will ground you into the physical plane, a helpful use when you have been doing spiritual work, and has powerful crystal properties for spiritual grounding.

This is one of the crystal stones that may assist you to release disharmony developed during work on yourself, including resentment of others, fear or anger.

It assists with spirit communication and may bring through the power of prophecy.

It is a strong psychic protection stone, shielding you from all negativity, as you release any negative attachments.

These crystal stones are strong cleansers of psychic smog created within the aura, and they may assist you to seal your aura against future problems.

Black OnyxBlack Onyx Natural Stone

Black Onyx is a stone of magic, and it is often used to carve magical stone amulets.

This is a great stone for past life work, as it will heal old injuries that have their roots in past life trauma.

Their crystal properties may also aid you to heal old grief or sorrow from this life or others.

It provides a feeling of strength and will assist those going through stressful circumstances, as it has a good energy to help you to deal with stress.

It will assist you if you are stressed or anxious to feel calm.

Black QuartzBlack Quartz

Black Quartz is commonly colored by the inclusion of carbon and other minerals within the crystals.

These black crystals have metaphysical properties that relate to their strong action for grounding you.

Use them in your daily meditation, as you can use their ability to be programmed and also ensure you remain grounded at the same time.

Like all varieties of quartz these stones have good amplification properties and they may be programmed to assist you to achieve those things you desire.

Pieces of this crystal can be programmed with positive affirmations and kept in your environment or pieces made into jewelry can be worn, providing ground at the same time as helping you to achieve worthwhile goals.

Black SpinelBlack Spinel

Black Spinel is a strong grounding crystal which will help you if you have been doing a lot of work with high crystal energy stones.

It will help you to ground excess high vibration energy to Mother Gaia, via its action within both the base chakra and earth chakra.

Because Black Spinel has crystal properties that will help you to release issues from the past, it is a helpful stone to aid you to rebuild relationships that may have become discordant.

These attributes make it a useful stone to keep on you if you are working on reconciling differences with family or loved ones.

Black Star Diopside has these little stars in the stone, because as they were forming there was tiny slivers of magnetite also present in the molten stone.

These tiny slivers align in such a way to form these stars known as asterism. These stars are always four rays rather than six rays found in star sapphires.

Black Star Diopside has a strong grounding and healing energy. It helps to ground you to the earth, and is a useful stone for anyone who is interested in earth healing.

It is also a good healing stone, especially useful for spinal problems, as well as aiding issues in the intestines. They are useful to use if you feel discontented and have a need try something different in your life. 

It may also help to boost creativity with a practical approach to your work. It may help you to let go of fear, especially issues that related to events that may have happened in childhood.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent stone to keep on you at all times, especially for psychic protection, but also for grounding.

It will also protect you against negative vibrations, given off by cell phones or other electrical equipment's energy field.

It is well known as one of the most powerful crystal stones to protect you against psychic attack.

It has crystal properties that will also assist you to ground yourself, as it is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

It creates a positive attitude and mindset. and it transmutes negative energy into positive energy, so is a wonderful stone to keep nearby. It will strengthen the immune system and assist pain relief of arthritis or spinal or muscular problems.

Black Tourmaline With Mica is an excellent stone to prevent psychic attack.

It you have this stone on you, when negative energy or ill wishes are sent to you, it is said to send the energy back to the person who sent it.

When this energy is returned to the sender, it has an effect on the sender and helps them to no longer wish to continue attacking you.

Black Tourmaline or Schorl on its own is a wonderful stone for grounding and psychic protection, preventing attack by negative entities.

It has powerful crystal properties, with energy that transmutes negative vibrations to positive. It also works to suck up electro-magnetic smog that is emitted by appliances such as your televisions, computers and a large number of other electrical devices.

Blizzard Stone is also known as Gabbro, and contains a mixture of a number of different minerals.

These minerals combine to create a stone that will stimulate a kundalini experience.

It is excellent to aid you if you are being impacted by the earth changes, and it has crystal properties that make it a strong healing and spiritual grounding stone.

It is emotionally calming and will help you to let go of anger. Although it works within all chakras.. its impact at the third eye chakra will aid development of psychic abilities and intuition.


Bloedite also spelled Blodite is a quite uncommon stone that is found in the Soda Lake Deposit in California.

Most of the stones from here are hard to get as the deposit is rarely opened to collectors to explore, as it is part of a military base.

The crystal properties of this stone are useful if you are working on developing your intuition, as it helps you to be aware of messages that you may receive.

It helps you to have an awareness that it is what you believe in that has created your current life circumstances, and fortunately also helps you to let go of the beliefs that are holding you back from having the life you desire.

In addition it has some good attributes that aid healing of muscle inflammation and will also help if you suffer from fevers or chills.

Bloodstone is a base chakra stone and as the name suggests this stone is a great blood cleanser and purifier.

It has powerful crystal properties for removing negative influences, and is a very good grounding stone.

This crystal will heighten intuition and increase creativity, and will dispel confusion and will bring through calm, and assist with decision making.

On the physical level not only do these crystal stones aid the blood, but they will heal the kidneys, bladder, liver and intestines.

Blue Apatite stone will activate psychic abilities and will intensify inner vision, and aid the development of psychic visions.

It has crystal properties that work within well both the third eye chakra and the throat chakra.

It may prompt the birth of clairaudience or psychic hearing and aids you to develop excellent psychic communication abilities. 

These lovely blue crystal stones will stimulate deep meditation and spiritual attunement.

Blue Aragonite is a throat chakra stone, enhancing your ability to communicate spiritually.

For those who work as psychics and who need to communicate what they have seen or heard this stone is very effective in being able to bring through what one needs to say.

This is one of the stones that allows those communicating with spirit to be calm and relaxed, and handle these experiences without stress.

Blue Aventurine is quite a strong blue color, and this color comes from the inclusion of Blue Dumortierite in these stones.

The crystal properties of both of these crystals are useful, as they vibrate within both the throat chakra and third eye chakra stones.

Their energy within the throat chakra may enhance your aptitude for communication, and they may also assist you to be more eloquent when called for.

Their vibration is known to bring through psychic gifts that you have previously been unwilling to admit you had. Many of you may have these gifts, but until you allow them to become part of your world, these abilities may not surface.

Blue Aventurine is a stone with metaphysical attributes that work slowly, and by putting one under your pillow at night over time it will aid abilities to develop.

Blue BariteBlue Barite

Blue Barite is a crystal that in the past was very popular in jewelry, as the color is so lovely. Jewelry made from this stone is both beautiful and has a number of excellent crystal properties.

It can be used in meditation or for hands on healing, and Blue Baryte is particularly helpful to use for shock or trauma after an accident.

It is said that this stone was used in the distant past by the women followers of the army to treat men after battles.

The women would place a piece on the third eye, to both calm the patient and place them in a highly relaxed even sublime state, until medical help arrived.

The success of this use, gave the stone a reputation as a quite magical stone. It also has a good action to cleanse the throat chakra, and it will aid communication as well as boosting psychic communication

Blue Calcite is both a throat chakra and third eye chakra crystal. It will assist you to communicate spiritual information with others more clearly, and it is known to aid psychic communication.

Its crystal properties are helpful if you are working on your psychic abilities, as it is known to stimulate psychic gifts as well as aiding you to communicate better.

These Calcite Crystals are known to help anyone who is experiencing writers block. They are soothing to the emotional body, and have a number of other healing attributes.

Blue ChalcedonyBlue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony has a lovely soothing action, and will quickly help to calm you when severe stress is making life difficult.

It has strong crystal properties to aid you emotionally, and may be beneficial to calm anger, and may also enhance your creativity.

It has a good action at the throat chakra, and may aid communication with beings in the higher realms.

It is a strong psychic communication stone that may aid the development of psychic gifts. This blue stone will help to center you in the present rather than constantly worrying about what the future may bring.

EuclaseBlue Euclase

Blue Euclase is the blue variety of this crystal and has a lovely vibration to encourage heart felt happiness, and is a strong aid to stimulate your intuition.

The crystal properties of these blue stones relate to their action to stimulate your communication abilities via your throat chakra, and in particular to aid psychic communication.

They also encourage coincidence and synchronicity to occur, and by allowing your intuition to flow they are powerful to help you get into the flow.

They aid you to be more truthful, and help you to be more aware when others are being dishonest. A powerful stone for people who are empaths, as it cleanses your energy field of others energy, and also helps you to understand Sacred geometry.

Blue FluoriteBlue Fluorite

Blue Fluorite resonates strongly within the throat chakra, with crystal properties that are beneficial to aid clear and unambiguous communication.

It is also a strong third eye chakra stone that will enhance your psychic abilities and improve both accuracy and clarity.

Its action may open the third eye and stimulate an improvement in brain activity, and may help you to have a more orderly approach to your thinking.

It is a good stone to help you if you are studying, as it may enhance your concentration and may help you to absorb what you are learning.

Blue Hemimorphite is one of the highly effective throat chakra stones and is a strong aid for communication.

It has a marked effect within the third eye chakra, higher heart chakra and heart chakra, as its vibration brings in a lot more light.

Within the thymus chakra it has a strong empathetic vibration.

This stone is a potent tool to aid ascension, as the light flooding your aura charges the lightbody, and creates a clear spiritual purpose.

These stones have crystal properties that aid the development of psychic gifts, including mediumship and channeling gifts.

It has excellent protective qualities against psychic manipulation, and helps you to contact angels and your spirit guides. 

Blue Herderite crystals have a very high vibration, and like other colors of this stone are well known for their action to stimulate new pathways in the brain.

The blue stones are perhaps a little smoother than the Golden Herderite, and are lovely stones to use to boost psychic gifts.

They also have good healing attributes and are known to aid issues within the brain.

Their crystal properties can be seen most clearly when you use them in meditation, and they are powerful stones to stimulate a greater awareness of your spiritual being, and using them may aid your spiritual growth.

Blue JadeiteBlue Jadeite

Blue Jadeite crystals are known by a few names including Dianite, and are a type of Nephrite. Both Jadeite and Nephrite are similar in structure.

These crystals are amphibole rich stones, and were discovered in 1997 in the same area in Russia where Charoite is found.

They were called Dianite after Princess Diana, probably because of their sweet energy.

These blue stones have helpful crystal properties, with an energy to aid anxiety and stress. They will help you to make a connection to the third eye and crown chakras and may aid you to develop psychic abilities, including intuition.

Blue John FluoriteBlue John Fluorite

Blue John Fluorite comes from Derbyshire in England, and has lovely purple, blue and colorless bands in the stone.

The crystal properties of these stones are known for their action to encourage change and an expansion of your personal growth.

They are said to stimulate altruistic tendencies, as well as assisting you when making decisions to do what is for the highest good of all concerned.

Use it when traveling to help you to have new interesting experiences, but also being aware of the desires of others traveling with you, who may have other ideas.

This stone has a good action to aid healing in a number of ways. It may boost your agility and enhance energy if you are fatigued, as well as helping muscle related problems.

Blue Kyanite are strong crystal energy stones and will work very well if used with other high vibration stones.

It has excellent crystal properties and is a superior stone to use before using any other stone, as it aligns all of the chakras.

It does not ever need cleansing, as it does not absorb negative energy.

It opens the throat chakra, and creates improved communication and self expression.

Blue Lace Agate aids you to communicate more freely, thoughts and feelings that come from your higher self.

It has crystal properties that bring you peace of mind.

It is one of the more useful healing crystal stones for those whose personal development method is speaking affirmations.

It is also helpful if you are using the healing method called EFT or emotional freedom technique... also known meridian tapping.

This lovely blue stone allows you to freely speak out and aids you to let go of your feelings of being judged by others, and helps to amplify the use of positive affirmations.

Blue Muscovite comes from Western Australia, and was only discovered fairly recently. It is also known as Lithian Muscovite.

It is the stone also called Blue Lepidolite in some places, but the name is incorrect as the stone was tested and it was found that it was not Lepidolite.

Like all colors of Muscovite, it activates your problem solving abilities, as well as galvanizing your mind and triggering the higher functions of the brain. It also stimulates mental telepathy, your intuition, ESP and psychic visions.

The blue variety has some additional very beneficial crystal properties, so much so that I have a large chunk on my desk to help me on a daily basis.

It has an action to assist you to make decisions related to the moment, meaning that it helps you to come to the right conclusion right now!

It has crystal properties that are helpful to aid you to make a determination about commonplace daily activities, and while this may seem rather unremarkable it helps you to connect with Divine guidance in the moment.

Blue Muscovite may help you to decide what to do on a daily basis, and this can make a major difference, as it can challenge your thinking and aid you to realize that some rather ordinary things can make major changes to your life path.

Blue QuartzBlue Quartz Heart

Blue Quartz is the result of inclusions of minerals within the quartz, such as Blue Rutile, Blue Zoisite or Blue Tourmaline.

It is primarily a throat chakra stone, that encourages you to speak what you are thinking, with greater clarity.

It helps you to let go of fear and encourages you to be comfortable with being independent.

Its crystal properties may aid you to connect more easily with other people, and may assist you to discover new ideas, and different ways of looking at life.

Blue SapphireBlue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire crystals resonate within the throat and third eye chakras and help to awaken activity within these chakras.

They have a good action within the brain to aid learning and may also stimulate lucid dreaming.

The crystal properties of the blue variety of Sapphire also relate to its strong action to arouse and galvanize psychic abilities.

In particular it may be beneficial to stimulate ESP, psychic communication abilities and psychic visions. These crystals are also helpful to heal issues that may originate from problems in past lives.

Blue ScapoliteBlue Scapolite Pendant

Blue Scapolite has a lovely energy that is emotionally calming and can assist you to let go of bad habits that you have been having difficulty releasing.

Its energy stimulates both the throat chakra and the third eye, and this may help with the development of your psychic abilities, including your telepathic gifts.

Another of the crystal properties that this stone embodies, is the way that it stimulates your mental and analytical abilities. This stones energy may also help you to communicate better.

Blue Smithsonite is a good stone to aid communication. This is both to aid you to speak clearly, as well as boosting your communication in a psychic sense.

This stone's crystal properties are very helpful if you work in psychic employment, and need to be able to tell your clients what you heard from your guides or other spirit beings.

It will help you to express the information that comes from your guides, or other beings in the higher realms, and it also aids contact with angelic beings.

It is also an excellent healing stone, helping the immune system, sinusitis, addictions and stress. If you are feeling anxious and stressed and feel that you may be heading towards a breakdown, this stone is very helpful to bring deep peace, relaxation and inner harmony.

Blue Tigers EyeBlue Tigers Eye

Blue Tigers Eye stone may also be referred to as Hawks Eye or Falcons Eye.

The blue variety is a strong throat chakra stone that will aid communication and help with public speaking.

Its crystal properties also resonate within the third eye chakra, and allows you to see life from a higher perspective.

It aids you to recognize when things that are communicated to you can be of value in your life.

This crystal stone will aid you to put them to use in your life, and it is also said to bring good luck.

Blue Topaz stones have an energy that will significantly resonate within the throat chakra.

It allows you to speak words that clearly enunciate exactly what you desire to be communicated.

These crystal stones also resonate within the third eye chakra, aiding the expansion of a range of psychic powers.

They have crystal properties that are an effective aid to your mental abilities, and this will flow through to your effectiveness to clearly speak what you are thinking.

They are known to enhance your creativity and this is especially so if you are a writer and have writers block.

Blue Tourmaline is also known as Indicolite and often occurs as an inclusion in quartz.

It is a deep blue or sometimes green-blue crystal that is both a throat chakra and a third eye chakra stone.

It has excellent crystal properties that may assist you with developing psychic powers.

Psychic gifts such clairaudience, psychic mediumship, psychic clairvoyant abilities, automatic writing, channelling and developing intuition, may progress when you use one of these stones.

By using these lovely crystals in meditation, your spiritual growth may move forward quickly, and as well they may aid you to develop your other gifts.

Boji Stones embody spiritual grounding energy, and are very helpful if you have been doing spiritual development work.

They come in pairs of one male Boji Stone and one female Boji stone, and carry a useful level of healing energy.

They are excellent to heal emotional problems, and they are powerful to clear hypnotic commands that may have been implanted at an earlier time.

Boli StoneBoli Stone

Boli Stone is a high vibration stone found in the Rub al Khali desert in Arabia.

They are a type of glassy stone, said to be a type of Calcite crystal, and are found alongside Sacred Light stones.

You may choose to use them with Sacred Light stones to create a major shift in your consciousness.

They have a lovely energy and I have also noticed that this stone contains a rainbow, so it embodies the energy of Rainbow Calcite as well. A little powerhouse of energy that is lovely to use.

Peacock OreBornite

Bornite is also known as Peacock Ore. The crystal properties of this bright stone will help you to be aware when there are obstructions that are stopping you from achieving your goals.

The energy of this stone will also help you to discover ways to steer clear of those things that may be hampering your progress.

It will assist you to release objects and people that you have been holding onto more easily, and help you to be aware of what you no longer need in your life.

It helps to stimulate feelings of happiness and a realization that life can be good regardless of what may be happening.

Pink Botswana AgateBotswana Agate

Botswana Agate has a good energy within the sacral chakra that helps to enhance your creativity. It works by aiding you to let go of emotional issues that have been blocking your creativity.

Their crystal properties aid you to find solutions to problems, and to be clear about the action you need to take to move forward once you are aware of the solution.

The energy of these stones stimulate the crown chakra as well as energizing the entire auric field. They have an excellent energy for physical healing, and are known to help depression and aid detoxification.

Boulder OpalBoulder Opal

Boulder Opal stones are commonly a brown color and they may or may not contain bright sparkly or fiery inclusions. The stones with the lovely bright inclusions are very popular to make jewelry as they are very attractive.

These stones come in a variety of colors and regardless of their color their crystal properties are similar, as much of their energy relates to how they were formed via a quite slow process over a long period.

They have a beautiful energy that may assist you to think more clearly, as they seem to remove old extraneous thoughts, and allow a new way of thinking.  They have a good healing action in many areas of the body, and may help to root out old issues that have been hanging on.

BoweniteBowenite also known as Maori Greenstone

Bowenite comes from New Zealand, where it has traditionally been used and revered by the Maori people.

Also known as Maori Greenstone, it is well known for being highly protective and is said to emit a protective field of energy that deters those who may mean you harm.

It is a stone that is useful when you are moving locations, as it assists you to let go of the past and to embrace the changes that your life brings.

It has a lovely energy with beneficial crystal properties that may assist those who feel depressed, anxious or stressed, and it will help you to feel lighter and more liberated about your life circumstances. 

BrandenbergBrandenberg Quartz

Brandenberg Quartz crystals are sometimes also known as Brandenberg Amethyst, and they have many qualities in common with Purple Amethyst.

They have many of the same crystal properties, except they seem to be of a higher vibration. These crystals have a beautiful strong energy that makes them an excellent healing crystal.

The look of the stones can resemble a few other types of quartz, but many are predominantly clear quartz containing phantoms in a lovely purple Amethyst color.

Some may also have other colors such as yellowish brown Smoky Quartz like inclusions.

These stones have excellent metaphysical qualities to use for spiritual growth. They will aid you expand your consciousness and balance all aspects of your being.

They can be used at any chakra to activate and re-align your energy. They are known to be helpful to bring you healing on a number of levels, and in particular are useful to stimulate the immune system.

Brazilianite crystals are powerful manifestation stones. They have a strong energy to help you to bring what you desire into your life, from the use of your creative abilities via the sacral chakra.

They have a good vibration within the solar plexus chakra and this may create a powerful action to strengthen your will.

Their color may be yellow or yellow green, and this means their crystal properties relate to both the heart and solar plexus chakras.

The energy of these crystals may unite these two chakras, creating heart based use of the will. They are also helpful to assist you to let go of anger, and have a good healing action in the body, which is helpful to aid health issues in the sacral and solar plexus regions.


Brochantite is a green stone that can elevate the level of your energy.

Its vibration may be beneficial to align all of the chakras and it can help to unite your physical being with your higher self and aid you to contact the higher realms.

It energizes the heart chakra and base chakra and is also protective.

Use it in the home or business, when you are associated with someone who makes promises and does not carry through on them, as its crystal properties may aid action.

It is said to have a useful healing action in the body, as it is known to aid water retention, and is said to be helpful to assist the pancreas, spleen and the prostate.


Bronzite is an iron rich stone that is helpful to aid you, if you have been feeling tired or even exhausted.

This stone aids psychic protection, and will send the energy back to the sender. But one of the problems is that it returns negative energy to where it came from, but it doesn't stop there.

The negative energy bounces back to you again, causing an ongoing bounce back and forth. To stop this, use this stone in combination with another strong psychic protection stone rather then using it alone.

My favorite stone that has crystal properties for both psychic protection and grounding is Black Tourmaline, and it is good combined with Bronzite to simply break the connection.

Bronzite stones are excellent to use to grid a room, as they will cleanse the area of negativity, as well as being very protective. This stone aids compassion and forgiveness and creates a positive energetic space for meditation.

Brookite is a high crystal energy stone that is powerful to use for spiritual growth.

In particular it will stimulate the higher chakras, including the eighth chakra, also known as the soul star chakra as well as the higher etheric chakras.

It has an intense action when used at the third eye chakra in meditation, and it will help you to make a connection with both angels and guides in the higher realms.

It has strong crystal properties that will aid psychic communication, and it is also a stone that may be used for kundalini activation.

Brown AragoniteBrown Aragonite

Brown Aragonite crystals are useful to assist you when you are starting a business, to help you to avoid feeling overcome by all you need to get done.

They have a good grounding action, and may aid you to deal with anyone that is hard to get on with, or troublesome in any way.

They have a good healing action in the body, helping to aid you to recover from back issues such as fractures, disk problems lumbago and other related problems.


Brucite is an excellent stone to aid new projects or relationships, as it creates a strong energetic lift, by creating a powerful energy that boosts the position you are in.

It also helps you to work out if the activity or relationship you are in, is right for you, and whether it is worth continuing with.

If the circumstances of what you are doing are not right for you, this energy helps you to let it go.

It has highly supportive crystal properties to aid a flow in the energy that allows undesirable problems and issues surrounding the situation to be released.

It helps you to personally dissociate from both the specific occurrence and the people related to it. It helps you to see alternatives to the current situation, and helps to create calm and positive discussions with others.


Buddstone aka South African Jade is a variety of green stone from South Africa that is often used for carvings, and is a type of Verdite.

It may also be sold as South African Jade, even though its not really jade.

The crystal properties of this stone can help to stimulate the lower chakras, from the heart chakra down.

In particular the heart chakra may be stimulated, as well as the energy systems of the body relating to the rise of the kundalini. This crystal may be used to aid the growth of endurance, courage and faithfulness.

Bumble Bee JasperBumble Bee Jasper

Bumble Bee Jasper is an unusual stone that was formed where a volcano opened to the earth.

It is also known as Eclipse stone and as Fumarolic Jasper.

This stone is said to be a mixture of a number of minerals, including sulphur, hematite, ilmenite, anhydrite, as well as ash from the volcano. 

It is a strong earth energy stone, that embodies within it the strong energy of the volcano from which it was birthed.

Their name comes from their purported action to heal bees. Place them in a grid if you wish to use them for this purpose.

They are said to assist the impossible to manifest, so it is worth having one in your environment. These stones are quite toxic, so do not handle them with bare hands, and wash carefully after touching raw stone.


Bustamite stones have valuable crystal properties that make a strong connection to the earth.

It is an excellent stone to use for griding, to create a safe place to do spiritual work.

It has a lovely calming action within the heart chakra, as well as bringing a sense of lightness and joy into your life.

It will both activate the heart area and clear any stagnant energy there.

It is a wonderful stone to use for meditation and may help you with developing intuition and will aid you to make contact with angelic beings.

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New Crystals Or Stones...

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To begin with, it is best to combine various stones for short periods, as each individual may react differently.

Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.