Mental Telepathy

How Does It Work? Can Crystals Aid Its Development?

➤ By Liz Oakes

Mental telepathy as a principle is fairly well known. It is also known as hearing the thoughts of other people or thought transference.

In some case folk can exchange information over very long distances. 

But it can merely be that two people in different rooms know what the other is thinking.

It concerns two people making contact, or more simply communicating, in a way that involves neither verbal or visual communication.

Mental TelepathyKakortokite: Boosts Mental Telepathy

Sometimes it happens when one of the individuals is in some sort of dangerous situation or threatening circumstance.

When it is a life or death situation, sometimes the other person just seems to know what is happening without being told, and it is well known for twins to have this ability.

But it can also be a normal day to day situation, and it is common for this type of information exchange to occur when the two parties are very close emotionally. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

What Is Mental Telepathy?

What Is Mental Telepathy?

Other words that can be used to describe this gift is thought transferenceThis is because it relates to an individual receiving the thoughts of another.

This sounds like it would be a wonderful idea, and although many people work on doing this, they may not be successful.

In many cases it will only happen if the person whose thoughts you would like to hear, or see, is thinking clearly.

Sometimes its not specific words that come through, rather the idea or principle of the thought of the other person. 

  • Visual people may pick up an image related to what is being thought about. 

Many parents of young children seem to know what they are thinking, and children wonder how their mother seems to know so much!

It can often be easy to do in these situations, as mental telepathy works best between those who have a strong emotional connection.

This may be a partner, close friend or family member.

Often it works particularly well between parents and young children, as their thoughts are often very simple and open.

Often it occurs between family members or those in close relationships and this type of communication is well known between twins.

Close friends may also pick up your emotions, depending on what you have been previously sharing.

Is There Any Scientific Proof?

Researchers have been working to verify the veracity of this gift.

They do this by testing individuals who have been using this ability for some time, and who are quite confident that they can do it.

Usually scientists work to prove that it is real, by using test subjects who know they can do this. 

Even if the test subjects truly believe in their ability to read the thoughts of another, the tests are often unsuccessful.

ESP is an ability that somewhat resembles mental telepathy, and it has been tested and proved by sending images seen on a series of special cards, featuring symbols such as circles, squares, triangles etc.

Some Of The Results Of Tests

Although many researchers have tried to verify that mental telepathy exists by using this same method, the tests may not demonstrate its validity.

They often run into problems as there are a few reasons why testing telepathic ability with this method may not succeed.

The first reason is that mental telepathy is most successful when there is some sort of emotional bond between the person who is the receiver and the person they are reading.

Testers also prefer not to use people who are related, as it may not be seen to fit the 'scientific' criteria.

There are quite a few reasons why the results of testing isn't always clear. I mentioned the first reason above but there are other reasons.

The second reason is that your telepathic ability works best when you are relaxed and calm, and test conditions may be stressful.

Thirdly, telepathy often works when there is a particular reason for the thoughts to go from one person to another. 

Successful mental telepathy may work best when there is an important reason for the communication to happen, such as in the case of a life threatening emergency.

When there are strong reasons for the thoughts to be shared, a message is received more powerfully because of the strong emotion involved. 

Test conditions generally do not provide this.

Can You Develop Mental Telepathy? Involuntary Telepathy

Hearing others fleeting thoughts is more probable when you are resting and relaxed.

Often the development of this gift happens accidentally, especially in the beginning. They call this involuntary telepathy

What this means, is that at the beginning you did not intend to actually hear or see the other person's thoughts.

To start with they may be fleeting ideas that you hear or feel, such as 'I would love a cup of coffee'.

If you are a good listener in other aspects of your life, you may find that you also will be good at hearing, seeing or even feeling in some cases, the thoughts of others.

Although you can deliberately learn information using mental telepathy, it is very important that it is done with absolute integrity.

It is imperative that if you learn something that you know the other person may not have voluntarily shared with you, you must not share it.

Also be aware that one may also pick up thoughts that are simply the person imagining something.

So take care when you discover anything that makes you feel uncomfortable knowing.

Using Specific Crystals May Aid You

Many of these stones are fairly well-known, so you may like to utilize them as part of this process.

There are quite a few well known, even common crystals on the list below.

Many of these are also crystals that are used when you are working on contacting your spirit guide or developing other psychic gifts.

If you own jewelry made from them, like the lovely Natrolite Pendant shown above, you could simply wear them. 

So if you have been using them, you may have already started to notice that you can hear the thoughts of others, especially when you are relaxed.

When I say hear, it may be hearing using your auditory senses or it can be seeing a flash of something which uses your visual senses. 

Keeping Stones On Your Body May Help

You could combine your jewelry with other stones on the list that you might have. 

Alternatively keeping a piece of one or more of these crystals on your body, such as in your pocket is an alternative.

It may also be a feeling about what another is thinking using your kinesthetic abilities. This does depend on, what is your dominant way of reacting with the world?

If one of the people doesn't seem to be thinking clearly, this can be helped by using crystals for mental clarity, that help you to think more clearly.

How Can You Develop This Gift? 

There are a few methods that you can assist the development of this gift, and they can be combined with using the crystals on the list below. 

Most of you can develop this gift by using crystals that can boost mental telepathy, combined with methods that are known to work.

If you want to know how to connect with someone telepathically, the first thing to realize is that it can take time, and does require patience to develop.

So another thing that may help you is to use crystals for patience, as it can take time for you both to get it happening.

How Can You Develop This Gift? There are methods you can use including:

There are a few excellent approaches to utilize, and some you work on alone, and the others with a partner.

The first method is to use a scrying stone from the list. Stones that also help psychic visions or clairvoyance may also be helpful. 

  • You sit quietly and simply gaze into the crystal.
  • Allow yourself to lose focus and then as you relax allow any images or thoughts to drift into your mind.

Using stones such as Apophyllite crystals for this, see image above, which have a shiny reflective surface, are good, as you can lose yourself in their reflection.

  • Another method to use is completed with a partner, and it uses meditation. 
  • You may both choose to hold or wear one or more of the crystals known to boost mental telepathy while you do this.

Using Shiny Stones

There are many other shiny stones that are good for scrying, and they can aid the development of psychic powers.

There are quite a few others that also work for scrying, so think about stones from the list that have a shiny surface. 

It is valuable to be relaxed when you do this, as stress can stop the flow.

If you have already been communicating with your guides, you may have a greater chance of developing telepathic ability, as you have already been listening to non-verbal communication.

Use Clairaudience Stones

You could also use stones to develop clairaudience which is also known as psychic hearing or ones used to boost clairsentience also known as clear seeing.

Tips for developing telepathic gifts when working with a partner include:

  • When you go into your meditative state, it may be best to be in the same room to begin with. 
  • In advance decide who will hear the other, and they are called the listener, and the other one is called the sender.

After spending some time getting deep into the meditative state, the sender should think about a specific subject. Keep your thoughts on that subject during the course of the meditation.

  • The listener must not really try to hear, but should just relax and allow any thoughts to just drift into their head.

Using Meditation To Aid Mental Telepathy

Meditation is also one of the ways you can relieve stress, and removing anxiety is helpful as stress can block mental telepathy.

Be aware that telepathic ability can take quite a while to develop. At the beginning you may only hear fleeting thoughts from the other person.

Hedenbergite in QuartzGreen Hedenbergite in Quartz

This is why I was happy to listen to specific isochronic tones every day, to hasten the process along.

The reason meditation is so helpful for stress, and for developing this gift, has to do with the fact that successful meditation requires your brain waves to slow.

The more often that you meditate the faster your telepathic gifts may develop.

It can take some time for you to get results, and sometimes you may find no results for a while, then suddenly you will start to hear or see someone else's thoughts.

The Brain and Meditation

During your normal day to day activities your brain operates at what is called the beta state.

But when you meditate your brain waves change from the beta wave, to the slower alpha wave.

This pertains to two specific parts of the brain, the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex.

These areas are associated with developing mental telepathy, intuition and other psychic gifts.

Using isochronic tones is called entrainment, as those areas of the brain mentioned above entrain with the new rhythms that you are bringing in.

I found using isochronic tones helped me to develop mental telepathy as well as new psychic abilities, and was also helpful to relieve my stress.

Books For Psychic Development

The books and the CD set written by Sonia Choquette are definitely helpful to assist you if you are working on developing psychic gifts.

There are a range of different gifts, and to some degree it does depend on your natural abilities, but psychic visions or clairvoyance are ones many people find easiest to discover.

Mental TelepathyHow To Develop Mental Telepathy

Sonia Choquette has been working as a psychic reader, and as a teacher in the development of psychic gifts for quite a few years, and her books reflect on this experience.

In her book 'Diary of a Psychic', you can read about how Sonia developed her gifts.

While her books cover a range of different aspects, they all step you through the processes that assist you to develop your psychic abilities.

They are all helpful books to aid you to put yourself on the path that leading to having genuine psychic abilities. 

If you wish to read reviews of these Sonia Choquette work Click Here.

Work With Crystals For Developing Mental Telepathy

After using isochronic tones for a while, along with working with stones on the list, I now find that mental telepathy happens regularly and easily for me.

Having this gift is beneficial, as on occasions you may find that hearing your partner's thoughts can help you to avoid potential problems. 

Blue ObsidianBlue Obsidian

It can help you to know when someone is upset or has issues they want to discuss.

You may already use some of the crystals on the list for other reasons, as they all have excellent metaphysical properties that make them useful stones to use.


Think About Combining These Crystals

Developing this gift is a nice side effect, and one that can help others in your life. 

If you have already been using any of the stones listed on this page, you could use a combination of the crystals that aid you to develop this gift.

ChrysotiteChrysotile aka Chrysotite

Many stones have other excellent properties, so if a crystal shown on this page is highlighted with a link, read the in-depth article on the stone.

This may help you to discover whether there are other attributes that would also make this stone a valuable addition to your collection.

Discover Benefits Of These Crystals

Take a look at the photos of crystals here that may boost your telepathic ability.

Other stones for telepathy from the list that are not pictured includes Blue Phantom Quartz, Messelite, Moraesite, Perforated Onyx and Valleriite.

Faden QuartzFaden Tabular Quartz
Cats Eye Chrysoberyl EarringsCats Eye Chrysoberyl

High Vibration Stones That Boost Telepathy

Quite a few are high crystal energy stones, that work within the higher chakras and can be powerful stones to use for developing telepathy.

This may help to boost the possibility of stimulating your mental telepathy gift, and as many are stones that stimulate the brain you may also find that they help your memory to improve as well.

Quite a few of the stones that you can use for developing your telepathic gifts are high vibration crystals.

They all have a specific in-depth page where you can learn more about them.

There may also be other benefits that could make your choice easier to make, so check out the pages of these stones.

Want To Learn More About Crystals For Mental Telepathy?

Many of the crystals mentioned here, have had their own in-depth articles written about them, where you can read more information about them.

You can find out if its been written about elsewhere on this website, on its own in-depth page.

See the link for the A-Z Of Crystals Minerals and Stones at the bottom of the page, to assist you to find what you are looking for.

Mental TelepathyMental Telepathy

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Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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