Crystal Meanings ... M to N

Moldavite CrystalGreen Moldavite Crystal

The crystal meanings on this page are a brief outline of the meaning of particular crystals from M to N in the alphabet.

The meanings of these crystals may already be provided, within in-depth pages in other parts of this site.

You may notice that many of the crystals and stones in this article are marked with a highlighted link that leads to another page.

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Where possible I am adding pictures and a short write-up of new stones, as I find specimens to show you.

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Crystal Meanings Alphabetically From M To N

To see which crystal meanings this article will give you, look at the stones and crystals listed in the following two tables.

Both tables below cover the M to N section of the alphabetical list.

The top table is a list of the crystals on this page, and it is followed by another table which outlines the chakra stones.  

It shows which chakra the stone may heal, and you may follow a link to the specific article about that chakra.

If you use the table below, it will assist you to locate information on a particular stone more quickly.

Be aware that quite a few of the stones discussed on this page might also to be found on other pages on this site. Many of these have a whole page devoted to the specific crystal and its crystal meanings. 

Machu Picchu Stone
Mahogany Obsidian
Maori Greenstone
Mangano Calcite
Matorolite aka Mtorolite
Medusa Quartz
Melanite Garnet
Miriam Stone
Mookaite Jasper
aka Mook Jasper
Moqui Marbles
Morella Smokey Quartz
Moss Agate
Mount Shasta Opal
Mt Hay Thundereggs
Mystic Merlinite
Nebula Stone
Nirvana Quartz
Noumeite, Nunderite

Crystal Meanings... Chakra Stones M - N

For details of which chakra each individual stone will heal, please see the chakra stones table below.

As it is possible for stones to assist healing of more than one part of the body, they may be found in more than one chakra category in the table.

There is detailed information for each chakra, and you need only click on the highlighted chakra name to go it.

So if you need to know more, please check out the pages on each of the chakras, or for an overview of all the stones, see the page on chakra stones.

If you would like to learn more about exactly what chakras are, please go to the article on the meaning of chakras for an in-depth explanation of the chakras.

Chakra Stones M-N
Soul Star Chakra
Machu Picchu Stone, Natrolite, Nirvana Quartz
Crown Chakra
Machu Picchu Stone, Magnesite, Montebrasite, Moonstone, Muscovite, Mystic Merlinite, Nebula Stone, Nirvana Quartz, Nuummite
Third Eye Chakra
Machu Picchu Stone, Magnesite, Malachite, Medusa Quartz, Merlinite, Miriam Stone, Mookaite Jasper, Moonstone, Muscovite, Mystic Merlinite, Natrolite, Nirvana Quartz, Nuummite
Throat Chakra
Machu Picchu Stone, Malachite, Medusa Quartz, Mount Shasta Opal, Nirvana Quartz
Higher Heart Chakra
Machu Picchu Stone, Malachite, Mangano Calcite, Medusa Quartz, Milarite, Moldavite, Morganite, Mozarkite, Nirvana Quartz, Noumeite
Heart Chakra
Machu Picchu Stone, Magnesite, Malachite, Mangano Calcite, Maori Greenstone, Matorolite, Milarite, Moldavite, Moss Agate, Morganite, Mount Shasta Opal, Mozarkite, Mt Hay Thundereggs, Muscovite, Mystic Merlinite, Nebula Stone, Nepheline, Nirvana Quartz, Noumeite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Malachite, Maori Greenstone, Marcasite, Marialite, Merlinite, Mimetite, Montebrasite, Mookaite Jasper, Mt Hay Thundereggs, Mugglestone, Nepheline, Neptunite, Nirvana Quartz
Sacral Chakra
Mahogany Obsidian, Marcasite, Melanite Garnet, Menalite, Merlinite, Mimetite, Miriam Stone, Morganite, Mt Hay Thundereggs, Mugglestone, Nepheline, Neptunite, Nirvana Quartz
Base Chakra
Magnetite, Mahogany Obsidian, Marcasite, Melanite Garnet, Mookaite Jasper, Morella Smokey Quartz, Moss Agate, Mozarkite, Mt Hay Thundereggs, Mugglestone, Mystic Merlinite, Nebula Stone, Nepheline, Neptunite, Nuummite, Nirvana Quartz
Earth Star Chakra
Magnetite, Mahogany Obsidian, Marcasite, Melanite Garnet, Menalite, Morella Smokey Quartz, Moss Agate, Mt Hay Thundereggs, Mugglestone, Nebula Stone, Nuummite

The Crystal Meanings - M

Machu Picchu Stone PendantMachu Picchu Stone Pendant

Machu Picchu Stone has a lovely energy and is said to be a mix of various minerals that occur in stones such as Rhodochrosite, Merlinite and Cuprite, along with Calcite and/or Quartz.

Its color varies according to its exact mineral make-up, but all are said to have a sweet gentle energy that will help you spiritually.

While it is a healing stone, this is not physical but is on a soul level, and the crystal meanings are related to the Machu Picchu region of Peru.

It is helpful for past life healing that is related to events that may have taken place in this area of the world. 

This piece can be used as a pendant and I love the unusual and artistic design that it had been carved into. This is not a common stone, and may even be said to be rare, but like most stones if you really feel it will benefit you, it will turn up.

Magnesite is a lovely calming stone that will enhance your meditation, and help you to feel more relaxed. 

If you meditate with it, and specifically tune into the energy of your heart, it will allow your mind to respond to the desires of the heart.

Yet it is a quite potent stone if used at either the third eye chakra or crown chakra, and you may feel a pulsing sensation if you put it on your third eye during your meditation. 

It activates the psychic senses and helps you to contact your spirit guide. The crystal meanings relate to how it aids you to be true to yourself and helps you if you are stressed. 

Magnetite or Lodestone is a naturally magnetic stone. It has a strong vibration and it will aid you with spiritual grounding, through the earth chakra.

The crystal meanings of these stones pertain to its attributes to aid healers to assist with balancing the entire aura, as it will get the energy flowing and is quite strong in its action.

Use two stones, with one stone in each hand to balance the hemispheres of the brain.

Helps to awaken and develop intuition, especially in highly 'rational' left brain thinkers.

Mahogany ObsidianMahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian is a deep brown and black type of Obsidian. 

It has a stronger sacral chakra energy that aids you to release negative within this area that may be blocking the flow of your creative energies.

It also is helpful to use to shield you from psychic attack. 

It also has a strong energy at the base chakra and earth chakra to open and cleanse your grounding channel.

Malachite is stone for both the heart chakra and the solar plexus. 

It is an excellent stone to strengthen the physical heart as well as the emotional aspect of the heart.

The crystal meanings of Malachite should bring this stone to your attention as it is one of the foremost stones for psychic protection. 

Having it within your aura promotes a strongly protective energy.

This prevents negative psychic energy being able to come near you, and may prevent psychic attack.

Mangano CalciteMangano Calcite

Mangano Calcite has a lovely soft sweet energy, and its vibration is all about love, compassion and forgiveness. 

It assists you to accept yourself and your actions, and helps you to feel a greater level of self worth and self esteem.

The crystal meanings of stones in the calcite family, all have some similar characteristics, and they all are powerful to amplify energy.

But this crystal is a little different to other calcite as it has manganese as part of its mineral make-up. 

This lovely stone helps you to let go of experiences from the past, especially where you still feel fear or grief about something that happened.

Maori GreenstoneMaori Greenstone

Maori Greenstone or Pounamu stone comes from New Zealand and has been used by the Maori people to make protective amulets and is part of their culture.

These stones are known to carry a strong earth based energy, and it is believed that wearing a piece of the stone is highly protective.

It has a strong heart based energy, but also stimulates the solar plexus, to boost your personal power and self esteem.

It may be beneficial to wear a pendant made from this stone, as it is also thought to animate you with longer life, and is believed to give magical powers to those who keep it on their body. 

The crystal meanings of Maori Greenstone also relate to its action to calm you, and help to ameliorate stress and depression. It also assists you to let go of habits that are not in your best interest. 


Marcasite is a strong grounding stone and is closely related to Ascension Stones

The crystal meanings of this stone relate to its excellent energy to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, in particular psychic visions.

It has a high iron content, and is closely related to iron pyrite yet this stones vibration is quite different. 

It resonates within the solar plexus chakra, and will stimulate your will-power and may aid your spiritual growth.

If your memory has been failing, use Marcasite to bring clarity and focus to your thinking, especially if you find it hard to keep your thoughts on the subject at hand.


Marialite is the white or pale yellow member of the Scapolite family. It is a fairly uncommon crystal, and is said to have been named for the Virgin Mary, as these crystals have a quite loving energy.

They are said to bring purity to your thoughts and actions, and will help you to understand the concept of purity in your life. 

The crystal meanings of Marialite crystals also relate to the way they aid you to deal with stress.

They are strong stones to help you to make changes in your life, both in your environment, your physical body and in your way of thinking.

These crystals may help you to achieve goals you have set, and they may also allow you to let go of endeavors that you have been working towards that may be fruitless, or even pointless, as well as helping you to recognize when this is occurring.


Matorolite, Mtorolite or Mtorolite, is a type of dark green chalcedony from Zimbabwe.

This crystal resonates within the heart chakra, and is helpful to give you strength in a time of crisis.

Its crystal meanings also apply in regard to its calming and soothing action during times of stress, and its action to stimulate strength when weathering a crisis.

It is known as a helpful stone to support homeopathic treatment and may be beneficial if you are cultivating plants.

Paraiba QuartzMedusa Quartz

Medusa Quartz is also known as both Gilalite in Quartz and as Paraiba Quartz. 

The name Medusa quartz relates to the inclusions in some pieces, that resemble long jelly-fish like tentacles, resembling parts in the ancient legends of Medusa.

The crystal meanings of this variety of quartz are associated with its ability to help your imagination and attract adventures into your life.

You may choose to undergo these fantasy based experiences, and it is the decisions you make and choices you elect that will decide what happens. 

It also assists your speech to be both influential and readily believed.

Melanite Garnet is a variety of Black Garnet, which is also known as Black Andradite Garnet. 

This stone resonates strongly within both the base chakra and the earth chakra, and its ability to aid you to make a strong earth connection, makes it an excellent grounding stone.

The crystal meanings of Melanite Garnet also appertain to other helpful qualities, including its action to enhance creativity, and help to release addictions.

It will improve how you feel about life by boosting your life force energy and vitality, and will intensify your personal power.


Menalite is a white chalky stone that makes a strong earth chakra connection. 

It is powerful to use to overcome fear of death... and is an excellent stone to use when doing past life work, to aid you to remember without fear.

Its crystal meanings pertain to its connection with feminine wisdom... and it is powerful for women to use as it connects you to the wise woman that is within you. 

This is a strongly shamanic stone, and if using for journeying, choose a stone that is a shape that appeals to you, as often this aids your connection to specific spirit guides.

Some stones may resemble animals or other beings that may appeal to you.

Merlinite is a stone of duality. Its color is black and white and its energy encompasses the vibration of the light and the dark.

It brings wonderful magic and good luck, and it boosts intuition and other psychic gifts. 

The crystal meanings relate to its action to help you connect with the darker parts of yourself, and to experience formerly unknown past life memories.

It may allow you to experience past lives you may have had in the time of Merlin and King Arthur. 

It has a shamanistic vibration, and its energy encourages out of body journeys.


Milarite crystals are helpful to boost the feminine aspects of your personality. 

The crystal meanings relate to its action to help you to be more compassionate towards others, and it may assist the growth of intuitive gifts.

It is said to be particularly helpful if used as a gazing stone, and messages have been known to come through in the minds eye, often as words seen in the mind.

This is known as stone to calm you, if you are feeling apprehension before doing astral travel.


Mimetite is a variety of Apatite, and although it is commonly yellow it may also red, brown and red-brown, but when yellow also embodies many of the attributes of Golden Apatite.

It may also help you if you have a large amount of responsibility, so that you feel comfortable with managing this part of your life.

It has crystal meanings that may encourage you to feel a sense of adventure, and it is a protective stone that may particularly aid you if you are doing channeling. 

It will help to enhance your communication from spirit and aid you to relate what was channeled with precision and clarity.

It is an interesting stone that is said to specifically have an effect on the area where it is located at the time, and it is known to make where it resides into an energy vortex, creating renewal and rejuvenation!

Elephant Skin JasperMiriam Stone

Miriam Stone aka Elephant Skin Jasper may also be known as Mariyam Jasper, Snake Agate or Elephant Skin Jasper but its most common name is Calligraphy Stone. 

It has what looks like some type of writing naturally occurring in the stone.

The crystal meanings of this stone relate to its valuable action to aid meditation and it is also an excellent protection stone.

It is a useful stone to use in meditation to aid you to contact your guides and the angelic realm. 

It will help you to look inwardly at yourself and at your behavior, and can be beneficial to aid you to gain insights when you are doing past life work.

Moldavite is a high crystal energy stone that can be a powerful catalyst for making changes in personal relationships, and major breakthroughs in your life.

Change and spiritual healing are the common elements this stone enhances amongst most people, and this may take different forms.

You may begin to develop your intuition or your psychic abilities may either come to life for the first time, or you may find the abilities you have may expand or change.

The crystal meanings that relate to the action of Moldavite to achieve rapid transformation are well known. It is known to aid you to make amazing changes in your life, as the transforming power of its vibration sweeps through your life.

MontebrasiteMontebrasite Crystal

Montebrasite is in the Amblygonite family, and these crystals are similar to Amblygonite in many ways.

The crystal meanings of this stone relates to the way that it helps you when are working towards overcoming fear of a specific thing, for example public speaking.

They do this by providing a vision of the successful completion of the feared event.

So that you can see what it could be like if you were to allow yourself to let go of the fear.

They aid you to think clearly via their strong resonance at the crown chakra, which is also known to create a connection with the Divine mind more easily. 

In addition Montebrasite crystals have some quite unique attributes. The way this crystal is said to work, is that you write out what you want to happen in your life (on paper). 

You place the Montebrasite on top of it, and leave it in the moonlight and sunlight for seven days. It is said that during this 7 day period you will be given ideas about the ways and means that could help you to achieve this goal with ease.

Mookaite Jasper aka Mook Jasper is a type of West Australian Jasper.

It has a range of beautiful colors within the stones, including really gorgeous mixtures of yellows, browns, purples, magentas and pinks. 

This is a strong stone when used at the base chakra and may assist one to stabilize the physical body and fortify the immune system.

It will calm over excitable people, and aid with better decision making. It assists one to be more versatile and more easily face new experiences.

It is a stone that helps one with making decisions so that one knows the right direction to take in your current circumstance.

It aids you with developing intuition via its vibration within the third eye, and at the solar plexus it assist you to understand you innate personal power.

This is good stone to help you as you age, as it aids physical aging by raising one's vibration.

Moonstone is a beautiful crystal of the feminine vibration, that will balance the masculine/ feminine vibrations within the body. 

It reflects within it the magical healing qualities of the moons vibration.

It is a stone for feeling, for hoping and wishing, and a stone with the ability to enhance psychic abilities. 

The crystal meanings also pertain to its ability to nurture the spirit and allow a deep sense of inner awareness to become clear. A wonderful stone to aid women to embrace their own personal power.

Moqui Marbles are also known as Mochi Balls or Shaman Stones, and are excellent aids for you to use while undertaking shamanic journeying. 

They will aid all chakras and help your spiritual growth, and will assist you to let go of fear, especially of death.

They are psychic protection stones, particularly when doing out of body journeys. 

They come as a pair, one female and one male and they assist you to adjust your male-female energy.


Mordenite is a good stone to help you to keep on track and avoid distractions.

The crystal meanings relate to its action to help you to detach from your emotions when negative feelings come up.

When you become aware of negativity, this vibration aids you to remain separate, and not get caught up in the negative feelings.

The stones energy will assist you to let go of feelings of depression regarding negative things that may happen to you.

This is a stone that attracts abundance, and encourages you to see the value of family and friends. It assists you to feel more relaxed and harmonious about unwanted situations, and will also aid you to release sarcastic speech patterns, and to feel more peaceful.

This is also a stone that is used in white magic rituals, because it helps you to perceive how various parts of a ritual work and the reasons behind the form and structure of what you are choosing to do.

Morella Smokey Quartz Crystals come from Morella in Victoria, in Australia. The crystal meanings of this unusual natural black quartz variety are slightly different than the other Smoky Quartz.

This black Smokey Quartz is naturally irradiated while in the earth, which makes them a helpful stone for those undergoing radiation treatment to keep close to them. 

It has the ability to amplify the healing outcomes for those who are receiving these treatments.

They are strong spiritual grounding stones, with the energy moving down from the base chakra through the earth star chakra to ground you to Mother Gaia. 

Being a quartz it has a strong ability to amplify energy, including its own. They are strong psychic protection stones, that will both protect you from negativity, and take any negative energy down into the earth.

Morganite is a heart chakra stone that resonates with the energy of Divine Love. It is often called Pink Emerald and this may be because both stones are Beryl.

The natural crystals of Morganite blend beautifully with Green Emeralds and other heart chakra crystals. 

Both stones are also powerful stones to bring the vibration of love into your life, and to promote harmony in relationships. 

Peach Morganite is a sacral chakra stone that may enhance your creativity.

Moss Agate is a lovely green stone that comes in variations of shades of green from light through to deep green. 

This is a stone for the heart chakra, the base chakra and the earth chakra, strongly connecting you to nature through the heart.

It is said that through Moss Agate you may be able to make contact with the elemental kingdom. 

It is an abundance stone, attracting all good things, and is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

The crystal meanings of Moss Agate will allow you to be aware that this is stone to use more often.

Mount Shasta OpalMt Shasta Opal

Mount Shasta Opal may be blue or white with black dendrite inclusions.

The crystal meanings of blue Mt Shasta opals are slightly different, in that they vibrate more strongly within the throat chakra.

All colors embody a lovely heart chakra energy, and are known to bring cohesion and steadfastness to marriages that need help. The bluer stones may aid communication, and this may be helpful to aid marital problems.

Any color of opal that comes from the Mt Shasta energy vortex, are excellent to use in spiritual work, including helping to create peaceful feelings during prayer or meditation. They also have a calming energy that will aid stress and anxiety.


Mozarkite is the state stone of Missouri. It is a lovely stone that will enhance both your creativity and your accuracy, and it has a good action to stimulate your right brain.

It has a helpful effect within the brain, enhancing concentration and understanding. Its crystal meanings strongly relate to its action to improve your communication.

Mozarkite aids you to speak in an understandable way, and it creates clarity in the way your brain hears and understands what is being said to you. 

It may help to heal a number of other problems, including vertigo, nervous issues and may help drug users to let go of their dependence.

It aids psychic abilities, and it helps you to pick up what is being communicated to you from the spirit world, more quickly and clearly. It may also assist you to tell others what you have heard in the higher realms.

It has a good healing action, and will assist you to let go of worry. It helps you to realize that the choices you make are important, and that your life is dependent on your previous decisions. 

Mt Hay Thundereggs may also be found selling as Amulet Stone or Star Agate.

They are very impressive stones that were birthed by volcanic action.

Thundereggs formed when a gas-mineral mix was ejected from the lava flow and formed these beautiful spherical stones, that are a mix of minerals within a strong external shell.  

They are highly protective, encasing you within a bubble of energy somewhat like the type of strong casing of these stones.

They are powerful to use for meditation, when you may experience a strong pulsing energy.

Exquisite Crystals

This may assist you to more easily sink into a deep meditative state. Their crystal meanings relate to their strong ability to store energy.

As these stones were formed as a result of volcanic activity, this created stones that embody the energy of the volcano.

This can be used for healing and to boost your energy when you are low.

Tiger IronMugglestone

Mugglestone aka Tiger Iron is better known as Tiger Iron. 

Within its crystal meanings and in its coloration and banding, you can see evidence of the three stones that it is a mixture of, Red Jasper, Tigers Eye and Hematite.

This crystal helps you to feel better physically, as it grounds you quite strongly via the base and earth chakras.

This brings you a strong healing energy that helps you to heal. If you have working with high vibration stones and have become ungrounded this stone may help you. 

Because of the unique combination of minerals within these stones it is excellent to aid healing from illness, as it brings strength and vitality back to the physical body.

Muscovite inspires spiritual growth, as it opens you to an awareness of your higher self. 

Its crystal meanings relate to helping with the side effects from too rapid awakening of psychic gifts, as well as aiding the opening of new psychic based powers.

It helps side effects caused by rapid awakening of these gifts, and is also a strong psychic protection stone.

If you suffer from dyspraxia, and have a problem with clumsiness and left-right confusion, it will help to relieve your problems.

Mystic MerliniteMystic Merlinite

Mystic Merlinite is a stone that was discovered relatively recently in Madagascar.

Its crystal meanings relate to it being a quite mystical and magical crystal, which explains its name.

It has metaphysical attributes that will help to align the chakras, and having two stones may be beneficial if you are using it for this purpose.

It is helpful to place one at the crown and the other at the base.

It is a stone of light and dark, a stone to aid you to work on yourself, as it can aid the birth of talents and abilities that you were unaware of, including stimulating psychic abilities and intuition.

The Crystal Meanings - N

Natrolite is one of the most powerful stones for stimulation of the third eye chakra, crown chakra and the soul star chakra, above the crown chakra.

As you meditate with it, you will feel its strong pulsing energy move through the higher chakras, like an amazing beam of intense light and energy.

This high crystal energy stone when coupled with other high vibration stones will create powerful growth in your health and spirituality.  An altogether startling stone, and only for those who wish their journey to move quickly.

Nebula StoneNebula Stone

Nebula Stone is an interesting mixture of quite a few minerals, including Aegirine, quartz, Feldspar and Epidote.

So it may be of value to read the crystal meanings of these minerals in their various alphabetic areas.

Once they come together in this stone, they have create some quite interesting metaphysical attributes, which are quite powerful to utilize.

This is a stone that helps to bring spiritual light into the body and will infuse you quite quickly with this beautiful energy.

By also grounding this light down into the earth, it helps you to have a enhanced recognition, that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience on earth. 

It helps to expand your understanding of why you are here, and may stimulate the birth of psychic abilities or the knowledge of gifts you have. It can also be used to assist healing due to its action to release toxins from the body.


Nepheline is a greenish mineral often found mixed with other stones. Its energy mainly relates to the chakras from the heart down.

At the heart chakra it brings through the energy of love, and stimulates your personal power at the solar plexus.

It enhances creativity at the sacral chakra, and heightens vitality and energy at the base chakra.

Its energy is excellent for meditation as it helps you to seek out the truth about what you are looking for via the meditative process.

It may help you to see the deeper meaning of illusions shown to you. It is a quite calming stone, yet at the same time stimulating.


Neptunite is a stone with an exuberant energy that helps you to find solutions to problems, and ways to reach your goals. 

The crystal meanings also relate to the way its energy helps you to let go of resentment or anger about situations in your life that you are finding difficult.

This energy helps you to understand when you are deceiving yourself or others, but in a non-judgmental way, and it helps you to focus on finding solutions.

It assists you to see illusions or areas in your life that you may need to look at more carefully, in order to see the reality of the situation. 

It resonates with the energy of the moon, and may stimulate intuition or other psychic gifts that may have already begun to develop. Through the solar plexus it stimulates your personal power, and helps to align the base and sacral chakras.

Nirvana Quartz is a type of quartz found in the Himalayan mountains in northern India.

They are found at high altitudes, in places where the melting of the glaciers caused these crystals to become exposed.

This is why they are also known as Himalayan Ice Quartz, and they often resemble pieces of ice, with irregular shapes in the crystals.

The clear Nirvana Quartz crystal meanings relate to them being extremely high vibration crystals, that make an immediate impact within the soul star, crown and third eye chakra. 

This is an enlightenment crystal that assists you to be aware that you create your reality, and helps you to understand how you can help the unfolding of your destiny along the spiritual path.


Noumeite is another name for Garnierite stones, and this name relates to the fact that they were first found in Noumea. They were late renamed when they were found to be the same stone as Garnierite.

Their crystal meanings relate to their lovely heart based vibration. Within the thymus or higher heart chakra, they stimulate compassion and strong feelings of love.

They may assist you if you wish to acquire more things, and they may be known as the "stone of accumulation".

You may use them if you are doing games of chance to increase your chance of winning. Combine them with other stones that boost the way the LOA works such as Peridot or Citrine Crystals.

If you are a single person, a single parent or simply someone who lives on your own, they may help your to increase your level of self confidence and independence.


Nunderite is brown Andalusite quartz with green patches of Epidote

Having a piece on you may assist you to be overlooked, as it aids you to remain anonymous and to blend in when desirable.

It is known to strengthen the heart and your overall well-being.

It stimulates spiritual insight and foresight, and may prevent you from making mistakes, by letting you know prior to an event if it is going to cause you a problem.

Found in NSW Australia, while it has said to have been known about for a long time it's stone meanings are only now becoming more widely known.

Nuummite is a very strong earth chakra stone, and has been labeled the Sorcerers stone.

It is powerful stone to move you forward spiritually, but it does have a dark side, that many people find uncomfortable.

It will help you to face those parts of yourself that you may have avoided knowing about and feared.

The energies from your darker shadow side, including guilt, shame and fear itself, may be released with the aid of the strong vibration of Nuummite.

This may be uncomfortable but once released this may allow you to move forward with your life.

As you use this stone, and understand the stone meanings more fully, you may utilize it to bring to life your magical and mystical abilities. 

It also has a vibration that encourages an increase in synchronicity and will help you attract good luck and positive events into your life.

"Face what you think you believe, and you will be surprised." William Hale White.

Crystal Books

The crystal books shown below are very in-depth crystal reference books. All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

Melody's Encyclopedia... Love Is In The Earth, is a book that covers more than most. This book gives you so much information, and covers so many crystals that on its own is almost a reference library.

If you wish to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books Click Here.

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To begin with, it is best to combine various stones for short periods, as each individual may react differently.

Knowing how you can combine various stones may be helpful, as this allows you to get the most from your crystals, and may help you to solve specific problems in your life.