Top 19 Crystals For Patience

When Things Don't Happen Fast Enough!

➤ By Liz Oakes

Using crystals for patience can be beneficial if you find it hard to tolerate delays when what you desire comes more slowly than you'd like. 

There are specific stones that help you to feel calm and patient when things don't happen fast enough.

If you find it hard to keep control when things do not go as quickly as you expected, you may need some help to remain composed while you wait.

Crystals For PatienceDumortierite: One Of The Crystals For Patience

It is of value to be able to continue with what you are doing without losing your temper, and the ability to show restraint is definitely beneficial.

If you'd like to be more patient when things don't happen as quickly as you want, then there are crystals that may help you.

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What Is The Meaning Of Patience?

So let's look at the word patience so we know what we are discussing.

The meaning of patience from The Cambridge Dictionary is as follows:

  • the ability to wait, or to continue doing something despite difficulties, or to suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed.

Many of us have trouble being patient when we have to wait for something to happen that is important to us.

Most of you would like to find a way to remain peaceful and composed while coping with something that is out of your control.

Patience as the meaning above says, is the ability to wait, and as well continue doing something despite difficulties.

The ability to keep calm and to not get annoyed can be quite difficult when people or events around you are causing you to be upset or even annoyed.

Situations like being caught in a line of traffic, when you know there is no fast solution, can try your patience, and make you feel frustrated and stressed.

So many events in your day to day life can make you feel irritated or even angry.

Having to continue regardless of what is happening around you is not always easy, so finding help does seems like a good idea.

Watermelon TourmalineWatermelon Tourmaline

Many of you may feel upset with yourself when you lose control over what you may feel are small things, but even small things still can try your patience!

Using crystals for patience in your day to day life may help you to feel more in control when those niggly things happen that make you feel angry, stressed or out of control. 

There are quite a few crystals and stones that can boost your tolerance, and can help you to persevere when these occasions arise.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Patience

Be aware that all crystals have a range of properties, and that boosting your patience is just one of the ways that individual stones can benefit you.

Which is why I have given you information below on other things that the crystals for patience do to benefit you.

Howlite BraceletHowlite Bracelet

Some stones emit a stronger energy that may boost your ability to cope with delays and this is valuable if it's something crucial. 

Some of them may do other things such as stimulate specific gifts such as boost intuition or creativity.

Most of the stones that boost patience have a specific in-depth page, and not all metaphysical properties are covered below.

Just click on the link below the image to take you to the page about the stone to get a full picture of that stones properties and powers.

Top Ten Stones & Crystals To Enhance Your Patience

The ten most well-known and effective crystals and stones that enhance your patience are shown next with their major properties.

After that there is another nine stones that will also help you. You will find a small amount of information about each of the stones that are on this list. 

The easiest way to decide which one to use, is to read through the meanings and metaphysical properties, then allow your intuition to assist your choice.

Below them, there are a few other crystals for patience, as there are just too many to go into detail with here.

There are no wrong or right crystals to choose, but for best results take notice if any image especially gets your attention, when it may be of value to follow it up.


Labradorite has a strong energy to assist you to feel patient even if you are feeling discontented about any delay in the arrival of what you are waiting for.

They are excellent crystals for patience that heighten your ability to tolerate delays until it is the right time for what you desire to come to fruition.

In addition this stone embodies a powerful vibration that can assist you to be aware of when the proper time has come for the unfolding of what you desire.

Shop for Labradorite Here.

This crystal stimulates both the soul star chakra and the crown chakra and is a powerful tool to assist your spiritual growth as it makes a strong connection to Spirit.

Their energy resonates within both the throat and the third eye chakras, bringing an increase of psychic gifts if you work with them.

It has an action that helps to encourage the energy of coincidence and  synchronicity to play out in your life, which is highly beneficial to assist you to be more patient.

This includes clairaudience and telepathy and they are also excellent stones to protect you from negative energy that might be a problem.

These gorgeous greeny-blue crystals have a large number of other excellent properties including their action as quite magical crystals.

Crystal Tip: If you don't know how coincidence and synchronicity works, check out the article on the subject, to learn how this energy works.

Did you know that seeing a picture or ideas about something specific can be a sign from the angels to take notice and that a solution is coming.

Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood can assist you to more easily wait until the event that you desire to happen comes into being.

This unique patience crystal is one of the best crystals to help you to understand that not everything is immediate, and that some things take their time to be achieved.

Shop Here For Petrified WoodThe energy of Petrified Wood is not immediate and does take some time to work.

These crystals for patience help you to remain calm and collected when there are delays preventing what you desire from occurring. 

Petrified Wood are stones with a helpful grounding energy.

They are quite beneficial earth chakra crystals that quickly work to take negative energy down to the earth.

They are an effective stone to use in meditation as their energy helps to calm an overactive mind. 

These brown crystals may also assist you to explore the akashic records in the higher realms while you are meditating, which may aid you to discover past lives that you may have lived. 

Emerald Stone

Emerald stones are well known for their easily felt heart chakra energy. They embody the vibration of unconditional love and can aid the release of negative energy.

These beautiful green crystals for patience assist you to be more understanding and tolerant when difficult situations arise requiring you to accept delays.

When you feel frustrated as you know that what you desire is not going to happen immediately, the energy of these crystals may assist you to remain calm.

They aid you to feel compassion and consideration towards anyone who may be causing the hold ups, and aid you to also be tolerant of any negative feelings that arise. 

They aid the growth of positive emotions such as encouragement, reassurance, gentleness and kindness both towards yourself and others.

Shop Here For Emerald StonesEmerald Stones embody an appealing energy that helps the healing of emotional trauma and strengthens the emotional body.

They encourage you to understand the views of difficult people that you may have to cope with, and  may help you when you feel disheartened about how long things are taking to happen.

Other ways that Emerald Stones can help you includes:

  • These green stones are excellent to use as love tokens, as their energy symbolizes deep love and commitment to your partner.
  • They are also impressive healing stones in the areas of the physical body within and around the heart chakra.
  • They are known to help the lungs and assist high blood pressure as well as aiding the memory.

Did You Know? Emeralds are valuable crystals for emotional healing that also improve emotional balance and stability.


Howlite crystals have a lovely calming energy that helps you to be able to be patient while the things you want gradually enter your life and become reality.

In order to achieve what you desire or need it is necessary to keep going. You may need to be resigned to waiting until whatever it is that you desire arrives.

Using these crystals for patience may be beneficial when things may not be working out as planned.

They are a good crystal for stress as they are a calming stone with a gentle energy that can assist you to stay relaxed.

These crystals are strong crown chakra crystals with a lovely spiritual energy that also assists positive thinking.

If you are someone who acts slowly and puts things off when things are taking their time to manifest, the energy of this stone to boost your patience may be helpful.

Shop Here For White Howlite crystalsHowlite are useful healing crystals that help to soothe you if you feel bad tempered or angry.

The energy of this white stone also helps you to find new creative ways to get around issues that are holding up the delivery of what you want.

Howlite are good healing crystals for you to use to help insomnia, which can be beneficial as being able to sleep can be a problem when things are worrying you.


Dumortierite are quite well known blue stones that have a number of powerful properties, and of course they are listed here as they are beneficial crystals for patience.

These blue crystals have an action within the brain to activate mathematical and language based ability and may generally heighten your intellectual aptitude.

The energy of crystals like these may help you to recognize the potential in both yourself and others and that it may simply take time for undeveloped gifts or abilities to unfold. 

Of course everyone wants things to happen right now, so having a stone that assists you to tolerate setbacks may be beneficial.

Shop Here For Dumortierite. The vibration of this stone helps both you and those with whom you associate to remain peaceful and patient until dormant abilities come into being.

Use them in mediation to assist you to hear the voice of the Divine, and to understand the guidance this may bring to your spiritual journey.

They have a strong throat chakra energy that is helpful to enhance your communication, and they also assist psychic communication.

Dumortierite stones also help to energize the third eye, and this is extremely helpful to boost a number of psychic abilities, if you use them in your regular meditation practice.


Chrysocolla are blue green crystals that come in a range of colors and many of them are quite beautiful due to their mix of colors.

Their energy is quite strong within both the heart and throat chakras, and this assists loving communication.

They are excellent crystals for patience that help you to calmly wait until those things you desire come into manifestation.

They are one of the best stones to energize your throat chakra, and this may assist you to choose the right words to speak.  

Sometimes when you are waiting for something to happen you may get impatient and this can cause you to speak rashly rather than calmly.

So it's good to have the help that the energy of this stone can add. 

They are a wonderful crystal that may also be helpful for anyone who does public speaking as they assist you to choose words that encourage rapport with others.

When you use them in meditation they resonate within the third eye chakra, and this often stimulates the birth of psychic abilities.

They are known to stimulate clairvoyance or psychic visions, as well as enhancing the growth of your intuition.

They are good crystals for communication that are quite calming and soothing.

The vibration of Chrysocolla enhances your ability to speak with others in a quite loving and compassionate way.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a quite beautiful stone that has a good energy to enhance the growth of joy and happiness in your life.

They are excellent crystals for patience that assist you to let go of negative feelings that may grow when you are waiting for something important to happen.

Their energy assists you to release any fear that the situation has problems, just because there is a delay that has made it slower to be realized.

Their energy helps to calm stress and tension and through their higher heart chakra energy also helps the growth of loving friendships.

Their action to enhance patience and increase your ability for tactful speech, may improve communication with an intimate partner.

They help the release of resentment from wounded feelings which may encourage you to better understand your partner's point of view.


Ilvaite is one of the less well known crystals for patience, but is worth following up as it has a good number of highly beneficial metaphysical properties.

So if you haven't heard of this crystal before, and many people haven't, read the article about it, by clicking on the image below.

So how does Ilvaite help you? These black crystals have a strong energy for both grounding  and centering you, and they also help to stabilize your emotions.

These dark stones help you to persevere even when you feel frustrated and impatient because the situation isn't going according to plan.

Use them in meditation to help you to calm down emotionally, especially if you are finding it hard to wait, and are finding your patience is being tried.

Their energy to assist your patience helps you to keep going even when its really hard and you are finding it exhausting to keep going.


Morganite are beautiful pink crystals that resonate within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra to bring an increase of loving energy into your life.

They are excellent crystals for patience that help you to remain peaceful and serene when anything happens to create hold ups that may impede the smooth flow of your life.

These higher heart chakra crystals have an appealing energy that stimulates the growth of Divine love within your life.

They are an excellent stone with a good energy to free you from feelings of frustration, doubt and annoyance and will help you to feel more patient as you wait for the situation to resolve itself. 

Morganite stones are particularly helpful crystals for women to use.

Their energy gifts you with the ability to know your strengths and to have the confidence to do what needs to be done to improve your own life.

They have a lovely vibration that is powerful for meditation as they assist you to connect with angelic beings, and their energy may have a positive effect on your love life.

Clear Quartz: Double Terminated Quartz

Clear Quartz occurs in many places in the world, and these beautiful quartz crystals are quite popular.

They are often used by crystal healers as they are a master healer that embodies a useful universal energy for healing.

Although clear quartz is last on the list, it comes with a reminder that there are quite a few reasons why it is a powerful crystal that will assist you in a great number of ways.

While it is well known for its use in crystal healing, Clear Quartz is on this list as it has a strong energy to assist you when you are feeling impatient.

Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for mental clarity, as it help you to think clearly when faced with difficult situations.

The best type of clear quartz crystals that work to assist you to tolerate delays that are making you feel impatient are the double terminated crystals.

Double terminated quartz such as crystal wands are known to be particularly beneficial crystals for patience.

Using Crystal Wands: Many of you will have one of the double terminated crystals and they can also be used as crystal wands. 

Check out my article about using crystal wands if you are not sure how to use them.

Crystals For PatienceCrystals For Patience

More Crystals For Patience

Did you known that all types of quartz crystal can be programmed to assist you?

This helps them to be used in whatever way you need to aid you and this includes to enhance your patience. 

To discover how to program quartz crystals checkout this article to learn more.

There are a number of other crystals for patience, not mentioned above that have some beneficial properties that will help you to feel more relaxed and composed when delays happen that might trigger anger or anxiety.

This includes the following stones: 

Strawberry Quartz is becoming more well known, but not everyone knows that its energy can help your patience.

These beautiful pink crystals can assist you when when you are working on making life changes.

They may help you when these changes don't happen as quickly as you'd like, and may assist you to remain calm and patient during this difficult time.

Septaria are useful stone to boost your patience, and may also assist you to be tolerant of others opinions.

They have a good energy within the solar plexus chakra, which may boost your personal power and enhance your confidence that you are on the right track. 

Danburite is an excellent stone to assist you to know when the right time has come to move forward with your goals.

It comes in a range of colors, and they are all powerful high vibration stones that help you to be patient while waiting for what you wish to happen.

Celestite is known to be a good patience crystal, as it has a lovely calming vibration that soothes any anger associated with the lack of what you are patiently waiting for.

Tsavorite Garnet: a good manifestation stone with a strong Spiritual energy. It helps you to remain patient while waiting for Spirit to reveal what you wish to know.

Kambaba Jasper also called Kambaba Stone: helps you to peaceful and to tolerate delays while waiting for the desired outcome. 

Blue Aragonite: helps you to stay calm while waiting for the thing you desire.

White Aragonite: boosts focus and concentration and helps you to stay calm when things don't happen as quickly as you desire.

Note: most of the crystals for patience pictured have links below the image, so you can easily click through to their in-depth page to learn more about them. But if not they may have articles added soon.

Vatican Stone: helps you to have greater patience and tolerance when what you desire has been delayed.

Larvikite: helps you to be aware that there are cycles in life, and can help you when you find it hard to wait for what you desire.

What To Combine With Crystals For Patience

You may find it beneficial to use any of the above crystals with other stones that will boost how they work for various reasons.

You can combine your crystals for patience with throat chakra stones, to aid you to communicate better as this may be a beneficial way to use them.

At times when you are upset because what you desire hasn't happened, it is good to be able to speak clearly and to communicate better without getting angry.

This may be especially helpful if you need to speak to someone, to follow up what has been occurring.

Specific crystals for better communication includes Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine and Sodalite.

Combining any of the heart based stones with the top ten crystals for patience fills your energy field with loving energy, which can assist you to deal with any impatient feelings you may be experiencing.

Some of my favorite stones to use includes Rose Quartz, a lovely pink highly calming crystal that creates inner peace and loving energy.

There are some heart based green crystals that you might also choose to use including Green Aventurine, Moss Agate and Green Jade.

Tiger’s Eye is a crystal with a powerful energy and excellent healing properties. It is the favorite crystal of many of you, so it's a good idea to utilize it if you have one.

Tiger Eye will assist you to discover answers about how to find what is needed to enable you to receive those things you are waiting for, and to have the patience to wait until they arrive.

Black Onyx has a good energy to assist stress and tension and it helps your concentration and stops you from getting side tracked.

This may be advantageous when your patience is wearing thin and you are feeling annoyed and need to calm yourself.

Red Jasper energy helps you to become more centered and balanced and they are also helpful to calm you emotionally.

One of the metaphysical properties that is useful when you are feeling impatient is its action to give you a better insight into difficulties and to assist you to solve problems as they occur.

Smoky Quartz is a beneficial stone to improve your mood when you are finding it hard to wait for the desired outcome.

While it is not a crystal for patience its energy is beneficial to use in combination with any of the patience crystals.

The Benefits of Black Tourmaline

At times you may wonder if what you want is going to manifest?

These are the times when you may become quite irritated, and it can be really easy to allow negative emotions to predominate.

If you have this problem, and it can relate to lots of life issues, one of my favorite stones to help with this is Black Tourmaline also called Schorl.

Hold your piece of this black stone in your hand to assist you to transmute negative energy to positive energy.

They are a strong base or root chakra stone that is also a powerful protection stone that helps to prevent psychic attack.

Black Tourmaline Stones have a lovely calming energy and they can also help emf sensitivity or reactions to cell phones.

They boost happiness and are crystals for good luck so they have an overall positive impact that can be used in combination with any of the above crystals for patience.

How To Use Crystals For Patience

There are a number of different ways to use the crystals for patience, including the following:

  • Wearing any of these stones may be helpful, as the longer they are within your auric field the greater effect they will have.
  • Using them in meditation regularly will help to boost your ability to wait for what you desire to happen.
  • Place any of these stones close to where you spend the most time, and in the areas that your patience is likely to be challenged.

For example: If your partner tries your patience put a piece of the chosen stone in the bedroom.

If your children are trying your patience, place your crystal in the location where you are most likely to feel frustrated and impatient with them.

Wear one of your patience crystals on your body at work, if that where you are commonly triggered. If you have a desk job, keeping a piece on your desk may also be helpful.

My Final Thoughts About Crystals For Patience

Allow your intuition to guide you with your choices, but if you already have any of the above crystals, it might be beneficial to use them a bit more.

As mentioned above, any type of quartz can be programmed so if you are really troubled by your need to remain calm while waiting for what you desire, seriously consider programming your quartz crystal.

Petrified WoodPetrified Wood

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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