Healing Properties Of Crystals...

Starting with O and P

Peridot GemstonePeridot Gemstone Ring

The healing properties of crystals from O to P may be found in this article. You may be surprised at how many stones there are in this small area of the alphabet.

A number of them are some of my favorite stones, including the lovely green Peridot gemstone shown in the picture of my lovely ring on the right.

The O to P section of the alphabetical list is what is in the page below. Each stone has a brief description along with the picture, in most cases.

Some of the stones or crystals may be marked with a link, and you can may notice that the name of the stone, which is shown below each picture, could be highlighted.  If a name is highlighted this tells you that you may find more detailed information on that stone on another page.

I have written in-depth articles on many stones, as well as articles on specific related subjects, so note that links may take you to articles where you may learn more.

Healing Properties Of Crystals O-P

The table below shows the various crystals in this alphabetic group. This table has been has been put together, to reflect the contents of various pages in other parts of this web-site.

This table below may help you to find various stone meanings more quickly, as you can quickly see if the stone you are looking for is covered here.

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You will find it on the top right hand side, in the side column of every page,  and at the bottom of most pages including this one You can use it to search for anything located on this site.

Following the O to P Stone Meanings table is another table on the chakra stones.

It shows which chakra the stone may heal, and provides a link to follow to each specific page for various chakras.

If there are crystals or stones that may interest you in another part of the alphabet, note that there are also drop down menus for the various alphabetically grouped crystal pages.

Obsidian Stone
Ocean Jasper
Ocho Geode
Onyx Stone
Opal Aura Danburite
Optical Calcite
Orange Calcite
Orange Kyanite
Ouro Verde Quartz
Paraiba Quartz
Peach Calcite
Peach Moonstone
Peach Selenite
Peacock Ore
Pecos Diamond
Pentagonite, Peridot
Peridot with Magnetite
and Chromite
Peruvian Blue Opal
Petrified Palm Wood
Petrified Wood
Phlogopite, Phenacite
Picasso Stone
Pink Apatite
Pink Aventurine
Pink Chalcedony
Pink Datolite
Pink Fluorite
Pink Garnet
Pink Lazurine
Pink Nirvana Quartz
Pink Smithsonite
Pink Spinel
Pink Topaz
Pink Tourmaline
Pink Tourmaline with
Lilac Lepidolite
Polychrome Jasper
Poppy Jasper
Prasem Quartz
Prehnite With Epidote
Preseli Bluestone
Prophecy Stone
Pudding Stone
Purple Anhydrite
Purple Fluorite
Purple Herderite
Purple Lepidolite
Purple Sapphire
Purple Scapolite
Purple Smithsonite
Purple Spinel

Healing Properties Of Crystals & Chakra Stones O-P

Various stones below will heal different chakras. For an overview of all the chakras and their specific chakra stones, see the in depth information about chakras and stones for each area.

Some stones may be able to heal more than one area of the body, so they may be found in more than one chakra area within the table.

Exquisite Crystals

There is detailed information for each chakra, and you need only click on the highlighted chakra name to go it.

So if you need to know more, please check out the articles on each of the chakras.

For more detailed information on the specific chakra each individual stone will heal, please see the chakra stone table.

If you are not exactly sure what chakras are and feel you would like to know more, please go to the page on the meaning of chakras for a detailed explanation of the chakras.

Chakra Stones O to P
Soul Star Chakra
Opal Aura Danburite, Optical Calcite, Papagoite, Pentagonite, Petalite, Phosphosiderite, Pink Datolite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pistacite, Pollucite, Prophecy Stone, Purple Herderite
Crown Chakra
Okenite, Opal Aura Danburite, Onyx Stone, Optical Calcite, Peacock Ore, Papagoite, Pecos Diamond, Pentagonite, Phlogopite, Pink Datolite, Pink Garnet, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Pistacite, Powellite, Prasiolite, Phenacite, Phosphosiderite, Pollucite, Prophecy Stone, Pudding Stone, Purple Anhydrite, Purple Herderite, Purple Sapphire, Purple Scapolite, Purple Smithsonite, Purpurite, Pyrolusite
Third Eye Chakra
Obsidian Stone, Onyx Stone, Optical Calcite, Papagoite, Paraiba Quartz, Peacock Ore, Pentagonite, Petrified Palm Wood, Petrified Wood, Pietersite, Pink Apatite, Pink Datolite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pistacite, Phenacite, Phosphosiderite, Plancheite, Pollucite, Prasiolite, Preseli Bluestone, Prophecy Stone, Psilomelane, Purple Anhydrite, Purple Fluorite, Purple Herderite, Purple Lepidolite, Purple Sapphire, Purple Scapolite, Purple Smithsonite, Purple Spinel, Purpurite
Throat Chakra
Ocean Jasper, Optical Calcite, Paraiba Quartz, Peacock Ore, Pentagonite, Peruvian Blue Opal, Phosphosiderite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pink Smithsonite, Plancheite, Pollucite, Preseli Bluestone, Purple Anhydrite, Purple Smithsonite
Higher Heart Chakra
Opal Aura Danburite, Optical Calcite, Paraiba Quartz, Pargasite, Peach Calcite, Peacock Ore, Peruvian Blue Opal, Petalite, Phosphosiderite, Pink Aventurine, Pink Fluorite, Pink Lazurine, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pink Scapolite, Pink Smithsonite, Pink Spinel, Pink Topaz, Pink Tourmaline, Pistacite, Pollucite, Preseli Bluestone, Purple Smithsonite
Heart Chakra
Ocean Jasper, Olivine, Opal Aura Danburite, Optical Calcite, Pargasite, Peach Calcite, Peacock Ore, Pecos Diamond, Peridot, Peridot with Magnetite & Chromite, Peruvian Blue Opal, Petalite, Phosphosiderite, Pink Apatite, Pink Aventurine, Pink Chalcedony, Pink Datolite, Pink Fluorite, Pink Garnet, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pink Scapolite, Pink Smithsonite, Pink Spinel, Pink Topaz, Pink Tourmaline, Pistacite, Pollucite, Poppy Jasper, Prasem Quartz, Prasiolite, Prehnite, Prehnite with Epidote, Preseli Bluestone, Pumpellyite, Purple Lepidolite, Pyromorphite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Ocean Jasper, Olivine, Onyx, Optical Calcite, Pargasite, Peach Calcite, Peacock Ore, Peridot, Peridot with Magnetite & Chromite, Phosphosiderite, Pietersite, Pink Datolite, Pink Chalcedony, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pistacite, Pollucite, Prasiolite, Prehnite, Prehnite with Epidote, Preseli Bluestone, Psilomelane, Pyrite, Pyromorphite
Sacral Chakra
Optical Calcite, Orange Calcite, Orange Carnelian, Orange Kyanite, Peach Calcite, Peach Moonstone, Peacock Ore, Pecos Diamond, Phosphosiderite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pistacite, Pollucite,
Preseli Bluestone, Psilomelane, Pyrite
Base Chakra
Obsidian Stone, Onyx, Optical Calcite, Peacock Ore, Pecos Diamond, Petrified Palm Wood, Petrified Wood, Phosphosiderite, Pink Aventurine, Pink Garnet, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Pistacite, Pollucite, Poppy Jasper, Prasem Quartz, Preseli Bluestone, Pudding Stone, Pyrite, Pyrolusite, Pyrrhotite
Earth Star Chakra
Obsidian Stone, Onyx, Optical Calcite, Pistacite, Preseli Bluestone, Prophecy Stone, Pyrite, Pyrrhotite

Healing Properties Of Crystals - O

Obsidian Stone is a strong spiritual grounding stone and will ground you through the earth chakra to Mother Gaia.

It a helpful crystal to use when you have been doing spiritual or healing work. It is a strong cleanser of psychic smog created within the aura.

The healing properties of crystals like these make them one of the premier crystals to use to assist you to release disharmony developed during work on yourself, including resentment of others, fear or anger.

It helps facilitate better spirit communication and may bring through the power of prophecy.

It has strong qualities for psychic protection, and will shield you from all negativity, as you release any negative attachments. It may assist you to seal your aura against future problems.

Ocean Jasper is a stone of joy and happiness that may benefit the solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras.

This brings the energies through the area allowing the flow of speech from the will in a loving way. It aids those feeling depression, and will assist many physical complaints.

These stones are so diverse, and the diversity even within the stone gives us a clue to the stone meanings, and what it may assist with.

Natural crystals of ocean jasper may vary quite a lot in the way they look and in the healing properties of crystals in this group.

It may assist one to recover from illnesses on the physical level, and from a range of illnesses at the deep cellular level, as seen in the stone itself.

Spiritually it influences you to release limiting patterns that may hold you back, as well as encouraging you to take all that the Great Divine Spirit offers to you.

Ocho GeodeOcho Geode

Ocho Geode come from Brazil, and while some may look sparkley, they are simply colored quartz with inclusions of other minerals.

The addition of these minerals aids them to have a vibration that may bring luck into your life, and they carry the energy of victory.

They aid you to see the whole picture and you can use this to plan your future. While the healing properties of crystals made from quartz are good due to their ability to resonate well, Ocho Geode are not healing stones as such.

They are excellent to use during meditation, as they may aid you to contact beings in the higher realms and their energy may be helpful when astral traveling.


Okenite looks a bit like a furry fuzzy snowball, but although it looks interesting, it may take some thought about how to work with it, due to its unusual structure.

The healing properties of crystals like these are particularly helpful to assist aging related disease, as well as aiding blood flow and nervous stomach.

It can be used at any chakra to purify the chakras although it is also known for its action at the crown chakra, as it may stimulate your abilities to channel spirit.

It has an action to support you to be more truthful, and may help you to be more gentle in your way of speaking the truth.


Oligoclase is in the feldspar family. They are fairly uncommon stones, that will help you to gain feelings of trust in the way your life is unfolding.

The healing properties of crystals like these particularly relates to their action to help the healing of breaks, specifically of the hand or wrist.

They also help you to let go of any feelings of anger you might feel regarding the circumstances of your bone break, that may be holding back your healing.

Olivine is strongly associated with Peridot, which is the gem quality variety of this stone. The healing properties of crystals such as Peridot and Olivine are similar.

The energy of either of these stones will help the body to heal from health problems in the heart, lungs, spleen and intestines.

This stone's vibration may stimulate you to take action when required, and it is particularly helpful at critical junctures in life.

It helps you to value time spent alone, and to be comfortable being alone, rather than feeling lonely. It is especially beneficial to use it when you need to take time to consider the various options open to you.

This is a stone of motivation, that aids you to respond to circumstances when needed, combining this with the qualities of creativity, courage and inspired action.

Onyx StoneOnyx, White Onyx Sphere

Onyx Stone comes in a number of colors, but the most common are the black and the white onyx stone, with many pieces having bands of mixed colors.

While the various colors of Onyx have some differing attributes, the healing properties of crystals in this family are all similar in that all colors are helpful to boost your inner strength.

These crystals are very supportive during stressful situations, and they are particularly helpful to aid grief.

They can assist you to regain feelings of happiness, and they are good stones to assist in bringing good fortune into your life.

These crystals can help you to keep secrets, but they are known to hold the memories of things within them.

These may be things that have happened to anyone who has worn the stone, and these can be retrieved by those who utilizes the gift of psychometry.

Opal Aura Danburite is also known as Angel Aura Danburite.

These are names to describe a variety of Danburite where they have had their surfaces coated with vaporized silver and platinum.

This leaves a permanent coating on the crystals, which as can see in the picture is a lovely opalescent sheen, but it is not just cosmetic.

These are beneficial crystals to use in meditation, as they are powerful to assist your spiritual growth. During meditation with them, they resonate within both the heart chakra and higher heart chakra, also known as the thymus chakra.

Their energy moves up the body to the higher chakras, where they can aid you to make contact with spirit guides and other beings in the higher realms.

Their vibration may stimulate the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the higher transpersonal chakras. The healing properties of crystals like these make them a wonderful asset to move your spiritual growth forward.

You may discover that working with an Opal Aura Danburite crystal can have a quite profound effect on you, as they assist you in releasing fear.

During meditation they can facilitate your travel to very high realms, and this can be a quite sublime experience. Many people experience quite extraordinary effects and you may feel lighter and more peaceful afterwards.

Optical CalciteOptical Calcite
Orange Optical CalciteOrange Optical Calcite

Optical Calcite is also known as Iceland Spar, as it was originally found in Iceland, although it has since been found in other areas.

It is a semi-transparent rhomboid shaped calcite which has an unusual quality of being double refractive. This means that if you look at something through this stone it appears as if they are in two different locations.

These crystals resonate within all chakras, but they are particularly strong in the area above the crown chakra, to clear stagnant energy there.

It also occurs in various colors including Orange Optical Calcite... shown above, Pale Golden and Transparent Pink Calcite.

The healing properties of crystals like these are helpful on the physical level to aid your eyesight, and so their name relates to their healing attributes.

They are wonderful to stimulate clear thinking and are wonderful used on the third eye in meditation, to aid you to clearly see what you need to do in your life.

Orange CalciteOrange Calcite

Orange Calcite has a lovely vibrant color, and resonates strongly at the solar plexus and the sacral chakra.

It has a good energy to stimulate your creativity, helps you to release fear and may help you to feel more confident.

Orange Calcite is also said to be useful to stimulate the flow of money into your life.

The healing properties of crystals like these are quite potent, and their energy is helpful to aid the body to heal. 

They may aid problems such as depression and stress, as well as reproductive and stomach related health issues.

Orange Kyanite is a sacral chakra stone, and is a helpful crystal for aiding the sexual organs.

It has the power to enhance creativity, as it works strongly within the second chakra, known as the sacral or navel chakra.

This is the area of the body where creativity is birthed.

The healing properties of crystals in the same family are often similar, and they have many of the same stone meanings as Blue Kyanite.

So it is of value to read both so that you may fully understand.

OrthocerusOrthocerus Egg

Orthocerus crystals are a black and gray fossil, and are a fossilized mollusk that lived around 400 million years ago.

These fossils are quite lovely healing tools to use to help you when you are working on past life issues.

These are also known as excellent healing stones, and are lovely stones to carry on your body and to have in your environment.

The healing properties of crystals like these mainly relate to age related issues, such as pain in the spine.

They will also help you to release fear related to getting old and can be utilized in the workplace to assist others to be more accepting of those who may be older than them.

Ouro Verde QuartzOuro Verde Quartz

Ouro Verde Quartz is created from Metamorphosis Quartz by using a high electron irradiation system.

The gamma radiation creates its unique greenish yellow color, and note that it does not contain any residual radiation, and is said to be quite safe to use.

It is said to help you to detect any radon present in your environment, and helps you to not absorb radiation in areas where there are either natural radiation sources or radioactive material.

It is a highly protective stone that is known to be helpful to assist precognition related to assisting you to make the right decisions about your future.

It may assist you to make the correct choice when playing games of chance, and is known as a stone of prosperity as well as a healing stone for allergies.

Healing Properties Of Crystals - P


Painite is a little known stone, and is listed as one of the rarest stones in the world.

This certainly was the case, until a new deposit was discovered recently, so it is now possible to obtain pieces a little more easily.

This pendant is quite small, but as it was unusual I felt it was worth acquiring so I could show you what it is like.

In regard to the healing properties of stones like these, little is known as it is so uncommon.

I found it makes a strong connection at the heart chakra, where it opens the heart, and it can also be felt in the higher heart or thymus chakra.

Its energy can be felt within the third eye, and you can feel it working in various areas of the brain. It has a positive resonance, and makes you feel relaxed and at peace.

It also resonates at the solar plexus, and again it seemed to relax that area quite quickly. Its name signifies that it may relieve pain, but its actually named after someone with that name, so that may be a misnomer.

Its color varies and can be orange or dark brown, and my piece looks black, but is surrounded by silver so its hard to tell its color for sure.


Papagoite are fairly uncommon crystals, that are usually found as an inclusion in quartz crystal, and if you can find one they have a really beautiful energy.

It is sometimes found in the same stone as the lovely Ajoite in Quartz crystals, and the healing properties of crystals like these are quite alike.

Both of these stones are helpful to aid you to begin to make a connection with angels. 

This is a powerful crystal to use if you are working on your spiritual growth, as it vibrates very strongly at the higher chakras, including the third eye chakra, the crown, the soul star and higher transpersonal chakras.

It has an excellent action to stimulate contact with your spirit guides, and may help you to begin working with your spirit guide. If you haven't previously worked with your guides, and even if you have, it helps to stimulate clarity in your communication. 

It will also assist with psychic communication in a number of other ways, and is helpful to assist with past life work.

Paraiba QuartzParaiba Quartz

Paraiba Quartz is a variety of quartz that comes from the Paraiba mining area, and it was only discovered in the last ten years.

This variety of quartz is quite uncommon and contains Gilalite, which is a bluish green copper based tuftish inclusion, so this crystal is also known as Gilalite in Quartz.

It strongly vibrates within the higher heart or thymus chakra, with a quite lovely energy that encourages compassion.

This is a stone that may help to relieve stress, as it encourages you to feel peaceful and at one with the Universe. The healing properties of crystals that contain inclusions of Gilalite are associated with issues around circulation, hearing and sight.


Pargasite is an amphibole mineral is an apple green crystal that has a good resonance within the heart, thymus and solar plexus chakra.

When you hold a piece of this stone, you can feel its vibration helping you to feel calmer.

Using it is one of the ways to relieve your stress, as its energy is quite relaxing. It is known as a stone of love and compassion, that will help you to be able to love yourself more easily.

Keep a piece on your body for as long as possible each day. Although it does not work fast, the healing properties of crystals like these, will work to help you to feel calmer. They also will slowly aid you to release negativity that may cause you to be unhappy or glum.

Peach Optical CalcitePeach Calcite

Peach Calcite is a lovely stone that can be a variety of Optical Calcite as well as an opaque crystal. It is also known as salmon calcite, and its color comes from the minerals that are included in it.

Its color can range from pale peachy pink through to almost yellow in color, and many are quite unusual.

They may be both a type of pink calcite as well as being a form of golden calcite, so they can have some wonderful metaphysical qualities.

Pink calcite aids you to connect with the energy of Kwan Yin, the goddess of compassion, and can engender feelings of compassion, joy and deep love.

The healing properties of crystals like these can be quite diverse, as they resonate quite strongly within the heart and higher heart as well as within the solar plexus chakra.

This may help to boost your self esteem and personal power, and the combined attributes make these amazing stones to utilize for meditation, and for personal healing.

Peach Moonstone carries a strong love energy and its vibration may soothe worry and anxiety.

The healing properties of crystals that are peach colored have a lot in common, it is a sacral chakra stone, and this stones energy may help to enhance creativity.

It very helpful for disorders of the digestive tract, and it may also solve menstrual related problems.

It is also advantageous to use if you are working on weight loss, as it is known to soothe disturbed emotions related to weight.

Peach SelenitePeach Selenite

Peach Selenite has a different energy to the White Selenite crystals.

Like White Selenite this stone is a crystal of the light, but instead of bringing through white light it is a stone of the shadow side, the light of your hidden self.

It is a crystal with a strong energy, and with stone meanings to aid women specifically.

It can be used at rituals that pertain to the moon, related to childbirth, puberty and the spiritual time of the older woman and the crone ritual. It helps you to release karmic issues, and will cleanse and heal issues from the past.

Peacock OrePeacock Ore

Peacock Ore comes in a range of beautiful colors and it is also known as Bornite.

Some people think its the same stone as Chalcopyrite, but although they are similar they have a different chemical structure.

The healing properties of crystals like these relates to the area of the stomach and in particular to its action to aid the digestion and assist the body to create adrenaline.

They help to energize you, and kindle feelings of happiness, and an awareness that life can be good regardless of what may be happening.

These lovely stones have attributes that aid you to notice when there things in your life that may be blocking you from achieving your goals.

The vibration of these stones may assist you to recognize methods to use to avoid circumstances that may be blocking your way forward.

It can help you to cut people adrift, or even objects, that you have been unable to let go of. It makes you have a greater awareness of what you no longer require in your life.

Pecos DiamondPecos Diamond

Pecos Diamond are a variety of quartz crystal from the Pecos River Valley in Mexico. They have a loving vibration similar to Rose Quartz.

Their energy encourages happiness and aids you to feel that life is a pleasure to live. The healing properties of crystals that are an orange color relate to the sacral chakra, and this makes them excellent stones for enhancing creativity.

They are lovely to use in meditation, as their energy of Pecos Diamonds vibrates quite strongly within the lower chakras, and is known to create balance between these chakras and the higher chakras.


Pentagonite embodies the energy of the purest blue ray. It stimulates the third eye, opening it and helping to activate inner sight.

This crystal is a higher vibration version of Blue Cavansite stone.

The healing properties of crystals like these are both similar in that both help tinnitus, commonly called ringing in the ears, as well as assisting to heal issues within the kidneys and bladder.

Like most blue stones it vibrates within the throat chakra, and this may help to heal the throat and the eyes, and it also may assist with relieving stress, as it calms the mind and helps to center it.

Peridot is a lime green gemstone, that makes wonderful jewelry. Its preeminent benefit is its strong energy, that is like a beam of sunshine in your life.

It vibrates with the frequency of increase so it is a wonderful stone for manifestation, of all the good things, including its ability to manifest love and good health

It is known to manifest an increase in the flow of money into your life. Its energy is warm and powerful, and it is both a heart chakra stone and solar plexus stone.

Peridot with Magnetite & ChromitePeridot with Magnetite & Chromite

Peridot with Magnetite & Chromite is an interesting stone, as it combines together the energy of three diverse minerals.

Like all types of Peridot it embodies the frequency of increase. This mixture is particularly known to be uplifting and revitalizing, and bringing an increase of new life and renewal in your specific situation. 

Wherever it is kept, expect it to become a catalyst to bring an increase of abundance to everyone living there.

The healing properties of crystals made from this unusual mixture relates to its action as an environmental cleanser, and it will help to remove negative energy from both your thinking and how you live your life.

Peruvian Blue OpalPeruvian Blue Opal

Peruvian Blue Opal is also known as Andean Blue Opal as they come from high in the Andes Mountains in Peru. This is a beautiful stone with a lovely sheen.

The healing properties of crystals like this lovely blue opal variety pertain to their quite soothing action within both the throat chakra as well as the heart and higher heart chakra.

They assist you to hear the communication of the heart, and the gentle urging of the higher heart, helping you to release and heal emotional issues that you may have forgotten about, but that require healing.

They help you to deal better with stress and anxiety, bringing a serene and peaceful approach when needed.

They stimulate a lovely peaceful vibration that encourages deeper and stronger communication with others. They also have a good healing action, assisting the healing of the eyes and ears and may help specific female health issues.

Petalite is a heart chakra stone of the pink ray. This is a natural crystal that will beautifully and gently heighten and increase your awareness.

The range of healing properties of crystals in the Petalite family, make it clear that this is definitely a powerful crystal to add to your collection.

It is a high vibration crystal with an excellent energy that is a pure sweet vibration that will connect you to the angels, while protecting you from all negativity.

This beautiful pink crystal gives you the ability to be able to access the Higher Realms easily, to make contact with spirit.

Petrified Palm WoodPetrified Palm Wood

Petrified Palm Wood is also known as Fossil Palm Wood. It is a very hard variety of chalcedony, and the healing properties of crystals like these are very similar to that of petrified wood.

These are strong stones to aid you to make a connection with the past, and they may aid you if you are doing past life work.

They may assist you to be more in the flow of life and may help you to feel a greater degree if patience, and to stay with a plan of action through to completion.

They are known to assist you to feel more courageous and may help you to take the right action to create financial gain.

These stones are often quite unusual, and how they look does depend on the angle that is used when the stone is cut, so there are a number of variations in the way the stone looks.

Petrified WoodPetrified Wood

Petrified Wood is a stone that creates continuous on-going growth in your life, with a steady progression towards your end result of spiritual transformation.

It has stone meanings that relate to both the base chakra and third eye chakra.

Within the base chakra its energy brings patience and grounding. It brings to you the knowledge embedded in the tree from which the wood came. 

Its third eye chakra energy aids you to make a connection with your cells and the issues stored within your DNA.

Phenacite is a forceful high energy crystal that leads to swift personal growth, if used consistently.

It is a spiritual stone that will take you to new levels of spiritual advancement.

It is a very strong crystal if you are working at developing gifts, especially within the third eye chakra, crown chakra and the soul star chakra.

A natural crystal of the Light, it generates pure, clear white light and stimulates and activates the third eye chakra and pineal gland.


Phlogopite is also spelled Phlogopit, and it is the golden brown section of the specimen shown here.

This mineral is a type of mica that has some beneficial attributes, and it has been used in the past by American Indians for gridding.

It is said to bring the energy from each of the four directions to the area where it is located to connect you energetically with the heartbeat of the planet.

It is lovely used in meditation and it may assist you to let go of blocks to your understanding of your correct spiritual path. The healing properties of crystals like these relates to its action to aid emotional healing, assisting you at times when you are experiencing grief or serious distress or torment.

Physically it is known to assist the healing of back pain, help with muscle relaxation, aid issues of the teeth and help the healing of mononeucleosis.

Phosphosiderite is both a phosphorous and iron based stone, with strong metaphysical properties. It is unusual to find iron based crystals in the lovely pinky purple shades of this stone.

This crystal has a lovely and quite strong energy within the heart chakra, and higher heart or thymus chakra, and you can definitely feel its gentle calming energy filling your being.

Excellent to meditate with as it gently works within your third eye chakra as well as within all the other chakras, but especially those above the heart, gently expanding your awareness.

Even though it is not a strong challenging energy, its resonance has some profound actions to aid your healing and spirituality.

The yellow lines in the stone are said to be inclusions of Cacoxenite, which is a higher vibration crystal, and this could be why this stone has such an excellent ability to aid spiritual growth.

Note: While the healing properties of crystals like these may seem quite soft and gentle, this is strong crystal. Because it is such a sweet stone you may not recognize that it can make you spacey, quite easily, so make sure you keep spiritual grounding stones on you while using it.

Picasso StonePicasso Stone

Picasso Stone is a type of marble and was named by sculptors using it, as the colors and patterns can resemble Picasso's work.

This stone can be helpful to aid your creativity and may boost artistic abilities. If you need to make changes in your life, it may help you to deal with the changes better, and turn intuitive messages into action.

This stone may help you to understand your reason for coming to the earth, and is said to aid contact with extra terrestrial beings from other worlds and dimensions.

Pietersite stimulates pre-cognition and activates both your imagination and your mental abilities.

This stone has a strong energy that brings together the energy of the solar plexus chakra and the third eye chakra.

From the solar plexus comes the energy of your will-power, and this stone helps you to use your will within the third eye chakra. 

The ability to use your intuition is strengthened by the energy of Pietersite. It aids you with inter-dimensional travel, because you can use your will to decide to make it happen.

Pink ApatitePink Apatite

Pink Apatite is a rare variety of this stone. It varies from a very pale pink through to a deeper more lavender-pink colored stone like this one here.

The metaphysical properties of this stone relates to a couple of strong energies in the stone.

It has a quite easily felt heart chakra energy, and it is also an excellent stone to combine with other stones to enhance their energy.

Like other types of Apatite stone, they have a good vibration to stimulate clairaudience or psychic hearing as well as psychic visions, also known as clairvoyant ability.

The healing properties of crystals like these pertains to its action to assist the glands and the lungs and it is an excellent stone to balance the chakras. It is a good stone to assist you to have greater clarity about your life path and it may assist you to better understand your spiritual path.

Pink Aventurine is closely related to Red Aventurine, and its pink color comes from the inclusions of a pinkish mineral, usually either Hematite, Goethite or a Mica, such as Muscovite.

It is closely related to Red Aventurine and depending on the color of the crystal, it will make a good connection within base, heart and higher heart or thymus chakra.

It resonates a lovely heart based energy that may stimulate feelings of compassion towards others.

The healing properties of crystals like these that are the pink color, are known to aid the flow of energy within the body and can help health issues related to the blood, and may also assist heart based health issues.

Pink ChalcedonyPink Chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony has a gentle harmonious energy, that helps you to have a good natured approach to life.

Have some in a bowl along with other heart chakra stones to stimulate a loving energy in your home.

The healing properties of crystals like these are beneficial to aid pregnant women as these pink crystals will help you to have a healthier pregnancy.

They are helpful for new mothers as they may aid you to bond to the new baby, and may help post natal depression.

Their energy also helps to prevent jealousy amongst the other children, so it may be advantageous to give one to any child who has a new baby sister or brother. It encourages empathy and helps to create a calm and tranquil environment.

Pink Datolite is a less common color of this stone, and while all colors of this stone are of a high vibration, the pink crystals resonate more strongly within the heart and higher heart chakra.

Pink Datolite may encourage you to expand your heart and to live in a more heart centered way.

One of the more helpful healing properties of crystals like these, is their action to work on the nervous system, and to calm your nerves.

They have a calming and soothing energy, that may help to ease stress and anxiety.

All colors of Datolite are helpful to aid your memory and to assist with solving problems. They are also helpful to use when you are grief stricken, as they will calm you and help to settle your emotional distress.

Pink FluoritePink Fluorite

Pink Fluorite has a lovely energy that works within both the heart chakra and the higher heart or thymus chakra.

The vibration of this stone helps to bring emotional healing by soothing you when you feel vulnerable especially when it is related to feelings of misery and anguish.

The healing properties of crystals in the fluorite family are all similar, in that they have a good action to clear thoughts that may be causing mental confusion.

Pink GarnetPink Garnet

Pink Garnet is a slightly lighter red variety of Rhodolite Garnet. It has an obvious heart based energy and has a lovely action to assist your emotional health.

The healing properties of crystals like these are beneficial to aid you to be aware of your own self worth.

They may help you to be able to permit yourself to walk the spiritual path when you are feeling conflicted.

Once you allow yourself to experience this, you may be able to make connections to your personal spirit guides and guardian angels, and gain their ongoing support.

Pink Lazurine is a man made stone with a powerful vibration of the pink ray. It is said to have been created accidentally by the military, and if so this was under Divine guidance. 

This stone is said to vibrate with the energy of both the heart chakra and the higher heart or thymus chakra. The stone meanings are similar to Kunzite and while it is alike Rose Quartz with a strong love vibration within it, it is at a higher vibration.

Like many of the violet flame stones, this stone is said to resonate with Saint Germaine of the violet flame. Its energy is of deep spiritual love and is very powerful.

Pink Nirvana Quartz is the pink variety of a specific quartz which is also known as Himalayan Ice Quartz, and is found in the Himalayan mountains in India.

Nirvana quartz may be clear or pink in color, and was only discovered when the glaciers melted and uncovered these crystals.

The healing properties of crystals of both colors of Nirvana Quartz are very strong, and although the properties vary according to the color of the stone all colors are high vibration crystals.

The pink crystals vibrate deeply within the heart chakra and thymus chakra, also known as the higher heart.

They also have an excellent action within the higher chakras, right up to the third eye, crown and into the higher transpersonal chakras.

These are powerful meditation crystals, that will help you to achieve inner silence and a connection with the Divine mind and with your spirit guides.

Pink Smithsonite is a lovely heart based crystal, that has a strong loving vibration. It resonates with the energy of Kwan Yin who is the Goddess of compassion and healing.

This is a strong thymus or higher heart based energy, and the Kwan Yin vibration brings through feelings of compassion, joy and deep love, that will aid you as well as others in your life.

The healing properties of crystals like these are powerful to aid healing of inner child issues.

They also are impressive to aid stress, and this is particularly so if you feel so stressed that you can't take anymore and are heading for a breakdown. They also assist the immune system, sinus problems and aid addictions such as alcoholism.

Pink Spinel is a lovely stone that may be helpful in a crisis situation, as it has a soothing vibration that may assist you during traumatic times in your life.

The healing properties of crystals like these particularly relate to its action to assist stress, fear and worry.

Physically, it is known to be helpful to aid the healing of inflammation and may boost you when you are tired or lacking energy.

This pink variety of Spinel carries an energy to aid relationships, and is known to help those who are separated by life circumstances, and may be valuable during times of serious life changes, such as divorce or a new job.

It may be particularly useful used at the heart chakra or higher heart to rejuvenate relationships, especially when you and your partner need to take additional care to heal discord.

Pink TopazPink Topaz

Pink Topaz is less common color of this stone, that resonates within both the heart and higher heart chakras.

It is an emotionally supportive stone, that brings the energy of optimism and anticipation about the future.

The energy of this stone helps you to feel more peaceful about life. 

They are known to specifically help the body to heal from digestive problems, and to assist old unhealed skin problems to get better.

The healing properties of crystals in the Topaz family are similar. All colors of Topaz are good healing crystals that stimulate better health especially if you have health issues of a nervous origin.

Pink Tourmaline is a heart chakra stone that kindles feelings of joy and happiness.

It aids relaxation, and helps bring back your passion for life, and is one of the best choices to buy for this purpose.

It contains a good amount of lithium, which is quite beneficial.

This is because the healing properties of crystals that contain high amounts of Lithium are helpful for depression and to ease stress and anxiety.

They may enhance your creativity and assist you to have an improved approach to life. Use it with any of the other colors of Tourmaline including with Black Tourmaline, for relieving stress, or with Indicolite or Dravite, also known as Brown Tourmaline.

Pink Tourmaline with Lilac LepidolitePink Tourmaline with Lilac Lepidolite

Pink Tourmaline with Lilac Lepidolite is a stone with a quite beautiful vibration.

This is a beautiful combination stone, that brings together two potent minerals that are both highly beneficial stones to help stress and anxiety.

Both of these minerals are high in lithium, and this energy is very helpful to balance your emotions when you are depressed, anxious or stressed.

The lovely energy of Pink Tourmaline brings the energy of joy, happiness and love into your life, along with its energy to stimulate a passion for living and greater creativity.

The lovely Lilac Lepidolite is a stone that assists you to connect with the deep inner center of yourself, known as the Divine Presence. This can stimulate a strong spiritual vibration within your life, and this may be highly beneficial for those on the spiritual journey.


Pipestone is another name for Catlinite stone, and it is a stone that is sacred to native Indian tribes.

This stone is used to carve ceremonial objects out of, such as pipes for sacred ceremonies, and has been used for thousands of years.

This stone is a quite powerful way to make a connection to the spirit world and in particular is helpful to use in meditation to connect with the Great Divine spirit.

If you have Indian ancestors, this may be particularly helpful for you to use, to aid you to work out your life path, and to solve issues related to possible past lives in the Indian civilization.

These stones may be used to connect you with spirit guides, that will give you information on the right way to use these stones, and be aware that this may change according to the specific piece you have obtained.

Pistacite is commonly known as Epidote. This stone is known to effect people in a variety of ways.

Some people find that it has a beneficial affect on them, or in some people the vibration of this stone can have the opposite affect.

This will depend on your predominant way of thinking as its energy will bring you more of the same. This aspect is said to benefit you, as the influx of traits, both good or bad, brings them clearly to your awareness.

It has stone meanings that are said to be very helpful to aid prosperity, because as long as you are generous you will bring generosity into your life, in a variety of different ways.


Plancheite stones are not common, and the raw stones have an unusual silky look to them. They are a copper based stone that are blue or blue-green in color.

They have a good action to stimulate and strengthen you mentally, and will help you to retain information when you are studying.

They are a helpful stone for astrologists to use, as assist you to obtain clear information about what the planets are doing, and how their energy is effecting people.

They are also useful if you are working to expand your psychic gifts, and they are known to assist the development of automatic writing and to boost intuitive gifts.

They are also said to be protective stones, that may assist you when you are going through situations where you are dealing with belligerent people.

Pollucite are rare zeolite family crystals, that have been shown under Kirlian photography to emanate the total spectrum of color.

This means they will benefit all of the chakras, and are said to stimulate, activate and cleanse all energy centers.

They are helpful to bring clarity of thought and aid tactful speech. They assist you to learn your lessons in a way that allows for the limitless possibilities available.

The healing properties of crystals like these aid those doing hands on healing such as Reiki, and they are especially good for crystal healers to use, to help you make the correct choices for a problem.

These healing stones stimulate and clear the heart chakra, and will boost your energy. Their energy brings endurance, tenacity and the ability to persist when the going is tough.

These crystals benefit those who have issues that relate to sensitivity to environmental contaminants. Keep a piece on you to assist with the scattering and removal of contaminants. A good stone to use if you are recovering from radiation treatments.

Polychrome JasperPolychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper are said to bring good fortune to you, and they have a lovely energy that brings joy to the user.

You may also see them selling as Desert Jasper or Royal Savannah Jasper, and they come in a range of bright colors.

Jaspers have an energy that works more slowly than some stones, so it is beneficial to keep a piece on you for best long term results.

The healing properties of crystals like these relates to their energy to help improve how you feel, and they are good stones to aid stress and anxiety.

They also are said to assist allergies, and to heal the organs of the stomach, including the liver and gallbladder.

Poppy JasperPoppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper is a beautiful stone that may infuse you with feelings of joy and happiness.

It encourages positive energy and good health and may help you to get over feelings of anxiety and depression.

By stimulating your energy it may help you to feel more motivated to get out and do more activity.

It can be helpful to encourage less athletic people to exercise more.

Powellite is an excellent crystal to use in meditation, as it helps you to making a clear spiritual connection via the crown chakra.

It is known to be helpful to aid you to get on with jobs you need to get done, and see them through to completion.

It will enhance any humanitarian pursuits and is known to be helpful to enhance creativity, especially if you are an artist, doing spiritual related work.

The healing properties of crystals like these are known to be related to its action to aid autism and it is helpful to assist children at puberty, both physically and emotionally.

Prasem Green Quartz is also known as Prasem Hedenbergite Green Quartz.

When they come from the Greek island of Seriphos, they are known as Seriphos Green Quartz.

The healing properties of crystals like these are excellent to help you to release stress and they may also assist with healing quite a few other health problems.

These green crystals embody a beautiful vibration that helps you to make a connection with nature spirits.

They are helpful to use in meditation as they are heart based crystals, that will enhance your connection to beings in the higher realms including the angels.

They have a heavenly energy, that may allow you to feel that heaven is not simply a place off in the distance, rather that you can experience it here on earth.

The inclusion of Hedenbergite in these crystals can help you to become more organized and systematic in your day to day activities.

Prasiolite or Green Amethyst will enhance your heart based spiritual connection to Mother Gaia.

These natural crystals are a lovely luminous green color, and they can be opaque or clear gemmy stones.

Their vibration is like the spirit of nature itself, embodied within a beautiful green stone.

Its impact within the heart will clear disharmonious energy and open you totally to love and compassion.

Prehnite will link the heart with the will, relieving worry and bringing through peace and joy.

Its energy will ground you to the earth and to Mother nature.

It is a good meditation stone, as it assists you to learn to hear your guidance from spirit and the angels.

It is a stone of spiritual discipline, and will help your mind to become more peaceful and relaxed, relieving restlessness and worry.

Prehnite with EpidotePrehnite with Epidote

Prehnite with Epidote inclusions is an excellent combination that brings together the energy of these two minerals to create a useful healing stone.

Green Prehnite crystals have a lovely heart based vibration that brings peace and harmony, as well as having a strong solar plexus energy.

The addition of the energy of Epidote which is also a strong solar plexus stone, brings with it a strong energy to boost your personal power.

The healing properties of crystals that are combined like these brings together aspects of the energy of each of them to create a new and very helpful healing tool. 

Both minerals stimulate intuition as well as various psychic gifts, and this combination is known to be helpful for healing karmic wounds. 

Preseli Bluestone is the same type of stone that Stonehenge is made from, and is also known as Stonehenge Bluestone.

They have a strong and ancient energy and resonate with the vibration of the magical and mystical energy of Stonehenge.

The healing properties of crystals from that area are powerful, as they embody an ancient vibration, and they are excellent stones to aid you to investigate past lives in Celtic Britain.

These stones make a strong earth connection and are excellent for grounding you, and create a connection to the heart of nature and to the goddess Asherah.

They have many qualities, including the ability to recognize friends who are soul friends, possibly met in past lives. They are a truth stone that will aid you to perceive if another speaks the truth, and may aid you to develop psychic abilities.

Prophecy StoneProphecy Stone

Prophecy Stone is a rare and quite unusual crystal that is found in the Libyan Desert, apparently in the same area where Libyan Gold Techtite is found.

They get their name from their action when used in meditation to aid you to see visions, that are said to be of possible future events.

This does not happen on first use, but they may happen once you have used them over a period of time, and this can vary from a few weeks to months, depending on the individual.

They are quite strong spiritual grounding stones, which bring energy down from the transpersonal chakras through the soul star and crown chakra, right down to the lower chakras.

They are powerful to make a strong connection with the earth chakra. The healing properties of crystals like these are said to be helpful for those going through chemotherapy, and they are said to slow the spread of cancer.


Psilomelane is a lovely very dark or black variety of stone, that is powerful used in your daily meditation.

You may like to choose a shiny Psilomelane stone, as they are particularly helpful to use for gazing, to assist you to discover what is happening at a distant location.

This stones energy may also help you to travel mentally to other locations and to learn more about that place and your reason for going there.

The healing properties of crystals like these are known to be beneficial to assist the healing of lung problems and to assist inflammation of the skin.

It is also helpful for healing emotional issues, and it may be advantageous to assist you to better understand life experiences, and may aid you to take action to make changes in your life related to what you discover.

Pudding StonePudding Stone

Pudding Stone is a mixture of various minerals and this creates a blend of colors in the stones.

This is a good stone to use in your daily meditation, as it may assist you to discover ways to remedy situations in your life that you feel are unfair or not in your best interests in some way.

It is also helpful to aid you to recall dreams, and to take notice of dream aspects that may be of particular significance to your life.

While using it in meditation it may assist you to remember dreams that were given to you to help you to solve life issues.

Use it at the crown chakra to boost your imagination, to assist you to have greater mental clarity and to help you if you are doing astral travel.

Crystal Tip Crystals to Help Allergic ConditionsCrystal Tip - Crystals to Help Allergic Conditions

It may help you to remain calm at stressful times.

You may be aided to recognize that it may be helpful to let go of old ways of thinking when your thoughts are making you feel depressed and anxious.

The healing properties of crystals like these are known to help those with allergies, and to give you pain relief.

It is said to be beneficial to use these crystals when you have health issues that are expected to get worse.


Pumpellyite is a copper based mineral which comes in various colors, particularly green.

The Pumpellyite is the green inclusions in these pieces, and you can see it in little vugs or crevices in the stone.

These heart chakra stones are in the zeolite family, and the healing properties of crystals that are zeolite's is strongly related to their action to aid cleansing of toxins from within your system.

They also have other metaphysical attributes, including to energize the heart chakra and helping you to release emotional blockages within all of the chakras.

Purple AnhydritePurple Anhydrite

Purple Anhydrite resonates strongly within the third eye and crown chakras.

Like the Blue Anhydrite, which is commonly known as Angelite, it will help you to make contact with angels and other beings in the higher realms.

All colors of Anhydrite are helpful stones to aid emotional healing.

The healing properties of crystals like these are quite similar to the light Blue Anhydrite, it is just that the color is a deeper purple.

This crystal may help to stimulate the birth of psychic gifts, including helping you to have stronger telepathic gifts.

It may boost the development of mediumship or channeling abilities, and it also resonates within the throat chakra to stimulate psychic communication abilities.

Purple FluoritePurple Fluorite

Purple Fluorite resonates within the third eye chakra in particular, and has a strong vibration to aid spirituality.

It helps your spiritual development and is excellent used for meditation. It is known to aid you to mentally assimilate the ideas coming through from spirit.

This makes Purple fluorite an excellent psychic communication stone to help what you hear to make more sense.

The healing properties of crystals in the fluorite family are all similar in that they are excellent to use when you have any type of infection or virus.

They will help to clarify your thinking, and will help to draw off negativity, and are helpful when placed near to your computer to draw off electromagnetic smog.

Purple Herderite is a fairly new color of this stone. It has the high vibration of the other colors of Herderite, but may take a little longer to have an effect.

When it does, it has an amazing effect and its strong vibration is very apparent, as it is a very powerful stone!

The healing properties of crystals with a high vibration like Herderite may work not only on the physical but on the spiritual and emotional areas as well.

This crystal is known to aid impulses, so if you are inclined to be cautious and wish you weren't, this may benefit you.

It helps you to feel more motivated and aids you to align yourself with your goals and to discover what is holding you back from going in the direction you desire.

Purple LepidolitePurple Lepidolite

Purple Lepidolite has a vibration is very similar to the lighter Lilac Lepidolite variety.

Because it is high in lithium, its energy is helpful to aid depression and anxiety and using it is known to help you with stress.

The healing properties of crystals like these are beneficial to help you if you are emotionally distressed or if you are going through difficult situations such as a divorce or separation.

They are good stones to aid those with ADHD. They help you to let go of anger and aid you to appreciate the good things in your life.

Simply place one under the pillow to help you to sleep better as they are excellent to calm you down. They have a good resonance at the heart chakra and stimulate a loving energy within you.

Purple SapphirePurple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire is a strong stone to awaken the crown chakra and to open your awareness of the spiritual side of your being.

It is a stone to use when awakening the kundalini, as it clears the path where the kundalini energy travels between the base and crown chakras, allowing the process to go more smoothly.

This stone also works at the third eye to stimulate the pineal gland.

This may awaken your psychic awareness and open up clairvoyant abilities.

Purple ScapolitePurple Scapolite

Purple Scapolite is a very high vibration variety of Scapolite, that will help to clear past life issues that are causing problems in your current life.

It lifts your way of looking at life, so you see things from a higher perspective.

It is known for its energy of atonement, as its energy helps to release any feelings related to spiritual issues of reparation, penance or the need for forgiveness, that is, the need to make amends for your past actions.

The healing properties of crystals like these relate to its action to balance the energy in the body. Wearing Purple Scapolite may help to prevent the onset of allergic attacks.

It also aids the healing of issues related to aging, and it is known to improve your ability to physically move your body more easily.

Purple Smithsonite is a deeper colored variety of this stone and although the healing properties of crystals of Smithsonite that are this color are similar in many ways to other colors, there are some differences.

All colors of this stone are excellent to use in meditation, as they help you to quickly get into the alpha state, where your brain waves slow, and you can relax more easily.

In addition they are great healing stones for stress, your immune system, sinusitis and addictions.

Although all colors of Smithsonite are excellent to help you to develop psychic abilities, this color does make a quite strong connection at the higher chakras, including the third eye and crown chakra.

The deeper purple does resonate strongly within the third eye, from where many psychic gifts are birthed. This includes psychic visions, commonly known as clairvoyance, intuition and telepathic ability.

Purple SpinelPurple Spinel

Purple Spinel varies from a dark purple color through to a lavender or red-violet color.

This crystal resonates at the third eye chakra and is an excellent healing stone, especially to aid pain, and may aid emotional healing.

It is known to be an etheric cleanser that helps to remove negativity from the auric field. It is also a protective stone, that is known to bounce negative energy from ill wishes, back to the sender.

This is a good stone to use if you are starting a new spiritual based business, as it may inspire you to persist when the going gets tough. Keep on your body to take advantage of its ongoing energy.

Purpurite encourages you to feel free to speak with confidence and clarity, and aids you to verbalize your thoughts clearly.

This stone has strong metaphysical properties, stimulating highly spiritual energies of clarity, insight, and strong accord with others.

It embodies within it the powerful violet flame energy.

The healing properties of crystals in this group are of a highly spiritual nature. This energy also has powerful healing abilities, and offers a highly protective vibration.

Pyrite is an excellent stone for the solar plexus chakra, enhancing willpower and overcoming bad habits.

It has a strong solar energy, enhancing the male aspects energetically of both sexes.

It is of assistance to help you to take the action required to create abundance and prosperity in your life.

It is also an earth chakra stone, and it is excellent to aid with grounding.


Pyrolusite is a useful stone to have close to you, as it repels negative energy and strengthens your aura.

It can help to provide a barrier to stop psychic interference from strong minded individuals, and stop you getting attention from beings who live in the lower astral realms.

It may help you to feel more optimistic about life. It activates the base chakra and also has a strong action at the crown chakra stone to aid transformation.

It also encourages coincidences or serendipity to come into play, to aid you to move your life in a new direction. It stimulates confidence, and may help you to deal with authority figures, in a way that still maintains your own beliefs.

The healing properties of crystals like these can be utilized if you have problems with your metabolism, bronchitis and eyesight.


Pyromorphite comes in a few colors including green, orange-yellow, white and yellow crystals.

The healing properties of crystals of all colors of Pyromorphite strongly relate to the way they aid other stones to work better, so it is good to combine it with other stones.

It is a stone that stimulates an increase in success in your life, and can stimulate your energy physically.

It is said to be helpful to aid issues in the stomach such as irritable bowel syndrome, and celiac disease and may assist you to better assimilate vitamins and minerals.

This is also a crystal that helps gardeners and conservationists, and aids contact with nature spirits, devas and sprites.


Pyrophyllite is a good stone to use to help you to disconnect your energy from others in your life who you may have had relationships with, as it helps to release hooks connecting you to others.

This stone's vibration is excellent to easily align your chakras as it is powerful to use for meditation, when it may assist you to make contact with spirit guides.

This stone's energy may also assist you when you are learning to do automatic writing.

The healing properties of crystals like these are related to its action to help problems in the stomach area, such as indigestion and acidity. It is also said to be helpful if your adrenal glands are overstimulated.


Pyrrhotite is an iron based mineral, with an energy that has an excellent effect in the body to make you feel good.

The vibration of this stone creates a surge of energy within the body, that will align the meridians.

The healing properties of crystals like these pertain to its action to assist you to let go of fear and anger, and it may help to soothe muscular aches and pains and relieve stress.

It is an unusual stone to use in meditation, as it is known to aid you to discover the ways and means by which a powerful solution can be found to life's problems.

It can even aid the birth of miracles. It may assist you to realize the perfect solution to your problems, by helping you to learn this during the meditative state.

"Instead of complaining that the rosebush has thorns, be grateful that the thorn bush has beautiful roses!"

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