Want To Do A Crystal Meditation?

Learn To Program Your Crystals

Written By Liz Oakes

Crystal Meditation is about using your crystals to aid you to create a specific outcome during meditation. Any stone may be used, but quartz crystals are especially good.

As many crystals can be programmed, and this is especially true of quartz crystals. You may choose to program the crystal you are using to help you to unwind more easily during your meditation.

Natural CitrineNatural Unheated Burmese Citrine

Its easy to learn and may be beneficial to you to help you relax.

You can really use any crystals for meditation, but the use of quartz crystals is helpful as it gives you the added advantage of being able to program them more easily than some other stones.

By programming a healing crystals for you to use while doing meditation, you may be enabled to stimulate a number of different gifts or talents.

This will depend on what it is you desire to be the outcome. There are a number of different outcomes you may want to achieve from this daily practice.

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Programming Your Crystal

If you would like a programmed crystal to help you to maintain a deeper meditation, you must first program the crystal you wish to use for this purpose.

It is best if you cleanse the crystal you are going to use for meditation before you start. You may use any method for cleansing crystals that is familiar to you.

Self cleansing is very useful for when you have large cluster that are hard to cleanse in other ways.

The method shown below for programming your stone can also be used to tell your crystals to cleanse themselves. I have provided an affirmation below for this purpose but if you prefer you can make up a different one.

It can be helpful to choose a smooth stone that is comfortable to hold in your hand, like this lovely piece of Golden Rutilated Quartz shown below.

Hold your crystal in your hand, the left hand commonly works better, or in both hands, but do whatever feels comfortable for you.

If your crystal has a point or termination, hold it facing in, towards your arm, to aid the energy to run through your entire system. Now relax your mind completely.

Imagine that you are stepping inside the crystal. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in its energy.

As you do this, share with the crystal what your intentions are and what you desire that the outcome of this program will be.

It may help to write it out first, and it may work more powerfully if you do this in the form of a written affirmation.

For example your affirmation may say....

  • I feel peaceful and relaxed.
  • I allow myself to be relaxed during meditation
  • I focus my thoughts in a peaceful and harmonious way
  • I fill my mind with beautiful thoughts that make me feel happy
  • My relationships with others are peaceful and productive.
  • I choose for my day to be productive today

When writing affirmations use the words in the present tense, as this is the most powerful way to write affirmations.

To help you to write the perfect affirmations to use to program your crystal, you may like to read my article on the power of positive affirmations.

Here is an affirmation you could use to cleanse your crystal, which might be added at the same time. This also helps you to release negative vibrations you might be holding onto:

  • I constantly release any negative energy to ensure my vibration is always the highest it can be.

Doing A Crystal Meditation

Using a guided meditation that is specifically written to aid you to relax during meditation may also be helpful. This may aid you to relax more quickly and more easily.

You might also like to listen to relaxation or meditation music.  Seat yourself in a chair that supports your back when you meditate, as this may be helpful.

Once your crystal is programmed, you may then do your crystal meditation with it.

Sit fairly upright if possible, as this will allow the flow of energy to move more easily through the spine and through the chakras.

Make sure you are comfortable too, as you will not settle down to meditate if you feel discomfort or pain of any sort. Hold your crystal in your hands and allow yourself to relax completely.

If you are using a quartz crystal this may create a more powerful and faster outcome, because quartz crystals have strong amplifying properties.

This is because when you use a programmed crystal in meditation, not only will your thoughts take on the positive values that the crystal itself gives to you, but you will also absorb the program as well.

If you have chosen to be more peaceful, these thoughts will radiate out into the field of pure potentiality to become reality.

Now Be At Peace ... Doing Your Crystal Meditation

  • Relax... relax... Sit in your chair holding your crystals in your hands, which are in your lap. 
  • Close your eyes, and as you are sitting there, relaxed and at peace, take a nice slow deep breath in.
  • As you let it out allow yourself to deeply and completely relax.
  • Take another nice slow deep breath in, and as you let it out, feel any tension in your body just drain away.
  • Again, take another slow deep breath in and as let it out shift the focus of your attention to the crystals that you are holding.
  • Take the focus of your mind and place it onto the energy of the stones in your hand. Allow yourself to synchronize with this vibration.

You may feel the energy of the stone, and the program you placed in it may fill your mind, if that is what you want. Just allow yourself to become one with this energy. 

If you are using a high vibration stone, you may be aware of the energy within your higher chakras. 

If you do, just shift your focus to where you are feeling this energy. You may also feel energy in your lower chakras, if you need it to be there.

As you continue to breathe in and out, just release any tension anywhere you may feel it. Simply continue to be aware of any changes anywhere in your body, and take note of them, then let them go.

Depending on the purpose of the program you have placed in the crystal, you may feel a number of different responses in your body, so just relax and flow with what is happening.

If you have programmed it for peace and harmony, feel the peace drift through your body, and allow it to take away any tension or stress that may be in any part of your body.

Stay with the energy following its path, until you are ready to finish. Give thanks at the end to the crystal for its help, and to the Great Divine Spirit for the results you have experienced.

Some Crystals To Use For Crystal Meditation

Whether you choose to do a third eye meditation, one for stress relief, a meditation to develop psychic gifts  or a meditation to aid you to attract abundance, you can combine crystals with it if you wish.

It doesn't need to be a long drawn out meditation, but may simply be a five minute short meditation if that is all you have time for.

Read the page on easy meditation techniques to give you other ideas for your daily meditation. Alternatively if you are member of a meditation group, your meditation may continue for 30 minutes or more.

Any meditation can be a crystal meditation, just by holding your special crystals in your hand, so take your crystals with you to your group meditation.

You can easily program most crystals, it is just that quartz crystals have strong properties that amplify whatever you place into the crystal.

Crystals are easily used, by the simple act of holding them in your hand during this important daily activity.

It is an advantage to meditate regularly, and if you continue to do a crystal meditation every day this will be extremely beneficial to you.

"Meditation is the only means to the harmonious development of the mind, body and soul." Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

List Of Crystals For Crystal Meditation

Many of the stones in the following pictures have their own in depth pages written about them. Simply click on any of the names under the images that are highlighted as they are links to another page.

That will take you to other articles where you can check out the information about the individual crystals pictured above.

So here are a few quartz crystals that will work well in your crystal meditation, along with a few other stones. All varieties of quartz crystal will program easily.

This is one of their well known attributes that makes them so popular. In addition they have other excellent metaphysical attributes as well, and individual crystals will help you in various ways.

Crystal meditation can be done with other stones that are shown here, and many stones may be programmed for use in meditation.

Faden QuartzFaden Quartz
Satyaloka QuartzSatyaloka Quartz
Snow QuartzSnow Quartz
Ganesha QuartzGanesha Quartz
Rainbow MayaniteRainbow Mayanite
Green Ridge QuartzGreen Ridge Quartz
Golden HealerGolden Healer Sphere
Tangerine QuartzTangerine Quartz
Solar QuartzSolar Quartz
Lemon QuartzLemon Quartz
Tanzan Aura QuartzTanzan Aura Quartz
Fire QuartzFire Quartz aka Agnitite
Angel AuraAngel Aura
Tibetan Black QuartzTibetan Black Quartz

Crystal MeditationCrystal Meditation

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