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In The G Alpha Section

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This page covers the meaning of stones in the alphabetic section of G. 

This means it covers the meaning of all the crystals and stones that I could find that start with G. 

There are a large number of different crystals on this site, so they are divided into individual pages in specific alphabetic groups.

Golden Rutilated QuartzGolden Rutilated Quartz

Many if not all of these stones are also featured in other pages and articles within this web-site.

A good number have had an individual page written just about that crystal. 

They may also feature on a page about a subject that this stone is known to help, and on various chakra pages. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Meaning of Stones: Starting With G

The photo grid below is only the G section of the alphabetical list.

There is information below the grid about stones that do not have a specific page.

Read through the list of stones in the table below, to see if the stone you are looking for is there.

This will assist you to locate information on a particular stone more quickly.

Ganesha QuartzGanesha Quartz

Check out the pictures below. Note that you will find the name of each crystal under the picture of each stone, and some will be highlighted with a link.

Gem SilicaGem Silica
Gilalite in QuartzGilalite in Quartz
Girasol QuartzGirasol Quartz
Glacial Etched QuartzGlacial Etched Quartz

Clicking on the link will take you to an in-depth page where you may find more detailed information on that stone.

If there is no link the properties and meaning of stones like those shown is outlined just below this picture grid.

Golden Aura QuartzGolden Aura Quartz
Golden CalciteGolden Calcite
Golden ChrysoberylGolden Chrysoberyl

This site also has a number of pages that cover various ways of using your crystals and stones.

These articles concentrate on specific aspects of their energy, such as developing psychic gifts or crystals for creativity for example. 

This means that most of the stones on this page will also be mentioned on other pages on this site.

So remember that if you see a word highlighted with a link, it will take you to another page on that subject.

Grape Chalcedony aka AgateGrape Chalcedony aka Agate

If you are looking for crystals or stones that are in a different alphabetic group, take a look at The A to Z of Crystals Minerals and Stones to learn more.

This page is easy to use and has a list of all the alpha pages so you can quickly visit them and find out if what you are looking for is there.

Chakra Stones List: At the bottom of the page there is a list showing the chakras for each of the stones listed here.

It outlines which chakra the stone may heal, and if you want to know more about individual chakras, the names are links for specific pages for each of the chakras.

Green StilbiteGreen Stilbite
Green TalcGreen Talc
Green ZoisiteGreen Zoisite
Guangdong TektiteGuangdong Tektite

Golden Yellow Topaz Is A November Birthstone

The Meaning of Stones: G

Gaia Stone

Gaia StoneGaia Stone

Gaia Stone is a lovely bright green stone that carries the energy of the soul of the earth. These stones are made from the ash from Mount Saint Helen's volcano.

They embody a potent energy within both the thymus or higher heart chakra and the heart chakra, and carry a strong vibration of love, compassion and forgiveness.

The meaning of stones like these lovely green crystals is powerful, as they embody Goddess energy and help to promote and encourage loving relationships.

They will aid the development of both magical and psychic abilities or gifts, and may particularly aid the birth of psychic visions or clairvoyance.



Galena is a lead mineral, so this makes it another stone that you need to take considerable care with when you are using it. 

Like other stones that may be risky to use, take care with touching this stone. 

Warning: Using this stone is very risky so I do not suggest that you should use it. 

It should not be used to make crystal elixirs unless you use the indirect method, where there is glass between the stone and the water.

Ganesha Quartz

Ganesha QuartzGanesha Quartz

Ganesha Quartz have a beautiful and quite unspoiled vibration as they come from high in the Himalayan Mountains, from an area located in Eastern Indian.

The meaning of stones like these is interesting, as many have breakage or fractures in the crystal which are caused by the extreme cold.

These high altitude crystals are also incredibly clear quartz crystals, that have a quite unique, very pure vibration.

They may help you to make a connection with both the energy of the earth and the Divine, making them a wonderful stone to aid your spiritual growth.


Garnet comes in a range of colors, including the deep red Almandine Garnet pictured here. 

Although the Red Garnets are very common, this stone also comes in a number of other colors.

This includes Black Andradite Garnet, green or yellowish green Grossular Garnet, Pink Garnet and yellow Hessonite stones.

The meaning of stones in this family will depend on the actual color of the stone, but they all have a few things in common.

All types of Garnet are strong crystals to aid prosperity and are good to help relationships by stimulating commitment to your partner.

Stones in the group known as Green Garnet have a strong heart based energy, and are also powerful to aid the growth of wealth through increasing prosperity.

Gem Silica

Gem SilicaGem Silica

Gem Silica is a crystallized or silicated form of Chrysocolla, infused in quartz. 

It has a lovely joyful energy that may assist you to release old grief, and once released may aid forgiveness to bring revival of happiness in your life.

This is a powerful throat chakra stone, in fact it is said to be one of the best stones to aid you if your life involves sound. 

The meaning of stones like these is associated with using the voice for singing or speaking.

This is a powerful stone to use to improve communication, particularly with the Divine, your guides and angels, and it may stimulate psychic visions or clairvoyance.



Gibbsite is a fairly uncommon stone and may be white, pale blue, grey or greenish white. 

The meaning of stones like these relates to their action to help you to be aware of the broader view or perspective in specific circumstances.

They have metaphysical properties that may help you to hold back from interfering in situations, until you know the full story.

They have a good healing energy that may assist health issues occurring in the back, arms and neck areas, and in the glands of the throat.

Gilalite in Quartz also called Medusa Quartz

Gilalite in QuartzGilalite in Quartz

Gilalite in Quartz is also known as Medusa Quartz, and this is because some pieces have long tendril like shaped inclusions in them.

However most inclusions are rounded or mushroom like in appearance.

Paraiba Quartz is another name for it, and this relates to the location of one of the mines that this crystal comes out of.

Gilalite is a teal blue copper based inclusion, and is not common.

The meaning of stones such as these pertains to the way their energy vibrates within the throat and higher heart chakras, also known as the thymus chakra.

Through its vibration within the throat chakra it encourages communication, both with other people, telepathically and with beings in the higher realms.

Girasol Quartz

Girasol Quartz contains inclusions that create a quite unusual optical effect within the stone (hard to see in photos).

These stones are sold under a few different names, including as Moon Quartz, Blue Opal Quartz and Foggy Quartz, as well Metamorphosis Quartz.

Girasol QuartzGirasol Quartz

These crystals have a lovely energy and vibrate strongly within the third eye, crown and soul star chakras.

The meaning of stones like these relates to their energy, as they have some unique qualities, and this is not just a visual effect but the stones have a specific vibration that aids transformation.

These quartz crystals are quite unique, as they help you to be aware, and that seems to be the important issue, to notice and make changes.

Once you know what the path you are on is about, you can take action, as their energy aids you to make the changes needed to transform your life.

Glacial Etched Quartz

Glacial Etched QuartzGlacial Etched Quartz

Glacial Etched Quartz has a similar look to Nirvana Quartz, but its intensity is not as high.

If you have tried Nirvana Quartz and found it overwhelming to use, try this slightly less intense quartz, that is also a type of ice quartz.

The meaning of stones from this area of the world, where etched crystals are caused by being formed by the glaciers in Pakistan, are quite similar.

Like Nirvana, Glacial Etched Quartz is very powerful to use in meditation, as it allows you to easily become mentally still.

Its action helps to stop those thoughts that prevent you from getting into the flow of meditation.

It is known to gently shift barriers to spiritual growth and helps you to feel comfortable to your level of progress and to move forward patiently.

Golden Aura Quartz

Golden Aura QuartzGolden Aura Quartz

Golden Aura Quartz is a stunningly beautiful quartz crystal, that is also known as Imperial Gold Quartz. 

This is a variety of aura quartz where the color is created by a man made process.

The meaning of stones is similar in some ways to other crystals in the aura family of quartz, where finely powdered titanium, iron and other minerals are bonded to the stone using heat.

The color of these crystals is permanent and these crystals are stunning to look at, as well as having some very useful gemstone meanings.

It is a beneficial healing crystal, especially for assisting emotional difficulties.

They are known to aid many stomach related problems, such as issues within the stomach, liver, gall bladder and spleen.

Golden Calcite also known as Amber Calcite

Golden CalciteGolden Calcite Sphere

Golden Calcite is also known as Amber calcite, because it is a deep amber yellow color. 

Calcite is one of the most abundant types of minerals on the planet. Their abundance means that they come in an amazing range of colors and configurations. 

The meaning of stones made of Calcite in this color, relates to both the solar plexus chakra and quite strongly to the higher chakras.

This color is the color of the Golden Light, that light that you can get in touch with during meditation.

Working with the golden light has amazing possibilities for spiritual growth and healing. 

If you feel drawn to Golden Calcite at this time this is not surprising, as there is so much happening spiritually on the planet right now.

Use one of these calcite crystals in meditation to connect to the Golden light, and with your higher self and the Divine mind.

Golden Chrysoberyl

Golden ChrysoberylGolden Chrysoberyl

Golden Chrysoberyl resonates within both the heart and solar plexus chakras.

This energy at the solar plexus is potent to strengthen your personal power, and is excellent to boost manifestation in your life.

The meaning of stones like these in particular relates to how it makes a connection between the heart and solar plexus.

By combining these two energies, it may boost manifestation, bringing you the things that you desire, in a loving way.

It helps you to utilize spiritual thinking to improve your life, and it has a good healing action within the solar plexus area, assisting areas such as the liver, kidneys and gall bladder, and helping to remove toxins from the body.

Golden Healer

Golden HealerGolden Healer

Golden Healer Quartz crystals are stones that have a fine coating of transparent yellow or golden color on them, possibly iron hydrate. 

These lovely crystals will help you to raise your vibration, and may be used in meditation.

The meaning of stones like these also relates to helping you if are working on developing psychic visions also known as clairvoyance.

They have a good healing energy within all of the chakras of the body.

Golden Selenite

Golden SeleniteGolden Selenite

Golden Selenite is the transparent golden colored variety of gypsum, that is also known as Sunset Gold Selenite

It occurs in these stunningly beautiful crystal clusters, and as a lighter yellow colored crystal as well.

The meaning of stones in the Selenite family all relate to the way that they aid your spiritual development.

They bring spiritual light down from the higher realms to help to create personal transformation.

This golden variety of Selenite is a powerful tool to use to aid you, and they are effective when used in meditation.

They assist you to connect with spirit guides and help to facilitate a connection to the higher realms. 

They will also clear stagnant energy from all areas of the auric field. This crystal resonates strongly, and is a wonderful tool to use to assist your spiritual journey. 

It has a strong resonance at the third eye and solar plexus chakras, and is helpful to enhance psychic abilities, as it facilitates a stronger connection between yourself and the higher realms.



Goosecreekite is a rare member of the zeolite family, and when you hold it in your hand it seems to have a similar energy to most other zeolites.

The meaning of stones in the zeolite family relate to their strong energy to act as cleanser of toxins from the body.

These are also referred to as scrubber crystals, and this group are a powerful aid to help with the removal of built up toxins in the body. They also help to remove negative energy.

Most zeolites work within the higher chakras from the third eye up, including the crown and soul star chakras, and are commonly used to aid spiritual growth.

Use these crystals in meditation as this is the safest way to use them as they are quite powerful. 

The vibration of Goosecreekite can be easily felt at the crown chakra, and it can make you spacey very quickly.



Graphite is fairly well known to most people as it is the center part of the pencils that most of us used when we were learning to write.

The meaning of stones like these relates to its traditional use, and its name comes from the Greek word meaning 'to write'.

Graphite is a beneficial stone for writers to use as it improves your writers gifts, as it stimulates your thinking, and using it in meditation may trigger the psychic gift of automatic writing. 

It has a helpful energy for healing, as it is a good conductor of electricity, and it is known for its action to help pain.

The vibration embedded in Graphite stone benefits healers as it stimulates the body to heal a range of ailments including issues in the spine and muscles, the hearing and problems in the elimination system.

Green Chrysoberyl 

Yellowish Green ChrysoberylYellowish Green Chrysoberyl

Green Chrysoberyl crystals have a lovely energy that aids abundance. While it may be financial abundance it may also be an improvement in your emotional life

They also connect you to the source, enhancing the flow of Divine love in your life, so you may receive spiritual abundance, and they have a strong heart based energy.

The meaning of stones like these also relates to the true meaning of abundance, as their energy may boost the growth of your specific gifts, to aid you to improve your progress through life.

Green Stilbite

Green StilbiteGreen Stilbite

Green Stilbite is Stilbite that is said to be green due to the inclusion of Celadonite.

The meaning of stones of all colors of Stilbite relates to its action to aid your creativity and to assist the growth of psychic gifts.

They resonate strongly within the third eye chakra, the crown chakra and heart chakra. They will assist you with developing intuition, and may stimulate psychic knowing

Green Stilbite has an extra action as it resonates very within the heart chakra, bringing extra loving energy into your life.

Green Talc

Green TalcGreen Talc

Green Talc is a mineral that has been used since ancient times, as its softness made it easy to utilize.

It is a gentle green color and commonly resonates well within the heart chakra.

It's vibration assists the flow of life-force energy in the body and this may stimulate healing within many of the chakras, and it is known to assist you to sleep more deeply.

It has a good action to assist stress and tension and it is thought that its vibration may assist you to think more clearly, through its action within the third eye chakra.

The meaning of stones like these also relates to their purported action to manifest money and it may be advantageous to use it in meditation to assist you to achieve a deeper more relaxed state.

Green Striped Zoisite

Green ZoisiteGreen Striped Zoisite

Green Striped Zoisite is sometimes sold as Green Thulite, especially the striped stone.

This is incorrect as Thulite is a manganese rich type of Zeolite hence the pink coloration.

Often there may be Zoisite that is a mixture of colors, like the piece shown here, and while the meaning of stones may be similar, this is not Thulite.

Green Zoisite is a lovely heart based stone that has a harmonious healing vibration.

It brings through feelings of happiness and transmutes negative energy to positive energy and aids creativity.

Zoisite can occur in a variety of colors and many of these are given specific names as they have different metaphysical qualities, including the Blue Zoisite known as Tanzanite.

Green Zoisite also occurs mixed with Ruby and is known as Ruby in Zoisite or Anyolite.

Growth Interference Quartz

Growth Interference QuartzGrowth Interference Quartz

Growth Interference Quartz is a specific quartz configuration. There is more information on these configurations in this article on various quartz formations.

Guangdong Tektite

Guangdong TektiteGuangdong Tektite

Guangdong Tektite comes from the Guangdong Province in China, and is a type of meteoric glass.

This crystal is known to assist you to identify others that you may have had a close relationship with in a past life.

It may be helpful for both people involved to hold the stone at the same time, to assist them to recognize each other.

Crystal Books

There have been a lot of excellent new crystal books published in the last couple of years, and while I can't buy them all, I endeavor to keep up with the ones written by popular authors.  

I love the latest book from Cassandra Eason, The Complete Crystal Bible and it features many of the more common and less common stones.

The Book Of Stones has a new edition. It was recently updated and I was happy to discover that there are quite a few new stones included. 

Golden Rutilated QuartzGolden Rutilated Quartz

Of the more recent books, in particular I can recommend quite a few books written by Judy Hall, including Crystal Bible Three.

This is similar to the other Crystal Bible books, but the stones here are less common or in some cases even rare crystals.

Another one of Judy Hall's books is on a very interesting topic. Its name is Crystals and Sacred Sites, Use Crystals to Access the Power of Sacred Landscapes, and you discover information about many extraordinary places and the powerful stones that originate from these areas.

To learn more please read my crystal book reviews here.

Specific Chakras - List Of Chakra Stones G Alpha Group 

Soul Star Chakra: Gabbro, Galaxyite, Ganesha Quartz, Girasol Quartz, Glendonite, Golden Danburite, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Selenite, Goshenite, Green Datolite, Green Ridge Quartz

Crown Chakra: Gabbro, Galaxyite, Ganesha Quartz, Girasol Quartz, Glacial Etched Quartz, Glendonite, Golden Calcite, Golden Danburite, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Selenite, Goosecreekite, Goshenite, Green Datolite, Green Moonstone, Green Ridge Quartz, Green Stilbite, Growth Interference Quartz

Third Eye Chakra: Gabbro, Galaxyite, Ganesha Quartz, Gem Silica, Gilalite in Quartz, Girasol Quartz, Glacial Etched Quartz, Glendonite, Goethite, Golden Calcite, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Selenite, Goshenite, Green Apatite, Green Datolite, Green Diopside, Green Moonstone, Green Ridge Quartz, Green Stilbite, Green Talc, Green Tourmaline, Gyrolite.

Throat Chakra: Gabbro, Galaxyite, Gem Silica, Gilalite in Quartz, Glacial Etched Quartz, Goethite, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Grandidierite, Green Apatite, Green Ridge Quartz

Higher Heart Chakra: Gabbro, Gaia Stone, Ganesha Quartz, Garnierite, Gaspeite, Gilalite in Quartz, Glacial Etched Quartz, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Grandidierite, Green Kyanite, Green Ridge Quartz, Green Selenite, Green Tourmaline

Heart Chakra: Gabbro, Gaia Stone, Garnet, Garnierite, Gaspeite, Gem Silica, Glacial Etched Quartz, Golden Aura Quartz, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Grandidierite, Green Apatite, Green Apophyllite, Green Calcite, Green Chrysoberyl, Green Datolite, Green Diopside, Green Fluorite, Green Heulandite, Green Kyanite, Green Moonstone, Green Moss Agate, Green Ridge Quartz, Green Rhyolite, Green Selenite, Green Stilbite, Green Talc, Green Tourmaline, Green Zoisite, Grossularite aka Grossular Garnet

Solar Plexus Chakra: Gabbro, Garnet, Garnierite, Gaspeite, Golden Aura Quartz, Golden Calcite, Golden Chrysoberyl, Golden Danburite, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Golden Selenite, Golden Yellow Labradorite, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Green Datolite, Green Ridge Quartz, Green Rhyolite, Green Talc, Grossularite Garnet

Sacral Chakra: Gabbro, Garnet, Goethite, Golden Healer, Golden Rutilated Quartz, Green Diopside, Green Ridge Quartz, Gyrolite

Base Chakra: Gabbro, Galena, Ganesha Quartz, Garnet, Gaspeite, Goethite, Golden Healer, Gold Sheen Obsidian, Green Moss Agate, Green Ridge Quartz, Grossular Garnet

Earth Chakra: Gabbro, Ganesha Quartz, Garnet, Gaspeite, Goethite, Golden Healer, Green Moss Agate, Green Ridge Quartz

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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