Top 17 Crystals For Home Protection

Which Stones Keep You Safe?

➤ By Liz Oakes

Using crystals for home protection is a excellent idea and there are many amazing stones that have a strong frequency that keeps you safe from harm.

Using crystals or stones for front door protection may help to shield you from unwelcome people outside and from any negative energies they may embody. 

This is especially easy to do if you obtain smaller protective stones that can easily be put in the areas that need protection near the entrance to your home.

Tigers Eye Sphere: Crystals For Home ProtectionTigers Eye Are Powerful Crystals For Home Protection

Note: the best crystals to use to remove bad vibes can be used in combination with stones that also increase positive energy near the door to your home.

There are a number of powerful crystals that can be used to clear blocked energy and negative influences from the area near your doors and there is more about these below. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Improve The Energy Of Your Home!

It is of course valuable to wear protective stones outside the home, and many of you probably do this, but it is also important to protect where you live.

When you want to improve the energy of your home with crystals, a good idea is to use protective stones along with stones to create positive vibrations!

Crystals that emit loving energy can be combined with crystals for home protection in order for you to feel loving, peaceful and happy as well as safe.

Madagascan Rose Quartz Group 500Madagascan Rose Quartz

Placing pieces of Rose Quartz in areas on the side of your home near difficult neighbours can work well to improve the energy of your home.

This is especially important if you have neighbors who are noisy, cause fear because they seem to be toxic people or if any of them give off an energy that creates an uncomfortable environment.

Create A Place Of Comfort And Safety

When you go home each day, you probably feel that your living space should be a place of comfort and safety with a positive outlook and a pleasing atmosphere.

If you already use crystals around your home, it is valuable to know which stones will protect you, and what energy they emit for this purpose.

Use the power of crystals to create somewhere where you and your loved ones can be happy and at peace, away from the outside world and negative people.

Amethyst ClusterAmethyst Cluster

So when you are reading about crystals for home protection, keep in the back of your mind the knowledge that the protection stones do not have to stand alone.

They can be combined with crystals that create positive vibrations and this does not only have to be near the door as they will resonate throughout your home.

Improve how your home feels by also using stones that create joy and happiness, including those that create harmonious relationships. 

Protect Your Home: Use Crystals For Home Protection

The most powerful reason for placing crystals for front door protection near the entrance to your home, is to give you peace of mind.

Using crystals for home protection may help to remove negative vibes right there at the front entry.

If you don't know how easy healing crystals are to use, read on to learn more about the simplicity of using crystals for protection in your everyday life.

Put protection stones close to any door to your home to form a potent and highly protective shield for both spiritual and physical protection.

Most of those on the list for this purpose are popular crystals that are quite easy to buy and you may already have some of them.

Another powerful benefit you may not be aware of, is that these stones you are using for protection can also help you in a variety of other ways as well as keeping you safe from harm. 

Where To Place Crystals For Home Protection?

While this may seem obvious, you may find it helpful to use the crystals for front door protection at the entrance to your home.

In fengshui the front door of your home is where chi or positive energy enters, so this is another reason for making sure this area is filled with positive vibes.

In addition to keeping protective stones there, you may also choose to place different crystals in an area such as a shelf or bookcase nearby.

In addition it is a good idea to place them at the garage door and the back door.

Add crystals for emotional protection and healing as well to this area, if you feel you may need it.

fire agate 1-500Fire Agate

The unique properties of many of the protective crystals help to create a strong and protective energy field and many of them also remove negative energy.

You may choose to put them in the vicinity of both your front and back doors including around the door frame.

Protect Your Home: Create A Protective Grid!

One of the best ways to do this is to create a protective grid around the enclosure of the door using any of these protective stones.

For this you may need smaller stones or long skinny stones. A good example is the pieces of Kyanite in the image below.

You can create a small crystal grid from a protective stone or stones, either all the same stone or a combination of various stones.

Using a protective stone in any location is helpful and many people find it helpful to put any of the powerful protection crystals in the outer corners of your home.

The use of a protective barrier that removes toxic energy from the area around the door may also help to increase positive energy at the approach to your home.

Blue Kyanite PiecesBlue Kyanite Pieces

In addition you may also locate them in other nearby spots including in any location in your residence where people can see into your home.

This helps to give you peace of mind as well as creating a safe space for you to live in.

The action of many of the crystals for home protection helps to create a strong and protective energy field to stop those who mean you harm from entering.

Place large pieces like clusters or geodes at the corner of the home where their energy will resonate their protective properties towards anyone outside.

List Of Top 17 Crystals For Home Protection

All of the stones on the list have their own in-depth pages where you can learn more about their many powerful metaphysical properties.

Simply click on the image under their name below to read more.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals for home protection that you can use, and it has a large number of potent properties that help the process.

These black stones are my top choice for protection as they have an effective energy to put an immediate stop to psychic attack.

Having a piece of this highly protective stone at the entrance of your home may prevent this unwanted energy from affecting you. 

Check out the article about crystals to prevent psychic attack, to see other crystals to use with this black stone to prevent dark energy from entering your living space.

Sometimes psychic attack is unplanned and if someone with strong psychic powers has bad dreams, these harmful energies may unintentionally target you.

Black Tourmaline Stops Psychic Attack

Along with Black Tourmaline crystals both Malachite and Fire Agate are excellent stones for home protection that will also stop psychic attacks.

Keep a piece of Black Tourmaline where you spend the most time each day, such as in the home office, the living room and the bedroom.

Black Tourmaline ChunkBlack Tourmaline Chunk

They are also excellent stones for EMF protection and this is a benefit of placing a piece in every room where you spend a lot of time. 

Keeping pieces of this stone on your work desk can form a protective barrier from electromagnetic waves from computers or other devices you use.

They also help to stop reactions from the vibration of cell phones, and this stone is also said to neutralize geopathic stress. 

They create a protective barrier and have a good energy to transmute negative emotions and energy to create a more positive outlook.

Shop Here For Black Tourmaline

In the bedroom, the energy of Black Tourmaline may also aid allergies, boost your immune system and bring restful sleep.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate is one of my favorite crystals for home protection as it has an active energy to stop those who may wish to harm you.

It sends any type of negative energy back to where it came from, and Spirit sends a message with the energy letting the sender know the effect of what they did.

It has a strong vibration to prevent psychic attack, and if it happens while you are sleeping, this stone is a powerful aid to stop it in its tracks.

By simply putting four Fire Agate stones on the frame of your bed, this usually works to stop anyone or anything that has been attacking you.

So you can see that in a general sense that they are excellent crystals for home protection, and placing one of these stones in each corner of your home is a practical method to protect yourself.

Their vibration creates an impermeable protective shield around the area where it is located and in addition it has many other excellent properties.

It's energy makes you feel good to be alive! And it releases any lethargy or apathy related to your day to day life.

If you wish to know how this crystal works, there is a lot of information on the site page about it, so check it out.

This is one stone that is always in my bedroom, with four stones sitting on the bed frame to make me sleep peacefully, free from worry. 


Malachite is one the top protection stones as they create a strong energetic barrier around your auric field.

They are also powerful to protect the place where you live, as they have a strong energy that helps to stop psychic attack.

So if for any reason you believe you might be the target of attack, they are an excellent stone to utilize, and will also increase the good vibes in your home.

These crystals for home protection can be placed anywhere you think is best, if you think there is a need for protection of any sort in that area of your home.

Shop here for Malachite Stone. If you can get smaller pieces of stone, such as chips, you can place them around the door frame.

This is a powerful way to deter unwanted visitors that you do not wish to enter.

Wearing a piece of jewelry made from this green crystal will also protect you when you are going about your day to day life.

Malachite Is An Excellent Healing Stone

They are excellent healing stones too, that are purported to help a large number of health issues, so check out the article on them to learn more.

MalachiteMalachite rod

In particular Malachite stones are known to help arthritis.

They help broken bones to heal, may aid pain relief, boost your energy after illness and are said to be good to strengthen the immune system.

By creating an energetic protective shield, they are powerful to give you peace of mind and they also have a good energy for balancing you emotionally.


Amethyst Crystals are some of the most well known healing crystals and many people are aware that their vibration is highly beneficial.

They embody the energy of the violet flame, a strong spiritual vibration that makes them powerful for healing.

Not as many people know that they have a good energy to deter unwanted energies and negativity coming from those outside your home.

At the end of your day you may simply want to come home and relax without concerns about whether your environment is safe.

Amethyst is a powerful protective crystal that you can use to improve the feeling of your home quite easily. 

These crystals for home protection are easy to use, and this may depend on the size of the pieces you have, as to how you use them.

Amethyst Resonates Well

If you have smaller pieces of Amethyst, you can use them to grid the area near any door to your home, and small chips can be placed around the door frame.

There are quite a few types of Amethyst, and all of these are good crystals for home protection, so check out all of them on their page.

Dragons Tooth AmethystDragons Tooth Amethyst

But if you have any bigger pieces such as a geode or cluster, they can be used by placing them in the outer corner of your home.

Wherever they are located their protective qualities will work to keep you safe, as they strongly resonate some distance from where you place them.

Crystal Tip: You can program any type of quartz. As Amethyst is a quartz crystal you can program them to deter unwanted energies that approach the area where they are situated.

Activate them by creating a clear intention of what you desire. Their energy also neutralizes geopathic stress, one more benefit from having them in your home.

Tiger’s Eye 

Tiger’s Eye stones have historically been used to wear on the body as amulets against curses or ill wishes, but they also work well to protect your home.

They are positive crystals for front door protection as they bring courage and confidence when you are feeling fearful, which can happen if your neighbors are not pleasant.

Any of the crystals for home protection don't need to be placed at the front entrance, it is just that this is probably where many people approach your home.

Tigers Eye are good crystals for decision making, so can be used to help you to decide where to locate them, or where to put any other stone you wish to use for protection.

They are excellent spiritual healing stones that create balance and harmony and they help to clear your thinking in order for you to make better decisions.

While they have a calming, soothing energy that makes them useful for meditation, at the same time they may stimulate you, which is something of a puzzle.

Tigers Eye help to assist the release of negative vibrations and can aid you to make and carry out goals which is helpful in many areas of life. 

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian is the result of volcanic eruptions and these stones formed when molten lava cooled very quickly.

They are a type of volcanic glass that have a strong energy to give psychic protection and they have a good action as crystals for home protection.

They may be used to grid the doorway to your home or can alternatively be placed anywhere that you feel protection may be warranted.

The energy of Black Obsidian acts as a protective barrier that can shield you from negative vibrations and this also makes them an excellent stone to use in meditation too.

You can combine them with other stones during meditation, but they have many powerful properties in their own right.

More Powerful Properties Of Black Obsidian

These black crystals may assist the growth of precognition or prophecy gifts and will also aid you to connect with your spirit guides and they also have a number of other excellent metaphysical properties.

These dynamic crystals protect you from negativity and assist you to release any disharmony you may have accumulated during the day.

They are a powerful protection stone that can also help to cleanse psychic smog from your energy field.

So having them in the area where you spend time is beneficial to improve the overall energy of both yourself and your home.

Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian also works is a comparable manner to Black Obsidian as they contain a similar energy.

In addition the black and white stones also have some other excellent properties. They can bring stability and balance to your life and are excellent grounding stones.

Apache Tears

Apache Tears are a variety of strange out of shape obsidian stone, so it has quite a few properties in common with Black Obsidian (above).

They are one of the best protection crystals and will work well to protect your home and the people living in it.

It is easy to use these crystals for home protection by simply placing them in any area where you feel there is any type of negativity or risk to those who live there.

These stones are well known for helping you when you are going through grief or loss as their energy is comforting and soothing.

Apache Tears are also good grounding stones that can be used to create an energetic barrier near any entrance to your home.

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a high vibration crystal that will help you in a variety of ways, including its action to align and clear stagnant energy from the chakras.

It works without you needing to direct it, so this is highly beneficial to assist your overall health and is a powerful tool to release negative emotions that may be holding back your progress. 

They have a strong energy to stimulate both the third eye and the crown chakra, and can be used to assist journeying to the spiritual realm in meditation.

They are of course strong crystals for home protection and this applies to any color of Kyanite, including Indigo or Black Kyanite.

You can use smaller pieces around the frame of the front door if you are most interested in finding crystals for front door protection.

But they can be placed near other doors as well, such as the garage or back door. It's easy to obtain small pieces that can be placed anywhere you want. 

All colors of Kyanite are inexpensive including Black Kyanite, and pieces of any size can usually be found fairly easily.

Like other protective stones Blue Kyanite are crown chakra crystals, they have a potent energy for spiritual protection, and combine well with other high vibration crystals.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli has been in use for thousand of years and both the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Sumerians were said to have utilized these stones for protection.

While these blue crystals were mostly known because of their beauty and amazing bright blue coloration, ancient people also recognized their other properties.

They have been known as powerful protection crystals for thousands of years, as they have a potent energy and strong protective qualities.

Since ancient times people have used these stones, and by working with them they soon learned that they had many more beneficial ways they could help the user.

Lapis Lazuli of course they are helpful crystals for home protection so can be used to grid your home to prevent any type of negative emotions from affecting you or anyone who lives with you.

But there are many other ways that they work to assist your life, including to alert you when psychic attacks may be approaching.

While the doors to your home may seem an obvious place to protect, anywhere where someone can see in may need protection.

There are different ways to use any crystal, but keeping a piece where you spend the most time may be helpful, and meditation with these crystals is powerful.

Lapis Lazuli has many more powerful properties and its energy stimulates both the third eye and throat chakra and may assist the growth of psychic gifts.

It is one of the crystals for truth that helps you to speak sincerely and allows you to understand spiritual concepts like the idea of "Enlightenment".

Labradorite Crystals

Labradorite crystals are very beautiful and popular stones that have a powerful action to awaken magical ability and to boost psychic gifts.

These bright sparking stones are unusual, as their energy carries a broad level of protection that cannot be used for ill will.

They are highly protective and work to help to seal your aura against intrusion by negative or evil beings, and can clear any negativity from your energy field.

They are excellent stones to use for front door protection, and can be used in combination with any of the other strong crystals for home protection.

They are helpful when placed near any doorways or even windows to deter negative energy from wanting to come into your home.

If you can obtain small pieces and place them around your doors as this is an easy way to use them.

You can also use them in crystal grids, combined with other stones for any purpose, including protection of course.

A powerful way that they can also benefit you is their action to assist coincidence and synchronicity to increase in your daily life.

They encourage intuitive gifts and mystical abilities to blossom, and are excellent stones to keep nearby when you wish to create changes in your life.

In addition, for reiki healers, they can enhance the strength of the energy you send from your hands.

Labradorite are excellent used in meditation as they helps to create a good connection with your higher self.

Their vibration helps to pierce the veil between the Spirit world and the normal day to day world.


Kammererite is a good choice for home protection as it boosts harmonious feelings where you live. They create harmony in your life by helping to balance the energy of your brain.

While they are a good choice for protecting your home, they are also a great crystal for meditation as they help you to develop psychic powers.

They are worthwhile crystals for home protection due to the fact that they help you to know what the right thing is to do, which can be helpful when deciding how to use crystals for this purpose.

You may choose to keep them nearby in order to assist you to decide about other stones to use for home protection and where to place them for this purpose.

While they can be used to grid your home in any way that suits you, many people also find that wearing them gives you both mental and spiritual clarity.

It is not always possible to get jewelry made from Kammererite stone, but it is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder to make it simple to wear them.

Alternatively, place them in a cloth bag in your pocket. They have a large number of excellent healing properties including helping women's health problems.

Kammererite are excellent stones for pain relief and may help infirm or older people by enhancing your flexibility, especially as you age.

Tourmalinated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz also spelled Tourmilated Quartz is a mixture of Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz Crystal which is commonly known as the master healer.

They contain large amounts of Black Tourmaline so they are also highly beneficial to use to protect your home and the presence of the Clear Quartz makes them excellent healing crystals.

Tourmalinated Quartz are powerful crystals for home protection, and can be used to create a protective grid near the entrance to your home.

Or you can put them anywhere that you feel there is any reason, particularly if you feel uneasy.

Tourmalinated Quartz crystals have all of the energy of Black Tourmaline so have a similar effect for protection.

Checkout the information above about Black Tourmaline, to discover how these crystals are advantageous to use for front door protection.

Because this black mineral is embedded in quartz, the energy will resonate out more strongly into the surrounding area.

Any type of quartz can be programmed to prevent any negative vibrations from filling the area where you place them.

If you are not sure how to program quartz, learn more here. 

Once you learn to do it, it can be done easily and there is also information about how to deprogram crystals if you wish to do something different later on.

Black Jade

Black Jade is also known as a "Guardian Stone" that was traditionally used as a barrier stone to keep negative beings from entering specific locations.

This stone was used to ensure that psychic entities that were not of the light did not infiltrate where they were not wanted.

Their energy as crystals for home protection is quite powerful as they not only prevent any type of beings from attacking, but also have a calming energy.

When psychic attack happens this can create quite stressful situations that can cause a lot of people to find it hard to cope.

So it is helpful to find a solution that is easy to put into place. by placing a piece of this guardian stone near the door, it can act as a preventative.

Black Jade is quite beautiful and can be made into gemstone jewelry that can be worn as protection as well.

When world events have been causing increased stress and alarm, negative thoughts can sometimes overwhelm you and make you feel agitated or anxious.

These black gemstones help in a number of other ways, including to prevent anger and give relief from unnecessary fear or panic.

They have a number of good healing properties including repelling parasitic or bacterial infections and may help the release of toxins from the body.

Black Jade are helpful anti-aging crystals that create a good earth connection, down through the base or root chakra to the earth for grounding.

Jet Stone

Jet stone is well known for its black color, which is commonly used to describe the intense black color that many things occur in, including many types of stone.

Jet is unusual as it does not have the same type of make-up as most other stones as it was created by the fossilization of wood over millions of years.

In the past it was gathered mainly from beaches, especially by the Vikings in Europe.

It was easy to carve, so was made into amulets as it was known as one of the best stones to ward off bad energy from evil entities. 

The energy of Jet stone has long been recognized for its ability to use to stop action from those who are giving you the 'evil eye'.

The evil eye is related to being stared at by "energy vampires" in a way that creates bad luck.

Jet is a strong crystal for good luck and using it is said to reverse any bad luck and bring good luck instead.

These crystals for home protection can be used like any of the others on the list, by placing pieces of this stone in areas where you feel it may prevent intrusion by any type of bad energy.

It is a helpful healing stone that has a number of beneficial healing properties, and is known to help muscle pain, and may clear negativity from your energy field.

Jet stone also helps to heal holes or gaps, or areas of your aura that might allow the intrusion of beings who are not of the light into your energy field.

While they are known as stones for protection, they have a stronger energy for personal protection rather than being used for protecting your home.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx has been used in the past to carve protective amulets to shield the wearer from attack from evil spirits.

This stone is known to have a magical energy, but is not as powerful as many other crystals for home protection, and it is a good crystal to wear on your body.

It assists the release of negative energy and will help you to feel calm when life is difficult and is helpful at times of grief or loss.

It may boost your memory, has a good grounding energy and is useful for those who are studying, as it helps you to concentrate and stay on track.

Smoky Quartz

Smokey Quartz crystals have a number of powerful properties including their energy as strong grounding stones.

Also spelt Smoky Quartz, this is one of the more well known quartz crystals that are strong earth element crystals with excellent healing properties.

They are a good stone that is very helpful for anyone undergoing radiation treatment as they amplify the result of the treatment.

These stones are advantageous crystals for home protection and are effective to use to grid any area of the home where you feel anyone undesirable may enter.

Smoky Quartz TransmitterSmoky Quartz in a Transmitter Formation

They are strong psychic protection stones that also help to release any negativity present in the environment and are also said to neutralize geopathic stress.

As they are quartz crystals they can be programmed with an affirmation, to assist their energy to work more effectively.

Crystals That Improve Your Home's Energy & How!

Any of the above crystals will work with various other stones to boost how they work. 

There may be other stones that have a good energy but will work in different ways to boost the overall vibration of your home. 

One of the most well known stones for boosting relationships is Rose Quartz, the beautiful pink quartz crystal that is a powerful heart chakra stone.

They can be combined with any of the crystals for home protection, and while they are not protective, they are a great stone to use to ensure your home remains filled with positive vibrations.

Rose Quartz is known as the foremost love stone and will create a powerful improvement in the energy of anywhere that they are placed, and used in the bedroom may ensure you have an harmonious relationship.

They are also one of the best stones to use if you have cranky people living next door, and will work well on external walls of your home to change the energy of next door neighbors.

Combine With Heart Chakra Stones

There are quite a few heart chakra stones that have an excellent loving energy and many of these are colored pink.

Pink crystals that will help relationships includes other pink stones Mangano Calcite, Strawberry Quartz, Peruvian Pink Opal and Pink Tourmaline.

Other heart based stones may also energize your home including the bedroom, where they assist the creation of an harmonious relationship.

This includes many of the green crystals and stones such as Tsavorite Garnet, Green Aventurine, Emerald and Green Calcite.

Ensuring that your home is happy as well as safe is quite valuable and there are quite a few excellent stones that enhance joy and happiness.

By adding crystals for a happy home to your living space, you will add an extra dimension to ensuring that where you live fills you with enjoyment.

Stones to use includes the bright yellow quartz called Citrine, Chrysoprase, Watermelon Tourmaline and Ocean Jasper, all of which help to boost happiness.

Clear Quartz Crystals are commonly used for crystal healing and will be beneficial as you can program them to improve the energy of your home. 

Look for quartz crystals that have a positive energy that will assist you to feel better, such as a piece of Citrine, Rose Quartz, and Lithium Quartz which has a quite calming energy that soothes stress and tension. 

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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