Learn About Clairsentience

Psychometry And Clear Feeling

➤ By Liz Oakes

What is Clairsentience? This is the psychic power or talent of sensing or 'feeling' psychically or spiritually also called clear feeling

Another closely related psychic gift is psychometry. This term is also related to feeling psychically.

Did you know that there are a number of specific crystals that you can use to help you to develop these abilities

Clairsentience CrystalsClairsentience Crystals: Grape Chalcedony or Grape Agate

While some of these crystals are sacral chakra stones there are also many crystals that are high vibration stones.

Some stones have the potential to aid you to develop a number of psychic abilities at the same time.

Usually they use the word psychometry to speak about when you sense something psychically about an object while touching it.

Both of these gifts are quite alike, and both will aid you to run your life better as you follow your feelings.

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Similar To Intuition

This gift has quite a lot in common with intuition, because it a strong awareness that you feel inside yourself about the subject you are concentrating on.

If you are developing your intuition, you may find that clairsentience or psychometry may develop at the same time.

While intuition is similar to these gifts there are some differences.

What Is Clairsentience? What Is This Psychic Power?

What is clairsentience? What exactly is this psychic ability?

  • Clairsentience is the psychic gift of clear feeling.
  • For those who have been wondering about 'What is Clairsentience', it is not always totally plain to you immediately that you have this gift.
  • Those who are strongly intuitive may also be clairsentient as these gifts have many similar attributes.

When you work to develop your intuition you may also find that there is an elevation in your overall psychic gifts.

Both are psychic abilities and both have links to the sacral chakra.

Psychometry is when you actually touch something and sense it, while clairsentience is generally when you 'feel' vibrations within you.

Do you notice when you are working on finding answers that you feel things more often?

Each individual will be aware of how they usually react to the world, and those who are emotionally sensitive may find that they have the gift of clairsentience.

This gift often becomes stronger after you have started some sort of spiritual development or healing work.

Often you feel this in your stomach, the region governed by the sacral or navel chakra and it is similar in nature to intuition.

By participating in any sort of psychic development classes, you may become more aware of how you 'feel' about a certain thing.

Clairsentience and Spirit Guides

As your spirit guides begin to contact you, sometimes you will feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

There is often a strong feeling within you that there is a need to pay attention.

Sometimes when your guides contact you, you will feel a prickling of your skin or a feeling like when hair is lightly brushed over your skin.

It can be unnerving at the beginning, but stay with it.

Once you put your awareness onto what you are feeling, you will know that you are receiving some type of psychic communication, via your feelings, from the spiritual realm.

 Which Stones to Use

Some of the high vibration stones may help you to develop these gifts. In particular both Petalite and Moldavite may help you to develop this gift.

Wearing a Moldavite Pendant is one way that you can utilize one of the more powerful high crystal energy stones.

By holding these stones in your hand during meditation their vibrations will resonate within your energy field, and may aid you.

The more you develop any of these gifts, the more likely it is that your psychic gifts will guide you when making choices about crystals.

These crystals are some of a group of strong third eye chakra stones.

Any stones that work within this chakra will aid the development of psychic gifts, so it is useful to add some of them in too.

If you are working on developing your psychic gifts or powers and have a strong feeling that clairsentience is your major ability, begin by meditating at home with specific crystals.

You may like to choose from some of the crystals shown on this page.

Many of the particular crystals that have the potential to develop this gift are the sacral chakra stones.

A few other specific stones that have been found to be effective, and where possible I will feature pictures of the best stones to use further down this page.

How To Choose The Best Clairsentience Crystal For You?

Are you wondering the best way to choose the right crystal that may help to boost your individual gifts?

  • Clairsentience is the psychic gift that is about feeling.

So it may be necessary when you go to buy crystals, to choose stones that  feel right when you select them.

  • It is important that however you choose your crystals that you allow your 'feelings' to guide you.

For developing psychometry in particular, Dumortierite is very effective, and also has the potential to develop other psychic gifts as well.

A stone that has come to my attention lately is Grape Chalcedony also known as Grape Agate and it is also effective to use for this purpose.

Lavender Rose quartz, which is the lavender variety of Rose Quartz Crystals has a beautiful vibration and it can be very effective for this use.

As it is a variety of Rose Quartz, with the addition of some other minerals, it is a wonderful stone to have in your life.

I have quite a lot of both Lavender Rose Quartz as well as the pinker stones as these are powerful stones to surround yourself with to improve your life.

Pink & Lavender Rose QuartzPink & Lavender Rose Quartz

There are quite a few good stones to get you started with developing this gift, and I have pictures of many of them further down the page.

Some of these are easier to obtain than others, and some of these have their own in-depth page written about them.

Also get crystals for grounding, as spiritual grounding is very necessary, and is is also beneficial to also use crystals for psychic protection.

Note that Black Obsidian helps you to develop this gift and is also a strong grounding stone.

How Do You Develop The Gift of Clairsentience?

This is the psychic gift that many classes in psychic development begin with. These classes, to learn to be psychic, are commonly called development circles.

They are usually aimed at developing all psychic abilities. The reason I mention this particularly is that psychometry is one gift that is regularly developed as part of these classes.

So if you have a feeling that you have been having communication from spirit in this manner, you may want to go along to a circle.

What should you expect in a circle?

  • The circle will often start with a guided meditation and this is where everyone is led into a deep meditation.
  • It may be helpful to take note of what the person leading the group says at these times.
  • This helps you when you are doing a psychic meditation at home. Using the same process may help you to move on more quickly, and elevate your ability.

Participating in a psychic circle and being guided by someone who has psychic gifts, will aid you to move forward more quickly.

Most of these people running the classes, or circles, are loving individuals who are very supportive of your developing gifts.

These meditations usually have the purpose to encourage you to make contact with your spirit guides.

If you are successful at contacting your spirit guide, the whole process will move along more quickly.

All of the participants who come are asked to bring a small object with them. As you enter you are asked to put this object into an envelope, and these are put in a bowl.

After the meditation, one by one the class members draw an envelope. Hopefully you do not draw your own! Then each person concentrates on the object, to see if they pick up anything.

About Psychometry

Most participants will find that they do pick up the energy of the person who owns the object. This is called psychometry.

Because you have first practiced a meditation, this has brought most people to a higher vibration. Many of you will find that you are able to use this gift of psychometry or clairsentience.

Most folk are able to get a feeling of some sort from the object.

Even those who are new to using this gift are often extremely accurate. It does seem to be one gift that is more easily developed.

  • Many people will see images as they touch the object.
  • So they may have both the gift of clairvoyance or psychic vision as well as clairsentience.
  • You may see something out of the corner of your eye and feel a strong gut feeling that this is important.
  • This may be your spirit guide communicating with you and trying to get your attention.
  • Alternatively, you may hear a sound of some sort or even a voice in your head speaking to you.
  • If you hear sounds or voices, you may be developing clairaudience or psychic hearing as well, which may give you clues about what you are feeling.

Most of you could possibly have a combination of different psychic gifts, but usually one gift stands out more distinctly than the others.

Wearing The Crystals

Jewelry made from any of the stones listed here, have a vibration that is excellent to wear to accelerate your gifts. Lovely Amber jewelry is quite easy to obtain.

You may be able to get lovely jewelry made from these stones fairly easily. Many of these stones are also on the list of birthstones by month, so may be sold as birthstone jewelry.

Wearing any of these stones has an added advantage that may accelerate the development of your gifts.

Another way to assist you is to keep one of the stones nearby you in the room you spend most of your time.

Clairsentience is the gift of clear feeling, so go with how you feel and you will find that you achieve the best results.

This gift will help you to follow the path of your life better, as you listen to your feelings.

For the fastest results the longer you keep these stones within your aura, or energy field, the faster you can expect these gifts to develop.

Wearing any of these crystals as jewelry is very effective, or if you prefer you may put crystal stones in your pocket.

You could also put one of these specific crystals under your pillow at night, as this ensures they are within your aura for the longest period of time. 

The most important thing with this gift is to follow your feelings.

Books That Aid Psychic Development

The books and the CD set shown below are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities, including clairsentience and developing your intuition, a closely related gift.

In her book 'Diary of a Psychic', you can read the story of how Sonia developed her gifts.

Sonia Choquette has been working as a psychic reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years, so she brings this wealth of experience to her writing.

Although her books cover a range of different aspects, they all take you through the processes that aid you to develop your psychic gifts. They are all excellent books to help you to place your feet on the path that leads you to develop genuine psychic abilities.

If you wish to read reviews of these Sonia Choquette books Click Here.

List of Clairsentience Stones & Crystals To Use

All of the stones in the pictures below are on the list of stones that help you to develop clairsentient gifts.

There are a few more not pictured below, including Boekenhaut Jasper, Cherry Opal, Moraesite and Valleriite.

Lavender QuartzLavender Quartz
Singing QuartzSinging Quartz

Want To Know More About Any Of The Stones?

Quite a few crystals or stones have had an in-depth article written about them.

This helps you to see images of the crystal, and learn more about its metaphysical and healing attributes and how it helps clairsentience.

It is easy to discover if more has been written about a specific stone. Simply check on the A To Z of Crystals Minerals and Stones page, see link is at the bottom of the page.

This may help you to find out where additional information about any stone may be located.

Crystals To Boost Clairsentience & PsychometryCrystals To Boost Clairsentience & Psychometry

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