Top Crystals To Prevent Psychic Attack

Stones List & Signs Of Attack

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystals to prevent psychic attack can be extremely helpful and specific stones may help when you are being psychically attacked by negative entities.

Do you know how to tell if you are being psychically attacked? Learn more below by reading the list of symptoms it can cause

The stones on the list below can be helpful for protection even if you are not sure whether it's deliberate.

Crystals To Prevent Psychic AttackMalachite Creates A Barrier Around You: Prevents Psychic Attack

There are a number of crystals that are known to help to ward off this type of invasion of your body's energy field.

There are quite a few protective stones and they all have particular ways that they can benefit you.

Some stones are more effective than others for this purpose, and it may be beneficial to combine them to strengthen the energy. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Crystal Tip: Keep reading to learn the reasons why the crystals below are the best stones to use to prevent psychic attack and discover ways to use them in your daily life.

Attack By Dark Magic or Negative Entities

Attack may be deliberate, but this is not always the case, especially at night.

It may also happen because someone with powerful psychic gifts is dreaming about you, and causing the attack during their sleep.

But this is not always the case and you can also be attacked by dark magic or those with powerful psychic gifts.

In addition you may make contact with negative entities in the astral realm while you are meditating, and they may attach themselves to your aura.

How do you know you are being attacked? What could you experience?

See the symptoms below, to help you to discover if you could be under attack.

Check out the sections below outlining how each of the crystals to prevent psychic attack actually work.

See the different solutions provided by their energy and how they avert or put a stop to attack.

What Is Psychic Attack? 

As this page is about crystals to prevent psychic attack, it may be of value for you to learn the symptoms and possible negative manifestations that can be experienced.

While individuals may experience various symptoms, some are common to most people who feel they are being attacked.

Aegirine PendantAegirine Pendant

Some of the strongest psychic attacks may come when you are sleeping and it is common for this to happen when you are asleep and unaware until it happens.

Psychic attacks in your dreams may also occur, and for this reason it may assist you to grid your bed with crystals to prevent these attacks, see more below. 

Possible Symptoms Of Psychic Attack

So let's look at the most common symptoms you might experience:

  • Bad pain in the solar plexus, which is the area in the middle of your stomach.
  • Pain in other areas of the body, especially in your spine.
  • Difficulty breathing properly.
  • Severe tension, stress and fear filling you.
  • A flush of extreme heat or cold going through you.
  • Feeling emotionally and/or physically unbalanced.
  • Feeling like your spiritual connection has been terminated.

There are a number of excellent crystals for general psychic protection and some useful ways to protect yourself on the psychic protection page, so check that out.

The list of crystals shown on this page are known to be the best and strongest crystals to prevent psychic attack.

There are many other stones that give good protection in a general sense, but the ones on the list below are powerful to stop attacks.

Benefits Of Crystals To Prevent Psychic Attack

A number of the crystals on the list will create an energetic barrier around the area where they are located so they are useful to place where you live.

Use these crystals for home protection if you are worried about being at risk while you sleep or just generally when you are at home.

In some cases their energy will make you less visible to negative entities.

Each of the stones listed below work in slightly different ways to help to put a stop to deliberate invasion of your etheric body.

Maori Greenstone AmuletMaori Greenstone Amulet

Each of the crystals to prevent psychic attack that are on the list have a short explanation about the benefits of using them.

All of these have an in-depth page where you can learn a lot more about their meaning and use.

Check out the information below to discover the various ways that they can help to frustrate, intercept or otherwise head off this type of assault.

Some of these are crystals for home protection, so they can be placed near your home's entrances. This includes the back door or garage door and they are of course helpful for front door protection.

More About Listed Crystals To Prevent Psychic Attack

There is information below, in alphabetical order, about each of the crystals to prevent psychic attack that are on the above list.

Please note that every one of the stones in the top section has its own in-depth page, and you can read more by clicking on the picture in its section.

To aid your choice, these in-depth pages give you the meaning and use of the stone and you can learn more about other ways they can benefit you.


Aegirine is a potent stone to use to help to put a stop to this sort of attack for two reasons.

Not only will it stop an attack while it is happening, but it will also help to break the connection of negative malicious beings that are already attached to you. 

It does not matter if you don't know that these malevolent beings are attached to your aura, it will work whether you know or not.

If you aren't sure if you do have beings attached, it may benefit you to keep a piece on you for a few days to make sure you clear any entities.

Some of Aegirine's other powerful attributes in addition to them being crystals to prevent psychic attack include:

These stones help those with electrical sensitivity and are one of the more powerful EMF Protection stones.

They are excellent healing crystals for you to use as they are known to aid the immune system and have other healing properties.

Aegirine is well known as one of the crystals that help stressThey help those with addictions and their energy boosts feelings of joy and happiness. 

While the action of Aegirine as one of the crystals to prevent psychic attack is very important, like most stones on this page it has a number of other excellent properties. So check out its in-depth page to learn more.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline or Schorl is one of my favorite stones for many reasons and this includes its action as one of the crystals to prevent psychic attack.

While this is a powerful attribute, it also has a number of other excellent properties, so please take the time to read about it on its individual page.

I keep pieces of this stone throughout my home, including on my bedside table and on my desk where I spend a lot of time each day.

It is powerful to fend off attack from malicious beings and from other people.

Many attacks come at night when you are sleeping, and this can be because the person sending it is dreaming bad dreams about you.

If someone has an issue with you and has any type of psychic powers, they may inadvertently attack you at night.

This may be especially true if they are ruminating about issues related to you before they go to sleep.

In addition malevolent beings can attack at night as they know you are not alert to their attack. 

This is why I have a number of stones to prevent psychic attack in the bedroom. As this crystal also helps to improve the area where it is located this is beneficial for your health.

The action of Black Tourmaline for psychic protection is well known but in addition is has a number of other powerful properties.

Note: that many of the stones on this list have common attributes.

Black Tourmaline With Mica

Black Tourmaline With MicaBlack Tourmaline With Mica

As well as the well known variety of this stone, you can also obtain Black Tourmaline With Mica included, which is very powerful to stop attacks.

When it is within your aura, and you are attacked, it sends the energy back to the person who sent it, and makes them less interested in attacking you.

This is covered in more detail on the Black Tourmaline page.

Other reasons for using Black Tourmaline includes:

  • It is one of the strongest grounding stones, and this is one of its more powerful effects.
  • This black stone helps with Spiritual healing and aids your spiritual growth.
  • It is useful to use for meditation and works well when combined with other stones.

Schorl is a good EMF protection stone, and wearing it does help you to deal with emanations coming from devices such as phones and wi-fi.

As a healing stone, it is known to help in a number of ways including boosting the immune system, aiding allergy and assisting pain.

It helps with the release of negative vibrations. By transmuting this energy into positive energy, it improves the energy of the area where it is located.


Cookeite is not a well known stone, but if you can get one its worth using, as they have a potent energy to use for this purpose.

Their energy generates an impenetrable barrier around you, which makes them one of the top crystals to prevent psychic attack.


They have a strong energy to create a barrier but you do need them to be present within your auric field. 

They work very well when they are held in your hand or are on your body so it is highly beneficial to keep a piece on you, by putting a piece in your pocket.

These stones are also excellent healing crystals, including creating better sleep, and more. They are also useful to assist problem solving. 

They are good meditation stones, as they help you gain understanding of spiritual matters so checkout the page about them to learn more.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and using one of these macrame crystal holders is helpful and simple to use.

I like the crystal holders as they ensure the stone doesn't get lost. You can also use a small bag in your pocket. These are sold for holding healing stones.

Fire Agate 

Fire Agate has a powerful vibration that creates a protective shield of defense around you to prevent psychic attack from succeeding. 

But this stone offers much more. It also sends this energy back to the person who sent it.

This doesn't harm them but instead makes the sender spiritually aware of the possible harm they could have done to you.

This is advantageous for two reasons. Firstly, not everyone who attacks others is aware they are doing it, as sometimes they send an attack while they are asleep.

Secondly if they are aware and are doing it on purpose, it makes them aware that they did not succeed in actually doing damage to you. 

They are excellent crystals to prevent psychic attack, as their energy allows you to feel safe and secure as you know you are protected from harm.

This crystal also has a number of other powerful metaphysical properties, including helping to ground you, and it has a number of good healing attributes.

It is a strong stone to aid procreation, so is helpful for anyone looking for a solution to infertility, and it enhances creativity. 

Fire agate also has a calming, soothing energy, that helps to release any fear you might have felt if you were aware of what had happened.


Malachite is one of the more powerful crystals to prevent psychic attack, due to its ability to conceal your energy field from negative entities.

The energy of this green stone generates a potent barrier that seals off your auric field from negative beings, which protects you energetically.

Like all of the stones that are useful to avert attack, these crystals have a number of other excellent qualities that will benefit you.

This includes boosting your intuition and your creativity, and helping to heal a large number of health issues.

It helps to boost self esteem and confidence, activates your chakras and has a good action to balance the emotions, so check out its page to learn more.  

Many people love the look of these green stones and it's easy to get jewelry made from Malachite.

Alternatively put a piece in your pocket. Just make sure your piece of Malachite is sealed before you buy it, with no chips. Learn more about why, in its in-depth page.

Maori Greenstone also called Pounamu Stone

Maori Greenstone has an energy that is partly related to the region in New Zealand where these stones formed.

They form an impenetrable protective barrier around the wearer, stopping the incursion of negative beings.

They work best when kept on the body and have historically been handed down to children or grandchildren for protection.

This stone has a few other names including being called Tangawaite, Tangiwai and Pounamu Stone which relate to the Maori language.

These green stones are not just crystals to prevent psychic attack, but have a number of other beneficial qualities. 

They have a number of excellent healing attributes so checkout the page.

The action of Pounamu Stone to grant protection is not new, as these stones have been used as talismans for hundreds of years by the Maori people.

Owyhee Blue Opal

Owyhee Blue Opal has a calming energy that will help you to deal with the possibility of being attacked if it's worrying you.

They are on the list of crystals to prevent psychic attack as their energy will isolate your aura from invasion by negative entities.

The combination of being highly protective while also helping to put a stop to any attack, ensuring it doesn't succeed makes them highly beneficial for meditation.

They have a high vibration and using them in meditation may be helpful as they have some excellent metaphysical properties.

They are good third eye crystals, that aid spiritual healing and growth and also assist contact with angels, and aid you to develop mediumship or channeling.

They have a soothing calming energy that brings peace to your meditation, and much more, so if you think it's for you, read its specific page.

Owyhee Blue Opal are also good crystals for communication, as they have a strong resonance within the throat chakra.


Tantalite has a number of properties that are similar to other stones on the list of crystals to prevent psychic attack, but it also has some unique attributes.

In common with some of the stones above, it creates a barrier to stop intrusion by beings that are not of the light.

In also acts to prevent new attachments to your aura from those attacking you whether is is entities or other people. 

It also works to protect you from negative magic!

If you are being attacked by someone who is casting spells on you, it will turn the result around, creating instead a positive outcome.

This is a unique outcome from their energy that I have not heard of from any other crystal or stone.

This helps you to feel calmer and more secure if you are getting the impression that someone with dark magic is attacking you.

These crystals have a number of other positive ways that they can help you.

This includes assisting decision making, enhancing creativity, helping you to be more organized, aiding addiction, and are excellent grounding stones.

Tantalite may also help to sever karmic ties from past life attachments or relationships in this life that have not been properly terminated.

Crystals To Prevent Psychic AttackCrystals To Prevent Psychic Attack

Other Crystals To Prevent Psychic Attack

Other crystals that help to prevent psychic attack were not included as their in-depth page was not written at time that I wrote this page.

Their article will be written at some time in the future. If they have a link under their name you know this has been done and you can read more about them.

The following stones may be helpful for this purpose, including Isua Stone, Pyrolusite, Limonite, Larvikite and Kimberlite are others not mentioned above.

Velvet Pyrolusite 1-500Pyrolusite

How Would You Use These Crystals?

This page contains information about each of the crystals to prevent psychic attack.

But you may also find that it is helpful to learn about ways to use them, including combining protective crystals with stones used in meditation. 

There are a number ways that I feel that they are best used including:

  • Wearing the stones on your body is highly effective, and this can be wearing jewelry or simply by keeping a piece in your pocket.
  • If you feel that you are being attacked, having one in the area where you sleep or nearby may be useful.
Fire Agate Gridding SetFire Agate Gridding Set
  • You can use these stones to grid a whole room or you can grid your bed to create an energetic field of protection. 

Read the Fire Agate article to learn more about how gridding could be done.

For those who work in the same location every day, such as working in a desk job, keep one or more on your desk so its energy resonates into the whole area.

In addition, keep your protective stone in the area at home where you spend the most time.

  • Simply hold your crystal in your hand during meditation. The stones don't need to be big, as most smaller ones work well.

You can obtain macrame crystal holders. These are useful when you wish to keep stones on your body and can't get jewelry.

Buy the type where you can easily change the stone (it has a sliding bead above where the stone sits.)

My Final Thoughts

Black Tourmaline is one of my favorite stones for this purpose so I have a lot of it and keep a chunk in various places around my home.

This includes having a piece on my desk and on my bedside, so I can hold it whenever I feel the need.

It is one of the best crystals to prevent psychic attack as well as being very effective for EMF protection.

It is a strong grounding stone, as well as having a number of excellent healing properties.

black Tourmaline in hand 500Hold Black Tourmaline In Your Hand

While all of the stones on the list are extremely effective, there are a good number of other stones that are also protective for various reasons.

Checkout my article about psychic protection, where you can find out more information, including other protective crystals and protection methods.

If there is an in-depth article on any of the protective stones, check it out and learn if there are other reasons for choosing that stone.

There are other crystals to prevent psychic attack and while they aren't listed on this page, you might see it listed on their site page.

Malachite Creates A Barrier Around You: Prevents Psychic AttackMalachite Crystals Help To Prevent Psychic Attack

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