Want To Learn Automatic Writing?

Channel Written Communication From Spirit

➤ By Liz Oakes

Automatic writing is a form of channeling, where you allow a higher power to create or guide the words that you write. 

It is a psychic gift and one of the easiest types of psychic communication abilities to develop. 

It involves allowing Spirit, the universal mind or your higher self to simply flow through you. 

This will work regardless of whether you hand write or type. Learn about crystals that boost this gift. 

Iolite Sunstone Automatic Writing Wide 1Iolite Sunstone

Crystal Tip: Channeled writing is a very effective way to channel spirit, as it comes directly to your hand from spirit. 

Many people prefer to hand write, and doing daily writing in a specific journal is helpful. 

Combining regular meditation with it is the best way to assist the process and keeping crystals that may stimulate this gift nearby may help you.

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Preparation for Automatic Writing

The best way to get started with automatic writing is to buy a journal, and write in it daily.

By having a special book devoted to this, Spirit recognizes your feelings of dedication to the task. 

If you are meant to develop the ability to channel spirit it will happen, if you are committed to this daily activity.

Even if when you start you may feel a lack of trust in yourself as you continue daily, and read what comes through, you may develop a greater degree of belief that you have this gift.

The Process: Getting Started

By making a point of writing in your journal every day, this is the way that many people get started.

If you do this at the same time each and every day, it will work best. Be respectful of spirit.

If you make a regular time with spirit, it allows them to be there, and if you cannot do it for any reason send up a short prayer, thanking them for being there, if you are not going to make it.

White light yourself before starting any type of spiritual practices. You may like to make the room more spiritual by lighting candles, but it is not really necessary.

It is entirely your own preference, but it may be helpful to place specific crystals in the area.

Many of the stones that aid the development of this gift have quite magical energy and many embody mystical powers that may assist the process.

Stones like the lovely Labradorite Crystal Ball shown here will also help you to open up gifts that aid your ability to communicate psychically.

To begin most people say a short prayer. 

It is important to say a prayer for protection, and it can be very effective to say one that reflects your personal ideas, and the words you say will of course reflect your own beliefs.

Many psychic development groups use the Lords Prayer and this has a powerful resonance as it has been used for this purpose for so long. 

A Prayer For Protection

For example you might say: "Great Divine spirit, I ask for your guidance and protection at this time. May all who come forward be of and from the light.

I ask my guardian spirit to block all negative entities or spirits from being present in this place.

Finish with Amen or And So It Is, depending on what personally feels right."

Now You Can Begin

Sit down with your journal in front of you to begin. Let go and be open to it happening.

  • Allow yourself to feel relaxed, calm and peaceful. 
  • I like to do a short meditation before I begin to actually write to allow my mind to still and become tranquil. 
  • Hold the pen or pencil lightly, ensuring that it feels loose and relaxed in your hand.
  • Relax your mind, let go of all thought.

Some people also choose to use their non dominant hand and find that the words flow more easily this way, but it is okay to use your normal hand.

  • You may begin by asking questions, and you may choose to write the question down so that you begin the writing process.
  • Then simply relax and wait for it to happen.

For some people it feels like normal writing and for others it is like your hand is gripped by a force. Either is fine, and both are correct.

You may choose to type the words and this is highly successful way that many people channel spirit, and is my personal way of doing automatic writing, although I did start with hand writing.

You may find that you begin to feel very relaxed even floaty, this is what happens to me, similar to the way you may be in your daily meditation, as your brain waves slow.

Organize Your Thoughts and Enhance Creativity

Writing in a journal is an excellent way to organize your thoughts. 

It's so easy to do and may help you if you ever thought you had what it takes to be a writer.

Automatic writing which is a psychic gift is aided by daily journaling.

Daily journaling may enhance your creative writing abilities and stimulate communication gifts including writing poetry. 

Indicolite Blue TourmalineIndicolite Blue Tourmaline

Recording your day to day life also gives you a stronger appreciation of the all of the good things you have in your life.

If this aspect is important to you, you may like to keep a separate gratitude journal to record all the things that you have to be thankful for.

A dream journal is another use for your daily journaling as tracking your dreams is said to be very helpful.

Keep A Regular Appointment With Yourself And Spirit

Make a daily appointment with yourself and your journal! By scheduling daily time for yourself, you will find that your writing flows more easily.

If you are doing this for spiritual reasons, as a way to make contact with spirit, this is very important.

It is about commitment and spirit likes to know that you are going to be there when you commit to being there.

If you are writing in a journal as a means of channeling information from spirit, make a definite time for this.

Sit down take up the pen and just allow whatever comes to mind to flow onto the paper.

Grammar and spelling are unimportant in your journal, the important thing is developing a flow of words!

Writing In A JournalWriting In A Journal

Letting out the thoughts on issues in your daily life that are bothering you, is also one of the ways that you can relieve stress.

If you are unsure what to write about you might like to start a gratitude journal, where you compile information on the things you have to be thankful for.

Or you could your record details of your dreams by keeping a dream journal.

Automatic Writing: Developing Your Creativity

If you have ever thought you would like to become a writer here is your chance to develop those skills. 

If you want help to unlock your imagination have a look at the page on specific crystals that may aid the process.

By taking the time each day to commit to making contact with spirit you may start to quickly find that you begin to bring information through from spirit.

Automatic writing is a one of the easiest types of psychic communication.

By practicing via daily writing in a journal, you may find that you become good at writing very quickly.

Automatic writing is a type of channeling, and it relies on you allowing spirit to flow through you and create or guide the words that you write.

As you receive information from spirit you allow yourself to record it, it's that simple. Perhaps you are a budding writer, a poet or even a playwright!

How would you find out unless you spend the time developing these ideas and skills. Like anything you do, it takes practice to develop mastery in a specific craft.

Buy Yourself A Journal

Start the process by getting yourself a book to write in, even a simple notebook like mine will be okay.

A simple book is all you need to start to write a journal. Writing in a journal should be quite natural. 

To commence the practice having a purpose bought book to write in is all that is required to get started. 

pyrophyllite 2-500Pyrophyllite

Just make sure that the book you are going to write in is one that makes you feel good when you look at it.

Once you have been writing for a while you may want to replace the book with something else but an expensive book is not needed to get you started. 

Using a book that you mentally know is your journal makes it easier to get started, as there is somewhere special for you to write in.

Psychic Protection In Important

It is vitally important that you use psychic protection methods every day, and it is extremely helpful to have specific highly protective crystals on your body as well. 

One of the most effective stones for this purpose is Black Tourmaline.

Before you begin automatic writing it is important to do some method of psychic protection, such as a prayer, as mentioned above. 

Another powerful protection is to shield yourself with a protective cloak before you begin.

For more information on this subject, there is a dedicated page on methods to protect yourself.

You may benefit by reading how to prevent psychic attack if you are unfamiliar with the best ways to protect yourself from negative entities.

Having your psychic channel open may leave you open to contact with negativity. 

Once you begin to open yourself up to spirit, you need to be aware how important it is that you protect yourself.

You may also find that you become ungrounded, especially if you use any of the high vibration stones. 

If you choose a psychic protection stone that is also a strong grounding crystal this will be beneficial.

Daily Meditation

To help you to develop the gift of automatic writing, doing meditation on a regular daily basis if very effective.

Meditation helps you to work on psychic gifts, as it works by changing your brain waves.

As your brain slows from your normal day to day beta wave to the slower alpha wave, you will find that the flow of information from source will increase.

Two specific areas of the brain, the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex are said to be associated with the evolvement of psychic gifts.

By regularly using isochronic tones, you may activate these areas of the brain, and you may find that your automatic writing abilities develop more quickly, and more smoothly.

You may choose to use any of the crystals mentioned here, by simply holding them in your hand  during meditation.

Direct Channeling

Automatic writing is the easiest way to channel spirit and is an easy way to receive higher impressions or messages from a higher perspective within the Spiritual realms.

This is said to be claircognizance in the written form. Once you have worked with receiving messages in the written form, you may find that you begin channeling directly from spirit.

This may be aided by using stones like Shattuckite, a strong stone to aid development of many psychic gifts.

As your gifts become stronger, you may begin receiving information from spirit by the direct implanting of thoughts into your brain, directly and immediately.

This is known as psychic knowing, also known as claircognizance, and works in a similar way to how clairaudience or psychic hearing is received.

It is one of the psychic senses, and involves direct contact with spirit, and its definition may be clear knowing, as you know that what you received is from a higher perspective and totally real and accurate.

How do you use it to enhance your life? 

Automatic writing use may aid the opening up of other psychic abilities which may help to enhance your life in a variety of ways.

Contacting your spirit guide is one of the first things that is likely to happen. 

The guidance you receive may come from spirit guides as well as in a variety of other ways, including at night in your dreams.

Many of you will have more than one gift operating simultaneously, as this is very common, and all of these gifts are quite mixed together in many people. 

Often you will be using a mixture of different gifts as you open yourself up to allowing these gifts to develop. 

It is possible that you may find that this may lead you to find out what your strongest psychic communication gift is.

More Than One Psychic Gift Operating

You may enhance the whole process to develop this gift and others, and aid it to happen more easily and quickly by doing a regular meditation to boost psychic gifts.

As this becomes clearer to you, you may also begin develop your intuition even further, as you find other psychic gifts. Automatic writing is a form of channeling.

If you choose to allow spirit to simply flow through you, you will find that the guidance received will help you in many ways.

Allow spirit to guide the words that you write, and receive amazing insights on how you may move forward in your life, and live the life you always wanted and dreamed of.

Which Crystals to Use To Aid Automatic Writing?

Using crystals for communication may help you to write better.

The stones pictured and those on the list below are particular crystals that may enhance the process to open yourself up to automatic writing.

Any of the high vibration stones have a level of crystal energy that may be quite potent, and may lead you to develop a range of psychic abilities, including this one.

There are quite a few crystals that may benefit you by being combined with your daily writing in a journal and using any of the high vibration stones may be helpful.

Most of the blue throat chakra crystals are excellent stones to aid written communication, including Indicolite or Blue Tourmaline, Shattuckite, Baryte and Blue Topaz.

If you have been considering journaling there are quite a few crystals that may aid the process.

Other Stones That Aid You To Develop Automatic Writing

Many of the stones below are chakra stones for the crown or soul star, and may also be third eye chakra stones.

CatliniteCatlinite aka Pipestone

In addition to the crystals pictured above, other stones known to aid automatic writing includes the following: Blue Spinel, Epistilbite, Gillespite, Gray Scapolite, Green Obsidian, Hancockite, Jadeite,  Linnaeite,  Messelite or Sanbornite. 

You Can Also Record Details Of Life

Have you ever read a diary or journal written by someone from the past. Reading a journal written a long time ago may give you a new perspective and appreciation of your life. 

It is even more interesting if that person is related to you, so think about what it might be like for your children's children to read about what your life was like.

By writing in a journal every day and recording the events of your family in this way, you will be able to look back and see what happened, and when.


Do you remember details of when your grandchild baby was born? What was their first day at school like? When did your baby take their first step?

Do you remember the details of the day you picked up that new car? What about the day you caught that whopping big fish or your first hole in one!

So many things happen in life and you forget about how much joy and delight you felt at the time.

By recording these daily events in your journal you will be able to look back at how things were and feel gratitude for these positive experiences.

Last Of All: Enjoy Yourself!

When it is all over and done each day, the most important thing is that you have enjoyed the process.

Writing in a journal should not be a chore but should be an enjoyable thing to do. 

If you are not having fun doing it, if it does not make you happy, stop doing it!

Once you begin to enjoy your daily interaction with yourself and Spirit who knows where it may lead!

If you think your writing is not creative enough, and this is purely your personal opinion, maybe using some specific creativity crystals to help to enhance your creativity may help.

Many people love writing but may not be good at it.  Once you begin the daily practice of writing in a journal, this may all change.

If it doesn't just make sure that you have enjoyed the process, as you never know what the end result may be.

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Books That Aid You To Develop Psychic Gifts

Sonia Choquette has been working as a psychic reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years, so she brings this wealth of experience to her writing.

Although her books cover a range of different aspects, they all take you through the processes that aid you to develop your psychic gifts.

They are all excellent books to help you to place your feet on the path that leads you to develop genuine psychic abilities. 

Check out the books shown below, which are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities, including automatic writing.

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Educate Yourself About The Crystals You Are Using

There are quite a few crystal books available, and it really doesn't matter which ones you read as all will benefit you.

The ones shown below are a few of the ones that I like and can recommend.

All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

I have a large collection of crystal books, as I have a strong interest in hearing how other writers use their crystals.

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