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Variscite Natural StoneVariscite Natural Stone

The meaning of crystals within the alphabetical section from U to Z is the theme of this article which is spread over three pages.

This page is the first section of this alphabetic area, and it covers the crystals with names starting with U and V.

This page covers all of the stones that I have been able to find and use, that are in this particular section of the alphabetical list of healing stones.

Many of these stones may be found in more detail, in various other parts of this web-site.

This section of the article provides a short summary below about each stone, to allow you to know if you are interested in learning more about that individual crystal.

U to V Section... Meaning of Crystals V to Z

If there is more detailed information provided on the meaning of a specific crystal in another article, the name of the crystal... which is under each photo, will be highlighted with a link.

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The meaning of the crystals from U to V is the focus of this section of the article on crystals from V to Z. Many of the crystals on this page have been drawn from other pages on this site, and to allow you to find the information more easily, I have compiled the table as a summary of what is covered here.

Uvarovite Garnet
Vatican Stone
Vera Cruz Amethyst
Viking Balls

To learn about the meaning of crystals or healing stones that may interest you in another part of the alphabet, discover the meanings of the stones in these categories by using the handy search bar at the bottom of this page.

The Meaning of Crystals U

Ulexite is also known as TV stone, and is a good third eye chakra stone that will link the mind with the emotions to enable healing.

It may stimulate the imagination and the gift of telepathic ability or thought transference.

By its ability to stimulate your imagination, it may help you with boosting creative ability.

It is a strong stone to help you to develop the gift of clairvoyance or psychic visions and developing intuition.

It may also aid you to connect with the angels and other beings in the higher realms.

Unakite has an energy that is particularly powerful at the third eye chakra. It aids you to develop your psychic vision and is a strong spiritual grounding stone.

It contains Green Epidote so it may be useful to read the article about this crystal to aid your understanding.

It is particularly helpful if you have been doing spiritual work, and making contact with the higher realms.

If you have been doing meditation or work to develop your psychic gifts you may become ungrounded, and this stone will aid you to return to normal.

It is a strong stone to aid you to beat addictions, and also has strong healing qualities to find the root cause of disease. If you wonder how to sleep better, place a piece of this crystal under your pillow.


Ussingite is a rare stone that helps to create understanding of the many "bodies" surrounding the physical body, and the effect of these on the life you live within physicality.

This is a powerful stone to aid anyone who is doing study into spiritual matters, as it helps you to more fully understand Universal truths.

It aids forgiveness, and gives you understanding of those esoteric things that you may find difficult to understand.

It is great to assist learning in many different fields including in mathematics, science and in the arts.

One of its interesting aspects is that it helps you to locate lost or misplaced objects. It is an excellent stone to aid you to remember information, a gift we all have if you can just reopen this flow.

The meaning of crystals like these also relates to their healing action, as they are helpful to assist blood related issues.

This includes issues such as over-production of white blood cells, helping hypertension and aiding the production of T-cells. Other healing actions relate to assisting impotency.

Uvarovite GarnetUvarovite Garnet

Uvarovite Garnet is a green variety of Garnet, that can form as crystals, or like the one shown here, can form as a layer on a matrix.

The meaning of crystals in the Garnet family all relate to their strong energy to aid manifestation, and it is a powerful stone to stimulate the growth of abundance.

Like most abundance stones, it resonates at the solar plexus chakra, and the action of Uvarovite there is beneficial to stimulate self confidence, as well as encouraging you to embrace all that life has to offer.

In common with other green stones, it resonates within the heart chakra, and this may assist you to heal emotional problems.

By helping you to release any feelings that you do not deserve to have more, you may then be enabled to attract wealth and abundance into your life on all levels. This stone is well known for its strong energy to bring you what you truly need.

The Meaning of Crystals V

Vanadinite has an energy that aids creativity and is particularly helpful for writers.

It is a strong earth chakra stone, and embodies an energy that helps with grounding you spiritually.

It also aligns the chakras, and links the mind and the energy of the third eye chakra to all of the chakras below the heart.

By bringing the higher energies down to the earth it grounds you physically, and makes you totally aware and fully present within your body.

It helps you to have the energy to persist when the going gets tough, and it aids mental clarity and brings determination and persistence.

Variscite brings peace and harmony to the heart, and resonates strongly within the heart chakra. It assists you to feel calm as it has a strong vibration of harmony.

It enhances life by generating feelings of inner peace, love and compassion, and is excellent to aid anyone with stress or anxiety. 

It a strong compassionate energy that also activates the thymus chakra or higher heart chakra

The meaning of crystals like these makes them helpful for anyone who is an invalid or who is caring for another who has been sick for a long time, particularly if they are feeling despair about their illness.

Vatican StoneVatican Stone

Vatican Stone is Ammonite or Ammolite in matrix stone, that has been tumbled and polished. You can clearly see the fossilized sea creatures in the stones. So why are they called Vatican Stone?

Apparently these stones were found in the same quarry that the stones used to build the Vatican came from, around 1500 years ago.

Other than that the meaning of crystals like these has no connection to the church or its teachings.

They do have a lovely spiritual energy, and they aid spiritual communication, and their vibration will help you to let go of negative energy.

Vatican Stone vibrates within the third eye chakra and the base chakra, and are known to promote patience. These stones have a protective energy that helps to make life more stable.

They help you to have tolerance during difficult life situations. They have good healing attributes that will help you in a number of areas, but will particularly assist degenerative problems.

Vera Cruz Amethyst are a quite lovely transparent lavender colored quartz crystal.

While the meaning of crystals in the Amethyst family may be quite similar, Vera Cruz have a higher vibration.

They are particularly useful if you wish to utilize them as a part of violet flame healing brought to renown by Saint Germaine.

These lovely violet stones are excellent to assist with spiritual healing, when you need to remove implants or negative attachments.

They are also beneficial to use for meditations they will help you to reach a deeper state more quickly. If you are a theta healer, they may help you to get to theta very quickly.

They are also helpful to help you if you are in a co-dependant relationship, to break free, and take responsibility for deciding your own future.

Vesuvianite is a lovely crystal that is also known as Idocrase, and most stones are a green color.

The meaning of crystals like these is about having the courage to make changes in your life.

It has a strong vibration that will assist you to follow your hearts desire.

Its energy assists you to override the energy of the ego, and to embrace the desires of the Higher self and the true yearnings of the heart.

Viking BallViking Ball

Viking Balls are stones comprised of algae and fossil remains formed 65 million years ago.

They are no longer mined, as the area they come from is a national park now, but are collected from the beach when they are released by storms.

The meaning of crystals or stones like these relates to the area they come from in Denmark, as they embody the spirit of the people who lived in these Scandinavian people in the deep past.

They are known to provide courage and vitality when you are in dangerous situations, and will also protect you from misfortune or hurt. They embody the energy of the area where they formed.

These areas are known to embody the vibration of energy vortexes, and this same energy will resonate into where they are placed and kept.

Vivianite is an excellent stone to stimulate the third eye and may help to intensify your intuition.

It is also powerful to use in meditation, and will help you to both set goals as well as assisting you to take them through to completion.

The meaning of crystals like these are quite diverse, as their vibration may be felt within quite a few chakras, and it can have a number of different effects all of which are quite interesting.

It is known as a crystal that can assist your sight, and this in both the physical sense and the sense of how you look at the world and the way you use your inner sight.

It is a strong stone to encourage you to feel compassion and it will help you to release stress and feel more calm and peaceful.


Vogesite is a type of jasper from South Africa. It commonly has swirls and patterns in a range of earthy colors.

The meaning of crystals like these relates to their energy to aid you to have confidence in your life journey, and to understand where you are and where you have been so that you can go forward with assurance.

This stone's energy helps you to realize that you already have what you need inside of yourself, and to look within for answers.

It is said to be a stone of innocence and it may aid you to reawaken the innocent child within and to heal any pain and negativity that have filled your spirit.

Chakra Stones... U and V

For more information on which chakras these stones will assist, see the following chart.

It gives more detail on the specific chakras that each stone may be particularly helpful to.

It is possible that some healing crystals are able to be of benefit in more than one part of the body.

When this is the case a chakra stone may be in more than one chakra category within this table.

For a more general overview of the chakra stones please read the article that tells you about crystals and the chakras.

If you would like to learn more about the chakra meanings, please go to the page about the role of chakras, to have the chakras explained in a more detailed way.

Chakra Stones U and V
Soul Star Chakra
Ussingite, Vera Cruz Amethyst
Crown Chakra
Unakite, Ussingite, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Vivianite
Third Eye Chakra
Ulexite, Unakite, Vanadinite, Vatican Stone, Vera Cruz Amethyst, Vesuvianite, Vivianite
Throat Chakra
Unakite, Vivianite
Higher Heart Chakra
Unakite, Ussingite, Variscite, Vesuvianite, Vivianite
Heart Chakra
Unakite, Ussingite, Uvarovite Garnet, Variscite, Vesuvianite, Vivianite, Vogesite
Solar Plexus Chakra
Unakite, Vanadinite, Vesuvianite, Vogesite
Sacral Chakra
Unakite, Uvarovite Garnet, Vanadinite, Vesuvianite, Vivianite, Vogesite
Base Chakra
Unakite, Vanadinite, Vatican Stone, Vivianite
Earth Star Chakra
Unakite, Vanadinite, Vivianite

Note: This page only covers the stones in the U and V section .

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