12 Amethyst Types or Varieties

Learn About Various Forms

➤ By Liz Oakes

There are quite a few major Amethyst types or varieties, and they come in a range of types and colors, but can look quite different to each other.

They are all gorgeous crystals, and while the various types have a lot in common, they also have some different properties that will benefit you.

See the top 12 kinds of Amethyst stones below and their meanings with pictures to help you to identify the many varieties.

Amethyst Types or Varieties wide 1Amethyst Types or Varieties

Crystals that occur in specific formations embody a unique healing vibration that can improve your life.

Most are purple, but did you know that the various forms or varieties have a quite distinct look and can be quite unlike each other?

Amethyst crystals are powerful aids to use for emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing. 

So learn more below. Their energy may relate to where a particular variety comes from, but also to the minerals included in it.

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Have you heard of violet flame healing energy?

This energy is embodied within all types of Amethyst which means that they are all powerful to help your life.

All Amethyst types or varieties are beneficial healing crystals for you to use every day.

There are benefits for each of the forms and keeping them nearby or wearing them on your body is highly beneficial.

Individual Amethyst Varieties & Types

Amethyst GeodeAmethyst Geode

There are many different kinds of Amethyst and they come from many varied locations around the globe, and it is very interesting how they form, depending on where they come from.

These quartz crystals come in a range of colors, including the Black Amethyst and the gorgeous newly discovered Pink Amethyst crystals.

Other crystals in this family includes Brandberg Amethyst and an unusual stone from Canada known as Auralite 23. 

Where Do They Come From?

Some of the types come from a number of areas in the world, and many are a combination of Amethyst with other varieties of quartz.

The quite lovely transparent high vibration lavender Amethyst crystals which are the Vera Cruz variety are popular due to their high vibration which aids Spiritual healing.

Vera Cruz Amethyst CrystalVera Cruz Amethyst Crystal

While the highly favored deep purple crystals are the most popular, the lavender, violet and light purple stones have a similar energy to the deep purple stone.

Amethyst Cacoxenite crystals from Brazil is in this group and has a strong spiritual energy.

More Amethyst Types

Dragons Tooth Amethyst are a type of Elestial Quartz which comes from the Bahia mine in Brazil.

Also known as Amethyst Healing Spears, these crystals have a quite beautiful, strong spiritual energy.

They are said to now be harder to obtain as the mine may have closed, but suppliers may still have pieces of it.

Dragons Tooth Amethyst Double PointDragons Tooth Amethyst Double Point

Both the Red Tipped Amethyst and Auralite 23 often have red hematite mixed with the purple stones and the various other minerals makes them have an interesting energy.

Amegreen is a mix of purple and green quartz and carries the heart based energy of Prasiolite.

Ametrine is the purple and yellow stone, and Chevron Amethyst is a lovely stone that is a mix of purple and white quartz. 

The deep purple Amethyst Crystals have their own in-depth page here

This is the most common sort and is a very popular variety.

All of the crystals in this family are beneficial to help to prevent negative thinking and the quite powerful vibration they embody also brings through amazing healing aspects.

New Varieties Keep Coming To Our Notice

There are quite a few varieties of this stone, and more are coming to our notice all the time.

It is easy to buy Amethyst crystals and there are many lovely pieces available.

The various types vary from each other partly because of the minerals that they have embodied in them.

Twin Soul Smoky AmethystTwin Soul Smoky Amethyst

In addition they occur in a range of formations, and these have a relationship to the way they will operate in your life to benefit you.

Checkout my articles on the various quartz configurations and formations as this relates to all members of the quartz family including this purple stone.

Prasiolite is the name of the Green Quartz variety sometimes thought to be part of the Amethyst family group.

While it is sometimes called Green Amethyst, it is not really a type of Amethyst so is not covered here but Prasiolite has its own in-depth page.

Lavender AmethystLavender Amethyst

Some types look like other types of quartz, due to their color, but their structure helps you to identify them, like the Lavender Amethyst above, that has a pinkish lavender color.

Amethyst Varieties or Forms : List Of Amethyst Types

See the list of Amethyst varieties below. 

For ease of reference these crystals are shown in alphabetical order in the photo grid, showing pictures of each type.

Below that is a brief outline of each of the varieties, with the major metaphysical properties, characteristics and healing attributes of the individual crystal type.

Some have had their own article written about them.

If an article has been written, their name will be highlighted with a link in the section with information about each of the individual stones, so you can click across and read more about that variety. 

Amethyst CacoxeniteAmethyst Cacoxenite
Auralite 23Auralite 23
Black AmethystBlack
Brandberg QuartzBrandberg
Chevron AmethystChevron Amethyst
Amethyst ElestialElestial
Pink AmethystPink Amethyst
Red AmethystRed Tipped
Amethyst Spirit QuartzSpirit Quartz
Vera Cruz AmethystVera Cruz
Amethyst Types or VarietiesAmethyst Types or Varieties

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Amegreen

Amegreen has a lovely heart based energy that relates to the green Prasiolite embodied in these stones.

Like purple Amethyst they also have a good action to boost psychic gifts including psychic visions or clairvoyance.

When used in meditation the white quartz brings the white light of Spirit down from the soul star chakra, through the crown and third eye into the heart.

These crystals have a strong action for healing, bringing both violet flame energy and the white light of spirit into play in the healing situation.

The presence of the green Prasiolite has a lovely calming action, and this is also helpful for healers as it elevates both physical and spiritual healing.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Amethyst Cacoxenite

Amethyst Cacoxenite is also known as Super Seven and comes from the same area as the well known Melody Stone or Super Seven is found. While none of these are exactly the same, they will have many of the qualities of these crystals.

It resonates within the higher chakras, and this has a powerful action to aid spiritual healing and can help you to develop a stronger connection with Spirit.

It you are working on developing psychic gifts, use them regularly in meditation to enhance your ability to develop new psychic gifts.

They have a good action to boost the growth of clairaudience or psychic hearing, and may also stimulate improved intuition and may boost telepathic gifts.  

Like all other types of Amethyst they also are strong psychic protection stones that are also useful healing crystals as they bring through violet flame energy.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Ametrine

Ametrine is a beautiful stone that is a mix of purple Amethyst and yellow Citrine crystals. This means that they embody the energy of both stones.

This is an excellent mixture that helps to boost mental clarity, inspiration and spiritual healing.

Ametrine is a combination crystal that brings together male and female energy.

It will help you to let go of substance addictions as well as aiding weight loss by stimulating your will power.

These beautiful crystals bring many powerful attributes of Citrine and by merging it with the Amethyst energy creates a wonderful asset to your life.

There is a specific in-depth page about these crystals, where you can learn more about its benefits for healing and spirituality.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Auralite 23

Auralite 23 is an interesting quartz crystal that is said to be comprised of Chevron Amethyst combined with a lot of other minerals, mixed in through it.

There are said to be seventeen other minerals that make up the mix.

Auralite 23 SpecimenAuralite 23

You can see the bright red of Hematite in the quartz in many of the stones. Auralite 23 are quartz crystals with a high vibration.

They are helpful healing stones as they are quite calming and are beneficial stones for meditation.

Like Amethyst they have a good effect to aid you to develop psychic abilities, and will assist your spiritual growth as they are also known as ascension stones.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Black Amethyst

Black Amethyst crystals are not common, but should be found at good crystal suppliers.

Most have a tinge of purple in them, rather than being matte black and contain other minerals that give them extra metaphysical properties.

These blackish stones have many qualities in common with the purple crystals that most of us know so well.

Like all other types of Amethyst, they are powerful psychic protection stones, but in addition the black stones have a strong grounding vibration.

Black Amethyst is a good crystal to use in meditation, as like purple amethyst it is stimulating to the higher chakras.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Brandberg 

Brandberg crystals are sometimes known as Brandberg Amethyst or as Brandberg Quartz.

Not all Brandberg quartz is purple like the piece below. Many pieces resemble Smoky Quartz and many are Lodalite Quartz with an interesting mix of minerals.

They are sometimes sold as Brandenberg Quartz (which is an incorrect spelling). Crystal books by a popular author spell it that (wrong) way, hence the confusion.

They have many of the same crystal properties as Purple Amethyst, except they are of a higher vibration.

Deep Purple Amethyst Brandberg QuartzDeep Purple Brandberg Quartz

These crystals have a beautiful strong energy that makes them an excellent healing crystal. 

Their coloration varies a lot with some being deep purple and others having just a little purple coloration and others are brownish and resemble Smoky Quartz.

Many are predominantly clear quartz with purple phantoms. They have excellent metaphysical qualities to use for spiritual growth.

They will aid you to expand your consciousness and balance all aspects of your being. They can be used at any chakra to activate and re-align your energy.

They are high vibration crystals with a high spiritual energy that helps to raise your vibration, and they can aid you to obtain guidance from spiritual teachers in the higher realms.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Chevron Amethyst

Chevron Amethyst is fairly unusual as this stone is a mix of various colors of quartz that occur in a triangular v-shaped chevron, hence the name.

They are a mixture of white snow quartz, and various colors of Amethyst, and they are quite beautiful.

Chevron Amethyst has a strong energy to create calm and they will help to relieve stress and tension and will help you to sleep better.

They embody a strong spiritual vibration, so are powerful to use in meditation and are known as ascension stones.

There is also a variety called Smoky Chevron Amethyst that has bands of black, brown and white as well as purple in the chevron shape.

You can see how it can look in the image below.

Smoky Chevron AmethystSmoky Chevron Amethyst

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Elestial Amethyst

Elestial Amethyst were previously fairly uncommon, but are now becoming easier to obtain.

The name of these stones relates specifically to the formation of these crystals.

While Smoky Elestial Quartz is the easiest to buy, both Rose Quartz Elestial and Amethyst Elestial crystals are becoming easier to obtain.

Elestial Amethyst embodies within it the energy of Amethyst but the elestial formation brings its energy to a higher level.

So check out all the Amethyst properties then be aware that the elestial formation takes its energy to a higher even more spiritual level.

Dark Purple Amethyst Elestial

Use them in meditation to make contact with specific teachers or guides personally required by you.

The elestial formation relates to its action to boost spirituality, and to make a strong connection with heavenly beings and Spirit.

Very dark purple Elestial AmethystVery dark purple Elestial Amethyst

The Elestial Quartz formation works powerfully to assist the release of old karmic issues that you have not yet dealt with.

There is a definite purpose behind the occurrence of this amazing formation.

More and more of crystals in this form are coming to light at this time when spiritual, emotional and physical healing are badly needed.

Dragons Tooth Amethyst

Dragons Tooth Amethyst: double terminatedDragons Tooth Amethyst also called Amethyst Healing Spears: double terminated

Dragons Tooth Amethyst are a type of Elestial Quartz which comes from the Bahia mine in Brazil but they are said to now be mined out.

You can still get these beautiful Amethyst Healing Spears from some suppliers who still have stock and they have a wonderful high vibration energy. 

I only got the ones featured on my site fairly recently, so if you wish to get some, check the major crystal suppliers.

They are also called Amethyst Elestial Points or Healing Spears and like the other formations of Amethyst Elestial they have a high vibration that boosts Spiritual growth.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst is a newly discovered variety of this crystal that only came to light recently in Patagonia, an area of Argentina.

As there was some controversy when it was found, about whether it was really Amethyst, geologists carried out spectroscopic analysis to determine its composition.

It was found to be genuinely part of this family. Its energy is quite unique, so I felt it might be of value to add it to this listing of varieties.

Pink Amethyst GeodePink Amethyst Geode

The energy of the pink crystals definitely does remind me of purple Amethyst yet it is a gentler, softer, friendlier energy, similar to lavender Amethyst, but lighter.

It has a beautiful flowing love action that may surprise you. It brings emotional healing on a totally different level to its purple cousin.

It color is interesting and its not really pink, nor lavender or purple, perhaps light peachy pink, although its color varies from a light pale stone to the deeper peach pink shade.

While its a known to be a pink quartz, its totally different to Rose Quartz, even though they both have a strong resonance within both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra.

It has a lovely Spiritual energy that is excellent used in meditation to assist you to make an easier spiritual connection.

If you can obtain a piece of this lovely crystal place it close to where you spend the most time as it may have an excellent effect to lift you.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Red Tipped Amethyst

Red Tipped Amethyst is an interesting combination of energies, with the red top comprising a coating of the mineral Hematite.

Red Tipped AmethystRed Tipped Amethyst

The quartz crystal inside the coating is a mixture of purple and some darker brown quartz.

So its energy will also be a melding of Amethyst with the Smoky Quartz vibration, and in addition the hematite that comprises the red coating also adds to the overall energy.

These crystals bring through a good energy for protection as well as helping to keep you grounded. Use in meditation to discover more about your life path.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Spirit Quartz

Amethyst Spirit Quartz has an unusual formation, with a central point and many tiny crystals surrounding it.

All colors of Spirit Quartz come from the same area and occur in a range of colors.

Note: the purple and lavender colors are the most common and the easiest to obtain.

Like many of the other stones featured on this page, they embody the energy of the purple amethyst crystals, but their formation makes them very different.

They are a crystal that relieves fear and brings comfort, especially to those facing death, so this makes them quite unique.

They are useful to assist you to sleep better, and to dream more.

They are excellent meditation crystals, that aid you to heal past life trauma and to find your spirit guides.

If any of this interests you, there is an in-depth article about them. Simply click on the image above.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Vera Cruz Amethyst

Vera Cruz looks different to normal Amethyst as most crystals are not opaque, but have a quite beautiful transparent appearance.

This a powerful transformation crystal that resonates with an amazing spiritual energy and is a strong violet flame healing crystal.

It has an extremely high vibration and is excellent to use in meditation to aid shamanic journeying and will aid you to reach the beta state while meditating.

These stones have a powerful energy for crystal healers to utilize.

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Amethyst Flowers

Amethyst flowers are clusters of Amethyst that occur in a rounded formation, rather than flat like most clusters.

They may also be thought of as an inverted geode.

They are commonly purple crystals, but they may also be a mix of colors like the one pictured here, which is purple and black.

Purple and Black Amethyst Flower FormationPurple and Black Amethyst Flower Formation

Amethyst Types or Varieties: Using Amethyst Crystals

All of the above stones are powerful violet flame healing crystals, and are beneficial to use whether you are a healer or are working on yourself and your family.

Like all types of quartz they can all be programmed to assist you, so checkout the information about how to program your crystals.

Amethyst Meaning Complete GuideAmethyst Meaning Complete Guide
Amethyst Types or Varieties: See Different KindsAmethyst Types or Varieties: See Different Kinds

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