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This is your place to share your stories... about how high vibration crystals have helped you. This page was created so you can share your stories on your high energy crystals.

Herkimer DiamondHerkimer Diamond

Have you a special crystal you use, that has made a difference in your life?

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Have You Used High Vibration Stones?

I would love to hear about how you've used your special crystals... that embody high vibration, strong crystal energy.

Have you some information on using them that hasn't been covered here... that you just know other people would like to hear?

Have you an interesting crystal photo like this one of Golden Herderite?

You could share your picture of your special stone. Would you like to share the story behind a special photo of a stone that made a difference in your life?

Note: You can upload pictures along with your story. HOWEVER... only original photos that you have permission to use and share will be published.

Please do not copy images from other sites without the permission of the owner, and no links to other sites, as they won't be published.

Also note if you are just asking a short question, this is not a story and it also will not be published. This also applies to very short stories, so if yours does not go up its because its not long enough.

Share Your Story Here!

This is the place for anyone who loves crystals as much as I do... to share their stores with others. And maybe you'll help someone by telling us all: why do you use your special stone?

I am looking forward to hearing your Top Crystal Stories! Thank you in advance for sharing!

What Is Your Favorite High Vibration Crystal?

How do you use high crystal energy stones? Share your favorite story or tip about how you use your high vibration crystals!

Your Stories and Tips About High Vibration Crystals

Click on links below to see great crystal stories. These were from other visitors to this page.

Red Muscovite 
I recently bought a red muscovite stone. It came with holes in it where a piece of rope for jewelry could be inserted so one could wear it around their …

Could It Be Golden Herderite? 
It is crazy that I have been finding these rare and high vibration stones around my land. Especially when they say they are from India and other countries …

My Awakening 
As of recently I have been embarking on a new journey of self-exploration and gratitude. As a result, the universe is responding in a big way, and I feel …

Malachite effects of positive and negative 
As much as Malachite is known to be helpful in growth and protect against certain negative; it brings out the inner you, be it negative or positive. …

Surgery, what's best? 
I am about to have a double hip replacement & am wondering which crystals will be best for me to take to hospital. I also would like to know if anyone …

Please help! Question about wearing Lemurian Quartz  
I bought my first crystal yesterday: Lemurian Quartz. I want to use E6000 (a very strong glue) to glue waxed rope around it to wear around my neck. …

A Question About Herkimer Diamonds 
I have 2 big smoked Herkimer diamonds but saw nothing in your writing about them. Can you tell me, please, what are their properties? Thank you Amyah …

Herkimer Diamond 
In November 2012 I purchased a Herkimer Diamond as a part of preparing for the Ascension. I ended up losing it at the gym. I figured the gem decided that …

Black Obsidian 
Hi I have only just found your site when I looked up the beautiful fuchite which I was recently attracted to and couldn't put back down. It weighed …

Lemurian Seed Crystal And Rutilated Quartz?  
Hello all! I have received a Lemurian seed crystal and a rutilated quartz and have cleansed them with salt water, rosemary, and lavender. I then charged …

Am I Astral Planeing?? 
I came across this site a couple months ago and fell in love instantly. I love everything about it and especially reading about the metaphysics of the …

Shungite, Nuummite, Tugtupite, Charoite and Sodalite 
I am relatively new to the use of crystals, however, I am immensely curious and wonder as to other people experience with being unknowingly attracted to …

Moldavite, Nausea And The Heart Chakra 
I just wanted to share my experience of a little piece of Moldavite that I received about a week ago, and ask for some opinions please! I've been keeping …

Moldavite Combinations 
I would like to start off by saying, Moldavite is an amazing specimen to work with. It's gotten me through so much and finally turned me into the person …

Selenite and Kundalini 
A few months ago I purchased a piece of Selenite, not knowing it would have an effect on my kundalini. Initially, I was unable to hold the Selenite for …

My Crystals Are My Precious Gems Of Life. 
Hi I am here to share my view on crystals and their collection. After doing my 2 to 3 types Reiki masters degree and also chakras, crystal therapy, I got …

My Story About Crystals, Stones, Rocks, Minerals, Shakras, etc! 
I have several favorites so it is hard to choose. But to keep this short & sweet & hopefully informative for all of us - I have had semi? serious health …

Moldavite, Tanzanite and Herkimer Quartz. 
I love making jewelry so a few weeks ago I had a hankering to buy some stones. I wasn't sure what the crystals did when I bought them but they called to …

High Vibe Chameleon Crystal  
Back in 1997 I acquired this crystal from an indigenous man in the Andes Mountains. I rediscovered it in a box of old stuff when I moved to Vegas last …

Can A Moldavite Crystal Stop Working? 
I bought a Moldavite crystal because I learned that it could help with lucid dreaming. When I found about its other aspects, I became curious to see if …

~ Spirit Quartz Crystal ~ Shasta Retreat Gathering with Roshandra * Arch Angel Raphael  
July 2011 ~ Recent Retreat Ascension Gathering to SHASTA ~ Each the retreat gathering Spirit has guided me to do at Shasta... there is a Message …

Golden Herderite... A Rare & Fragile Crystal 
Golden Herderite is not a common stone... and the story of what happened to my first piece of this fairly rare stone came back to me today... so I thought …

Could Use Some Help Please 
Hi - I am looking for a high vibrational stone that can speed up the changes one needs to make but not as harsh as Moldavite. I already have a Herkimer …

Finding Balance 
I have been studying crystals and stones for over 25 yrs now and favorites come in and out depending on what has been going on. I also like spiritual items …

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Herkimer and Amblygonite 
I used to be a high vibration person (known as a "slider" - blowing out streetlights, appliances, wristwatches, etc.) but a difficult extraction from a …

A Celestite Growing More Crystals On It?
Is That Possible?
I was wondering about a crystal that I have been meditating with now for at least a couple months. The information I'm questioning about I can't seem to …

I have been searching for a new Fulgurite for some time. I brought one and felt very good with the crystal. I tried not to use it too much. I was afraid …

Moldavite Pendant Turned My Outer Life Upside Down :-) 
I'd like to share my latest experience with Moldavite. I bought a faceted triangle piece of about 10 carats on a rock display about a year ago. I was …

Moldavite Necklace 
I bought a Moldavite necklace about 1 year ago. I don't wear it very often because I just don't wear jewelry that much, and forget to put it on. I've also …

My Moldavite Pendant 
I bought a Moldavite pendant a few weeks ago, but I have not worn it yet. I keep it next to the bed and pick it up every night and look at it, and I can …

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