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Black Obsidian EggBlack Obsidian Egg

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Discover Recent and Favorite Articles

Rare Elestial Rose Quartz Embodies Powerful Spiritual Love Vibration

Elestial Rose Quartz

Elestial Rose Quartz embodies a strong high vibration energy of love, that aids emotional healing and enhances the flow of love and light from the higher realms. Like other elestials they boost psychic gifts and aid contact with angels.

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Tangerine Quartz Meanings Properties and Uses

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz boosts feelings of joy and happiness, intensifies creativity and enhances innovative and imaginative thinking. Use at navel chakra to revitalize intimate relationships.

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Developing Intuition and Perceptive Insight: Use Psychic Senses For Inner Wisdom

Green Prehnite Pendant

Developing intuition and instinct aids immediate and intuitive recognition via your psychic senses. Discover which crystals boost this gift and develop deeper spiritual connections thru the subconscious mind.

Continue reading "Developing Intuition and Perceptive Insight: Use Psychic Senses For Inner Wisdom"

Black Amethyst Meanings Properties And Uses

Black Amethyst

Black Amethyst are powerful for psychic protection and grounding and are excellent healing stones. They have a calming energy that helps you to sleep better and they may boost the ability to study difficult subjects.

Continue reading "Black Amethyst Meanings Properties And Uses"

Calligraphy Stone: Meaning, Uses, Spiritual Properties and Powers

Calligraphy Stone

Calligraphy Stone is also called Elephant Skin Jasper or Miriam Stone. It has a powerful spiritual energy that boosts the 3rd eye and crown chakras and helps you develop automatic writing ability. Use in meditation to reach the area where the Akashic records are located.

Continue reading "Calligraphy Stone: Meaning, Uses, Spiritual Properties and Powers"

Watermelon Tourmaline Boosts Joy and Happiness

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline energy fills you with blissful feelings that boost joy and happiness. Meanings Powers and Uses: they help emotional healing and have a strong heart based energy that aids the release of fear.

Continue reading "Watermelon Tourmaline Boosts Joy and Happiness"

High Crystal Energy Stones: Meaning & Use Of High Vibration Crystals

Golden Herderite

Crystal Energy is strong within high vibration crystals. Want to put this powerful energy to work in your life? Use this high vibration power to enhance your spiritual healing.

Continue reading "High Crystal Energy Stones: Meaning & Use Of High Vibration Crystals"

Soul Star Chakra Stones Enhance Divine Love, Enlightenment & Ascension

Apophyllite Crystal

Work with Soul Star Chakra stones from list to aid spiritual growth, Divine love, enlightenment and ascension. Soul star chakra is situated a hand width above the top of the head. Also called Seat of The Soul or Eighth chakra.

Continue reading "Soul Star Chakra Stones Enhance Divine Love, Enlightenment & Ascension"

Vivianite Meaning Properties And Powers


Vivianite stimulates physical and emotional healing and brings compassion via the higher heart chakra energy. Aids goal setting, clearer communication and intuition. Helps stress and burnout.

Continue reading "Vivianite Meaning Properties And Powers"

Howlite Meanings Spiritual Properties And Uses


Howlite aids insomnia, boosts patience, calms anger and stress. Use in meditation at third eye for past life exploration. Helps you deal with aggressive people.

Continue reading "Howlite Meanings Spiritual Properties And Uses"

Top Crystals For Happiness: Fill Your Life With Joy!

Citrine Crystals For Happiness

Discover crystals for happiness, stones known to boost inner joy, peace of mind and optimism. See the list of stones that stimulate feelings of exhilaration, playfulness, good spirits and laughter!

Continue reading "Top Crystals For Happiness: Fill Your Life With Joy!"

Dioptase Aids Release Of Karma Boosts Compassion And Forgiveness


Feeling Stuck? Dioptase embodies the green ray and vibrates within the heart and higher heart chakra. Activates past life memories yet encourages living in the moment. Release karma and enjoy life.

Continue reading "Dioptase Aids Release Of Karma Boosts Compassion And Forgiveness"

Pecos Diamond Meanings Properties And Powers

Pecos Diamond

Pecos Diamond has an uplifting energy that inspires happiness, boosts creativity and stimulates intuition. It resonates within the throat and third eye chakras which may activate psychic gifts such as the gift of prophecy and prophetic dreams.

Continue reading "Pecos Diamond Meanings Properties And Powers"

Learn How To Use Moldavite Crystals


Are you wondering about how to use Moldavite? See my top tips! Learn about this high vibration crystal and discover the best ways to use it and how it may benefit you.

Continue reading "Learn How To Use Moldavite Crystals"

Linarite Spiritual Meaning Properties And Use


Linarite attracts Spiritual guidance, enhances decision making and telepathy and deters anger. It works within the higher heart to boost emotional healing, loving communication and self love.

Continue reading "Linarite Spiritual Meaning Properties And Use"