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Tangerine QuartzTangerine Quartz

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Discover Recent and Favorite Articles

Danburite Crystal Creates Self Love And Emotional Healing


Danburite is a heart based healing stone that activates the intellect, aids enlightenment and helps you to let go of stress and release anxiety. Color may be pink, yellow, clear or opal aura.

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Spirit Quartz Crystals Help You To Develop Your Higher Self

Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz Crystals are also called Cactus Quartz. They assist spiritual growth and move you spiritually to the next level. Their many tiny crystals radiate energy outwards and they come in a lovely range of colors.

Continue reading "Spirit Quartz Crystals Help You To Develop Your Higher Self"

Ways To Relieve Stress With Crystals Explained Simply


Ways to relieve stress with crystals explained simply. Learn about meditation and affirmations and methods to lift your feelings when you're anxious or depressed.

Continue reading "Ways To Relieve Stress With Crystals Explained Simply"

Stellar Beam Calcite Ascension And Deep Divine Connection

Stellar Beam Calcite

Stellar Beam Calcite is also called Dog Tooth Calcite. An ascension stone with a high vibration, it brings spiritual growth and immense peace and harmony. Use to visit higher realms, meet guides and angels.

Continue reading "Stellar Beam Calcite Ascension And Deep Divine Connection"

Bronzite Brings Harmony Compassion and Forgiveness


Bronzite relieves stress and helps to prevent bad temper. It is a higher heart stone that brings peace, harmony, compassion and forgiveness, and is also a beneficial healing stone.

Continue reading "Bronzite Brings Harmony Compassion and Forgiveness"

Gemini Birthstones: Gemini Zodiac Sign Starts May 21

Citrine Cluster

Does your birthday fall in the Gemini sign? If you share some of the Gemini traits such as having a high intelligence and excellent intuitive abilities, use your intuition to aid you to choose the perfect Birthstone. Use your intelligence and strong intuition to decide which of the Gemini birthstones is the perfect one for you!

Continue reading "Gemini Birthstones: Gemini Zodiac Sign Starts May 21"

Chrysoprase Aids Divine Truth, Joy, Happiness and Healing


Chrysoprase attracts new love, abundance and prosperity, helps depression and anxiety. It helps you to see Divine Truth and has strong metaphysical properties for healing. An apple green type of chalcedony.

Continue reading "Chrysoprase Aids Divine Truth, Joy, Happiness and Healing"

Spiritual Grounding: See List Of The Symptoms Of Being Ungrounded

Black Tourmaline

Learn about spiritual grounding. What is the purpose of doing grounding? See the list of symptoms of being ungrounded and discover how earthing can assist with grounding.

Continue reading "Spiritual Grounding: See List Of The Symptoms Of Being Ungrounded"

Ethiopian Opal Boosts Precognition and Intuition

Ethiopian Opal

Ethiopian Opal helps decision making and enhances creativity. Use in meditation to aid astral travel and to boost intuition and precognition. Highly protective, good healing stone that balance the chakras and help weight loss.

Continue reading "Ethiopian Opal Boosts Precognition and Intuition"

Smokey Quartz Crystals Give Protection And Aid Grounding

Smokey Quartz

Smokey Quartz Crystals protect you, ground and anchor you to Mother Gaia. Use for psychic protection, protects and transmutes negativity energy. Helpful for spiritual workers such as clairvoyants and psychics.

Continue reading "Smokey Quartz Crystals Give Protection And Aid Grounding"

Scolecite Has Powerful Energy To Awaken Your Heart


Scolecite is a high vibration crystal that will awaken your heart and make a stronger spiritual connection. Put under pillow for sleep problems, makes you calmer and more relaxed.

Continue reading "Scolecite Has Powerful Energy To Awaken Your Heart"

Crystal Colors Explained: Stone Colors Meaning And Properties

Vera Cruz Amethyst

Complete guide to crystal colors. What do the colors mean? Learn what each color means, the chakras they relate to and their healing and metaphysical properties.

Continue reading "Crystal Colors Explained: Stone Colors Meaning And Properties"

Darwin Glass Is A High Vibration Tektite

Darwin Glass

Darwin Glass is a high vibration glass based tektite that helps to release fear. Also called Darwinite, it is a potent meditation stone.

Continue reading "Darwin Glass Is A High Vibration Tektite"

Abundance and Prosperity Can Be Attracted Using Crystals

Citrine Crystal

Learn how abundance and prosperity may be attracted into your life. Use laws of attraction in meditation with specific chakra stones and colors. See list of stones on chart.

Continue reading "Abundance and Prosperity Can Be Attracted Using Crystals"

Vanadinite Crystal Aids Action And Boosts Creativity!


Vanadinite crystals help you to get more done. They are healing stones that help the kidneys, asthma and fatigue, promote thrift, improve energy levels, boost creativity and aid action towards goals.

Continue reading "Vanadinite Crystal Aids Action And Boosts Creativity!"