Top 13 Crystals For Change & Transformation

Learn benefits & How To Use Them

Using crystals for change may help you if you are looking to transform the circumstances of your life.

In addition they are beneficial to assist you if you have found that your way of life has altered by situations that are out of your control.

MalachiteMalachite Earrings

This is not an easy time for many people because life differs quite a lot from the way it used to be, and this is making many of you feel stressed or unhappy.

In recent years, many of you may have had to change your occupation and could be dealing with learning how to do a new job as well. 

This means that all of you may have to work out ways to reorganize or adjust the way you live, and the way you think.

There are a number of crystals and stones listed below, and there are details about how each of them may assist you when you need to make alterations in your way of living. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click to learn more.

Crystal Tip: There are a number of excellent healing stones that may assist you to come to terms with the differences in your life.

They may also help you to work out ways to modify what you do, and may allow you to feel more comfortable about your choices.

Why Would You Use Crystals For Change?

The crystals for change may be helpful if you feel unable to move forward due to the various ways that society has recently transformed.

It can be difficult for many of you as this new approach means life is quite different to what it was before and even your workplace may have had to alter how it operates which can be stressful.

It can be difficult to have to reorganize or alter how you now live, and to let go of what was normal in the past.

In some cases there is a need to adjust to financial changes as well. In addition many people find that they are extremely stressed as they try to adjust to a different world.

If you've also lost loved ones this may also mean that feelings of grief and loss makes it difficult to live on a day to day basis.

Many Crystals For Change Are Quite Common

Maybe you haven't used crystals before, but it may now be time to use new ideas and new opportunities to assist you.

The best way that you can use the information on this page is to read through each of the sections below and see if any of the crystals or stones particularly get your attention.

Many of the crystals below already have an in-depth page written, so in that case you can see if they will be helpful by reading more about them.

Picasso MarblePicasso Marble

Some of the crystals for change are quite common and easy to obtain so you might already have them, and just need reminding about the way they can help you.

There is an article about crystals for stress, so if you are especially anxious, depressed or stressed some of these crystals may help you.

Keeping one of the stones that helps stress on your body or nearby during the day can be beneficial.

In addition, these can be combined with any of the stones for change listed below to calmly aid you to alter your life as you deal with change.

It can be very hard to meditate if you feel stressed, so combine them  as well with crystals that aid you to get into deep meditation more easily.

See List Of Top Crystals For Change

In addition to those below, there are quite a few other crystals for change.

Some stones may not be listed here as I have had to choose the top stones to aid you to transform your life during periods of great change, such as what is happening right now.

Crystals For Change and Transformation

This is the list of the most well-known and effective crystals for change and there is information below about each of the stones listed.

All of them will help you to rearrange your life and may assist you to replace old ways of thinking and acting with new approaches.

Some have a powerful energy to stimulate Spiritual transformation and growth, and may aid you to walk a new path going forward.

All the stones below have their own page and there is a link under each picture.

So click through if any of them get your attention. In this regard it may benefit you to use your intuition to assist you in your choice. 

Many of these may help you to adjust to the evolving situation in the world. 

Some of these crystals are well known and others are not, so read through their specific page if you can't make up your mind about the best one to help you.


Labradorite is one of the more well known of the crystals for change. Not only do they help you as you adjust during the difficult times but they are a great tool to aid healing.

It is an excellent stone with a large number of powerful properties.

It's energy can assist you when events occur that cause the circumstances of your life to be unpleasant or even distressing, and many of us have had this happen in recent years.

In the last couple of years many of you might have found that you have need to vary how you live and replace old activities with new ones.

One of the ways that Labradorite is beneficial to assist change, is that it aids you to have an awareness of your destiny and helps you to remember the life path you chose before you were born.

By bringing an increase in coincidences and synchronicities into play within your life, you may find that you become aware quite easily of possible steps you could take to move in a new direction.

Through its energy to also stimulate your intuition, you will find it easier to make the best choice when alternatives are presented.

It resonates within the third eye chakra, where its energy is powerful for meditation and you may also find that it brings new psychic abilities to life.

In addition, Labradorite energy is also helpful to relieve stress or tension, and it aids you to persevere during tough situations while working through alternatives to current situations.

Galaxyite is a darker closely related stone with a mineral make-up of what is called micro-labradorite, which is tiny pieces of Labradorite in feldspar.

It has many metaphysical properties in common with the beautiful blue-green Labradorite shown above.

They are also good crystals for change and transformation and have many of the attributes shown above, but they do look different as you can see. 

Moldavite: A Stone Of Transformation

Moldavite is a high vibration crystal that is very well known, as it is a powerful "Stone of Transformation" and this relates to its action to create transformative change in your life.

It is definitely one of the most powerful crystals for Spiritual transformation and has a very high level of crystal energy.

It is one of the best crystals for change that will help to move you in the right direction at a time when the world is traversing powerful times of transformation and a transition to a new way of living.

Part of the reason that it is so powerful to transform your life, is its strong vibration to boost the occurrence of coincidence or synchronicity, leading to change.

They have a strong resonance within the heart chakra as well as within the higher chakras and this energy can act as a strong catalyst for change in your relationships.

This may relate to your current relationship or it may act to assist you to enter a new relationship, depending on what is for your highest good.

Moldavite is one of the most powerful crystals for change, and this action is very well known and not always simple to traverse.

Click on the link under the image above to read my page about Moldavite, to learn the complete facts.

If you start on the path using Moldavite often changes happen very quickly, so be alert but not concerned, if you wish to transform your life.


Malachite are most well known for their action to place a barrier around you to prevent negative energy from impacting you.

They are powerful psychic protection stones, helping to protect you from negative entities.

They are also excellent crystals for change and this relates to their strong action to stimulate the solar plexus chakra also called the power chakra.

Their action within the power chakra stimulates an increase in your personal power.

Their vibration has a potent action to assist you to break through mental obstacles that you believe are preventing you from making major changes in your life.

Using this powerful third eye chakra crystal may assist you to release the thoughts that are hindering you from transforming your life, so that you can move forward.

Sometimes there really aren't any obstacles that are stopping you from altering your circumstances.

In many cases it may simply be your way of thinking that is inhibiting your ability to take action.

These green stones are also powerful to boost your imagination and will help to enhance your creativity, boost inspirational thinking and increase your intuitive ability.

Wearing Malachite gemstone jewelry may be beneficial as this is a great way to keep them within your aura, so that they can positively impact your energy field for as long as possible each day.

They may also spark the energy of coincidence, aiding it to flow in your life, which may bring new life experiences that make you aware of the approach of change.

Crystal Tip: The important thing when using any crystal, whether they are precious stones made into jewelry or simply a tumblestone, is to keep it within your aura for as long as possible each day.

While jewelry is a nice way to use most crystals, it's easy to simply put a piece in your pocket during the day and on your bedside at night to benefit from the energy.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz Crystals help to encourage the growth of unconditional love in your life and are some of the most powerful crystals that you can use to improve your relationships with other people.

These crystals for change are powerful to assist you when you have a particular need to make alterations to a specific aspect of your life.

They are one of the most powerful healing crystals to aid the emotional body and have a strong resonance within both the heart chakra and within the higher heart chakra.

These beautiful pink crystals are well known love stones and are the perfect crystal to use to help personal relationships.

They are strong crystals for love that are well known for their action to assist you to live from the heart.

When you are starting a new relationship you may need to adjust a little, while getting used to the other person.

The energy of these crystals aid you to change how you approach other people on a day to day basis, and will help you to adjust to differences in how others live their life.

They are strong healing stones for relationships as they aid you to feel and act more compassionately, and to forgive when other people don't totally live up to what you feel is desirable.

You probably know of Rose Quartz as a crystal for love but did you know that they are also great to use in meditation?

They are a powerful crystal to use in meditation, as they help you to become aware of any soul connection you may have had with others.

Combine With Clear Quartz

Use these pink quartz crystals in combination with Clear Quartz to boost the overall energy, as it has a potent energy to boost other crystals.

Use along with Clear Quartz Crystal which is also known as the master healer, as they are powerful tools to help both the emotional body and the physical body. 

They have a calming and soothing energy that relieves stress, resentment and anxiety, and are excellent stones for your home as they encourage the growth of inner peace and harmony in the area where you place them.

The good news is that this pink quartz crystal is easy to buy and Rose Quartz is now readily available as it is a popular stone.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful stones to use for protection. It is also a strong grounding stone and has a large number of other excellent properties. 

They are a stone that encourages optimistic attitudes and will help to bring change in a number of ways.

They help to change negative unwanted energy into positive energy by converting or transmuting negative energies into positive. 

This may bring a major change to the area where they are located. 

They are excellent stones to boost your physical energy levels and they enhance physical vitality and help stress, tension and anxiety.

They are a stone of good fortune and their vibration is known to bring good luck and feelings of happiness, regardless of the circumstances that you find yourself in.

They are also excellent EMF protection crystals that help to remove harmful electromagnetic smog from your home.

Did You Know? The best way to use Black Tourmaline is to hold them in the palm of your hand, and allow the energy to flow throughout your entire body.


Cavansite crystals have a strong energy to assist you when you are already making changes and need help to continue to do this in a non-stressful or comfortable way.

They are excellent crystals for change as they can help you to look back at the past and recognize situations that took you in the direction that got you to where you are.

Sometimes when you recognize how your current situation and life experiences have unfolded, it can be quite disturbing and even confusing.

But the energy of Cavansite assists you to look at the past in a positive way which can prevent severe trauma relating to past events.

This lovely blue stone has a number of other excellent properties and they are powerful crystals to stimulate many different psychic powers.

They are strong third eye chakra crystals that will also help you to make contact with your spirit guides and may stimulate feelings of joy and happiness.

These crystals are beneficial to use to enhance meditation, as they assist you to go deeper more easily when you are travelling the higher realms. 

Their energy works within the throat chakra to assist you to communicate messages that came through from Spirit during meditation.

The healing power of crystals like these is highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Click on the link under any image to go to the in-depth article about the stone to learn the complete facts about them.


Herderite is a rather rare high vibration crystal, but although it is rare you can buy it from specialist crystal suppliers.

It is included as it has a strong energy to assist change. 

These stones come in a number of colors (see article to learn more) and all are powerful crystals for change.

Their vibration actually acts as a catalyst to create change, but this energy works with Spirit and the transformation it brings are in alignment with what is in your best interest.

In some cases you may not understand how this is going to happen, but it has a strong energy to trigger the opening of new pathways in the brain.

Once it starts to make these alterations, this can assist you to accept and welcome the way you are able to handle the life changes that result.

When you use them in meditation you may experience a strong awareness of the Divine Presence.

This can assist you to transform your life path in the future as you become aware of what your purpose is for being here right now.

Their energy is quite powerful but it's not difficult to use as it also aids you to feel calmer, under the influence of its soothing vibration.

Picasso Marble

Picasso Marble is also known as Picasso Jasper or Picasso Stone.

These crystals come in range of colors and styles but are all beneficial stones to assist change.

Many of you may have found that dealing with the way the world has transformed in recent times has made it quite hard to feel positive about the future.

These crystals for change help you to persevere and to keep going during times when life has altered dramatically and when you feel despondent and don't know what to do.

They are a great stone for meditation, as they encourage a clear mind as they resonate within the third eye and the crown chakra which governs the brain.

They have a number of helpful healing properties and mental benefits and they are powerful crystals for mental clarity.

Their energy not only boosts spiritual guidance but also stimulates clearer thinking and this is helpful to convert how you are thinking during periods of deep change. 


Augite stones are not well known but they are a particularly helpful crystal for change.

They have a beneficial energy to help you when you are working through situations when you have had to reorganize or adjust your life.

These crystals are usually quite small in size but they have a valuable vibration to aid you to more easily make changes when they have been slow in coming.

Some of you may have been forced to change many aspects of  your life, yet the real changes you wish to bring into your life are very slow to reach you.

The vibration of Augite helps to accelerate the transformation of your life as ways to make these changes become obvious to you.

Their energy also stimulates the base or root chakra and they are strong grounding stones.

If you are a crystal healer, Augite are useful for to assist you to transform or change the energy of the area where you place them and they are useful altar stones.

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine are quite well known or common stones, so may be easy to obtain, which is beneficial when you are searching for help.

Their energy may help you to deal with new situations in your life.

They may be helpful when you are dealing with changes in your workplace or your job that means life has become quite different to what you had planned.

Regularly use these stones in meditation, either on their own or combined with any of the other crystals for change, as this might help you when you are trying to adjust to any changes.

Green Aventurine is a stone of abundance that resonates within the heart chakra, and has a good energy to help you to accept what is happening.

It helps you to deal with unpleasant or undesirable situations in your life, and is particularly known to be helpful at times when you are dealing with unexpected health problems

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a very popular stone that was used in the past as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing.

It has a large number of powerful properties and it is one of the crystals for change that can assist you to take action more easily and quickly.

The energy of these stones can enhance inspirational thinking and this can be helpful when change approaches and it is hard to work out what to do.

The energy of Tiger Eye gives you the inner strength to take what is happening in your stride, and to keep going even if it is tough to do so.

This is a stone of balance that helps you to see things from both sides then to makes the best decision about the path forward, unclouded by your emotions.

Use To Release Fear: Tigers Eye are good crystals for fear that can help you when you are alarmed about changes that may unexpectedly happen.

They may assist you to let go of fear that may be stopping you from making important changes to your life.


Stellerite is not well known but it is a one of the best crystals for change as it supports personal transformation.

It will help you when you need to make major alterations to your life, as it is a powerful crystal for transformation and change.

Some of you may be finding that the events rolling out in the world are confronting, either in a general sense when you see it on the news, or personally in your life.

If you need help to deal with difficult situations, using any of the crystals for change may assist you.

Stellerite is a stone of truth, so its energy helps you to know if what you are hearing is true, or if the person speaking is dishonest or corrupt.

Once you are aware of the truth, this helps you to accurately know what to do going forward, in order to make changes that are beneficial to you and your loved ones.

Change can be difficult and when it happens quickly without much warning can be quite stressful.

Combine any of these stones with crystals for stress, by placing stones in the area where you spend the most time.

Using Crystals For Change

The most effective way to use crystals for change is to keep them close to you for some period of time each day.

One of the easy ways is to put them on the bedside so that they are within your auric field while you sleep.

Additionally or alternatively, put them in a cloth bag and keep them in your pocket during the day or wear them in a macrame crystal holder. 

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder, and the ones with a bead on top make it easy to change the stone when you wish to wear something else.

Many of these stones are powerful to stimulate transformation so using them in meditation can be highly beneficial to create a stronger spiritual connection.

Black Tourmaline PendantBlack Tourmaline Pendant

You can use them alone or you might choose to combine them with any of the other crystals for change in order to help you to deal with the changes happening right now.

If you have jewelry made from any of them, this could be helpful as it's an easy way to keep them on your body.

Using crystals for change is helpful when we are all looking for ways that can assist us during these difficult times.

This is just one way that you can assist yourself and others around you, to deal with the major changes that are currently happening all over the planet.

Numerologists say that the year ahead is going to be a time where even more major change and transformation will sweep through many countries.

So you may benefit by having these stones on hand to help you to deal with the transformations coming.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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