Psychic Protection

Using Protection Crystals

➤ By Liz Oakes

Psychic protection is extremely important, especially if you are doing regular meditation. Checkout the list below of the top protection crystals and stones.

Do you know the best protection crystals to use to prevent psychic attack?  

Once you become adept at making contact with the higher realms, you will understand more fully the risks that you face.

You may then wish to work out ways including using crystals, to prevent psychic attacks. This is important for anyone who is doing spiritual or psychic development work.

Psychic ProtectionFire Agate Is One Of The Top Psychic Protection Stones

Many people at the beginning may be unaware of the problems, so are not protecting themselves adequately. 

Once you open yourself up to spirit, you should begin to take psychic protection measures to protect yourself from psychic attack.

This includes if you are participating in a meditation circle or group. Using protection stones is an easy way to do protect yourself. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Using Protection Stones: How Do You Use Them?

So how do you use protection crystals or stones? The easiest and most effective way to use any crystal is simply to hold it in your hand.

The energy embodied in protection stones will flow from your hand into your entire body, and out into your auric field, where it will create a powerful level of protection.

Keeping a protective stone on your body is also highly beneficial, as it means it's there when you need it.

It can be worn as jewelry or its easy to simply put a piece in your pocket.

Using protection stones is a simple and effective way to ensure that you feel safe in every area of your life, regardless of whether its when you are meditating or just going about your daily life.

There are a large number of powerful healing crystals for you to use for this purpose, and choosing stones that embody a protective energy can be highly beneficial.

The Power Of Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is one stone that you may like to choose over all of the others for psychic protection. 

It is definitely a stone that I recommend everyone should add to their collection with a caveat.

Note that not everyone finds this a comfortable stone to use, so be open to choosing something else if you react to its energy.

They are wonderful aids to have in the home, not just for protection but also for grounding and to help electrical sensitivity, as well as a number of other reasons.

I have a large chunk of Black Tourmaline in my bedroom, sitting on the bedside, so I can easily pick it up.

It is an excellent crystal for home protection as well as for both EMF protection, psychic protection and it is a strong grounding stone.

How Do You Choose Your Protection Crystal?

Thinking about how to choose the right protection crystal for you to use?

Look at the psychic protection stones shown further down this page and see if you already own any of them. 

Some are fairly well known like the gorgeous Purple Amethyst Stones, but there are quite a few Amethyst varieties or types including Black Amethyst.

Many of you may own crystal jewelry such as a lovely Amethyst ring or pendant, and these are very powerful for protection.

Be intuitively guided and allow yourself to make the right choice about the crystals or stones to use. If you wish to boost your intuitive gifts there are also crystals that will enhance intuition.

When To Use Protection Stones?

So when should you use protection stones? It's a good idea to use them when you are participating in meditation circles, see more about this below.

It is also beneficial to have them in the bedroom so that when you are asleep they will protect you.

An Amethyst crystal cluster like the one in the picture is a lovely way to keep protective energy in any room.

There are many other powerful psychic protection crystals and it's easy to use them.

Meditation Groups & Spiritual Development Circles

When you participate in a group meditation, or a spiritual development circle, it is common for you to do guided meditations. 

These groups are often aimed at developing psychic gifts, mostly clairvoyance or psychic visions and clairsentience or psychometry. 

These will often do meditation in a group, with a guided meditation that may take you into deep relaxed inner awareness.

It is very common for any of you who have the potential to develop psychic gifts, to make contact with spirits at these times. 

Mostly it is your personal guides that you contact, but occasionally it is not.

It is because of this, that it is important to take care that you always protect yourself. While it is uncommon for these spirits to want to harm you, it can happen.

Many psychic development groups are highly aware of the need for psychic protection. They start their night by saying a prayer, such as the Lords Prayer, which protects those present.

Also the group leader will often make a statement, asking that only beings from the Light are welcome into the circle.

Psychic Attack

Most of you may know that you have a guardian angel or spirit guide who looks after your well-being. 

While they do their best to ensure that you are protected, you still need to take action.

Using crystals to prevent psychic attack may help to prevent attacks that might come.

Sometimes the type of problem that you may encounter may be a spirit, but sometimes it is not.

Psychic ProtectionFire Agate For Psychic Protection

Often it is more like a negative vibration, released by other people. It may not be deliberate, and may not even be aimed at you.

Occasionally someone is thinking a specific negative thought about you, and these have the potential to cause you problems, especially if this person is a gifted psychic, even if they don't know they are.

If you have experienced psychic attack, you will be aware that this is the time when psychic protection is necessary.

Be Aware Of Misuse Of Your Own Psychic Powers

Misuse of your own psychic powers can bring health problems to you if you are doing it.

Not everyone who has psychic gifts knows they are doing this, as not everyone is aware that they have these skills. 

Negative vibrations have the potential to harm those that are using them as well as those they are impacting, so take care not to use your gifts to try to harm anyone else.

Checkout my article about Crystals To Prevent Psychic Attack for more information.

In this article you can also see the most common symptoms you might experience if you are attacked.

Why Do You Need Psychic Protection?

The vibration of the planet has been lifting quite quickly over the last ten to twenty years, and the gifts of many people have now come to life.

Many people are developing psychic clairvoyant ability, clairsentient gifts or discover they have some level of psychic skills, and have the potential to be aware of this negativity.

Many of us have innate psychic gifts that we are born with, and it is common for these gifts or abilities to just begin, with no warning.  

The development of psychic abilities may happen to you somewhat unintentionally.

If you have been wearing or using high energy crystals, they have the potential to magnify your psychic gifts, almost suddenly.

Often this strengthening of your ability happens when you begin spiritual development, including participating in meditation groups.

When you are working with others, you may find that you take unwanted negative energy into your own energy field, and it affects you badly.

Your Protective Cloak - What Is The Purpose?

There are quite a few ways to protect yourself from this, and the first and very effective method of psychic protection is to build a protective shield around yourself every day.

Imagine that your protective shield is like a large cloak, which you slip around you. As you wake up each morning, you use your imagination to create this cloak, and then place it around you.

You pull the hood up and over your head and the cloak falls to your feet. At that time I also like to white light myself.

The cloak you create may be of any color you choose, and this color will also resonate within your aura to give your overall abilities an extra bit of help.

For instance: maybe you are about to do a presentation on a certain day.

You could make the cloak blue, as that is the color of the throat chakra as it could be an advantage for your communication abilities to be boosted.

Imagine a bright clear blue, that will boost your communication abilities.

Simple and Useful Psychic Protection Idea

This cloak can be made any color you want, and can be all or any of the colors of the rainbow if you wish. I find that working with one color a day is more powerful.

Doing this will boost the energy of the chakra that the color responds to, and the gifts that it governs, as well as being a highly useful method of psychic protection.

Your psychic cloak is as protective as you want it to be, and as protective as your psychic powers allow it to be.  

This is why I also use protection crystals in crystal jewelry, or carry stones of them with me each day.

To help you to develop your psychic abilities more quickly, you may choose to work specifically with the color purple and the third eye chakra. 

This is because this is the chakra for the pineal gland which is located in the area of the third eye.

If you are not sure about how the chakras work, and what the colors are for each chakra, read my article on the meaning of the chakras.

 How Will Protection Help You? Using Protection Stones

Be aware of the need for psychic protection if you are working within any sort of psychic field, including as a healer, as it is also imperative to use protection while doing healing.

It is of prime importance when you are working with your psychic gifts, to make sure you are protected.

I like to wear a piece of jewelry made from one, or more, of the protection stones.

A good example is my lovely Black Tourmaline pendant, that contains three protection stones, which is very useful.

This protection is of value, as that is the time when you will aid your client to release negativity, that may be holding back their healing.

By ensuring that you are protected you will not absorb this negative energy.

Cleanse Your Environment

As a healer, it is important to do regular cleansing of the environment where you work with clients.

Start with white lighting the room, then you might also cleanse the air with white sage smoke, and/or spray the room with an essence of natural essential oils.

It is possible to use lovely mixtures made up for this purpose, including wild flower essences. Ensure all of your crystals are regularly cleansed as well.

I know that most crystals love the energy of being saged, and there are quite a few other good methods for cleansing your crystals.

It is also beneficial to charge both your crystals and your environment and there are a number of ways you can do this.

Methods to charge your crystals includes using sound from tingsha hand cymbals or bells.

Tingsha Hand CymbalsTingsha Hand Cymbals

In social situations when people are drinking they have a stronger potential to release negative vibrations.

As you develop your psychic skills, you will find that you can discern when you are being attacked.

At that time you can easily ask your guardians or spirit guides to protect you, as they will do this if asked. Also place another layer of cloaking around you at this time.

How To Ensure Psychic Protection

As I have been personally attacked by someone, I know how important psychic protection is.

Many psychic attacks come while you sleep, as they may be created by the dreams of your attacker.

This means they are often unintentional, yet they have just as strong an energy, if the person sending them has powerful psychic energy and abilities.

So I always have my favorite protection crystals, which are mostly tumblestones in a small cloth bag, either under my pillow or on the bedside table, and these stay in the bedroom permanently.

I often wear my pendant, earrings or my ring made from Moldavite stone during the day, as this stone is highly protective. 

Alternatively or as well you may choose to use any of the other stones on the list.

Jewelry such as earrings, rings or pendants made from protective crystals is an easy way to keep these stones on you.

Some of the crystals that could be very helpful to wear could be Sugilite, Rainbow Moonstone, Amber or Amethyst, as they are both very beautiful and highly protective, so see what you already have.

Keep Them On Your Body

An easy alternative to jewelry is to have a small cloth bag of crystals in your pocket during the day or to wear them in a macrame crystal holder.

Its easy to buy a macrame crystal holderI have a few macrame crystal holders in various sizes and colors.

If you buy the right type they have a bead that slides that allows you to easily change the crystal. 

This could contain both protection and grounding crystals but there are other stones you could choose to combine.

It is an easy way to use crystals, especially ones you might be currently working with for other reasons. 

This is something that you can do easily, and it is a useful way to integrate positive vibrations into your life. The stones can change frequently, but some of the contents may remain the same.

Working In Psychic Employment

Are you are developing your gifts on purpose, so that you may use these psychic skills to obtain psychic employment?

If you are working in this area Shattuckite is an excellent stone as it is a powerful stone to protect you from possession, and will help you to develop a variety of psychic gifts. 


Pyrolusite is another powerfully protective stone that helps to prevent you from getting noticed by beings from the lower astral realms.

But it is quite fragile so isn't something to use on your body.

Psychic protection is Simply Insurance

Psychic protection is important, but it is not a matter of getting fearful and expecting it to happen. It is more like insurance. 

Most of you take out insurance on your home or vehicle. So taking actions to prevent negative outcomes from psychic attacks is just simply that, insurance, in case its needed.

It may never be needed but if it is you will be glad you did! I also own and wear rings, pendants and earrings of various stones from the protection group of stones, especially if I am going to a social occasion.

Spirit Quartz is a good stone to have in your environment, as it will bring you freedom from any fear you may feel when thinking about the problem of psychic attack.

The best stone to use to both send negative energy back to where it came from, as well as for psychic protection is Fire Agate, and this includes Crackled Fire Agate.

There are a large number of stones on the list below so take a look and see if you already have any of these.

What Are The Best Protection Stones?

The easiest protection stones to obtain are the following, and most are very powerful stones.

There are a good number of healing crystals for you to choose between to use for this purpose.

This includes Sugilite, Malachite, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Peridot, Amber, Smoky Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz, Fire Agate, Black Diopside, Black Spinel, Chiastolite and Black Obsidian, and most are usually found fairly easily.

Alternatively you might like to look at the chart and choose others, especially if you own them already.

Many of these have had in-depth pages written about them, so reading about them may assist you to make your choice as there may be other beneficial attributes that may also help you.

If you are working on your psychic gifts, many stones to develop abilities such as clairvoyance or clairaudience are also stones for protection.

Images Of Black Psychic Protection Stones

There are a great number of protection stones, and they may work in various ways, so take the time to read the specific pages on individual stones.

Click on the link below pictures (where applicable) to learn more.

Many protective stones are either black or very dark colors, but there are many more in a range of colors, see pictures below.

While the psychic protection stones come in a range of colors, the color of many of them is black.

Many black crystals are also strong grounding stones so this makes them powerful crystals to utilize in your day to day life.

Yellow or Brown Stones To Use For Protection

The pictures below are primarily brown colored stones but there are some yellow stones that are also protective.

Brown crystals are generally earth chakra stones, but they may also stimulate many other chakras. 

Protection Crystals of Other Colors

More Psychic Protection Stones

If you are wondering which protection crystals or stones to use, look through the pictures shown here.

For wearing in your pocket during the day, choose very small stones, as they can be heavy.

Or buy crystal jewelry to wear on your body, as its an easy way to keep one of these stones on you every day. 

An alternative is to buy a macrame crystal holder. The best ones are those with a bead at the top that slides, allowing you to change the crystal you are using easily.

Books That Aid Psychic Development

The books and the CD set shown below are excellent aids to help you if you are working on developing psychic abilities. This includes boosting your intuition, a closely related gift.

Sonia Choquette has been working in psychic employment as a reader, and as a teacher in the development area for many years.

You can read the story of how Sonia developed her gifts, in her book 'Diary of a Psychic', and how to develop yours. If you like to read reviews of Sonia Choquette books, Click Here.

Want To Learn More About The Crystals Mentioned Here?

Quite a few of the stones on this page have had their own in-depth articles written about them, or alternatively they may have a short paragraph about them on the A to Z pages.

Wondering how to find out more? To learn more about any of the stones, you can find out if its been written about somewhere else on this site.

Check out the A to Z of Crystals by using the link below.

AtlantisiteAtlantisite is Purple Stichtite In Green Serpentine
How To Use Psychic Protection Crystals To Prevent Psychic AttackHow To Use Psychic Protection Crystals To Prevent Psychic Attack

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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