Best Orange Crystals

For Enhanced Intimacy & Creativity

➤ By Liz Oakes

Orange crystals are the bright attention grabbing stones that you might notice when you are crystal shopping.

These bright stones help to enhance personal relationships as they stimulate feelings of pleasure and amplify intimacy and sensuality between couples.

Crystals that are this beautiful bright color are some of the most well known crystals for creativity, and they may also heighten spirituality.

They have a lovely warm and friendly vibration that is powerful to assist relationships of all kinds and they are beneficial to intensify intimate contact.

Lava Fire Sunstone wide 2Orange Crystals: This Is Lava Fire Sunstone

Learn more about these sixty nine crystals as they have some excellent metaphysical properties to benefit you.

They often have a quite revitalizing and invigorating energy that can enliven your days and may assist your emotional life to be happy and fulfilled. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Orange Crystals: Shades Of The Color Orange

The color orange is not just one color as it varies in strength quite a lot and it occurs in a range of hues.

This ranges from pale apricot or light ginger to an intense orange or deep reddish orange tone.

Orange is a blend of two basic colors, red and yellow, so these stones are found in variations of these two shades.

Some orange crystals can be quite dark and almost red in color and others are a lighter peachy almost yellow color.

The color does depend on the specific mineral makeup of individual stones, and this can be related to the location where they are found and the minerals that occur in these places.

The colors of the crystals in this family of stones may be called by names such as apricot, peach, tangerine, salmon, honey, carrot, ginger and orange.

How fascinating that many of these colors are also the names of common foods and ones we often eat. 

Other names for shades of this color include terracotta, amber, ochre, golden orange and orangey tan.

There are lots of stones in this color group, and they come in a range of shades and many are yellowish orange and they commonly have a number of similar properties.

Crystal Tip: You may discover that individual stones with the same name, for example Kyanite, may occur in more than one color yet have a similar energy.

Metaphysical Properties Of Orange Crystals

The energy of the orange crystals can help you in a number of ways such as:

  • The orange crystals primarily resonate within the sacral chakra also called the navel chakra.
  • They are most well known for their action as crystals to boost creativity, and most sacral chakra stones will help to enhance creative gifts.
  • There are quite a few orange quartz crystals.
  • The energy of the sacral chakra is powerful to stimulate feelings of pleasure, and heighten intimacy and sensuality between lovers.
  • A number of orange stones resonate within the higher chakras as well.
  • Learn about orange crown chakra stones that have excellent powers to boost spiritual growth and healing.
  • There are quite a few orange high vibration crystals that have a potent energy.

Properties Of Orange Crystals: Sacral Chakra Energy

Orange is the color of the sun and its vibrant energy is powerful to enhance your life in many ways, as it brings warmth and energy to brighten your existence.

The color orange is the color that is associated with the sacral chakra also known as the navel chakra as it is located just below the bottom of the stomach where the navel is found.

This chakra has excellent healing properties that may revitalize the female reproductive organs such as the womb and genitals and in males supports the testicles.

Sacral chakra crystals enhance the emotions and are known to heighten feelings of pleasure and sexual fulfillment and may encourage intimacy.

It's easy to buy Pietersite. While most orange stones resonate within the sacral chakra, depending on the shade they may also be base chakra or solar plexus chakra stones.

This chakra is situated between the solar plexus chakra which resonates with the color yellow and the base or root chakra which corresponds to the color red.

This bright sunny color is a blend of both yellow and red, and orange stones embody the energy of both of these colors.

Orange crystals may therefore stimulate the same areas that both red and yellow stones impact and their metaphysical properties may also include some of the same attributes as the red or yellow crystals. 

The lighter yellowish shades of orange are effective to stimulate the solar plexus chakra and the darker stones may boost the base chakra as well as the navel chakra.

Orange Crystals For Creativity: How Will They Help You?

The orange crystals are most well known for their action to stimulate the growth of creative ability and many are highly effective to use for this purpose.

The most effective orange crystals for enhancing creativity includes Orange Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Tangerine Quartz, Sunstone and Golden Rutilated Quartz. 

Carnelian Stone ranges in color from a dark orange through to a very light orange, and many other orange stones also vary from quite light to a deeper shade of orange.

Most of the crystals for creativity are strong sacral chakra stones, and this is because the sacral or navel chakra boosts creative gifts as well as procreation. 

The stones that also resonate within the third eye chakra can also assist you to utilize the ideals of innovation and inspiration.

Use Orange Creativity Crystals In Meditation

Use the creativity crystals in meditation to assist you to be more inspired and to boost your imagination.

There are some orange crystals for imagination that may also stimulate creativity.

Stones that boost imagination that are also strong stones for creativity includes Zincite, Golden Rutilated Quartz, darker orangey yellow Citrine, Wonderstone, and Elestial Citrine which can be a ginger shade.

Some of the creativity crystals may be more well known as other colored stones, such as the darker orangey Citrine which are often yellow crystals, and Amber which may be in shades from medium yellow to a deeper shade.

Other orange crystals for creativity include Orange Spessartine Garnet, Stilbite, Stellerite, Golden Spirit Quartz, Calligraphy Stone and Orange Sardonyx which also may be other colors. 

Other less common stones that boost creative abilities include Orange Fluorite, Serandite and Triplite, an uncommon stone that boosts your creativity.

Orange TripliteOrange Triplite

Aid Love & Intimate Relationships: Boost Sensuality

Many of the orange navel chakra stones have a good energy to help with an increase of good feelings, affection and warm feelings towards your partner.

Some of you may be feeling that you would like your relations with your partner to improve.

The meaning of the sacral chakra stones also relates to commitment and loyalty towards your partner and these emotions may help to enhance your relationship.

It's easy to buy Tangerine Quartz.

Many of you might feel that your relationship could do with some help, especially if you feel its lacking warmth and affection.

By enhancing your emotional connection you might also find it increases your libido and encourages improved sexual feelings towards your partner.

There are a number of stones that relate to increased sensuality and intimacy and may create closeness that leads to more passionate lovemaking. 

Carnelian helps to improve relationships by increasing the flow of loving energy between you and your partner and enhancing sensuality.

It also encourages loving feelings to flow towards other members of the family.

Most of the crystals below have an in-depth page so check out how they work to improve your relationships.

Hureaulite is not well known but should be, as its an excellent stone to boost the libido, but it is also a stone that can activate the kundalini energy so take care if you don't know about the effect of kundalini awakening.

Orange Calcite is said to be a mineral aphrodisiac as it has a good vibration to boost your vitality and energy in the bedroom.

Stilbite has a calming energy that not only helps your relationship but may also assist you to sleep better and Sunstone stirs romantic feelings as well as enhancing sensuality.

Zincite has a quite potent zingy energy and can be too much for some people. It is known to rekindle lagging desire and may increase passion by triggering your sensual appetite!

Taaffeite amplifies loving feelings towards your lover and Crocoite is another one of the orange crystals that puts zest back into your personal encounters. 

There are a number of other excellent stones that have a good energy to assist your love-life, including Sardonyx, Sunstone, Tangerine Quartz and Clinohumite.

While the above crystals help to encourage the growth of intimacy, sensuality and romantic feelings, you might find that other orange crystals also will help to boost your relationships.

Any of the orange stones that resonate within the sacral chakra have the potential to stimulate increased affection, intimacy and loving actions.

Orange Crystals Made Of Quartz

When I started looking at this color group, I was quite surprised to see so many quartz crystals in various shades.

There are quite a few of the orange crystals that are quartz crystals, and because they are made of quartz you might find it helpful to be able to program them.

There are quite a few quartz crystals that come in shades of orange. Some are more pinkish orange like Pecos Diamond and there are quite a few golden stones. Golden Rutilated Quartz embodies inclusions of Golden Rutile threads.

Golden quartz varieties include Golden Amphibole Quartz, Golden Aura Quartz, Golden Healers, Golden Spirit Quartz, Golden Lemurian Seed Crystal and Green Ridge Quartz, which also comes in other colors. 

Both Tangerine Quartz and Mango Quartz are commonly a clear orange color. The color of Fire Quartz varies with some being a shade of orange and others being a red color.

Golden Healer QuartzGolden Healer Quartz
Mango QuartzMango Quartz
Golden Aura QuartzGolden Aura Quartz

There are some stones in this color family that are varieties of agate, which are also a type of quartz as they have the same mineral makeup.

This includes Orange Plume Agate, Lake Superior Agate, Gobi Desert Agate and Crazy Lace Agate which comes in a variety of colors.

Gobi Desert AgateGobi Desert Agate
Orange Plume Agate PendantOrange Plume Agate

Programming quartz is easy to do once you learn how and there are some benefits to doing this.

I have straightforward instructions on how to program crystals here, so take a look and see how easy it is to do.

You can program any quartz crystal in order to enhance the properties that it innately embodies or you can add a different ideal as a program to any stone you choose.

I also have instructions on how to deprogram a crystal, just in case you are worried that you might change your mind, or if you feel you did it wrong and want to start again.

High Vibration Orange Crystals

The high crystal energy stones have a powerful action that helps you to raise your personal vibration, but there are not a lot of orange crystals in this group.

High vibration stone are well known for their action to assist healing and are generally powerful crystals to encourage the expansion of spiritual gifts and aid ongoing growth of spiritual abilities.

Many of the orange high vibration crystals come in colors other than orange, including Kyanite, and regardless of the color of your stone, often the various colors have a similar energy.

Most of the high crystal energy stones resonate within the higher chakras and in particular the crown chakra, where they are effective to stimulate the brain.

Orange crystals that have a good action within the brain include Heulandite, Golden Herderite and Orange Natrolite.

Herderite has a strong action to stimulate the creation of new pathways in the brain, and using Natrolite with it seems to further develop those areas.

Heulandite synchronizes both hemispheres of the brain, and all three of these stones assist you to make stronger connections with the Divine.

All of these three crystals work well in combination with other high vibration crystals including Elestial Quartz and Diaspore, which also stimulates the brain.

Many of these assist you to connect to the higher spiritual chakras including the soul star chakra and the higher transpersonal chakras.

The group of high vibration orange crystals also includes Rainbow Mayanite™,  Ginger Elestial Citrine, Orange Creedite, Golden Selenite and Pale Orange Diaspore.

All of the high crystal energy stones above are also powerful to use in meditation and like the other golden crown chakra stones below boost spiritual health.

Orange Crystals For The Crown Chakra

There are other crown chakra crystals, and while their vibration is not quite as high as those mentioned above, they have an excellent energy.

Any of the crown chakra stones have a strong energy within the brain and this can be effective to assist clearer thinking and may boost your memory.

The color associated with the crown chakra is white and the clear crystals are also powerful to stimulate this area. 

But as this chakra brings the golden light down from the higher realms, many golden stones are also powerful to boost the energy in this area.

The orange crown chakra stones includes Golden Muscovite, Amphibole Quartz, Ankerite, Pecos Diamond, Golden Topaz, Calligraphy Stone, Taaffeite, Triplite, Cancrinite, Hureaulite, Spessartine Garnet and Golden Spirit Quartz.

Many of these are also mentioned in other sections where you may see their pictures and links to an article about them where applicable.

An effective way to use any of the crown chakra stones is in meditation, and when used this way will be powerful to boost a range of psychic powers depending on the individual minerals that they embody.

They may also assist you to connect with your spirit guides and you may receive guidance from Spirit teachers and other Divine beings within the higher realms. 

A number of crystals in this color family will boost psychic gifts such as intuition, clairsentience and clairvoyance. Stones that boost clairsentient abilities includes Amber and Orange Kyanite.

Crystals and stones such as Citrine, Sunstone, Stilbite and Hessonite Garnet are excellent to develop your intuitive gifts.

The good way to use most crystals is in meditation and they have a range of ways that you may benefit from using them this way. 

It is also advantageous to wear any of these stones on your body, and this may be as jewelry.

It is easy to buy a macrame crystal holder or you can put them in your pocket. 

The other way to use them is to place them where you spend the most time, perhaps by creating a crystal grid.

The longer they are within your energy field the easier it is to benefit from their vibration, so it is beneficial to place them in the room where you are likely to be.

My Final Thoughts: Why Would You Use Orange Crystals?

The energy of the sacral chakra primarily relates to the health of the area of the body just below the navel and this area encompasses a large number of organs.

The healing properties of orange crystals is very powerful and they create an action that can stimulate a strong healing response in this area of the body.

Organs such as the kidneys and the bladder as well as the female reproductive organs such as the womb and in males the testes are stimulated by sacral chakra crystals.

Many of these are excellent crystals for stress and tension, and the various stones in this group have other excellent healing attributes, which are covered in their individual articles.

As mentioned above, many of these have potent metaphysical properties such as  enhancing your creativity, boosting clairsentient gifts and intuition. 

Some of them stimulate psychic gifts such as clairvoyance or psychic visions and many of them help to enhance your relationship with your partner.

In addition there are golden orange stones that resonate within the crown chakra and they can be effective to strengthen your spirituality.

Various stones stimulate other chakras, especially those that are mixed colors.

All of the high vibration crystals have a powerful energy that may help to lift your spiritual growth and may aid spiritual healing.

Note: that when a stone has had an article written about it, the name of the crystal shows under the image highlighted with a link which you can simply click on to learn more.

Not all of the orange stones have a specific article yet, but the articles are being gradually written when I have time.

Pictures Of More Orange Crystals & Stones

The pictures below are of stones that do not yet have an in-depth page written about them as yet. See A To Z of Crystals Minerals and Stones Page.

You might find some information about them on the page that relates to the letter of the alphabet that their name starts with. 

Fire Quartz PendantFire Quartz Pendant
Golden Yellow TourmalineGolden Yellow Tourmaline
Hessonite GarnetHessonite Garnet
Peach SeranditePeach Serandite
Picture JasperPicture Jasper
Snakeskin AgateSnakeskin Agate

Pictures Of Partially Orange Crystals & Stones

There are quite a few stones that have an orange variety but its not the most common way you find it. Many aren't all orange but a mix of colors with orange.

Because they embody some of the orange color, these stones may be effective within the sacral or navel chakra, so if you have them, try using them there.

This includes Sphalerite, Orange Petoskey Stone, natural Golden Rutile and Bumble Bee Jasper.

Golden RutileGolden Rutile
Bumble Bee JasperBumble Bee Jasper

There a quite a few powerful gemstones that are orange but may not be easy to obtain. But if you are able to find them, they will be beneficial to aid you.

This includes the gorgeous Orange Sapphire, Orange Spinel and Orange Mexican Fire Opal. 

Orange Lava Fire SunstoneOrange Lava Fire Sunstone

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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