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In The H Alpha Section

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The properties of crystals and their metaphysical attributes in this article specifically refer to stones in the H alphabetic group, so only for stones starting with H.

Hyalite OpalHyalite Opal

To see which stones the information on this page covers, look at the photos of stones in the picture grid below.

This shows images of the crystals that start with H or I that are covered on this site. 

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Properties Of Crystals: H

For the stones that start with H or I that have not yet had their individual page written, you will find a short summary or outline below of the properties of individual crystals in this group.

Harlequin QuartzHarlequin Quartz
Healers GoldHealers Gold

To see which stones the information on this page covers, look at the stones in the photo grid below.

If there is an in-depth article about any of these crystals on the grid, their name will be highlighted with a link.

Hessonite GarnetHessonite Garnet

Chakra Stones Starting With H: There is a list after the properties of crystals on this page that shows the chakras for specific H  crystals.

This table separates the stones into their specific groups by chakra, so it can be helpful to look at.

Himalayan Gold QuartzHimalayan Gold Quartz
Himalayan Ice CalciteHimalayan Ice Calcite
Himalayan QuartzHimalayan Quartz
Holley Blue AgateHolley Blue Agate

There is a list that shows the chakra stones, which will help you to know which areas the crystal can help to heal.

There are also links taking you to information on specific chakras.

Honey CalciteHoney Calcite
Hourglass GypsumHourglass Gypsum

The information on crystals starting with I have now been moved to their own page. Read about stones in the I Alphabetic Group Here

Video About High Vibration Herkimer Diamonds

Properties Of Crystals: H


Halite comes in a range of colors, the most common being the blue, violet, pink, white and yellow.

The Yellow Halite shown in this photo, is a strong stone to aid study as it works within the crown chakra where it helps you to retain what you are learning.

It encourages spiritual development and helps to raise your vibration, so is beneficial to use for meditation.


It helps to protect you against psychic attack and helps you to release negative energy and entities that may be attached to you.

All colors of these stones are basically made of salt, that is they are made from sodium chloride.  Yet they have some interesting metaphysical qualities.

The properties of crystals of different colors is not the same as each color has different qualities depending on the minerals included that create the various colors.


Hambergite are actually very small and quite rare crystals, so note the picture has been enlarged so you can see it more clearly.


A good stone to use for trance channeling. It can create a feeling of bliss which is known to help you to receive useful information.

The properties of crystals such as these are excellent to stimulate you to take better care of your health.

It is said to be useful to help a number of health problems, including issues in the eyes, and the heart when your pulse rate is too high. Also helpful to aid weight loss.

Harlequin Quartz aka Flame or Fire Quartz or Agnitite

Harlequin Quartz is also known as Flame or Fire Quartz and as Agnitite. These crystals have inclusions of red Hematite or Lepidocrocite within the crystal, usually within clear quartz.

Harlequin QuartzHarlequin Quartz

The hematite inclusions often occur as a line of red dots within clear quartz. Some crystals have more hematite than others, but in most pieces you can see areas where you the clear quartz is fairly obvious.

The properties of crystals like these relates to how they effect your energy, and their role to stimulate spiritual growth. 

Depending on how you hold them, their energy will rise up the body to the crown and continue up into the soul star.

Then the energy will move back down and spread throughout the whole body, continuing down through the entire body to the base chakra where they make a strong connection to the earth.

Harlequin QuartzHarlequin Quartz

They will make you feel more vital and more energized, as they have a strong stimulating vibration. They are well known for their action to assist you if you are feeling lethargic or lacking energy.


Harzburgite is a variety of Peridotite composed primarily of olivine and orthopyroxene with small amounts of spinel and garnet.


The properties of crystals like these are thought provoking as the mix of various minerals within them may bring interesting results.

The mineral Peridot is an excellent law of attraction stone, that brings the energy of happiness, clear thinking and embodies the frequency of increase.

Like all green stones, including green Spinel, they have a good resonance within the heart chakra to stimulate love and kindness. 

They may help to boost your energy and may assist the growth of psychic gifts that you are already developing, though it won't birth new gifts.

Healers Gold

Healers Gold is a strong stone to use for healing. It is made up of a naturally occurring mixture of Magnetite and Pyrite.

You can read more information about Iron Pyrite on its own in-depth page.

Healers GoldHealers Gold

While the stone properties of both of these are excellent in their own right, this combination has some excellent qualities. It is known to boost sluggish energy in the meridians and chakras.

Using it will help you to feel energized, and it is excellent to aid your healing physically. A great stone to combine with other stones to boost their energy.

Helps to boost creativity, aids grounding and is beneficial for protection during meditation.


Hemimorphite may be colored White, Brown or Turquoise Blue, but the blue stone is the most common.

All colors of this stone aid personal development of specific gifts, and help you to create your own reality.

Although the properties of crystals that are different colors vary slightly, any color of this stone will aid you to raise your vibration and to communicate with those in the higher spiritual realms.

The white stones bring more light into your energetic body, and it emits light that will activate the higher chakras.

The vibration of the blue crystals like the Blue Hemimorphite shown above, works within the middle chakras, and specifically the throat, heart, thymus and third eye chakras.

The brown stones also bring through more light which they ground into the physical body which helps you to raise your overall vibration.

Hessonite Garnet

Hessonite Garnet is a member of the Grossular garnet family and the stone properties of both crystals are similar in many respects.

Hessonite GarnetHessonite Garnet

Most Grossularite is greenish yellow, but the properties of crystals in the family all have similar properties with some differences.

Due to the fact that it has a strong golden color Hessonite will resonate more strongly at both the solar plexus chakra as well as the heart and sacral chakra.

This is a stone of abundance and prosperity and may aid you to manifest money if that is what you require. It aids you to develop better intuition, and has a lovely energy that will help you to be more assertive with greater self confidence.



Hickoryite is a type of striped or banded Rhyolite that comes from Mexico. Its colors are quite lovely and are generally in brown shades. It was named by sellers but its name has no particular meaning.

The properties of crystals like these relates to its energy to enhance creative thinking and it is known to assist you to have a more novel or quirky approach to any type of creative work.

It may give you to impetus to look for new ways of approaching your work, assisting you to find both innovative and quite distinctive ways of doing things.

It is known to boost your imagination and to find new and interesting ways to accomplish your  aims.

Himalayan Gold Quartz

Himalayan Gold Quartz has a quite strong and beautiful energy and this relates to the vibration of the area of the Himalayan mountains where it originates.

Himalayan Gold QuartzHimalayan Gold Quartz

This is a stone that resonates strongly at the solar plexus and may help you to better utilize the power of your will, and may aid you to embrace your personal power.

It is powerful to use in meditation, as it helps to bring through the golden light, and it strongly stimulates the higher chakras.

The golden light is a powerful spiritual energy, and this stone helps to bring that energy down through the soul star via the crown chakra to the third eye and into the rest of the body.

This is a lovely stone that has been available for a long time, and in the last few years has been marketed as another variation of the Himalayan Gold name, at a higher price.

Regardless of what you call it, the properties of crystals like these, whatever you choose to call them, relate to a powerful energy to aid your spiritual growth.

Himalayan Ice Calcite aka Angel Ray Calcite

Himalayan Ice Calcite is also known as Angel Ray Calcite. This is a variety of calcite that is found in the Himalayan mountains in similar area to where Himalayan Ice quartz is found.

Himalayan Ice CalciteHimalayan Ice Calcite

These Calcite crystals are powerful stones to aid you to make contact with the angelic realms as they bring pure white light into the body via the higher chakras.

The properties of crystals in the calcite family all relate to their action to increase and amplify energy, but clear calcite has a more powerful energy.

They have a strong resonance at the crown chakra and may aid spiritual growth, by helping to clear negative energy from the auric field.

Himalayan Quartz aka Alpine Quartz

Himalayan Quartz comes from the Himalayan Mountains along the India~Nepal border.

Also called Alpine Quartz, it has a quite extraordinary vibration that brings through healing information from the shamanic healers who resided in those mountainous regions for centuries.

Himalayan QuartzHimalayan Quartz

The properties of crystals from this area, also relate to there action to energize the third eye chakra and stimulates psychic visionary ability to come through.

They have an interesting vibration that affects ones ability to better understand healing lore, and to carry out healing using this information.

Honey Calcite

Honey Calcite brings through mental clarity and will also help you to ground assisting the base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

It assists you to see solutions to problems and to manifest your dreams.

Honey CalciteHoney Calcite

For anyone who needs to work long hours, it will give you the ability to 'stay the course'. The properties of crystals like these have to do with their action to help you to overcome fear of taking action.

They assist with lightbody manifestation as they filters light into the point within the body that requires healing at that time.

Holley Blue Agate or Holley Blue Chalcedony

Holley Blue Agate is also known as Holley Blue Chalcedony. Its name relates to the location of Holley in Oregon, where it was found and named for.

You will also see it selling as Holly Blue Agate or Holly Blue  Chalcedony. Confused? Yes I know it can be tricky but they are the same stone.

Holley Blue AgateHolley Blue Agate

This crystal has a good energy at the throat chakra to improve communication and embodies a lovely energy that resonates within the higher heart chakra.

It helps to improve your judgment, as it works to remove conditions that cause your thinking to be misaligned with what you desire. 

It is a high vibration crystal that resonates within the higher chakras. Use this stone in meditation as it is very useful for those doing spiritual or psychic work.

The properties of crystals like these relate to their action to ease contact between this world and the spiritual realms. 

It is helpful to use in meditation to aid you to make contact with the angels and your spirit guides.

Hornblende or Horneblende

Hornblende can also be spelled Horneblende. This stone has been used since ancient times as part of traditional ceremonies among tribes in Africa, the Australian aboriginals and by the American Indians.


It's vibration may enhance your creativity, especially for artists, and for writers it may boost your ability to express yourself clearly and precisely, and may help you to complete what you are working on.

The properties of crystals like these also pertains to its action to stimulate the mind, and it may help you to think outside the square. It aids you when making plans and it will help you to stick with your work until you have finalized it. 

It brings a lovely energy to meditation, and may stimulate feelings of immense happiness, even bliss. It also has healing attributes, and is known to assist the body to assimilate vitamins and minerals.

Hourglass Gypsum

Hourglass Gypsum is a type of Selenite with an unusual quite unique look to it. It is found only in Oklahoma.

The way it looks relates to the presence of particles of sand, clay or iron oxide that was deposited within the stone during its creation. 

Hourglass GypsumHourglass Gypsum

The properties of crystals like these relates strongly to its vibration within the crown chakra and soul star chakra. The metaphysical attributes of both areas are related to improving your connection to the Divine.

The energy of these stones helps the growth of spirituality, as they resonate with a vibration that is known be strongly associated with the concept of ascension.

They are a type of phantom gypsum that embody the symbol of the infinite within them. This symbol represents an important spiritual principle relating to the concept of "As Above, So Below".

Hubnerite or Huebnerite

Hubnerite is a black or brown crystal, that is also spelled Huebnerite. It helps you to feel better physically, and aids a natural progression of healing.


The properties of crystals like these also relate to their action to work within the crown and third eye chakras, to help you achieve clarity... and it may aid you to find solutions to problems.

When used in meditation it may give you a deeper connection to Spirit.

It may the development of written channeling and can stimulate psychic visions.  It can help you to go very deep, and it may help you to release blocks that may stop you from being hypnotized.

This aspect is useful if you have trouble allowing yourself to be hypnotized. It is commonly found inter-grown with clear quartz, and this is beneficial as the quartz helps to amplify this stones properties.

Crystal Books

The crystal books shown below are very in-depth crystal reference books. The authors of these books have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

Melody's Encyclopedia: Love Is In The Earth is a book that covers more than most.

This book gives you so much information, and covers so many crystals that on its own is almost a reference library. If you wish to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books Click Here.

Properties Of Crystals H: Chakra Stones

For particulars relating to the actual chakras each specific stone will assist, please check out the chakra stone list below.

Many stones or crystals will help to heal more than one area of the body or spirit, so they may be located within more than one chakra category in the table.

If you want to read the information in the article for each chakra, you can simply click on the highlighted chakra name in the table, which will take you to that chakras page.

To read an overview of all the chakras and the crystals that relate to them, see the article on chakra stones. If you would like to discover more about what chakras are, there is an article that outlines the basics of the chakra meanings.

Specific Chakras - List Of Chakra Stones For H Alpha Group

Soul Star Chakra: Hemimorphite, Herderite, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Holley Blue Agate, Hourglass Gypsum, Hypersthene

Crown Chakra: Hackmanite, Heliodor, Hemimorphite, Herderite, Heulandite, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Himalayan Ice Calcite, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Holley Blue Agate, Hourglass Gypsum, Howlite, Hubnerite, Hureaulite, Hyalite Opal, Hypersthene

Third Eye Chakra: Hackmanite, Heliodor, Hemimorphite, Herderite, Heulandite, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Himalayan Green Phantom Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Honey Calcite, Howlite, Hubnerite, Hypersthene

Throat Chakra: Hemimorphite, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Holley Blue Agate, Howlite

Higher Heart Chakra: Hackmanite, Hemimorphite, Hiddenite, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz

Heart Chakra: Hackmanite, Harlequin Quartz, Harzburgite, Hemimorphite, Hessonite Garnet, Hiddenite, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Himalayan Green Phantom Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Hureaulite

Solar Plexus Chakra: Hanksite, Harzburgite, Healers Gold, Heliodor, Hematite, Hessonite Garnet, Hiddenite, Hollandite Quartz, Hypersthene, Himalayan Gold Quartz, Himalayan Ice Quartz, Himalayan Quartz, Honey Calcite

Sacral Chakra: Heliodor, Hessonite Garnet, Hickoryite, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Hureaulite

Base Chakra: Harlequin Quartz, Hematite Crystals, Hemimorphite, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz, Honey Calcite, Hureaulite, Hypersthene

Earth Chakra: Hanksite, Hematite Crystals, Hemimorphite, Himalayan Quartz, Hollandite Quartz

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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