Solar Plexus Chakra Energy

Boosts Personal Power, Self Esteem & Manifestation

➤ By Liz Oakes

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for manifestation on all levels. It  aids self esteem and self worth, governs manifestation, creativity and feeling centered. 

Did you know that this chakra is also known as the power chakra?

The reason it is called the power chakra, is that the energy of this chakra is about your personal power.

Solar Plexus Chakra ExplainedSolar Plexus Chakra Explained : Amber With Ants In

When you improve the energy flow here, you will develop a stronger will, a clear sense of self and will improve your ability to manifest.

One way that this is possible is by the use of specific crystals that stimulate this area.

This area is associated with the energy pertaining to responsibility for others, caring for others, personal honor and the emergence of personal courage. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Chakra Meanings: Self Worth, Ego & Personal Power

Solar Plexus Chakra Explained: 

Where is the solar plexus chakra? It is located below the breast bone and is the third of the major chakras.

The solar plexus is a comprised of a network of nerves that are part of the sympathetic nervous system in the body.

It is located in the stomach, between the base of the sternum and the navel. This chakras meaning is all about the concept of 'the will'.

The solar plexus chakra meanings relate to self confidence, self esteem, the ego, personal power, self worth, will power, clarity and creativity.

The health of this chakra also relates to having a healthy ego, with a high level of self esteem without feeling conceited, arrogant or big headed. 

When this chakra is in balance, you may feel more satisfied with your life and who you are without having an inflated sense of your own importance.

This chakra is responsible for the effective flow of energy not only to this region but throughout the whole body.

Improving the energy flow to the solar plexus may clear problems that have been producing lack and limitations.

Solar Plexus Chakra Colors

This chakra resonates to the color yellow, and to the various shades of yellow as well as gold.

This includes bright lemon, canary yellow, gold, honey, straw, amber and some darker shades of yellow too.

These are the major colors that this chakra relates to, but crystals for this chakra are not always yellow, but range me a range of other colors.

The yellow crystals are known to have a strong energy to stimulate the way this chakra works in your body.

The Solar Plexus Chakra & Manifestation

Many people only think of manifestation in terms of money, but in a more spiritual sense most of us would like to manifest other things.

This includes good health, better relationships, self-esteem, stronger talents and abilities and improved overall spirituality.

It is a powerful area to stimulate to bring an improvement in your finances, as its energy aids you to manifest money.

Many of the stones for this chakra are helpful to aid you in this area of your life.

This chakra is often labeled the power chakra, as the third chakra is the seat of will power in the body.

This area works as a psychic shield, to prevent negative psychic energy being deposited in the body.

If other areas of your life can also be healed at the same time you will probably be happier and may experience an improvement in your overall spirituality and health. You may also find that a deep sense of gratitude may result.

How Does Solar Plexus Chakra Energy Help You?

It is the function of the solar plexus chakra to look after the organs in its vicinity, and this includes the area in the middle of your back, and includes your digestive organs.

The most important area of the body that the third chakra specifically governs is the stomach and digestive system as well as your liver, spleen and gall bladder.

Golden Healer QuartzGolden Healer Quartz

The major function of the solar plexus chakra is to manage the working of the intestines, gall bladder, liver, spleen and stomach.

If this area is not in balance you may have all manner of digestive problems. 

Note that this is not only within the physical body but may also include how you are able to digest information on a etheric level.

As the solar plexus chakra is also the area associated with the willpower, this aspect of digestion may have a link to weight issues.

Solar Plexus Chakra Healing

Solar plexus chakra healing should be a priority, as this chakra governs the area where so many organs that are important to your overall well-being are located.

There are a large number of solar plexus crystals and stones that are excellent to aid the healing of this area.

Golden Green Ridge QuartzGolden colored Green Ridge Quartz

Check out the list of solar plexus crystals and stones as many are well known and may assist you to gain an improvement in the many areas that this chakra relates to.

Assisting the health of the organs in this area, as well as aiding your self esteem, relationships and manifesting an improvement in your finances can be highly beneficial.

Check out individual stones on their own in-depth page as well to see how they may assist your life. Enjoy!

Amber With Ants InAmber With Ants In
Solar plexus chakra meaning explainedSolar plexus chakra meaning explained

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