Know About Chakra Stones & Colors? 

Want To Use Chakra Colors For Healing?

Written By Liz Oakes

Chakra stones are healing crystals that have a specific vibration and color. 

All of the chakras have specific colors that can be used to heal them, as well as specific sound vibrations. Have you used specific chakra stones to create a healing action in individual chakras?

Labradorite Crystal SphereLabradorite Crystal Sphere

Although we normally speak of only seven chakras, the human energy field is made up of thousands of minor chakras in addition to the major seven.

Although most stones of a specific color will be the stone for healing a particular chakra, some stones may be used to heal more than one chakra.

What Are Chakras & What Are Chakra Stones?

There are many healing crystals for you to use to help each of the chakras, and various stones may be particularly powerful to aid you to heal in different ways.

There is a wide range of healing attributes that pertain to various stones and the things that they are known to remedy.

As you gain knowledge of what health issues are healed by the various crystals that you have, you will be able to take personal responsibility for your own healing.

The chart below has ten chakras listed, these are the major seven chakras that are within the body and two chakras that are etheric.

These etheric chakras are the soul star above, and the earth star below, plus the thymus or higher heart chakra. Chakras are energy vortices that exist within the etheric body and transmit life force energy to the body. 

Each chakra governs specific bodily functions of the organs in the body close to the area where they are located. 

If you are not sure about the location of each chakra within the body, the article on the chakras meanings will give you more details.

Chakra Colors

Look at the chart below which gives you a list of the chakra colors, and the specific details on the colors for each chakra.

If you want to see which specific stones can be used to heal each of the individual chakras, click on the chakra name, to go to the page where you will find an in-depth chart listing the stones for that chakra. Use healing crystals of the specific chakra colors.

The colors of each individual chakra are as follows:

Mixed Color Stones?

Although certain colors are commonly thought to heal certain chakras, some stones do not fit the pattern. 

Clear crystals, black, brown and various mixed color crystals have a healing effect on a few different chakras.

Chakras from the heart up are very closely associated with the spiritual area within the etheric body. There are a number of high vibration stones that may assist heal of these chakras.

The stones that have high vibration with strong crystal energy are powerful for making dramatic changes in those chakras.

Other stones that heal more than one chakras are those with flecks through them such as agates.

The lower chakras such as the base chakra and the earth star chakra, which is below the feet, respond to the black and brown crystals.

These darker crystals have a stronger spiritual grounding action. Often stones of a particular color that is a mixture of the two chakra colors, will heal both of the chakras.

Light yellow-green stones and crystals are good examples, as they heal both the solar plexus chakra, because of the yellow tones in the stones and the heart chakra, because of the green shades.

Examples of stones that are this color include Peridot, Green Chrysoprase, Green Prehnite and Light Green Hiddenite, pictured below.

Spiritual grounding is an important activity for anyone who is working on developing their psychic abilities, as using high crystal energy stones, such as crown chakra stones or soul star chakra stones may make you ungrounded.

If you feel that you need to have more details on the chakras, have the chakras explained by going to the page on the meaning of chakras.

Which Chakra Stones to Use

Clear Quartz will work to heal all chakras. Clear quartz clusters have a positive effect on all chakras.

Each individual crystal in the cluster will send out the positive energy to enable it to impact with the entire human energy field.

Quartz clusters of any type, are useful pieces to have in a space, as they will send the energy out throughout the room.

It's vibration has the potential to boost any other stones energy so it may assist all chakras.

Books about Crystal Grids

Crystals have a vibration which can be measured, and according to the level of the vibration can be effective healers of individual chakras.

The fact that colors also have vibrations, that can be measured, is the reason why particular stones that are specific colors are effective, in different areas of the body.

All of the chakras from the heart chakra up will aid your spiritual development.

For more in-depth information on what each chakra does, see the page for each specific chakra. On each individual chakra page you will see many highlighted crystals.

Chakra Necklace

Many of these stones will have an individual page giving you in-depth information on its metaphysical properties and common healing outcomes.

These pages have natural crystals in the color for individual chakras including those chakra stones that suit more than one chakra. 

Read the pages for individual chakras to help you to find one a specific stone that may assist the condition that you may have.

Crystal Books

The crystal books shown below are very in-depth crystal reference books. All of the authors have been in the crystal industry for many years, and any one of their books are good to have on hand.

All of the books below are excellent books to assist you to learn more about the crystals in your collection.

If you'd like to learn more about the various books and what they cover check out my book review page. Click Here to read reviews of my favorite Crystal Books.

Checkout these crystal books by Cassandra Eason...

Chakra Kits

Many shops sell a mixture of stones that have been put together so that you may more easily work at healing your own body. It is an advantage to acquire chakra stones of the specific chakra colors.

These chakra kits can be bought at most crystal shops and are a very helpful way to do this.

These kits will have at least seven stones in them, one for each of the seven chakras within the body.

Many kits have eight or nine or more, and this is an advantage. A chakra kit should have a chart included that will tell you how to use the various chakra stones.

Sometimes when you are crystal shopping you may even be drawn to one special crystal of a specific color.

Use your intuition to guide you in choosing an individual stone as it may be your higher self guiding you to what you need.

If you pick one up and feel a pleasant sensation in your hand, that is quite normal. If you are not used to crystals it may not be immediately apparent.  In that case be led simply by what appeals to you.

As color is vibration too, this may be your body's way of telling you what to use. Buying a chakra kit may be your first step. 

Later as you learn more about healing crystals, you will be able to confidently buy individual pieces that appeal to you.

Allow yourself to follow your strengthening intuition to guide you and choose what you need to create a positive healing outcome.

"What you are is the Goddess's gift to you, what you make of yourself is your gift to the Goddess."

Crystal Companion Book by Judy Hall

Pictures of Chakra Stones

RubyRuby - Base and Heart Chakra
Clear Quartz ClusterClear Quartz Cluster - Crown and Soul Star Chakra
CitrineCitrine Seer Stone - Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra
Chakra StonesChakra Stones

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