How To Use A Crystal Wand

Learn How To Work With Them

➤ By Liz Oakes

Want to learn how to use a crystal wand?

Some wands are naturally occuring in the right shape and others are man-made, but all will have a good action to aid healing.

Many of you may already have natural wand shaped crystals that can be used for this purpose.

You do not need to be a crystal healer to use them, and there are some ways that can can be used to help you to get the best results.

While many there are many crystals that are naturally shaped like wands, stones that are created as healing tools are often very powerful to assist you.

How To Use A Crystal WandHow To Use A Crystal Wand

Man-made wands that are fashioned from quartz are particularly helpful and can be highly beneficial to use for healing.

But there are a number of other stones that they can be made from too, including both Amber and Selenite which are both excellent choices to help you. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Use The Power Of Intention

The power of intention is an integral part of using crystal wands.

The power of intention is a force of energy that can and should be harnessed and combined with the use of your wand.

Regardless of whether you are a qualified crystal healer or not, if you use intention to focus your thoughts and combine this with the power of the crystal you are using, you will create an excellent healing result.

While your intention regarding its use need to be taken into consideration at the time you make your choice of crystal wands, any type can be used for healing if that is what you want.

You can have more than one wand, and use them for different purposes and perhaps have different intentions too. 

Using the power of intention, the user can ensure that the powerful healing energy embodied in the wand can be harnessed for healing. 

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Programming Quartz Wands

Part of the way wands work relates to their shape as well as the type of crystal they are made from. 

Most of the wands discussed below will have a straight undeviating shape that allows the energy to run straight along the length of the wand to the place requiring healing.

Crystal WandClear Quartz Crystal Wand

This occurs whether the wand is shaped like a cylinder or if it is tapered, meaning it may be wider at one end than the other end yet still basically straight.

Many crystal wands that are made from natural quartz crystal will be completely straight from end to end, but some will be tapered, perhaps a lot or just a little. 

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Quartz Amplifies Energy

All varieties of quartz have the ability to amplify energy, and they will also amplify the natural attributes of any minerals that the crystal may contain.

Wands are commonly made from clear quartz but it is not imperative that they are totally clear. 

It is beneficial to also program your wand to aid your healing.

Programming your wand is easy, but remember to make the program simple and don't try to manipulate the energy.

I like to program my wands to work for the highest good of the person being healed.

Checkout my in-depth article about how to program your crystals, as there is a simple and easy method described there, which will help you if you are not totally sure about how it's done.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Working With Crystal Wands: 

Wondering how to work with crystal wands?

There are a number of ways that you can use a crystal or stone wand, and the various ways that you can make use of them is commonly covered in most courses on crystal healing.

For those of you who simply wish to use them for self healing there are some basics to remember.

The use of wands relates to the way they channel universal energy into the body.

Starseed Lemurian Quartz WandStarseed Lemurian Quartz Wand with a natural point on one end and a more flat termination on the other end.

It is important to bring energy into the wand from the Universe or Spirit, then into the person (including yourself if doing self healing).

You do need to be aware that you must not use your own energy as this may deplete you, and make you become exhausted, weak and even quite sick very quickly.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Explained Simply

When you first activate your wand, you give it a direction regarding the way you wish it to channel the energy, to flow through the wand to aid healing.

You may direct your crystal wand to bring the universal life force energy down into the body from the soul star chakra.

It will enter the body via the the crown chakra then travel down to your arm.

The energy moves down the arm and makes its ways through the wand to the area where it is needed. 

Dragons Tooth AmethystDouble Terminated Dragons Tooth Amethyst

This all happens very quickly and is directed using the power of intention. 

Wands with a point have a more focused action to move energy into a specific place. 

Double terminated wands have a point on each end, which makes them even more powerful to pull energy in from the universe.

Wands with a rounded end rather than a point will also bring energy down into the body if directed through intention, and this can be helpful for those who you feel need a more gentle approach.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: How do you hold your wand?

While the way you hold your wand does relate to personal preference, one of the best ways to hold your wand is between the thumb and forefinger.

You may be intuitively guides as to the exact place where you grip the wand or your choice may be guided by the shape of the wand.

If it's a natural wand, it may have tiny notches, indentations, hollows or tiny protrusions on the surface, and these can be useful to use to aid healing. 

Lemurian seed crystals (see image above) naturally have ridges on the surface and these can be used for healing.

Check this page on using Lemurian crystals for self healing.

Please remember to cleanse and recharge any wands you are using on a regular basis, to ensure they are not accumulating any negative energy from the person they are used to heal.

Check my page on charging your crystals for more information.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Basic Methods

Natural Clear Quartz Crystal Double Terminated WandNatural Clear Quartz Crystal Double Terminated Wand

If you have not used a wand before, to start with there are two basic methods that you can use your wand, and both start the same way.

Begin by holding your wand, then using intention and making a request to Spirit for the energy to begin to flow into the wand. 

The energy flows down into the wand: entering at the base or end furthest away from the person being healed, then moves along the shaft of the wand and out through the tip.

Note: Before using this on anyone else, practice using it on yourself and concentrate on asking Spirit to bring the energy through.

Do this in a meditative state, when it is easier to make contact with universal energy and never point it at anyone else just for fun.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Chakra Healing

Tibetan Black QuartzShort Double Terminated Tibetan Black Quartz

Individual Chakra Healing: A common way is to hold your wand a few inches above a specific chakra and move the wand in a spiral motion. 

Spiraling energy into individual chakras can be effective to rejuvenate any area that is lacking energy.

While the chakras naturally spiral in a particular direction, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, spiraling energy will still work to aid the person if you are in connection with Spirit, who will ensure that it enters the chakra the right way.

If you are not sure what chakra is related to the specific problem, please check out my page on chakra meanings and read individual pages on the various chakras to give you guidance.

How To Use A Crystal Wand For Pain Relief 

Work on areas that are painful or that you intuitively feel need help.

Wands are powerful crystals for pain relief and can be used to ease any type of pain. You can work on any areas that are painful.

To help individual areas that are painful and that you feel need help, simply hold the wand a few inches above the area then ask for the energy to run. 

Double terminated crystal wands are beneficial to aid pain, as they assist the movement of stagnant energy, as they bring healing energy in and transmit energy from each end of the wand.

Even if the actual physical problem is not related to the exact area where you feel the pain, the energy will naturally move to the right place to help the individual needing healing.

For this type of healing, using an amber wand or a selenite wand can also be very effective. These stone types are best used in a different way see more about that in the section below.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Using Selenite Wands

Selenite is a high vibration crystal that is a powerful stone to use for healing.

The type of selenite known as satin spar is commonly fashioned into wand shapes, which are known as light wands.

See the image below of my beautiful Selenite light wand which is a powerful aid for healing. This wand is man-made but is still very powerful.

Rounded Shape Selenite WandRounded Shape Selenite Wand

Natural Selenite is also available and it is possible to get pieces that occur in a wand shape like the other piece below.

Amber is also sometimes made into wands and these can be used in the same way.

How To Use A Crystal Wand: Activating Selenite & Amber

Selenite or Amber wands respond to being held and then gently squeezed to activate them to begin the healing process.

The power of intention is also used, keeping in mind your intention while you gently squeeze the stone.

You then move it across the body until you feel the energy change.

Once you feel a change in the energy you continue to use it at that point until the energy begins to be less intense.

Crystal wands are excellent aids to use to assist with healing, and are part of the tools that might be used by healers.

This is especially so for those who specialize in quartz crystal healing.

Many of you will have pieces of double terminated quartz amongst the crystals you own so it may benefit you to start using them for crystal healing.

Specific Article On Using Selenite For Healing

Natural Gypsum wandNatural Selenite Gypsum Wand

Click here to go to the specific article about using Selenite wands.

Whether the stone has been shaped into a wand or if it is a piece that is naturally in that shape, all of these powerful crystals are excellent tools for healing.

My page on Using Selenite For Healing has details about the best and easiest way to use these wands for healing.

So if using Selenite for healing interests you, you can read more about it on that page.

How To Use A Crystal WandHow To Use A Crystal Wand

My Final Thoughts

My final thought, remember to cleanse your crystals! 

A simple reminder: remember to cleanse and recharge your wands. When I was doing healing using my wands I always cleansed them and the room after each healing.

I usually used sage smoke, but when and where that was not possible I simply used white light and the power of intention, asking Spirit to cleanse the crystals of any negative energy.

Check out my page on cleansing crystals for more information about the various ways you can cleanse your crystals.

Crystal Wand benefits shapes how to use themCrystal Wand benefits shapes how to use them

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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