Libra Birthstone List

List of Birthstones & Meanings: Sept 22 to Oct 22

➤ By Liz Oakes

When you look at the Libra birthstone list, you will discover the birthstones attributed to the Libra sign.

Get the facts about Libra, learn about the special crystals for your sign. Each of these stones are applicable for anyone of this astrological sign.

You may explore the meanings of each of the stones, as they are designated to be able to assist the Libra person. 

There are quite a few healing crystals for you to choose between if this is your sign.

Rainbow Moonstone PendantRainbow Moonstone Pendant

When you check out the meanings, you may learn that one may appeal to you more than the others.

You will be happy to learn that by wearing your favorite stone you may also be able to solve a particular health issue. 

There are a range of metaphysical properties and healing attributes for each stone for your star sign, to aid your decision about which one is for you. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

A Guide To Which Birthstone To Choose

The best way to approach making your choice is to go through the list of birthstones and read the information provided on each individual stone.  

This may encourage you make a decision about the particular Libra Birthstone for you. A number of the stones on the list are highlighted with a link.

As you are looking through the list keep this in mind as it will assist you if you want to find out more information on a specific stone.

Sunstone PendantSunstone Pendant

Use the link, as its presence there means there is more in-depth information about that crystal on another page. 

So if a stone's summary interests you, you may go to that stone's page and learn about what other attributes it has that may help you.

It is an advantage to have quite a few birthstones to choose between for each sign, and most of the stones on the list have the capability to help a variety of different problems

The healing properties of many of crystals on the Libra birthstone list may be quite impressive.

Wear Crystal Birthstone Jewelry

Commence by looking at what stones you already own as you may have one of these in your current jewelry.  

If you already have a specific birthstone, you may learn more details about its specific qualities and reasons why you could choose to wear it.

Libra birthstone jewelry made from the stones on the list may be very attractive.

Citrine RingWear Citrine Jewelry

These stones are often quite aesthetically pleasing as well as being very positive to wear to benefit your overall health and well-being.

It is likely that you will be able to buy these stones as lovely birthstone jewelry.

As they are also good for your health, you may benefit from their vibration if they stay on your body during the day.

Do You Know Your Astrology Sign?

Although most people know their own astrology sign, if you are thinking of buying a gift for someone, you may be unsure of their sign.

The list below will help you to work out which sign they are. The list of astrological signs, outlines the date in each month that they start and finish.

  • Cancer June 21 to July 22
  • Leo July 23 to August 22
  • Virgo Aug 23 to Sept 22

Libra Birthstone List

The astrological birthstones for Libra are on the list shown below.

This list will tell you your birthstones, then following the list is some information on each of the stones on the list, so that you can determine which one that you feel will be the very best one for you to use.

Although it covers an excellent range of the stones that are known to be of benefit to anyone born within this star sign, more may have been added to the list and may not appear here.

You will find that some stones are on quite a few pages, as they are known to aid more than one sign.

They may be ancient or traditional zodiac birthstones, that have been used for a very long time.

If this interests you, or to see which ones they are, please check the complete list on the zodiac birthstones list.

Libra Birthstone List

  • Ametrine
  • Bloodstone
  • Bustamite
  • Chiastolite
  • Chrysoprase
  • Citrine 
  • Dream Quartz
  • Eucryptite
  • Hypersthene
  • Lepidolite
  • Mahogany Obsidian
  • Morganite 
  • Pink Tourmaline
  • Prehnite
  • Rainbow Moonstone
  • Sunstone
  • Stichtite in Serpentine
  • Tanzanite
  • Tourmilated Quartz
  • Tunellite

Libra Birthstone Meanings


Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine Crystals. The energy of the Citrine strongly vibrates within the solar plexus chakra which is sometimes called the power chakra, as it aids your will-power.

The vibration of Purple Amethyst within these crystals will stimulate the higher chakras and in particular the crown chakra.

The blend of the energies of these two types of stone creates a strong result.

The impact of this Libra birthstone may help you to make better decisions as it will assist you to connect with your higher self and aid you to align yourself with Divine will.


Bloodstone is believed to have magical and mystical powers. Physically within the body they are thought to heal problems in the area of the sacral chakra.

These stones have a quite unique look and many stones are quite beautiful.  It is said that they eliminate toxins in the blood and they are known to be helpful to aid those who have leukemia.

They work within the heart chakra, sacral or navel chakra and base or root chakra, and they are strong grounding stones.


Bustamite is a helpful stone to use in your environment and may be advantageous to use as part of a crystal grid.

Its presence nearby or worn on your body can stimulate feelings of joy, bliss and happiness.

It has a useful energy for healing, and is known to aid stress and anxiety.  Use this Libra birthstone in meditation to assist you to connect with your spirit guides or with angelic beings.

One intention to set when using your grid could be to clear energy in the area where it is located, as this stones energy will help with this. 

Bustamite crystals help to create a safe place for you to work or meditate in. For this purpose it could be helpful to combine this stone with other protection stones.


Chiastolite is a unique stone that naturally has a cross within the stone, and in olden times was known as Cross Stone.

It is known to change negative energy into positive, and promote peace and harmony.

Ancient people who saw this cross in these stones believed them to be highly protective stones. They were right as we also know today that its vibration is highly protective, and it is also a strong grounding stone.


Chrysoprase is a lovely green crystal that carries the powerful healing energy of the green ray.

This ray epitomizes the love energy of the heart chakra and the strong vibration of love.

This Aquarius birthstone also resonates within the solar plexus chakra, and helps you to live your life using the strength of your will in a compassionate and loving way.

It is a stone for healing emotional problems and deep long term physical problems, to aid longevity and an outlook of greater long term good health.

Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystals are a variety of quartz crystal so you receive the added benefit that this stone will amplify the energy of other stones that you use in conjunction with it.

This yellow crystal surpasses most of the other quartz crystals in its ability to manifest the things that you desire.

It has a particularly strong effect when you are working on bringing an increase in your finances, and this Virgo birthstone is one of the best stones to manifest money.

Dream Quartz

Dream Quartz crystals were named for their attribute to help you to experience dreams, especially lucid dreams and dreams that may assist you to foretell future events.

Learning lucid dreaming may be assisted by having one of these stones nearby.

If you have been experiencing nightmares, place a piece close to the head while sleeping, to ensure more restful sleep.

Their vibration may specifically help children who have disturbing dreams, as having it in the room may assist them to have pleasant dreams.

This Libra birthstone may also be helpful when used in meditation, as it can help you to make contact with spirit guides and boost telepathic gifts.


Eucryptite is a fairly uncommon stone, that helps to produce a restful and calming  energy that is conducive to learning, so it may be helpful if used by teachers.

It has a good energy to use to grid an area where people wish to give attention to learning specific information. 

When it has been used to grid areas where crowds gather, it has been shown to diminish inharmonious or chaotic energy.

They will also deflect microwave radiation so are helpful emf protection stones. The energy of this Libra birthstone resonates within the higher chakras.

It also stimulates deeply felt heart based energy and aids soothing peaceful feelings to suffuse your inner being.

This a lovely healing crystal that may assist you to feel better if you are unwell, as it stimulates the body to produce endorphins, which can create an increase in feelings of well being.


Hypersthene is a valuable stone to use if you need to find answers to life issues. Wearing this stone on your body is very helpful as it assists you to solve problems.

HyperstheneHypersthene Earrings

It may also boost mystical or magical gifts. Hearing answers via your psychic hearing or by seeing a psychic vision are related to the third eye chakra.

So wearing these stones in the area close to your third eye may assist you to receive information, which may be helpful.

Wearing earrings made from this unusual stone may help to boost your clairaudient and clairvoyant gifts.

This Libra birthstone also has a number of healing attributes as well, including helping recovery after illness. It may help you to feel more relaxed and less stressed during convalescence.


Lepidolite is a soothing calming stone that will aid you if you are feeling depressed, as it contains lithium.

This is a lovely stone to wear as jewelry or to keep under your pillow to aid you to sleep better.

This Libra birthstone may also allow you to become more aware of the Divine presence and is a lovely stone to wear to lift your spirits especially if you feel stressed.

Because Lepidolite aids positive coincidence or synchronicity to occur in your life, it will make you more in the flow of life.

Mahogany Obsidian

Mahogany Obsidian helps to clear negative energy within the sacral chakra and base chakra.

It is known to remove psychic implants, and this may pertain to past life issues.

This is a highly protective stone, and it will help to prevent psychic attack.

It is a strong stone to aid you to ground yourself spiritually, and take any excess energy down to the earth star chakra for grounding.


Morganite has a strong vibration in the thymus chakra or higher heart chakra.

Like Emerald it is a variety of Beryl, and like Emerald it carries a strong love vibration that is powerful to assist relationships.

Both Green Emerald and the lovely Pink Morganite stones will help to enhance your relationships, as they bring through a strong loving heart based energy.

This Libra birthstone helps women to feel harmony with male energy, and is known to help women who feel the only way to handle men is to dominate them.

It allows men the grace of being different, and may allow love to flow in your life.

Pink Tourmaline

Pink Tourmaline crystals carry the vibration of love, and are lovely stones to aid anyone who has depression, anxiety or stress, as they contain high amounts of lithium.

Their energy is quite powerful to use during times of earth changes, to help you to deal better with the unusual vibrations.

They help you to let go of feelings of misery or sorrow, and feel more positive about life.

Wear a piece close to your heart, as its energy within the heart chakra is known to make you feel more positive about life, as it encourages joy and good humor to return.


Prehnite is a helpful meditation stone as it assists you to learn to hear guidance from the Divine spirit and from the angels. It particularly connects with Archangel Raphael.

It is a good stone to aid you to make contact with angels and it will also aid you with finding your spirit guide.

This green crystal helps spiritual discipline, and will assist your mind to become more peaceful and relaxed, releasing restlessness and concerns.

It has a lovely energy that will link the heart with the will, relieving worry and bringing through peace and joy.

Its energy will ground you to the earth and to Mother nature, as well as aiding you with developing intuition.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone carries within it a strong frequency that flows out into your auric field, to allow you to experience deep heartfelt joy. 

Within this stone is embodied the feminine vibration, an energy known to aid women.

This beautiful crystal aids with developing intuition and may help you to contact your spirit guide.

The profound feeling of fathomless fervent desire to experience your personal destiny that this stone creates is powerful to move your life in a new direction.

This deep inner awareness and recognition of your feminine energy, encourages you to allow the development of your intuition, and to use it to move your life forward.

Stichtite in Serpentine also called Atlantisite

Stichtite in Serpentine is also called Atlantisite. It is a stone that amalgamates the energy of the green Serpentine stone with that of purple Stichtite.

AtlantisiteStichtite in Serpentine

This energetic combination creates a totally new vibration, even though this stone embodies the energy of both of the other stones. 

This name is derived from the particular vibration of this stone, as it will help you to go back into past lives that you may have experienced in the ancient civilizations of Atlantis or Lemuria.

This Libra birthstone vibrates strongly within the heart chakra, and fills your life with a loving heart based energy, which may improve your personal relationships.


Sunstone is an excellent stone to project delight, happiness and related feelings into your being. This is also a strong stone to aid manifestation.

If you suffer depression in the winter time, when the days are shorter, this lovely stone is well known for its action to aid seasonal affective disorder, commonly known as SAD. 

They have been known to be a help to boost manifestation of money.  If spirit feels that it in your interest at the time, these stones may bring you the things that you want.

They have strong metaphysical properties that will bring through the capability to aid the development of the Merkabah within your lightbody, and enable the awakening of cosmic consciousness.


Tanzanite has a high vibration, and these are excellent stones to use for meditation.

They are powerful crystals to help your healing as they are stones of the violet flame.


In addition, these stones may help you to develop psychic gifts, such as clairvoyance and clairaudience, also known as psychic hearing.

They are beautiful bluish purple stones that make stunning Libra birthstone jewelry.

Tourmalinated Quartz or Tourmilated Quartz

Tourmalinated Quartz embodies within it the strong vibration of Black Tourmaline combined with the powerful attributes of White or Clear Quartz, that will amplify the energy.

This is an excellent Libra birthstone to use to eliminate negativity from the auric field, and in addition it creates a 'bubble of light' around your body so you are protected psychically.

The presence of this powerful light will help to heal you in many ways, including the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical levels.

The Black Tourmaline brings through the ability of this mineral to aid you to clear negativity from your environment. 

This stone, also known as Tourmalinated Quartz, is a strong grounding stone as well as a good stone for psychic protection.


Tunellite is one of the most powerful stones to use to cut ties that are binding to you to others.

This requires no action on your behalf other than to wear a piece of the stone on your body.

One way is to carry it in your pocket or if you are creative make it into jewelry, especially if you get a nice shaped piece, as it can make an unusual pendant.

It also assists those who use it regularly to develop telekinetic abilities and will enhance your creativity by stimulating stronger creative thinking.

This Libra birthstone is also an excellent healing stone and is known to particularly help reiki healers or those doing other types of hands on healing. 

Keeping it on the body is also known to assist aging skin, as it is said to remove wrinkles.

Your Libra Birthstone

It is lovely to know that not only can you wear lovely Libra birthstone jewelry, like this beautiful Sunstone Pendant.

It looks attractive and appeals to your romantic nature, and it has strong healing aspects too.

There are so many beautiful stones for the Libra woman if you wish to wear them as jewelry.

Learn about the attributes of the crystals assigned to the astrological sign of Libra, by reading the meanings.

Take a look at the Libra Birthstone list, then see if one of them seems to appeal more than the others. Use your intuition to guide you and help you to decide which one you feel will be the best one for you to use.

Once you look through the stones on the list, you may find that one of them may appeal to you more than some of the others.

There are quite a few strong heart chakra stones that will appeal to your serene and romantic nature. But be sure to read through all of the meanings so that you can use them to help you to make your decision.

Libra Birthstone List with MeaningsLibra Birthstone List with Meanings

The information will provide a range of different things including the healing qualities of each Libra Birthstone.

Librans are inclined to be influenced by others opinions, so simply allow your inner guidance to help you to know what the best choice is for you.

It it wonderful when you know that just by wearing your personally chosen stone you may also be able to heal a individual issue.

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Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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