Top Thirty Crystals For Happiness

Fill Your Life With Joy!

➤ By Liz Oakes

Using crystals for happiness may seem rather unusual if you are not a crystal lover. But many crystals embody an energy that can lift your mood!

What is happiness? What makes me happy is not necessarily the same thing that would bring you joy.

For me happiness relates to inner joy, peace of mind and optimism as well as feelings of exhilaration, playfulness, good spirits and laughter!

Crystals For HappinessBeautiful Chrysoprase Crystals For Happiness

But it's not always easy to find these feelings in a world so filled with negative people, especially in the media.

When you have days where you find it hard to embrace positive feelings, this is the day when you reach for one of the crystals that can lift your mood.

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Crystal Tip: Having crystals for a happy home near the doorway of your residence means that when you walk in at the end of each day, you feel the joy surrounding you straight away!

Which Crystals Will Boost You Emotionally?

There are quite a few crystals that will help to boost your emotions by stimulating positive feelings and helping to release negative energies. 

Many of these stones will help to make you feel better about life, by assisting you to feel more and light-hearted, to look on the bright side even when life has challenges.

Its true that there are some days when you get out of bed on a downer, and do need some help to feel more positive.

When you are experiencing problems at work or have personal issues it can be hard to move forward with an optimistic and cheerful attitude.

So it's great to know that at the end of each day you can return to a place filled with the energy from putting crystals for a happy home in your living space.

Many people find that when they start to use stones that stimulate joy and happiness that their emotions lift.

This helps them to begin to have a more positive and hopeful attitude about their life circumstances. How to be happy is a question many people ask themselves.

With everything you see in the media these days, about all the awful things happening in the world, you may find happiness elusive.

Perhaps you have been thinking about those things in your life that do not please you, so maybe its time to take action and concentrate your thoughts predominantly on how to be happy.

Cobaltian Calcite PendantCobaltian Calcite Pendant with Green Tourmaline

Think about whether you could change the direction of your thoughts, as you may find lots of reasons to be happy.

The power of crystals for happiness may assist you during the darkest times, as many of these stones also help to heal emotional trauma.

Reasons To Be Happy: How To Be Happy Now

If you want to learn how to be happy, the first step to aid yourself to be happy now is to think happy thoughts.

All of you know from experience that it is easy to dwell on the negative side of life.

When life has been offering you unpleasant things, and this may happen to all of you at times, it becomes difficult to find ways to be happy.

Natural CitrineNatural Citrine

When you think negatively, people around may be intolerant, and tell you to snap out of it, but it's not that easy is it, and you may not achieve the result that you require.

By concentrating your thoughts on ways to be happy, you may achieve the result that you require.

This way of thinking has been labeled "Being a Pollyanna" after the stories about a little girl who always looked on the bright side of life.

Although children find this concept easier, all of us can take a leaf out of their book.

It is not possible to go from thinking miserable thoughts to immediately thinking happy thoughts.

By changing your thoughts bit by bit, you may work out how to be happy.

Gradually you will achieve the results you want, and be happy now, and using crystals for happiness may help you.

Crystals For Happiness Resonate Positive Energy

Many of you know how to be happy but the negative feelings have been getting in the way of achieving what you most want.

Holding one of the crystals for happiness in your hands can be a beautiful experience.

This is where the crystals below can help you. These lovely crystals resonate positive feelings into the environment.

Ocean Jasper PendantOcean Jasper Pendant

If your major aim is to learn how to be happy, it is important that your vibrations are brought to a place where these feelings can be experienced more easily.

There are some wonderful crystals for happiness that may assist you to experience positive feelings.

Learn About Best 30 Crystals For Happiness

The 30 crystals shown here are what I feel are the most well-known and effective crystals to help you to feel happier.

There are more crystals for happiness, but these are my favorites as they work so well.

Watermelon TourmalineWatermelon Tourmaline

Most of the crystals for happiness below have their own in-depth pages where you can read more about them. 

There is a brief summary of each stone and a picture to help you identify it. Simply click on the link under the picture to go to their in-depth page.

If there is no link, this means as yet the in-depth article has not yet been written, but as its only a few, expect that these will be added soon.


Peridot crystals have a very positive energy and their vibration stimulates feelings of joy, happiness and prosperity!

These zingy green crystals embody the frequency of increase, so they are powerful stones to bring good fortune as they increase many positive attributes. 

They help you to increase your patience, and aid you to think more clearly, and to be more confident and assertive.

Their energy of increase means that whatever you set your mind to while using them, may be aided to happen more quickly. A truly positive stone!

These bring green crystals for happiness are also a calming stone with a good energy to prevent psychic attack.

Did you know? People in ancient civilizations used Peridot, as they were aware that this protective stone prevented negative energy from impacting them.


Citrine is thought to be one of the best stones for happiness.

They are most well known as an abundance crystal that aids manifestation, but it also has a number of other excellent attributes.

These crystals for happiness have an energy that stimulates feelings of joy and happiness.

They have a strong solar plexus chakra vibration so have a good energy to boost your personal power and may enhance your creativity.

They vibrate within the third eye chakra, which brings an increase in mental clarity to your thinking.

They are excellent stones to use in meditation as they intensify spiritual vision. 

They are quartz crystals so are easy to program and will amplify the desires programmed into them.

Citrine is a type of quartz crystal so it is easy to program. Learn about how to program your crystals here.

Crazy Lace Agate

Crazy Lace Agate is also known as The Laughter Stone!

If you equate the idea of being happy with laughter and joyful feelings, then you will understand why it is one of the top crystals for happiness.

One of the most advantageous characteristics of the vibration of this crystal is the way it sparks unbridled hearty laughter and triggers increased joy and happiness.

These crystals have a lovely energy and having a piece either on your body or close to you is an easy way to bring an increase in positive emotions. 

A good way that they can help you is to place one where you spend the most time, as their vibration can improve your emotional response to difficult situations.

This stone isn't easy to obtain as jewelry so using a macrame crystal holder to wear a piece, as having it within your energy field may be helpful.

If you would like to make your own macrame crystal holder there are instructions here. This pattern is fairly easy to follow, so check it out.

Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper has a quite lovely heart based energy that encourages happiness and elevated spirits.

Its joyous energy flows throughout your being and aids you to communicate in a more loving way.

They are excellent crystals for happiness, that help to create a good mood by helping you to release negative emotions.

They help you to let go of any gloomy feelings you may be holding onto that are causing low spirits and preventing you from feeling happy.

Their energy encourages you to feel happier and more contented in your day to day life and they help to relieve stress.

Ocean jasper has many other excellent properties that makes it a popular stone. It helps to relieve worry and boosts self confidence and self worth.

Crystal Tip: Ocean Jasper is also said to be a good crystal for fertility, and is purported to have strong healing properties that may resolve issues within the reproductive system.

Watermelon Tourmaline

Watermelon Tourmaline is a naturally occuring green and pink stone that has an excellent energy to enhance your enjoyment of life.

These crystals for happiness stimulate blissful feelings that may fill your auric body and can help you to let go of any tension and stress that may be holding you back.

These beautiful stones enhance the growth of loving energy, and may stimulate feelings of true love which can be advantageous to improve loving relationships.

They are useful crystals to promote friendship and are helpful to assist you when sorrow or grief is making it hard to go on.

They are good crystals for patience as they enhance your ability to be patient and to keep going during difficult times, until the situation changes.

Watermelon Tourmaline is a mix of colors.

But the properties of both the Pink Tourmaline and the Green Tourmaline stones are different on their own to the meaning when the colors come together in this beautiful stone.  


Chalcopyrite has a positive energy that is acknowledged for its action to heighten feelings of happiness and joy. 

It is a beautiful golden crystal that may also stimulate belief in yourself. 

It is one of the crystals for happiness that has a vibration that is known to amplify positive emotions and will aid you to feel more joyful and is a stone of abundance.

Like most golden stones they are excellent crystals for money and are well known for their action to manifest an increase of money in your life.

In ancient times it was thought that if you has lost something, Chalcopyrite stone might help you to find it. 

But it has a weird way of getting lost itself on occasions, only to turn up when it is needed!


Chrysoprase are lovely heart chakra stones that embody the green ray. 

They may attract new love relationships and may bring an increase of prosperity into your life.

Their energy stimulates joy and happiness, self acceptance and independence. They are a valuable healing crystal, that is powerful to help stress and depression.

They are stones for spiritual growth, assisting you to feel compassion and forgiveness towards others. 

Like most green stones, Chrysoprase resonates within the heart chakra and it embodies a strong energy to aid forgiveness.

This makes it a good stone to utilize for inner child healing.

Poppy Jasper 

Poppy Jasper has bright positive energy that heightens happiness and joy, and bringing good cheer into your everyday life.

The vibration of these crystals for happiness can soothe you when required but at other times may energize you when you lack interest in situations that need boosting.  

They are also good crystals to heighten your imagination as they increase innovative thinking and help you to be more organized.

These bright red crystals embody within them an energy that can arouse passionate feelings so are great crystals for lovers to use.

They encourage an increase in intimacy as they help to strengthen romantic feelings and can enrich the emotions you feel for your lover.

They may also be useful to keep in the bedroom to help you to recall your dreams, may help you when you feel tired or exhausted and may help to foster overall good health.

Poppy Jasper stones are known to be a beneficial crystals for stress and tension and are also good healing crystals for depression.

Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine Quartz has a beautiful energy and is a powerful crystal to lift your spirits when you are feeling despondent about what is happening in your life.

These crystals for happiness boost playfulness and positive thinking and this brings an increase of joyous happy emotions within you.

They are excellent stones to enhance imaginative thinking, and they may particularly help you to come up with new and original ways of approaching a subject.

Tangerine Quartz is well known for its action to stimulate your creativity and to bring unique and sometimes unusual results to your work.

They are strong crystals for money that are known to be particularly helpful to manifest an increase of many good things into your life.

They are also excellent stones for relationships as they have a good energy to intensify feelings of desire for your partner.

The energy of Tangerine Quartz also stimulates feelings of gratitude for all the good things you have in your life.

Cobaltian Calcite

Cobaltian Calcite are excellent crystals for happiness, that may encourage impromptu light hearted bubbly feelings to circulate within you.

These bright pink heart based stones stimulate the growth of unconditional love, kindness and compassion for others.

They are beneficial crystals for emotional healing that benefit you by assisting you to embrace positive thoughts and feelings.

They are also a stone of self-love, and this love for self can be boosted by the strong level of joy and happiness that they embody. 

Their vibration may assist you to discover natural talents and abilities that will assist you to feel joy in your day to day life.

Green Tourmaline

Green Tourmaline has a deep heart based vibration and is well known for its energy to aid earth healing. 

This lovely green healing stone helps to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness, and may help you to feel greater compassion for yourself.

These green crystals are known as a powerful stone that may aid you to feel incredibly calm and relaxed.

In addition their energy aids the health of the heart, helps chronic fatigue and stomach problems such as diarrhea and constipation.

They are good manifestation stones that bring an increase in abundance and prosperity and will enhance your creativity.

Crystal Tip: Use Green Tourmaline to help with weight loss. 


Bustamite are a beneficial stone to relieve stress, as their soothing energy will help you to feel an increase in positive emotions.

These crystals for happiness encourage cheerfulness and joyous emotions and a feeling of happiness.

They have an energy that creates a harmonious and peaceful environment, that will attract happiness and blissful feelings!

They may also strengthen creative gifts and may aid you to develop your intuition.

They are a great stone to use in a meditation to aid you to contact angelic beings and to make contact with your spirit guides in the higher realms.

Bustamite are well known crystals for migraines as they have a good energy to assist with pain relief

 Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome Jasper are strong crystals for happiness that also amplify good fortune and heighten feelings of childlike simplicity and naivety.

They have a joyous effervescent energy that boosts high spirits and encourages spontaneous enjoyment of the simple things in life.

Polychrome JasperPolychrome Jasper

These bright crystals have a strong base chakra energy that makes a good connection with the earth to aid grounding.

They are good healing stones for pregnancy that may strengthen your physical energy and inner balance. 

They are supportive stones that encourage grit and tenacity and aid the release of negative vibrations that may cause ill health.

Polychrome Jasper is also known as "The Supreme Nurturer" as they bring the nurturing energy of the earth up into the body.

Black Onyx

Black Onyx is the most well known type of Onyx, and like the other colors, including White Onyx, have a good energy to increase the level of happiness in your life.

Their energy may motivate you to take actions to make improvements in your life, and they gently encourage action that leads to a happier, more fulfilled and contented life.

They are known as crystals for good fortune that can assist you to release negative thoughts and feelings. 

These powerful tools may benefit your life for many reasons including assisting decision making and bringing increased energy and vitality.

Onyx are said to be a magical stones that may also help to ease grief and help stress as well as aiding grounding.

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest Jasper is not a stone that works quickly, so if you need immediate help it may be better to choose a different stone or combine it with the other happiness crystals shown here.

These crystals embody a lovely energy within them of joy and happiness that will slowly and steadily move into every part of your life.

They are heart chakra stones that aid the healing of the earth and may aid you to make contact with nature spirits and other elemental beings.

Did you know? This stone is also called Australian Rainforest Jasper, and varies from the other varieties of Rhyolite as it is predominantly green colored.

Clear Euclase and Blue Euclase

Both Blue Euclase and the clear or White Euclase have an excellent energy to stimulate feelings of joy and happiness.

All colors of these stones resonate within the higher chakras, which helps to enhance psychic communication gifts as well as aiding intuition.

These lovely stones have a strong energy to intensify the level of joy and happiness that you are feeling, by bringing a flow of positive energy into your life.

They are a stone of communication and have a good energy to stimulate the growth of synchronistic events, and are good healing stones.

Euclase are useful stones to use for crystal healing, and are known to help arthritis, muscle cramps and muscle tension.

Both colors of Euclase may be especially beneficial to use if when you particularly need help with healing broken bones or when you are suffering with inflammation.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stones have a quite soothing and calming energy that helps you to feel centered and to be present in the moment.

They trigger feelings of joy and happiness, and are known for their action to stimulate an increase in coincidences and synchronicity.

Their energy is known to enhance abundance and prosperity and to stimulate child-like joy and happiness.

Chrysanthemum Stone also helps to stimulate good luck and can assist the growth of creativity.


Green Pargasite has a lovely heart based energy that boosts happiness and increases the level of positivity you are feeling.

They can be colored black, but the green crystals are the most common, and the stones from Vietnam are fairly easy to buy, embedded in marble. 

These crystals for happiness help to release negativity causing you to feel unhappy and assist you to feel calm when you feel tense or fearful.

Their higher heart chakra energy brings an increase of love and compassion and helps you to forgive others.

The light green stones are also helpful to energize the solar plexus chakra, and this can boost self esteem and self confidence and may enhance your creativity.

Pargasite are also excellent crystals for emotional healing and are powerful tools to use to improve your mood when you are depressed or stressed.

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone has a quite spiritual vibration that encourages the flow of happiness and joy into your energy field and calms stress.

All of the different types of Moonstone all have an excellent energy to boost joyous and happy feelings.

These crystals for happiness have a quite magical vibration that boosts the flow of serenity within you and help to balance your masculine and feminine energy.

Rainbow Moonstone are known to help you to entrain with the energy of the moon and the planets, and to have an awareness of the subtle rhythm of your existence. 

They are also protective crystals that nurture your spirit and iad you to make a stronger connect to feminine 'Goddess' energy.

Rainbow Moonstone also resonate within the third eye and crown chakra and are excellent crystals to boost your intuition and other psychic abilities.


Hematite has a large number of beneficial properties and their action to boost happiness is probably of their lesser known attributes.

They are most well known as crystals for pain relief, and they are excellent crystals to stimulate the mind and to ground and protect you. 

Through their vibration to stimulate positive feelings they can aid you to feel more happiness and joy in your life.

Crystal Tip: If you are studying mathematics or technical studies, Hematite is also helpful to stimulate logical thought processes. 


Sardonyx has a number of very powerful attributes including being powerful protective crystals as well as being excellent grounding stones.

Their energy encourages happiness, confidence and hopefulness, along with aiding your willpower and self discipline.

They have a good energy to stimulate the mind to be more focused, and are known to help you to absorb information more easily.

They are good stones to enhance creativity and may help writers who are feeling blocked.

Chrysoprase Crystals For HappinessChrysoprase Crystals For Happiness

Other Happiness Crystals

There are a few other crystals for happiness that are not mentioned on the list including Aegirine, Hornblende, Sillimanite, Peacock Ore and Orange Calcite.

Oligoclase, Stellerite, Snakeskin Agate and Green Smithsonite are less common stones so may be harder to obtain.

How Hard Are They To Obtain? Crystal Tip One

Someone recently said they would like me to tell them how hard or easy it is to obtain specific crystals.

In this case all of the above are reasonably easy to obtain at most crystal shops. 

The ones below are not always so easy to get, but my crystal tip is that you will find them at most specialist suppliers. 

Exquisite Crystals is one of my favorite crystal suppliers, as they have genuine top quality stones 

Although I have three or four other crystal suppliers who I trust, Exquisite is always my first go to for crystals.

The thing is, once you search out a good supplier of quality crystals you will find it easier to get what you need.

So work out who you feel is your most trusted source for buying crystals and check what they have in stock.

It will save you time in the long run and you will feel confident that you will be getting good stones.

Crystals For Happiness: Choose To Be Happy!

  • Feeling self love will move you faster towards your goal of a happy life.
  • Allow yourself to feel that you are worthy of being loved.
  • As you begin to feel self love it will be easier to work out how to be happy.
  • Once you begin thinking happy thoughts, the faster you will find your life improves.
  • It is like a snowball rolling down hill, gathering positive vibrations as it goes.

Crazy Lace Agate is also known as The Laughter Stone! if you equate being happy with laughter and joyful feelings check out the page about this stone.

You can use any of the crystals for happiness in meditation as this helps to fill you with positive feelings.

Meditation with heart chakra stones will particularly assist you to release any anxiety or negativity that you have been holding onto.

Let go of anything that may have been preventing you from getting to a point of feeling happiness within your total being, as this will be beneficial.

How Do You Use Them? Crystal Tip Two:

There are a number of ways that you can use crystals and happiness gemstones are no different.

It may be beneficial to combine them as the energy of other stones may assist the stone you choose to work better.

Of course various types of stone will impact your energy field in different ways.

Just remember to keep any of these crystals within your aura as long as possible each day.

You may choose to wear them as crystal jewelry if you like, or obtain a tumblestone of one of these crystals. 

Simply creating a daily routine of putting one of these stones in your pocket may help you, by keeping the vibration of crystals for happiness close to you.

Although we all want quick fixes in life, if you want to be truly happy make the decision to make it happen, however long it takes.

As you move forward on the path towards happiness, bit by bit your vibration will change. Until one day you discover you are living a happy life.

Beautiful Chrysoprase Crystals For HappinessBeautiful Chrysoprase Crystals For Happiness
Top 30 Crystals For Happiness Meanings & Properties & PowersTop 30 Crystals For Happiness Meanings & Properties & Powers

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