Best 45 Green Crystals And Stones 

Enhance Growth & Emotional Well-Being

➤ By Liz Oakes

Green crystals help to strengthen personal well-being and may enhance the growth of happiness, contentment and good health.

Like nature itself, these crystals encourage growth, emotional well-being and expansion especially of your inner self, aiding you to prosper and shine.

They are heart based stones with a pleasing energy that assists emotional health and healing by improving the way you view the world and your place in it.

Best Green CrystalsBest Green Crystals

These beautiful crystals have meanings, properties and powers that bring a richness of life.

Although they come in many shades, regardless of which color of green they are, their metaphysical properties aid physical and emotional healing.

They may help you to encourage a positive outlook in your life that may assist spiritual growth. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

Green Is The Color Of Nature!

Green is the color of nature and of new life and while green comes in many shades, it is easy to recognize this color as you can see it all around you in the world.


The action of green crystals within the heart chakra helps to improve your thinking, assists the release of negative energy and helps to soothe and relax you.

Properties And Symbolism Of Green Crystals

The predominant symbolism of green crystals relates to the beautiful color which you see around you every day in nature, that is a powerful symbol of life.

Green is the color of nature and new growth as it thrives and blooms bringing increased peace, harmony and abundance.

These crystals embody an energy of increased personal growth, good fortune, inner peace, comfort, love and happiness.

The green stones occur in a number of different shades and contain a range of minerals.

Minerals In Green Stones

To create the green color, the common minerals that green crystals contain may be chromium, chlorite, iron or manganese.

There are a number of green quartz crystals that are of course silica based stones, and green calcite is a calcium carbonate stone. 


Some green stones such as Fuchsite may have mica inclusions.

The color green is a mix of the colors blue and yellow, and the amount of various minerals that make up these colors relates to the specific shade of green in any of the green crystals.

Heart Based Green Crystals: Why Would You Use Them?

The lovely green stones can help you to look at life differently, which may assist you to release negative thoughts and to embrace a positive way of thinking.

The green crystals are well known for their action to make a strong connection within the heart chakra and many are also powerful higher heart chakra stones.

They heighten loving energy within your life, aiding relationships to strengthen and bloom as they have a healing and balancing energy.

By helping to release negative energies, they may assist the healing of any emotional problems you may be holding onto.

This includes issues related to unhealed ideas and thoughts related to past relationships.

They are beneficial crystals for emotional healing as by assisting the growth of positive energy they can help to heal a broken heart.

This may aid you to have an open heart as you move into a new relationship.

Green Healing Crystals: Healing Properties

Many of the most well known and powerful healing stones are colored green and are beneficial to use for crystal healing.

They embody an energy that may assist you to let go of any energy blockages that are preventing your ability to generate new beginnings in any area of your life.

These energy blockages may also be causing illnesses. 

Green stones are known to stimulate the thymus gland and may trigger the immune system to boost immunity and to fight infection.

Green Crystals For Aiding Healing

Green colored crystals are often advantageous healing stones that assist your physical health.

They are particularly known to assist the organs within the region of heart chakra area, including aiding blood pressure.

Green crystals are purported to assist the nervous system and aid chronic fatigue as well as helping overall emotional healing.

Some of the stones in this color family are excellent anti-inflammatory crystals, that have a beneficial effect as they embody wonderful green healing energy!

To assist the healing of inflammatory conditions, keep a piece of specific stones that aid inflammation near you.

Green Aventurine, Moss Agate, Brochantite or Tsavorite Garnet are stones that are beneficial to keep on your body or near to where you spend the most time to aid your healing. 

How Will Green Stones Help You?

Many green crystals embody transformative energies that commonly create forward momentum and may arouse your desire to take positive action.

Moldavite, the powerful green transformation crystal is a powerful crystal that will assist you to make a fresh start with its powerful vibration for change.

I have added an article about how to use Moldavite here, in case you need it.

Another one of the green stones for change that can assist you to make a new start is Malachite, which is also highly protective.

Many of the green stones have a good action to boost the third eye chakra, and may also activate your psychic powers or abilities.

Click on the links to the pages below any of the images to learn exactly how each of these crystals will help you.

Specific green stones to use for this purpose includes Atacamite, Green Datolite, Wavellite, Maori Greenstone, Chrome Diopside and Moldavite.

High Vibration Green Crystals

There are not a lot of green crystals that have a high level of crystal energy but there are a few.

One of the most well known is Moldavite, pictured above which is the most well known of the green stones.

All of these are powerful stones to use in meditation to boost your spiritual growth and many of these are fairly rare minerals.

Most people have heard of Kyanite and it is generally thought of as a blue stone but the lovely Green Kyanite has some powerful properties and its own in-depth page.

Other green high vibration stones include Green Heulandite, Apophyllite, Herderite and Datolite and all of these are quite uncommon.

How To Use Them: Wear Green Gemstones

There are a number of ways that you can use the stones of this crystal color.

One of the best ways to use them is wearing them on your body as keeping them within your energy field will be beneficial.

Many of them are fashioned into green gemstones and are made into beautiful green gemstone jewelry. 

Other beautiful green gemstones that can easily be found made into jewelry includes the beautiful natural green quartz  known as Prasiolite, Green Emerald, Green Jade stone, green Sapphire, Chrome Diopside, Moldavite and Maori Greenstone.

If you can't obtain your preferred stone as jewelry, you can put them in a crystal bag in your pocket, or buy a macrame crystal holder.

The macrame crystal holders come in a range of colors and sizes and if you get the one with the sliding bead you can quickly change the crystal in it.

Green Crystals Boost The Growth Of Wealth

Check out the article about crystals for money and wealth to see which of the green stones to use for this purpose.

Many of these lovely crystals boost abundance and the growth of wealth, and in particular the stones that are in the yellow-green shades are stronger abundance crystals.

Pale yellowish green stones commonly resonate within the solar plexus and many are powerful solar plexus chakra stones that help to release negative emotions that are holding you back from achieving financial success.

Peridot is an excellent stone to boost abundance but there are a number of other stones in this color category to use to stimulate the growth of abundance and wealth.

This includes Green Apatite, Green Aventurine, Chrysoprase, Garnierite, Prehnite and the green garnets, Uvarovite and Tsavorite.

You may be surprised how many of the green stones there are that have a powerful energy to create an increase in personal prosperity and abundance.

Using the above stones with Green Jade, the good luck stone, may assist you to make lucky or fortunate choices when investing money.

Green Crystals To Enhance Communication

The color green is predominantly associated with the heart chakra, but as it is a mix of blue and yellow.

Green stones commonly resonate within the chakras above and below as mentioned in the section about abundance and prosperity.

Many of the green stones have a strong energy to aid communication, common to blue crystals.

But you will also find that any green stone that seems to have a bluish tinge will be helpful to aid you to communicate better.

This includes aiding communication with Spirit, and they may also assist you when you need to communicate what you heard in the higher realms while you were meditating. 

While some of the green crystals that aid communication are darker stones, there are quite a few clear green stones that will help you to better convey what you need to say.

Specific crystals that may boost your ability to communicate well includes Grandidierite, Atacamite, Green Apatite, Gasperite, Augelite, Green Apophyllite, Green Chlorite Quartz, Prehnite and Tsavorite Garnet.

My Final Thoughts: Environmental Issues

Rainforest Jasper, a predominantly Green Jasper is a beautiful crystal that aids your connection with the natural world and with nature spirits.

There are a number of green stones that can assist you to connect with nature spirits and may help you to gain a better understanding of environmental issues.

If you ensure that the green areas around your home are kept free of poisons and products that create environmental pollution, you may attract elemental creatures to the areas near your home.

Green stones to use for this also includes Green Aventurine, Green Tourmaline, Seriphos Green Quartz, Prasiolite, Green Apophyllite and Fuchsite, which may aid you to be more environmentally conscious as well.

So Many Shades Of Green Crystals

There are many shades of green, ranging from a deep green through to a quite pale green.

There are quite a few pictures of these crystals in the above sections, and you'll notice that some are lighter green stones, but many are a deeper green.

Some are mixed colors and this may be green with white, pink or reddish shades.

Tree AgateTree Agate

A Range Of Green Colors

Some green crystals come in a range of shades of the green color in the same family, and you may see pictures of the same stone that has various colors of green.

See the individual articles on any stone to discover more. Simply click on the link located below any picture to read the in-depth article about it.

Green Andradite GarnetGreen Andradite Garnet
Green ChrysoberylGreen Chrysoberyl
Green SeleniteGreen Selenite
Emerald Aura QuartzEmerald Aura Quartz
Green OpalGreen Opal

Best Stones To Combine With Green Crystals

Most of the green crystals can of course be used together, but you may also be looking at the properties of the group and wondering what other crystals can be combined with green stones.

Many heart based crystals are well known for their action to help relationships.

In particular many of the pink crystals also resonate within the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra and will work well in combination with the green stones.

Rose Quartz are known as crystals of unconditional love and are one of the most well known of the pink crystals.

To increase the energy of the green stones to assist your relationships, you may choose to use them with pink heart based stones including Rose Quartz, Peruvian Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline or Strawberry Quartz.

Green Aventurine is known as the stone of opportunity and this energy may be boosted by using it with other colors of Aventurine such as the yellow, red, orange or Blue Aventurine stones.

Combine With Solar Plexus Crystals

Many of the green crystals are a yellow-green color, and they also resonate within the solar plexus chakra chakra also called the power chakra.

This second name relates to the way that they stimulate your personal power and self esteem. 

To boost this aspect of the yellow green crystals, use them with other powerful solar plexus chakra crystals.

Many yellow crystals work well for this purpose, including lovely yellow Citrine,  Yellow Apatite, Libyan Desert Glass and Stellar Beam Calcite. 

Learn About Other Green Crystals or Stones

There are too many green crystals to picture them all, but you may be able to read about them elsewhere.

Green stones that do not have a picture shown here include the following: Zoisite, Morrisonite, Green Sapphire and more types of Green Garnet.

In some cases this is because there is not yet a page written, but mostly because there are too many to fit on the one page.

Best Green CrystalsBest Green Crystals

If you wish to learn about any of the stones not pictured here, the easiest way to learn more is to go to The A to Z of Crystals Minerals and Stones Page to see a list of the alphabetic pages.

You may discover that there more information about the stone that interests you, on the alphabetic page relating to its name. 

The alpha pages also list any dedicated in-depth pages for many stones that are mentioned in the section above.

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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