Using Crystal Skulls

How To Use Them In Your Daily Life

➤ By Liz Oakes

Crystal skulls are becoming more popular lately.  Perhaps you are considering the best way to use yours, to benefit you?

This article is simply about what you can do to utilize them in your daily life.

Many of you may wonder exactly what is it about these carved objects that has been exciting the attention of so many people.

In this article, I am also going to talk mostly about ways to use them. Go with your feelings about how to use yours, as this is the right way for you.

Using Crystal SkullsUsing Crystal Skulls: White Selenite Crystal Skull

There are no right or wrong ways to use your skull, just ways that other people have mentioned they use theirs. is reader-supported. When you buy through links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission. Click Here to learn more.

A large number of people are being attracted to one of the many beautiful skulls that are now being sold. If you have bought one, maybe you wonder if working with them may be beneficial to you?

Magenta Fluorite SkullDeep Magenta Fluorite Skull

Learn about the categories or groups crystal skulls are classified as being in, and why they are classified this way.

Most of the current skulls you will see selling were made relatively recently, and may be made from a variety of different types of crystal which you can see pictures of below.

What Is A Crystal Skull?

Basically crystal skulls are pieces of crystal that have been fashioned by workers of stone into a shape that resembles the human skull.

This may be a close resemblance to the average human head, or it may be a more stylized representation of the human form.

Some even have unusual looks that are modeled on the idea of extra-terrestrial beings, and these are known as ET skulls.

Most of the ones that are available to buy are modern skulls, made from a single piece of crystal or stone, and are fashioned by current workers of stone, and many are very beautiful art objects.

Artisans use modern equipment such as diamond tipped saws to cut and shape the stone, into the specific shape of a crystal skull.

This article is meant to help both those who have one and would like to know more about how they might be used and to help those who feel a degree of fear about the energy associated with them.

Maybe you are wondering why you would choose to use a crystal skull.

Black Obsidian SkullBlack Obsidian Skull

It seems that people seem to have one of two reactions to crystals skulls, either fear or love.

Many people feel extremely drawn to them, particularly if the stone they are made of embodies a powerful energy.

The beautiful Black Obsidian Stone Skull pictured is an example. 

Why Do People Fear Crystal Skulls?

Wondering why some people fear crystal skulls?

Some people do not like them at all and even feel a definite fear of them and they also think they are in some way related to black magic or to other negative practices, such as the occult.

The energy of a piece of crystal is changed by being carved into this shape it is true, but it is always a positive energy.

Most dark crystals, generally speaking, are helpful stones that embody an energy of psychic protection.

The dark colored crystal skulls are no different to the clear or colored ones in respect to having a quite beneficial vibration. 

As well they hold excellent qualities for taking excess energy down through the base chakra, to the earth chakra to Mother Gaia for grounding.

Some people find the dark colored skulls a little scary. Yet the black Lava Stone skull seen below has a wonderful loving vibration. 

This clearly came through for me when I took a photo of her, when a lovely white heart showed at her third eye

BTW I have no idea what caused this heart shape on her forehead.

Lava Stone also called Basinite SkullSkull made of Lava Stone also called Basinite

The ancient skulls have many stories told about them, and these primarily come from various tribes of people in South America.

These stories relate to how they benefit people. They are generally not used for black magic practices, but of course its possible someone could do that.

Various stories relate to the reasons the original skulls were created and there are many web-sites that cover this in great detail. 

You can also read about that in a number of other places, including in many excellent books about crystal skulls.

Why Are They This Shape?

As there is already a lot of information out there on the history of the ancient skulls, I won't cover that aspect except where it relates to other information here.

Why are they this shape you may wonder?

This shape came to the attention of the world, when ancient skulls were discovered, and in particular the Mitchell Hedges skull which is very famous and has been shown in many places in the world.

Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls are the most common skulls found amongst the other old or ancient skulls.

These skulls have been shown in a large number of places, including in many famous museums around the world. So the concepts related to crystal skulls are becoming more well known.

Three Classifications Of Skulls

Now that more is known about them, crystal skulls are classified as being in one of three groups, and these categories are:

  • Modern or Contemporary: Skulls created in the last 100 to 120 years.
  • Old Skulls: made over 100 years ago and even up to 1500 to 2000 years ago.
  • Ancient Crystal Skulls: made more than 2000 years ago, and some were made in the very distant past.

These very old, even ancient skulls have been written about in detail.

Clear Quartz Crystal SkullClear Quartz Crystal Skull

The most important thing to understand about them is the positive effect that they have on the people who have had contact with them.

Many people will attest to the fact that they are powerful tools to aid healing, but in particular have a strong effect on your spiritual growth.

In the beginning most of the modern crystal skulls were made from quartz, and this was because most of the old or ancient crystal skulls had been made from quartz.

In particular, a large number of modern skulls are often made from Clear Quartz Crystals, as well as cloudy or milky quartz, or crystal that is a combination of both, see images above.

My Rose Quartz Crystal ET Skull, seen in the image above, is an example of the way skulls are also being carved.

I have personally noticed that the energy of my ET skulls are different to those carved in the classic shape.

Perhaps these are inspired by extra-terrestrial beings who are here to work with humanity. 

I have read that carvers are often asked why they chose to carve a particular shape or style into a piece of crystal?

They often speak of simply being inspired to carve a specific shape. 

Perhaps they were guided by the being who was ultimately to be attached to the crystal skull.

They now are found in a number of different styles including the ET skulls, and some other unusual designs. 

There are also a large number of skulls made from other types of quartz crystal.

These include quartz skulls made from Smokey Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, Golden Healer Quartz, Amethyst Crystals and Citrine Crystals.

Quartz Crystal Skulls

Quartz crystals have a number of powerful benefits that make them useful to use for meditation. 

Quartz helps to amplify the energy of other crystals and to amplify your thoughts.

So skulls made from quartz may help you to more easily make a connection with your skull, or to Spirit using the skulls energy to advance this aim.

Although using quartz is not totally necessary, the unique properties of quartz, to amplify the energy is extremely valuable. 

Quartz resonates well and will help you to more easily understand what is being communicated to you, when you are working with them.

Quartz may be especially helpful when you are doing a crystal skull meditation, when information may more than likely come through to you.

Other crystal types have powerful properties that are extremely helpful too.

Crystal skulls are easy to buy, and are now made from many varieties of stone, other than quartz.

These other types of stone can also aid you to create a connection with your skull or with Spirit more easily. 

More than anything else your choice of stone should be guided by what you are intuitively led to do. 

Stronger Resonance When They Are Combined

There is an interesting thing that seems to happen when you put a number of skulls together. You then have a stronger combined resonance happening.

They seem to work together, and if you keep them close to each other they absorb each others energy, which creates a stronger overall result. 

This is part of the reason why people who collect crystal skulls just seems to feel a need to add more skulls.

Petalite & Bustamite Crystal SkullsMy Petalite & Bustamite Crystal Skulls. Don't they look happy!

With each addition you seem to end up with a stronger overall vibration happening. 

They can aid healing if you are a healer, as this combination of energy can be amplified by the group dynamic.

Once you start to take an interest in skulls and you begin to resonate with the specific energy of them, you may wonder what else you can use them for.

If you wonder how to utilize this energy you can feel getting stronger as you add to your collection, an excellent use for your skulls is to create a crystal skull grid.

You can do the same with any type of stone.

13 Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls13 Clear Quartz Crystal Skulls

Although meditation is a powerful way to use them, when you are not meditating with them, think about using them as part of a crystal grid.

Most people begin with one skull, then later add more to their collection.

If you add more skulls to your collection, either big or small, a grid is a great way to utilize your collection, including the smaller ones.

Smaller skulls can be used in a grid, with a larger one in the center to focus the energy.

If you feel drawn to create a specific collection of skulls, their energy can be powerful if you leave them set up as a grid when you are not using them to meditate with.

Crystal SkullsSeven Crystal Skulls

You can make a grid entirely of quartz crystals or mix the various stones together, there are no rules to this, only your intention when you set up the grid.

The seven skulls above are made from Pink Petalite, Rhyolite, Fluorite, Lava Stone, White Quartz, Bustamite and Selenite in the center.

Mix Various Stone Types Together

I like to use crystal skulls that are made from a range of different stones, as they have other properties that makes them useful for both doing meditation and for gridding.

Recently I have noticed many different types of stone being used to make crystal skulls, and I have bought quite few of these myself.

Some of these crystals embody a very high vibration, and this includes both the Selenite and Pink Petalite skulls.

These high crystal energy stone skulls are powerful to use, either in a grid or to meditate with.

My collection includes skulls made from Angelite, Rhyolite, Pink Petalite, Bustamite, Tigers Eye, Moss Agate, Magenta Fluorite, Selenite, Rainbow Fluorite, Spider Web Jasper, Lava Stone or Basinite, Lapis Lazuli, Nuummite and Black Obsidian.

Check out the pictures of various skulls further down the page. Any of these can be used these in grids along with your quartz skulls.

Building Crystal Grids With Your Skulls

To give you examples of what you could do, there are no rules, check out the pictures that show some of the ways that you can set up a grid using them. 

Although I have used specific grid cloths or boards, this is not necessary, as just like other crystal grids its all about what you feel, your intention when you set them up.

Once you have it set up you do need to activate your grid, and this is commonly done using a wand, but I feel the simple idea of intention can start the energy running.

Crystal Skull GridThirteen Crystal Skulls Placed In Grid

Using intention with a quartz crystal wand, can boost the energy. So what intentions do crystal skulls lend their energy to?

Personally I use my grids for boosting the spirituality and vibration of the area where they are located, to bring peace, harmony and an increase in spirituality to my home and to my neighborhood.

Their energy will flow out into the surrounding area, and you may choose any intention you like. 

There is a lot written about gridding and I won't go into that here in detail.

Except to say that any area where you have it set up could be boosted by ensuring that you improve the energy before activating the grid.

sage for smudging the roomSage for smudging the room

A lighted candle and smudging the room may help to focus your intention, and could be part of setting up your grid if you wish.

Simply white lighting the area and setting your intention in a quiet, serene, contemplative and solemn way is easy to do and advantageous.

A Way To Activate Your Grid

One way that you could choose to activate your grid with a wand is like this:

Start at the middle, by pointing your wand at the center crystal or skull in this case, and as you set the intention in your mind, start the energy running.

Then as the energy runs, you move the wand from the center to each piece of crystal in the grid, and back to the middle.

You go right round the entire grid and once all the pieces have been activated, go round the outside of the grid and seal the energy into the grid with intention that the grid will continue to run.

It actually doesn't take long to activate and is a lovely way for the skulls to be used when you are not using them for other purposes.

If you have only a couple of skulls you can combine them with other crystals if you want, there are no rules!

Golden Healer Crystal SkullGolden Healer Crystal Skull

There are more and more books being written on the history of crystal skulls and how to use them, so it could be helpful to read some of them.

Note that although there are ideas in this article on how to use your skull, it may be different to how others use theirs.  

I feel that they are a valuable resource at this time of continuing energy changes, to help you on your spiritual journey.

More Photos Of Crystal Skulls

Bustamite SkullBustamite Crystal
Spiderweb Jasper SkullSpiderweb Jasper Skull
Crystal Skulls RhyoliteCrystal Skulls: My Rhyolite Skull

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