Violet Flame Energy

Healing With Violet Ray Stones

➤ By Liz Oakes

Violet flame healing is used today by alchemical and metaphysical healers. Healers can use it in their healing practices, as it has been used since deep in the past.

The Ascended Master St Germain, personally oversees the use of the violet flame.

This energy is embodied in quite a few powerful healing crystals that can be used to boost your use of this energy.

Violet Flame HealingViolet Flame Healing: Violet Flame Opal

It is used by metaphysical and alchemical healers for transmutation of negative energies within the body.

The violet ray is embodied within a number of violet stones including stones in the Amethyst group as well as other strong violet healing stones.

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So Who Was St Germaine?

The Ascended Master Saint Germaine was believed to have been born in the 1500's.

A lot has been written about this renowned man and his probable origins, but little about him is actually known for certain, other than his amazing ability to heal.

If you are an alchemical healer who works with the energy he oversees, you take on faith what you learn via your spiritual and psychic abilities.

Channelers who make contact with St Germain, have been told that he is Chohan of the seventh or violet ray.

He resides in the etheric realms and as sponsor of the United States of America is working on ensuring that the world becomes a better place.

What interests many people is that he taught about this potent healing energy.

He and his followers used this violet flame to cleanse themselves of negative vibrations, and this is still used in healing today.

The Vera Cruz Amethyst shown above is a twin quartz crystal, so in this case you have more than one crystal working with you to use this energy.

This amazing flame was and is still associated with protection from negative entities, and transmuting negativity into the light.

There are many methods for using this energy, but the most reliable way is to ask for the help of St Germain.

By invoking his help, with sincere desire and heartfelt prayer, you are able to use this amazing healing vibration.

Healing With Violet Flame Stones 

Amethyst and other purple crystals and stones associated with this energetically potent method of healing, are some of the most common stones used by healers.

Healing with these stones is so powerful that it and other violet ray stones are very popular with both alchemical and crystal healers.

They are the most strongly associated with this energy, as Amethyst Crystals are the foremost stones of the violet flame.

The very essence of the Amethyst stones will heal on many levels, both within the physical, metaphysical and etheric levels of your being.

The specific frequency of these powerful quartz crystals allow one to feel calm, soothed and contented, yet intellectually stimulated and protected.

Using it makes you feel that you are beautifully protected, and you are.

One of the less well known facts about Amethyst and other violet stones is that they embody the vibration of the Violet Flame, brought to renown by Saint Germaine.

Wearing These Violet Stones

While having these crystals in your environment is of course a wonderful thing to do, wearing them on you is a distinct asset.

Jewelry made from Tanzanite Crystals, Amethyst and Sugilite are very common and very beautiful.

Wearing a violet Sugilite ring or pendant keeps the energy on your body, and protects you from any negativity that may be attracted to your 'light'.

Purple Amethyst Crystals have a lovely energy, and as they can be found on the zodiac birthstone list.

They are birthstones for Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, as well as the Sagittarius birthstone, they are often made in lovely jewelry pieces.

Wear an Amethyst pendant, ring or ear-rings, or choose jewelry made from one of the other potent violet healing crystals. 

If you keep the power of one of these stones within your aura at all the time, you will be able to utilize the high level of energy they embody.

Why Would You Use It

Amethyst Crystals are the violet flame embodied, and in particular using the high vibration Vera Cruz Amethyst is very powerful

As well other crystals such as as Tanzanite, Amethyst Cacoxenite, Brandberg Amethyst, Amethyst Spirit Quartz, Chevron Amethyst, Amegreen, Violet-Purple Sugilite, Violet Flame Opal and any colors of Purpurite are all stones that embody this energy.

Along with Amethyst, these stones work on healing the third eye chakra, the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and the etheric chakras right up to the fourteenth chakra.

This powerful energy will help you to open your third eye, and support awakening the intuitive and clairvoyant abilities of the third eye chakra.

This supports you to strengthen and bring through increased spiritual capabilities. Sugilite and Tanzanite are also strong stones for healing.

Wearing natural crystals in jewelry consisting of these violet stones, may assist you to create a better healing effect.

Both of these are crown chakra stones, and working with these together will also bring through other talents, including enhanced psychic communication abilities.

If you want to enhance any of your psychic skills this is a powerful combination to choose, and clairvoyant psychics will confirm their effectiveness in enhancing genuine psychic abilities.

If you are using your natural crystals on clients, take care to make sure that your crystals are cleansed after each client, to ensure their energy remains clear.

There is a lot more detail about Amethyst on a dedicated page for these marvelous stones.

They are the premier stone that embodies the violet flame, and along with the other lovely violet stones are powerful allies for healing.

Stones With Strong Healing & Cleansing Powers

This powerful group of stones have strong healing and cleansing powers.

The most well known of these are the beautiful Amethyst Crystals, and they are one of the most potent stones against psychic attack and protection.

They will also guard against psychic attack, transmuting negative energy into the positive energy of love.

There are many healing methods that are available using this powerful energy, and they often are an integral part of many healing modalities.

This wonderful method of healing can be used alone, but it is boosted by the presence of any of these lovely violet flame stones.

Violet Flame OpalViolet Flame Opal

List Of Violet Flame Healing Crystals

Vera CruzVera Cruz
AmethystAmethyst Cluster
Violet Flame Morado OpalViolet Flame Morado Opal
Purpurite PendantPurpurite
Brandberg AmethystBrandberg Amethyst
Auralite 23Auralite 23

Want to learn more? The pictures above that have links under them take you to articles about specific violet flame crystals.

Violet Flame Healing EnergyViolet Flame Healing Energy

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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