Abundance and Prosperity

Attract It Using Chakra Stones

➤ By Liz Oakes

What is the easiest and best way for you to achieve abundance and prosperity? How can crystals help you to achieve wealth, success and plenty? 

There are a number of powerful crystals that can assist you to thrive, and may aid you to manifest an increase in wealth, success and good health.

When you have these things that you wish for in your life, you say that you are prosperous.

You might be wondering, what are you really talking about? 

Orange Calcite Attracts Abundance and ProsperityOrange Calcite Attracts Abundance and Prosperity

Maybe you wish to manifest your destiny, if only you knew what it was. Perhaps you would simply like to attract abundance on all levels of your life.

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Can You Attract Abundance On All Levels

Do you believe that it is possible for all of you to do this? These are two of the most desirable ideals in today's society. You would all like to have an abundance of the good things in your life.

To begin with, to aid the growth of abundance and prosperity in your life, you need to relax, stay positive and be grateful.

Go with the flow, while being consistent in your actions, and you will begin the manifestation process.

How Does It Work?

The Laws of Attraction principally are universal laws or ideals that assist you to attract what you most fervently desire into your life. 

Today you will learn about how you may use the 7 laws of attraction and couple them with the use of different natural crystals.

This will help you to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. If you use these laws or rules properly you will attract the things you most want into your life.

There is one very important thing about manifesting you need to understand. What you focus on is what you will get. Each of you will have different things that you desire.

Perhaps you want more love. Perhaps you want to be more creative or live a purpose driven life?

The different chakras govern different outcomes metaphysically. Individual chakras have specific vibrations just as we have vibrations.

The best method is to meditate with the chakra stone that responds to the ideal that you want to bring into your life.

What is Your Purpose?

Your main purpose is to work out what you want. To achieve your purpose, you may use healing crystals of different colors.

Stones like the lovely purple Sugilite, are an example of stones that work on more than one chakra, and there are quite few that will help you in a variety of ways.

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Different parts of the body are also governed by different chakras. Each of the specific colors have a specific vibration.

So depending on the color, the vibration will have a different effect on various parts of the body. Each chakra responds to and supports particular concepts. 

Once you use the knowledge of these concepts, this may help you to choose the correct chakra stone to use.

In the movie, 'The Secret', they spoke in detail about these laws and about how you could use them to attract what you want into your life. 

Then use a combination of the Laws of Attraction and specific chakra stones to attract it into your life. Many of you may wish to manifest an increase in money.

This is no surprise as you may perceive that money, or the lack of it, causes many of your problems.

Many of you have heard about the seven laws of attraction, and each of the Laws of Attraction are responding to specific concepts.

Abundance And Prosperity Concepts & Responding Chakras

Chakra & Ideal

Concept You Are Manifesting

Soul Star Chakra Transcending

Letting go and allowing Divine Light to fill your life

Crown Chakra: Knowing

Being spiritual, manifesting Divine guidance

Being intuitive, manifesting clairvoyance and other psychic gifts, boosting your imagination.

Throat Chakra: Speaking & Listening

Being communicative and listening well Manifesting Clairaudience and aiding Communication psychically

Higher Heart Chakra: Forgiving

Divine love, compassion and forgiveness, releasing fear, creating a connection between your soul body and physical body.

Heart Chakra: Loving

Being loving, attracting and bringing love into your life.

Being centered and consciously creative. Manifesting Money

Sacral Chakra: Feeling

Enhancing creativity on all levels. Psychic gifts manifesting clairsentience or clear seeing. Being emotionally creative

Base Chakra: Being

Being organized, manifesting change in a grounded and practical way

Earth Chakra: Grounding

 Grounding you spiritually and physically by anchoring your physical body to Mother Gaia. Being Grounded

Clear QuartzClear Quartz - Soul Star Chakra Stone
SugiliteSugilite - Crown Chakra Stone
SodaliteSodalite - Third Eye Chakra Stone
Blue Lace AgateBlue Lace Agate - Throat Chakra Stone
TugtupiteTugtupite - Higher Heart Chakra Stone
EmeraldEmerald - Heart Chakra Stone
Yellow ApatiteYellow Apatite - Solar Plexus Chakra Stone
Red JasperRed Jasper - Base or Root Chakra Stone
Black TourmalineBlack Tourmaline - Earth Star Chakra Stone

Using Affirmations For Abundance And Prosperity

Using specific affirmations for abundance and prosperity is a fairly well-known method that is used to aid the growth of abundance in your life.

There have been lots of excellent books written about using the power of positive affirmations.

I strongly believe in the power of affirmations, as they can help you in a variety of ways.

Many years ago, Louise Hay wrote about the healing power of these positive affirmations in her book 'You Can Heal Your Life'.

Decide to follow your dreams

There are a range of actions you can take to increase your abundance and prosperity level.

This includes holding a stone of the correct vibration in your hand, or simply having it sit nearby while you meditate each day.

You don't have to concentrate on the stone, simply allow the energy to assist you by its presence. Meditating on its own may help you to change your vibration.

Enjoy the experience as you manifest abundance and prosperity on all levels of your life. Decide to follow your dreams. Determine what you want now and take the action required. 

Follow this by being grateful for its manifestation, in advance. This is the basis of the laws of attraction.

Why Would You Do This?

To increase abundance and prosperity in your life, the more you are capable of keeping your focus on what you really desire the better.

If you stop thinking about the things you don't want, the better chance you have of manifesting what you desire.

Keep in mind the desired outcome and you will surely see change, as it is your predominant mental attitude that will create the changes you desire.

Each individual chakra has a group of different natural crystals specific to that chakra. Although each group of chakra stones are different colors and therefore have different vibrations.

Crystals that are the particular chakra color for each specific chakra, are generally the best stones to use.

These stones are often the ones that work best on that individual chakra, and will create the best outcome.

How Will Meditation Help You?

If you have been experiencing any type of problems in your life, meditation may help you. It is one of the more useful paths to releasing stress, because while you are meditating your brain waves slow.

During your normal activities during the day, your brain is operating at what is called the beta state.

During meditation, your aim needs to be to get your brain waves to change, from the beta wave, to the slower alpha wave.

Slowing your brain down to the alpha rhythm, will help to relieve stress.

It also has the potential to help you to experience lucid dreaming, and to develop your psychic communication abilities, including developing intuition and clairvoyance.

Two special areas of the brain, the Amygdala and the Anterior Cingulate Cortex, are said to be connected with psychic gifts.

Using Isochronic Tones encourages these areas of the brain to entrain with the new rhythms that are introduced. As you go deeper into the meditative state, you may find that psychic abilities develop more readily.

In addition you may find you develop a sense of deep peace. For some of you it may be a time when you discover how to be happy for the first time in your life.

Meditation has a range of excellent outcomes for many people. 

It can be an excellent tool to aid manifestation of abundance and prosperity, particularly if you are disciplined and persistent, and do it on a regular basis.

If you are not totally sure about what chakras are, please go to the page on the chakra meanings for an explanation of the chakras.

For information on the stones for each chakra, I have more detailed information on each of the pages for that chakra. 

You can also learn more about exactly what areas that chakra is responsible for. Simply choose a crystal, one of the chakra stones that responds to the concept you most desire. 

Learn about chakra stones and how they can assist your health.

Each of the chakras have different stones that will work best on that chakra. Do you want an increase of abundance and prosperity? 

Stones like the lovely Yellow Citrine Crystals, are known to be especially powerful to use to assist you to manifest money as is Tigers Eye.

They can be used in combination with any other stone you may choose.

Use particular stones like golden solar plexus chakra crystals every day to boost the flow of money, as this will be most helpful.

You may like to wear your preferred crystals every day, or you can use your chosen stone in meditation, as these are some of the easy ways you can utilize their energy.

Meditation has a range of excellent outcomes for many people, and can be an excellent tool to aid manifestation, and it also relaxes you which aids stress too.

It does depend on exactly what it is you want to manifest, and this may be one of a range of different things or outcomes in your life.

This is my Peridot Gemstone bracelet.

This lovely green stone embodies the frequency of increase...

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Note: When you use the vibration of crystals to help and support your healing remember that crystals are part of an holistic approach to your health.

Metaphysical healing uses universal energy so does not stand alone and can be used with any other type of healing. 

Using the energy of crystals for healing yourself is about finding a way to enhance conventional medicine not replace it. So always seek out medical treatment for any worrying health issue.

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