Taurus Birthstone List

List of Birthstones & Meanings April 21 - May 20

➤ By Liz Oakes

Have a look at the Taurus birthstone list. If you were born under the Taurus sign, go through the meanings provided for each of the stones.

They are all known to be of assistance to the Taurus person.

This is because all of the birthstones on this list have been attributed to the astrological sign of Taurus based on their vibration.

This will allow you to choose a stone that you can wear to help you in a particular way, including being able to heal a some specific area of relevance to you. 

Emeralds are popular Taurus BirthstonesEmeralds are popular Taurus Birthstones

You may discover that when you read the meanings of the individual crystals that one or more of these may appeal to you more than others. 

Even though all of these stones are known to be favorable for anyone of this star sign sometimes one will attract you more than the others.

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Born Under The Taurus Sign? 

You may begin by looking over the list of stones and reading about them. 

If you own one of these in your current jewelry, this may help you to work out the Taurus Birthstone for you.

The list below features many healing crystals for you to use, so after you have looked at what stones you already have, check out the list.

Iolite PendantIolite Pendant

If you feel that you would like to discover more information about any of these crystals,  check to see if any of the stones written about are highlighted with a link.

This link means there is more in-depth information on another page on this site that is dedicated to that stone.

If the summary about the stone resonates with you, you may decide to go to that stone's page and read about what else it can do to help you.

It is good that you have quite a few birthstones to choose between for each sign, as it is possible for many of the stones to assist you in a number of different ways.

The healing properties of some of these stones are quite considerable, and using them may help your overall health and well-being. 

Taurus birthstone jewelry made from one of the crystals from the list may be attractive to wear as many of these stones are quite beautiful.

It is possible to buy many of these stones as Taurus birthstone jewelry. 

It will be very helpful if you can have healing crystals on your body during the day, to help you to benefit from their vibration.

Do You Know Your Astrology Sign?

Although most people know their own astrology sign, if you are thinking of buying a gift for someone, you may be unaware of their sign.

The following list will help you to work out which sign they are. The list of astrological signs, outlines the date in each month that they start and finish.

  • Cancer June 21 to July 22
  • Leo July 23 to August 22
  • Virgo Aug 23 to Sept 22

A Guide To Which Taurus Birthstone To Choose

The astrological birthstones for Taurus are in list below. This list comprises most of the stones that are recognized to be of benefit to you, if this is your star sign.

Shown below is the information on the individual stones on the list, so that you can ascertain which one you feel will be the best one for you to use.

As you read the material showing attributes in a range of different aspects, including the healing attributes, you may find it easier to decide the right one for you.

Some of these stones are traditional zodiac birthstones for more than one star sign. 

If you wish to have a look and see this in detail the full list for all star signs is on the zodiac birthstones page, and this includes the stones on the Taurus birthstone list.

Taurus Birthstone List

  • Amblygonite
  • Black Spinel
  • Blue Muscovite
  • Blue Tourmaline
  • Carnelian
  • Emerald
  • Iolite
  • Kunzite
  • Kyanite 
  • Rhodonite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Scapolite
  • Selenite
  • Septaria
  • Variscite

Taurus Birthstone Meanings


Amblygonite contains lithium, so it is a very helpful stone to assist you if you are depressed, anxious or stressed.

It stimulates feelings of peace and calmness and allows you to let go of worry.

This yellow crystal is wonderful to hold in your hand during meditation to encourage you to reach a higher level.

It also works at the solar plexus or power chakra to release emotional hooks from past experiences or relationships, helping you to pull free from the past.

It also allows you to release internal conflicts about where your future is heading. 

This yellow stone helps to boost your creativity, so is helpful to keep on you to stimulate creative ideas.

Black Spinel

Black Spinel has a strong energy that is very helpful to aid the healing of health problems within the three lower chakras.

One of its other strong attributes is the way it works to assist you to ground to the earth.

If you have been working with high vibration stones you can easily get ungrounded from being in the higher chakra energy so much.

It will take excess energy down through the base chakra and earth star chakra to Mother Gaia. Use this black Taurus birthstone to quickly restore you to feeling normal.

It is also a good stone to assist anyone who feels constantly angry and who finds it difficult to deal with. Anger can cause relationship breakdowns if you allow it to get out of control.

If you feel angry a lot, keep a piece on your body to assist you to calm down.

The energy of this black stone also helps to heal and rebuild relationships that have  problems that cause you to experience conflict.

Blue Muscovite

Blue Muscovite is a rather uncommon variety of this stone from Western Australia.

This stone will stimulate mental telepathy, your intuition, clairvoyant gifts and ESP.

Additionally it helps to activate your thinking, and will stimulate your brain to receive assistance from the higher realms. 

It helps to put you in touch with Divine guidance on a day to day basis.

This may aid your decisions about the little things in life, which you may discover makes a difference to how the flow of the larger things will occur.

This Taurus birthstone does have many attributes in common with other colors of Muscovite, and you will find it has a good action to stimulate your problem solving abilities.

Blue Tourmaline or Indicolite

Blue Tourmaline is known to boost your intuition, and help you to hear psychically, a gift known as clairaudience, so it is a good choice to use in your daily meditation.

It is also known as Indicolite and often occurs as an inclusion in quartz.

It resonates within both the third eye and throat chakras, and is a helpful crystal to use to boost your psychic gifts.

If you use it regularly, it might assist you to develop psychic powers such as channeling, automatic writing, or clairvoyance.


Carnelian stones have a strong action to aid motivation and provide the confidence to move forward to achieve your goals and will help you to make good choices about your future.

They have an clear impact on all of the lower chakras, with a substantial impact in the area of sexuality and reproduction, and may stimulate feelings of warmth and vitality throughout the body.

The bright orange color orange vibrates strongly at the sacral or navel chakra, so this is the area where these orange stones will have the most impact.


Emerald Stones are known as a crystal that aids 'successful love', as their vibration opens up the heart chakra and thymus chakra, also known as the higher heart chakra.

They carry the energy of the green ray, a strong vibration that you see all around you in nature.

Like the heart chakra, the higher heart chakra also vibrates with the energy of love, but it also carries the added energy of Divine love, compassion and forgiveness.

Sometimes relationships need thymus chakra energy to bring balance back, when negative things that have happened have made the relationship sour and unbalanced.

Emerald gemstones bring a lovely energy to aid peaceful and harmonious conditions in your life.


Iolite stones have an appealing energy that stimulates the imagination and expands your intuitive abilities, a potent combination. It also aids the birth of other psychic gifts.

This Taurus birthstone works within both the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

This may help to animate clairvoyant abilities with strong psychic visions coming through.

They are helpful to use when undergoing shamanic journeys, and if you have past lives in King Arthur's time it may help to disperse related karma.

The vibration of this stone also helps you to be aware of life lessons associated with these karmic situations, and helps to release them. 

They are a lovely stone to use for meditation, as they help to calm the mind, so you can more easily correspond with guides and other beings you may encounter.


Kunzite is a stone that is high in lithium, a mineral which is known to aid the release of stress and anxiety, and may assist you to let go of feelings of despondency and unhappiness.

This Taurus birthstone is the pink type of Spodumene, and it has a green sister stone called Hiddenite.

Both of these stones bring through the energy of love as they vibrate within the heart chakra. They have a lovely energy that lifts your mood as it creates positive feelings.

Wearing lovely Kunzite earrings, or a pendant close to the heart, allows you to embrace these positive feeling all day long.


Kyanite is a high vibration stone that has an energy that will bridge energy gaps caused by surgery or accidents in any part of the body.

Its energy within the throat chakra aids communication.

It comes in a range of colors, the most well known being the blue stone, although you may also find Green, Indigo, Black and Orange stones. All colors assist all of the chakras to come into alignment.

The Blue Kyanite stone has a strong crystal energy, and lovely crystalline Kyanite stones are made into jewelry.

Wearing these lovely Taurus birthstone pendants or earrings will help to activate mental telepathy and psychic abilities.


Rhodonite helps to bring acceptance and forgiveness, aids emotional healing of relationship problems.

It is a helpful stone for meditating with as it helps you to uncover your unique gifts and talents.

Like most pink crystals it carries the vibration of love and vibrates within the heart chakra, and its energy may help you to feel love for both yourself and others.

This pink stone also calms you when you feel angry, fearful, panicky or stressed.

It will also help you to build your self esteem, and this is likely to flow to the community as it stimulates a desire to help others in whatever way is practical within your life.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz resonates Goddess Energy and is especially powerful to heal the higher chakras.

This includes both the heart chakra and the higher heart chakra also known as the thymus chakra.

This lovely pink stone  embodies the energy of deep spiritual love and is one of the foremost stones representing the Feminine Principle.

Its energy is about the vibration of 'love', not only on the physical level but on the emotional and spiritual level.

The energy of this lovely Taurus birthstone resonates within the throat chakra, the third eye chakra and the crown chakra.

It helps to bring these chakras into resonance with the heart's energy, as they beat as one, with the vibration of love and compassion.


Scapolite helps to calm your emotions, while aiding you to release any bad habits that you have had trouble letting go of. 

It comes in a number of colors and while each color has specific attributes all stones in this family have some things in common.

The energy of this Taurus birthstone is excellent to assist you to make goals, as well as boosting self discipline and willpower.

The lavender, purple and the white varieties work within the higher chakras. Their vibration may trigger psychic knowing, and may help you to connect with your spirit guides.

Yellow Scapolite can trigger the achieving of your intentions regarding an increase in your prosperity, through its energy at the solar plexus chakra.

Blue Scapolite stimulates the throat and third eye areas, and this can help you to develop psychic gifts as well as stimulating your analytical ability.


Selenite is a high vibration crystal that will encourage you to connect with angels.

It will open the crown chakra, the soul star chakra and higher transpersonal chakras.

It helps to bring about clarity of mind and creates a link to the Lightbody, bringing through new codes to assist in its anchoring.

By using its energy you will be enabled to break through illusion to see yourself as you truly are, in a higher spiritual way.

It is known to bring deep peace and is a lovely stone to use in meditation as it allows you to connect so easily with the spiritual realms and make the angelic connection.


Septaria stones are a mixture of different minerals and this makes each stone have a quite distinctive energy, depending on what is present in the stone.

They have a good grounding energy, as well as having a strong action to provide psychic protection.

This Taurus birthstone is very helpful to assist you if you are doing public speaking. They help each listener to feel you are communicating directly to them, and empower your message, aiding it to be heard more easily.

They also have a quite unique property that helps you to retain your privacy, even though you may be getting heard by a large number of people.

This is because they send out a vibration that deters anyone taking an unhealthy interest in you.


Variscite is a lovely stone that will create joyous feelings and will align you with the energy of the earth.

It has a peaceful soothing vibration that helps to create peace and harmony in your life.

It is a heart chakra stone that occurs in varying shades of green, and has an energy that will cleanse the auric field to release negative energy.

The powerful vibration of this Taurus birthstone will also activate the thymus chakra also known as the higher heart chakra.

Your Taurus Birthstone

Learn the characteristics of the crystals assigned to the astrological sign of Taurus. Use your intuitive abilities and allow yourself to feel which stone is right for you.

If you are buying a gift of a Taurus birthstone for a friend, allow yourself to tune into their vibration and connect with the information on specific stones to aid your choice.

There are such a lot of different attributes that each stone brings to you.

So if you tune into some specific benefit, this may be universe guiding your choice, and you may be enabled to also give them a gift of a lovely tool for self healing.

The romantic nature of the Taurean person allows your empathic vibration to be used to help you to choose your perfect stone.

Your love of style and beauty will guide you to choose a stone that accentuates the positive loving attributes of your sign. Go with this loving energy as it is part of who you really are at heart.

And as you wear your favorite Taurus Birthstone you may be able to use the stones special properties to make major changes in your life. Enjoy!

Emerald Stone
Taurus Birthstone List with MeaningsTaurus Birthstones

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