Arizona Diamonds the Herkimer Diamonds Sister In The SW

by LeslieLucy
(Chandler, Arizona, USA)

This is just to share this with you. There is a place in Northern Arizona called Diamond Point in the river bed we use to find beautiful Arizona diamonds. They are a high grade of quartz crystals akin to their New York sister the Herkimer diamonds.

They were plentiful to find in the 1980s now not so easy to find. These beautiful AZ diamonds are just as high in vibration as their New York sister. I have a lot of them although 3/4 of them are not as high grade. I have kept the high graded ones. This is just to let you know that they do exist and you can find some Rock dealers in Arizona that still have high graded ones.

I placed several of my high graded ones in a velvet cloth with 2 Moldavite pieces, 1 Black Tourmaline, 1 Red Jasper, 1 small Lavender Flourite octahedron, 1 double terminated Yellow Flourite crystal and 1 Siberian blue rock.

Excellent balanced energy for the home, meditation, dream clarity as well as for safe Astral travel.

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Name of AZ diamond
by: Debra

Thank you for your post here. It is helpful. I bought an AZ diamond a few days ago along side a herkimer diamond.

What is the official name of the AZ diamond? Think it begins with a P...ugh that sounds so 7th grade.

Thank you for all of your valuable information...I appreciate all of your hard work!!


To answer Debra
by: Anonymous

Lemuria Diamonds, also called Payson Diamonds.

I found the Arizona "herkimer diamonds"!
by: Jessica

I live in Apache Junction, almost under the shadow of the superstitions and came across them one day on a rock hunt. If the shade from a tree hadn't been there. I would never have dug in that spot! I found a bowl full not far from my home. They aren't all top notch, but there's certainly some stunning ones!

by: Kris

Got a question, do all Herkimer or Payton diamonds have the barcode signatures, that I believe the the new Crystal's of today have(elestials?) The reason why I ask is, the Payton Diamond I purchased does have the barcodes.

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