Awesome Change Came About In
Smoky Quartz!

by Serenity

Oh am I ever grateful for places like this! Bless you for your efforts here. You do give a great deal to people on their journey. I became aware of crystal life about 10 months ago so I am a newbie, albeit completely totally hooked on the passion invoked by these beings of wonder :)

I bought a Smoky Quartz from a private collection that is a smallish jewel looking very light beauty! Rather like a vogel cut but definitely not. I don't know what this cut is called.

It had a small pool in the mid top region with a clear spear going right thru it! I was so enthralled with this and was lost for long periods in studying it. I carried it everywhere. As things go I bought more crystals and spent time with each one, leaving my Smoky to itself for about 6 weeks.

I picked it up the other day and was amazed at what I saw! ANOTHER pool was started, a few silver mica circles, spears hanging in mid air so to speak. It is beautiful beyond words. I'm just awestruck and looking for answers. Its full of rainbows, blue and gold and silver pieces that look like glass from 1 view yet when turned... you can see this brightly hued landscape of wonder!

How can this be? How did it change and why? Is this normal? Do all crystal quartz change and this fast? I have several pieces showing awesome changes! A raw/rough India green moss agate that I am so attached to - it has awesome healing properties and communicates well, has manifested what appears to be a face!! 2 eyes showed up and the light colored crystals started forming around the eyes!!!

I just don't know what I am experiencing with these crystals. I use a pendulum and am informed that yes sometimes crystals do manifest a face to give humans a focal point. SO FAST??

I have a small clear fairy stone that has a lodite tree in it and this stone has manifested some rapid beautiful changes as well! Full of the brightest colors, white strings, clouds with flower crystals ALL NEW!!

All who read this will think I'm crazy but I assure you I am the kindest, most understanding compassionate person who works as a caregiver for those who suffer debilitating chronic diseases.

I am fairly well read and have an above average IQ. I have always been curious about mysteries of life and finally I find the crystal path! LOL! I am so grateful for my recent journeys... I have used my crystals on occasion with patients willing to explore and the results have been so full of Light it inspires me! The stories...oh I could share some Life! :)

Sorry to make this so long but I wanted you all to get a feel for who I am altho I don't think I am directly responsible for these fast paced manifestations I am so so perplexed by it all. Hoping I can give you all the info you need to give me a clue of why this happens. I know it has had to happen to others. I'm just so new to it.... Well, thanks you for any help you can offer! I am deeply grateful for any input! Blessings!

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Smoky Quartz!

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Changes In Crystals
by: Liz Oakes

Hi Serenity

Thanks you for your comments about my site. It is good to able to give everyone a place to share their views and stories, as well as to give everyone information about crystals. I am also pleased at the many people who are willing to come forward and help others, by giving information or opinions on crystals.

You are not the only one who has found that the crystals are starting to change more rapidly, as I have heard the same thing from others. Maybe its because the world is changing and the vibration is moving higher. Like you, I too have been thrilled to pick up a crystal that I have not looked at for a while and find that it has changed in some way.

Your piece of Smoky sounds lovely! Feel free to add a photo at any time as I am sure that many people would love to see your beautiful crystal :)

I have a big cluster of Clear Quartz Crystal that has grown very tiny crystals all over one side of it, and I was surprised when I picked it up the other day and felt the little crystals beneath my hand.

Many esoteric writers feel that we may be on the verge of major changes in the world. Quite a few people can feel the changes in the vibration of their crystals and in the way they connect with spirit recently.

Quartz crystals are so reactive to us, and we can connect so easily to their energy that it is not surprising that your Smoky Quartz is responding to your loving attitude to life. The main thing is to simply enjoy your crystals and use them for your greater good.

Many blessings to you... Liz

RE: Smoky
by: Serenity

I appreciate your comments here Liz, you have a positively glowing way about you! I was so glad to hear that this has happened with others - its like it links us together some how lol! The many reasons this could be happening are so touching, so resonating ... well as soon as I figure a few things out on this new computer I will be most happy to post a pic of this Smoky and the fairy crystal that is so so radiant in many rainbow colors!

I hope I can do it justice with the camera. As these changes keep happening I can put updates up also..its quite something to see. Blessings to you Liz, you and the people at this site are so so awesome and all of us are so so grateful to know you! :)

by: helena

You should be happy, this means your stones loving you and communicating with you and loving your energy.

by: crystal

Helena, due to extenuating circumstances I have not had access to internet for longest time.. Wanted to thank you for your comment here!

Actually I was rather hoping (my ego anyway) that I had something to do with it! lol The fairy crystal (this is not druzy of course) stopped growing there for awhile... yes it did but NOW, WOW! At the same time I am feeling more of the vibrations in my palm and fingers from my stone friends - that THRILLS me!

3 people in my family have cancer. Brother has insidious bone cancer. As I call out for help it sees the stones are responding in strong ways. I feel much more connected to them. They have helped us focus healing on my cat (chronic kidney failure), my dog (Addisons)is doing much better. My brother not so much.. to see your loved one in such pain... we are learning and working together with the crystals, with our Guides and Father/Mother/God/Source.

I can't imagine what life would be like without my crystal friends. Believe it or not all naysayers, it doesn't matter to me as I KNOW. They have taken me to places I never knew existed. Have schooled me in ways of Spirit, clearly showing me the benefits of Unconditional Love and Gratitude to ALL that is.

I know the thrill of being of service in a profound way and that's all I want except to keep learning about crystals! To keep learning about Spirit as i experience a joyous adventure made possible by places like this site. Your information is astounding! You all have worked so hard and please please KNOW that you are loved and appreciated beyond all awareness!

When NESARA comes I will be blessing this effort with appreciation that will allow you to keep up your Life's Purpose - for it must be that! You are too far-reaching, too knowledgeable for it not to be your passion! Until then, may you walk in Beauty as your soul is nourished by the Gratitude of all the many beings you have brought Light!

Just Jim
by: James McCartney

Amazing dark black smokey Quartz color change. I've been able to somehow(I'm not sure how) but by just holding the crystal in my hand for a few minutes within a year or less the crystals any color will become totally clear!

Large or small it doesn't matter. Can you enlighten me as to why I have this incredible ability?

My Dalmatian jasper has turned pink!!! why?
by: Danielle

So I've a lot of crystals, but just recently noticed my white/cream and black spotted Dalmatian jasper has turned pink!! I would really love some insight as to whats going on and why.. any links etc.. i cant find anything on it! Not sure how to put a pic?

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