Crystal Amethyst Opened My Spiritual Psychic Abilities, I Just Didn't Know!

by Lisa Marie Hunt
(Grand Rapids, Michigan)

I recently purchased a purple amethyst stone from the Spiritual store nearby. I bought a bigger piece. We had to move so I put it in a tub and nearly forgot about it.

Only a few weeks ago, my husband and I were sleeping in late because we had been kept up by some loud neighbors. We live in a motel so it can get noisy.

That afternoon about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, someone pounded on the door really loud.

My husband quickly got up to answer it. He yelled out "Who's there?" No one answered. There was not even a sound of shuffling in the snow. He stuck his head out. He said there was no one there and no footprints in the snow. There's a lot of snow so there should have been some.

My aunt died only a few hours later. We're thinking she knew we wouldn't be able to attend her funeral and was coming to say good-bye. There is no other possibility.

I also have a question. This amethyst crystal we bought must have been pretty strong since we didn't even have it out of the tub yet. But what other stones are good to go with an amethyst to really open up the third eye and help enhance any psychic abilities I have? Also do I have to keep it on my actual body or will it be strong enough just sitting out some place?

Also, I read someone had a Super 7 necklace. What stones are included on that list? And do you know of any replicable dealers of crystals who sell online? I love this website and have learned so much! Thanks so much and peace to you! Love, Lisa

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Also working with Amethyst
by: Kat

Hi! That's an incredible story! I think my Amethyst crystal has opened my psychic abilities as well. It's a pendulum piece that caught my eye in a crystal shop a few days back.

I find that, when I talk to people, I'll get flashes of random words, feelings, or images. I used to ignore them in order to really listen (because my attention span is awful) to who was in front of me, but since having an Amethyst companion I've taken more notice and realized that the flashes come a few seconds before someone verbally replies to me.

I was able to guess that a man had had a bad dream the night before, that he lost teeth in said dream, that he wanted to move to Colorado, and that he was an atheist. I was floored. Amethyst is one eye-opening friend.

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