Crystal Headaches

by Rose
(New York)

I need advise. If I am in a store that sells crystals, minerals and the like, I sometimes get a sharp headache after walking around the store. I either have to leave the store or put down any or all crystals I picked up to sample.

Is there any crystal, mineral or stone that can protect me from the headaches. I tried the ones for psychic protection to no avail.

Thanks, Rose

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Healing or Preventing Headaches From Crystals
by: Anonymous

I would recommend a bubble of protection and or a mandala to wear for protection. I use both actually. I easily get headaches with stress and touching lots or crystals that are not mine.

The way to do a bubble of intention.. well one way... there are many ways..... is to meditate for a min on your solar plexus and imagine a golden or whites sphere that starts off small and spinning clockwise.... with each breath you take to bubble gets bigger and bigger until it surrounds all of you until it's about a foot above your head and below your feet.

Then seal your bubble how ever you like. I seal mine with a silver ribbon and tie it at the top. while i do all this I do say a mantra to myself about it being a bubble of protection against whatever I'm trying to protect myself from. Also with the mandala.... when I do already have a headache I put the mandala up to one side of my head, by my ear/temple, and a regular clear quartz up to the other side of my head and picture the energy traveling from the mandala through my head into the crystal. The crystal traps the headache.

This usually takes about 10-15 min tops for me but it has always worked. I find a quiet place works best if that's available. I hope some or all of this info helps:)

by: Nancy

I recommend that you ground yourself first before going into the store. Just picture your feet going into the earth and holding on to you. If you have any grounding stones such as black tourmaline, red jasper, or even just a clear quartz. Set your intention to find the right stones that can help you.

Headaches in a crystal shop...
by: Anonymous

In a nutshell, my mom and I walked into a crystal shop because I'm a huge geology nerd; slowly after about two minutes, I developed a headache that was too painful to handle. So my mom and I walked outside of the shop and POOF, our headaches were gone. I don't really believe in all of that crystal healing and medicinal uses of crystals, but I really want an answer to what might of happened. Thank you for your time!

Release energy into the Earth
by: Divya

Headaches are caused by congestion, which means there's too much energy for your system to process. So even as you walk around the crystal store, consciously ground yourself.

Imagine you are walking barefoot on grass/mud, and that roots of light are going deeper and deeper from the soles of your feet into the earth.

Consciously keep flushing down energy from your head into the earth through your feet and you'll find that the headache will lessen.

Affirm to yourself that you are grounded and that all excess energy your body cannot absorb is going down into Mother Earth. The headache will disappear.

headaches from crystals
by: Anonymous

Today I went with my mom to a crystal shop to buy some crystals, and while we were in the store I started getting a headache... I'm not sure if it was because there was a lot of energy around me, and it was too much for me to handle? But it was not like a normal headache, I felt it in the middle of my head, and there's a little bit of aching between my eyebrows. If I could get a response to this it would be amazing because I keep looking for answers and I can't seem to find any.

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