Danburite Broke In Half?

by Kayla Hrutka
(Regina, Sask, Canada)

I am new to crystals and I find the advice on here amazing. Since I got my crystals I have been keeping them in a pouch close to me or under my pillow and when I woke this morning I found my Danburite was broken in half, it is one of my favorites so I was a little upset and confused on how it could have broke? I was thinking on getting another one anyway.

Has my Danburite lost its energy now that it is broken I would hate to toss it away and would feel rather guilty about it?

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Your Danburite
by: Lizzy


I usually find that if a crystal breaks in half it means you no longer need it's energy...you may have cleared the blockages you originally got it for...it is said that once a crystal has done with you it should be returned to the earth or thrown into flowing water (as in a running river)...I am like you and like to keep my crystals...I would suggest putting it on salt for a day or so to cleanse it and keep it aside...I don't believe you need its properties any longer, but you can continue to enjoy its beauty...

Your Broken Danburite
by: Liz Oakes

Its sad Kayla, that your lovely crystal is broken, but there is another way to look at it. Most crystals are broken from the bedrock to get them out for us to use, so maybe its just another part of the life journey of that crystal.

While you could throw it away there is really no need as it still has a powerful energy that may help you.

Perhaps if you get another one, I would use it for meditation and not carry it with the others as some crystals are fragile and break easily.

Cleansing of fragile crystals should be done carefully and using salt can harm many stones, and remove the outside shiny coating. I have done this myself when I was first using crystals so perhaps you might be best to avoid using salt as it would be a shame for anything else to harm your stones. ♥♥ Liz

Danburite Energies
by: Trudy

I would say keep it as it's energies have not been affected by breaking. But go ahead and get another to keep as it appears to be an important crystal for you. I keep several of my favorites so I can cleanse and recharge while carrying another.

Broken Danburite
by: Anonymous

Even though your Danburite has broken in half - I would still keep it. Personally I feel that it will still be as strong as ever. = Maybe put it away safe to " rest it " - But never part with it - it came to you to be one of your stones. = You may feel drawn to bring these two smaller stones back out at a later time.

by: Whispering Peace

"It is said when a stone you have been working with suddenly breaks, you are to come upon another who is in need of the same healing energy and you will give it to them. This stone will hold just as much energy for you broken as when you came across it. Never believe a stone does not hold energy. Cherish this stone."

Take what you may and leave the rest.

Whispering Peace
Darcy White.

Before giving it to someone ?
by: Anonymous

Hi my crystal has broken in two I use to have it with me all the time in my purse. When I seen it and it was broken in two I thought it was time for a new one . But I was just ready that it means also that someone might need this crystal as did . My question is, do I have to clean it before I give it to another family member (son)?? How do I clean it ?
Thank you

Cleansing & Sharing
by: Bonnyloo

I see in some of the comments one way of cleansing crystals. I was told by the person I bought my crystals from that the elements are what cleanses the crystals. Her favourite method is the sun. I use the sun as well. I also love to use the full moon. Especially on my Moon Stone. :D

You can use water or smoke as well. Or as someone else suggested salt. I am still learning myself so I may be leaving out one or two. Like earth? As salt was the only suggestion and someone else asked I thought I'd share.

I came upon this website because one of the stones that I wear around my neck fell from my hand when taking all my crystals to cleans in the sun. So this is fitting that I'm sharing on clearing. lol

After reading on two different sites and here that sometimes the broken stone is meant to be shared.

I feel like the fact that my stone broke in almost exactly half and that I instantly thought of a friend, who will be traveling soon and who recently told me she was told that she needs to get this same stone for its healing purposes for herself, I feel like that a piece is meant to go with her.

Hope this was helpful. I did also feel a bit sad at first when my stone broke but then I thought. Hey! Remember everything happens for a reason! :D

Love~Peace~Harmony to you all!

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