Help! How do I Properly Store All My Crystals And Stones?

by Laurent92100
(Edinburg Scotland)

Hello! Can someone help me? I have many many healing stones. I am keeping most of them on a window sill or small shelf where my stones can be exposed to the sunlight and moonlight.

Now, I have too many. Is there a proper way of storing them?

Someone suggested to put them in a divided plastic box and other in a simple cloth bag or a into something natural like a wooden box. What is the proper way of doing this? Thanks Laurent

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Storing Stones
by: Whispering Peace

It is my belief that storing your stones is as personal as the work they do for you. Having them out where you can see them is so awesome. However, you must be careful because some stones/crystals can fade with sunlight.

I love having my stones, all of them, sitting around. Some are in a stone dish. If you feel you must tuck them away, keep them in something natural, not man made such as plastic.

Stones/crystals love being out with you though. They love being placed where you can see them everyday. They want to help whenever needed, and sometimes they know way before you do. Also, keep in mind when tucking them away, some will chip more easily then others, some flake, etc. Wrap them in natural fabric such as cotton or silk or a paper.

Which ever you decide, is what is best for your stones. Listen to your instinct and do what you feel is right.

As always, take what you can use, and leave the rest.

Storing Crystals
by: Trudy

I keep mine in a drawer in my dresser with quartz crystal,amethyst and citrine slabs. I place them on the quartz to clean them and then place them on the amethyst or citrine to energize them.

I carry four gemstones (my favorites) every day and then place them in the drawer when I get home from work. I keep my rose quartz out with me in every room for positive energy.

Storing Crystals
by: Diana

I like keeping mine in plain sight. I will occasionally place the small enough ones in a box with many small compartments, but I just love seeing them around too much. However, I make sure that I place them all in a spot where they are not in sunlight - if I want to charge them that way, I can pick the non-photosensitive ones out and place them in sunlight.

I also make sure that they're placed far from cell phones or computers for most of the day - I remember this from my childhood and I'm not actually sure if computer or cell phone radiation really harms the crystals. Does anyone know for sure?

Storing crystals and electronic device effects too
by: Indigo Moon

On the subject of displaying your Crystals. Please NEVER put Purple Amethyst or Amethyst Geodes in the direct sunlight. It will fade them over time.( even the natural colored) I found this out the hard way.

I am a Certified Crystal Healer and have learned much about keeping and protecting your crystals and stones.

Black Tourmaline is a must to keep by your electronics to protect you from the nasty energy that you are subjecting yourself to from the electronics. It keeps the balance in your Energy Field. NEVER EVER keep a magnetic stone such as Hematite or Lodestone near electronics. Lodestone WILL fry your computer.

Energetically, crystals have scientific evidence of energy vibration, as do our bodies. It is important to NOT keep too many next to you bedside unless they are in a cabinet. The energies intermingle and can cause sleep issues.

my suggestion
by: Jeandre du Toit

I keep my crystals in an organza bag together, only my healing crystals. It works well when you sage them after they have assisted in a healing for a client, crystals like to be out, and not stored away.

Those who aren't being used in healings don't need cleaning and they are all over the house in potted plants, and on shelves. I hope this helps. Crystals are beings so treat them as such.

Glass topped coffee table Will they work through the glass?
by: Sue

I have bought a glass topped coffee table with sections in, and want to display my stones and crystals carefully. Will they work through the glass? Obviously I keep my red jasper necklace on and I always have my rose quartz on me even if its just dropped into a little space in my night bra. I am a beginner and don't know if I'm doing the right thing. Thanx in advance.

Storing Crystals
by: Miracle Mike

WOW! All of your comments are wonderful. I have had a bunch of crystals recently on my nightstand and I KNOW it's affected my sleep, so thank you whoever mentioned that.

I have so many from so many healing places such as Sedona and Mt Shasta and I am a Reiki Practitioner but I love to carry ones with me every day. I am copying most of your awesome comments to reference later.

My MAIN concern was 'crystal crowding' all in one glass bowl, etc...I didn't want one crystal to take away energy from another, etc...Thank you all again.

Namaste, Miracle Mike

Thank you
by: Anonymous

So many issues I too have now having collected various of 8" quartz crystal down to small but powerful various.

Still trying to figure best place as I do want most out with me...for now kitchen shaded window sill, and counter under it are loaded, and one glass open bowl with some real small ones.

I work with a crystal mine owner also...charge them in sun light for a few hours, some also enjoy moonlight...or in the earth itself. Running tepid then increasing to cold water is also a very charging and refreshing way to charge them up...just don't make cold too cold on warm rock...could break.

A few going onto the dirt with a plant if it's near me...still looking for perfect place..should not cover them up in boxes or bags...need to breathe!

by: Anonymous

I just bought my rose quartz & the owner of the store told me to place it in the freezer overnight to take off anyone else's energy that has picked it up in the store.

When I took it out I held it in my hand and after 2 minutes my hand start tingling. Even two hours later after keeping near my heart, my hand is still tingling almost as if a small electric current is going through my hand.

This is very interesting & I can't wait to see how else I'll be effected by my crystal.

Just made a crystal 'garden' inside
by: Shari

Can't deal with having my precious ones closed up anywhere, so have a few special friends on kitchen window sill, a couple large ones on table near plant, and got a nice flat bottom, 3" wicker sided sort of basket about 12" x 20" ...lined with green hand towel folded to fit, and along with my crystals have a candle and a small plant with them all.

Looks very pretty, for now on an end table in the living room, near window but no direct sun. I do take them out to the patio sunshine for a good 8 hour bathing a couple times a week also.

Storing Crystals

I have a large collection (over 100) crystals and stones so far.

My biggest problem: 2 Siamese cats actually they are ''little thieves'' as they even pick-up my rings on my night table and run away with them... what will they do with my stones especially the small ones, if I leave them on shelves.

Siamese cats are climbers, love height..additional problem. One day I lost a Danburite (miniature size) and the cat just dropped it at my feet after I`d been searching everywhere for it. Now you see my huge

I am storing them, unfortunately, in plastic boxes with dividers in between them and wrote their individual names to recognize each one. I keep a record in a notebook (and in my computer) of each one's metaphysical property and other details (such as charging each one, cleansing etc..)

I would love to keep at least to cover of each plastic box open for them to breathe but I'm too afraid the cats will dig them out of their compartments and play with them on the floor and bite them of course. (some are toxic! cinnabar, stibnite etc..)

Any idea what I can do ? (Plants, pots with soil, OUT of the question, the cats dig!) I was thinking of covering the open boxes with a screen (like a mosquito screen) would that be good?

thanks Atlas

by: Silvia

Hello, I have bought several raw amethyst and aquamarine crystals and they started to oxidize. They are starting to turn brown here and there. How can I avoid this from happening? How can I store them safely?

Thanks Silvia

Can I store it in my pouch?
by: Anonymous

I have 3 quartz (amethyst rose quartz and crystal quartz). Can I store all three of them in the pouch so I can bring them everywhere?

New to the world of crystals
by: Anonymous

A warm hello to everyone. I am new to the world of crystals. I Bought a rose quartz, crystal quartz, selenite, 7 chakra stones. I am going through a very difficult phase and decided its time for some self healing. Please advice me on how to use the crystals and store them and which can be taken with me to work.

I would love to place them all over the house. Also how do I cleanse and recharge.

My purpose of the crystals are:
1) to heal myself
2) to bring back my energy
3) to breakout of my shell and utilize myself - I have so many ideas and plans but I seem to have a block, like my body is being held back.
4) to flourish at work.

Please do advise.

Iridescent hematite
by: Dave

Have specimen of iridescent hematite that has lost a lot of color while being stored in boxes paper wrapped. I was told that setting them in sunlight would bring the colors back.

Is this true or not? I have never had one fade bad... this one covers quartz rutile and goethite.

Natural Crystal Storage
by: Marigold

Hi everyone & Atlas. I was thinking of your problem with trying to find a way to store/display your crystals with your crafty cats LOL (I have two that think the world is their oyster) Anyway, have you considered either purchasing a vintage ink press letter storage tray? I like this option because they can be hung on a wall for display or laid on a table top.

To address keeping the cats from picking their favorite stones you can always place small hinges on them with a glass lid to allow visual display yet protection from little paws walking off with them.

If you do a search for them on line you can find them for sale. I also did a search and found several great DIY's for building your own. I do not have tools at this time for woodworking so I am waiting for a friend to get back from deployment to make mine. Hope that helps. Marigold

by: Ana

I have received a moonstone from my cousin which I met for the first time and she was drawn to it and got it for me. It really interested me how she was drawn to it but we have never met.

I started to do some reading on it and I was wondering how can I use my moonstone? I also want to buy other stones. Should I use it on chakras when laying down, and can I use any 7 stones or how does this work? I've done lots of reading but my mind is still not clear. Thank you.

help crystals gems shadows etc.
by: Anonymous

I brought some stones yesterday quickly ran them thru some sage smoke and put them all together on a tissue next to my night stand. In the same shop a got a psychic reading. The day went very positive however I was tossing and turning all night so I got up 2 use the bathroom and I saw a shadow figure in my boyfriends mums bedroom.

I see glimpses of shadows people regularly nearly everywhere it it doesn't ever worry me. (I'm only a beginner with my inner journey) But this frightened me a lot. I decided I was too scared to make a noise so I opened the bathroom door and proceeded to rush back to my boyfriends bedroom. I felt a really negative energy right at my back stalk/chasing me.

I was using my phones screenlight to guide me in the dark and it was flickering. I shut the door and laid in my bed dead still with my heart racing hard. After 10 mins I woke my bf up to tell him as I had uncontrollable tears streaming down my face. I expected him to giggle and mock me like usual he is a skeptic to most of my beliefs.

He cut me off mid explanation and ask me if it was in our room. I said I didn't know I just feel overwhelming terror. And he described the exact tall dark messy male-like shadow, standing right by the bed stand.

Clearly I did not sleep last night and when I tried to sleep about 3 hours later I had sleep paralysis for the second time in my life and it was also horror filled.

Can anyone explain what I'm experiencing to help me fix my problem. Have I taken something home with me. I feel such an uncomfortable presence with me now and I cant shake this negative energy.

I put my healing stones in a beautiful glass tea light candle holder and it exploded
by: Ayla

I am so freaked out so someone please help!! my mum bought me 5 healing stones for my health and life situation a couple of years ago, they are Dalmation Jasper, Nuummite, Tiger's Eye, Black Onyx and I think the last one is Fancy Jasper. For that time they have been sitting on top of a hand made soy wax candle encased in pressed tin which my sister bought me.

Today I took them out and put them in a beautiful round glass tea light candle holder. I had cleaned it with cloth after having a non used candle sitting in it. I went out and came home and all I could hear was a glass smash, I went into my room and the glass had exploded into 4 different pieces and the stones were sitting in the middle of it.

Why would that have happened? They weren't in the sun, my house is not hot or cold, no one was in that room, I don't get it!

Ditto To the Previous Comment
by: Anonymous

The exact same thing happened with me as the previous person commented. I put mine also in a glass candle holder there were 3 stones in it (rose quartz and a spirit quartz) and while I was sleeping at 2am, I heard glass bursting and when I went to see what it could be, the glass was broken with the quartz in the middle.

Could this perhaps be the energy between them?? Please please we need a reply its kinda freaking me out!!

Rose Quartz - storage
by: Carol

I have a block of raw rose quartz which I store under my pillow at nights and on top of my pillow during the day. I'm not sure if this is the correct place for it. Does anyone know if this is OK.

Moreover, I position the other gemstones around me on my bed up nights. In essence I store them on my bed LOL

Glass shot exploded
by: Kate

I got some bonus gifts like small crystals so I put them in Tombstone shot glass on the kitchen counter. They were fine till I took the citrine out to carry with us. Last nite I looked at the glass. It exploded in 2 pieces! The glass was broken in half. Someone told me that it might be a bad sign.

I read all your comments that helped me understand about crystals. I put all my selenite crystal wands on plastic dish next to the window for sunlight. I better take them away cuz I left them there for many days.

Thanks for helpful hints. Interesting to learn..

Glass breaking
by: Christine

Hi I have had a similar experience to the glass breaking others mentioned. I think when you are moving the crystals around you are recharging or re-energizing them, then placing them together in enclosed glass could cause a build up of energy.

I would move them to a space where they are not on top of or not touching each other. Also they're energies might conflict with each other. I wouldn't worry its not a bad sign or negative like someone mentioned.

Help I am new !
by: Anonymous

I just went and got my first crystals-stones today after doing some research and feeling a sense like I should be working with them. I got about 4 and when I got home I saged my whole house and than cleansed all the crystals-stones and then placed them all next to each other on the shelf.

Do I just program one at a time? And how long do I work with one do I bring it everywhere with me ? Is it okay to leave the rest out?

Will I have to cleanse again when I’m ready to work with one? Thank you so much for reading my question ❤️

Healing crystals
by: Anonymous

I was just at a healing crystal shop today and they recommended not to have crystals or stones in the sun.

New to the crystal
by: Anonymous

How do I cleanse my crystals once I receive them? I am buying a few for EMF protection and love! Please help me do everything I need to do right. I would love to start a crystal garden and I also need to know what I can place them on.

Yes! Its Important To Cleanse Your Crystals.
by: Liz Site Owner and Writer

It is always important to cleanse your new crystals when you receive them as you don't know how many people have handled them before you and what energy of theirs is in the crystal.

There are quite a few methods to do this. Check out the page on my site about cleansing your crystals here.

Best Liz Site Founder and Writer

Shadows and glass
by: Karimson

Glass may break due to astro reasons, a lot of planets in retrograde this 2018. Separate the crystals in the glass holder, insulate with a fabric. Glass is just picking up strong vibrations, not hard to shatter the weak glass.

by: bevy

I have quite a good collection of stone crystals and I had the idea to display them in this fancy glass tall container with a fancy lid, I would have liked to add a photo. I would be adding them gently?

How to seal fragile crystals
by: matty77

hi! I am looking for information on how to seal fragile crystals. I have been working with some crystals one at a time.. and I started to have many accumulated specimens which I store on display in shaded areas of my home.

I specialize in only 100% natural\uncut\unpolished stones or crystals. I even study geology to find some specimens in their natural states and habitats. I have started making necklaces and bracelets with only 100% natural specimens... some I order on the internet as ¨rough¨ specimens, such as the first necklace I ever made with a blue Kyanite blade.

In my geological region you can find other beautiful but fragile specimens such as residual Malachite on Chalcopyrite, rare Azurite chunks, residual Chrysocolla, Galena (lead), Pyrite and very rare Cubanite, and only one little mountain yielding some Vanidinite.

As you probably know, some of these specimens can be toxic to a certain extent if you wear them unprotected in their natural state, and now I ordered a little Cinnabar crystal (mercury ore) which has a hardness of 2-2.5 on the mohs scale.

Could anyone recommend any particular type of sealant or varnish that hardens and can preserve the natural beauty of the specimens without their contact being toxic? (especially for Cinnabar as you should wash your hands every time you work with those) This would be of great help if answered. thanks.

Stone bought for someone else
by: Dallas

Ok so I have a dilemma and would appreciate some positive feedback. Normally when I get a stone/crystal for someone else I am happy with giving. I recently received one I ordered for a friend but as soon as I held it to look at it, something shot through me to keep it and get another for my friend.

I haven’t had this happen before and want to do the right thing. Please help with this? Many thanks, Namaste💛🦋💛

The shadow issue
by: Anonymous

I came here to just read about how to store crystals but saw an alarming comment on the shadow that someone encountered. If you're into crystals then you already know about energy and astral fields.

I am a Buddist and I also practice Tibetan meditation. What I can tell you is that the shadow may be an entity that is stuck in between astral planes. Maybe the crystals were not properly cleansed and allowed that soul to manifest in our physical world.

What you need to do is to say a prayer/mantra to guide the soul to pass through to the spirit world. As I write these words I understand that it sounds insane, but that is the way to send the 'troubled' souls to the light. Trouble souls are the ones who refused to go to the spirit world due to trauma, unfinished business and thus became stuck in between. Some souls become angry and may be that's what you felt.

Pray, say a mantra, look for youtube videos that has mantra chanting for lost souls. Additionally, you can say 'om tare tuttare ture soha' which is a Tibetan protective mantra for Tara 'the mother of all Buddhas' to protect you. I hope this helps.

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