Help...beneficial or just strange? Seraphinite

by Rae
(Phoenix, AZ)

Hey I have a question and it's been bugging me for a couple years now. I keep circling back to it thinking that it couldn't have just been something in my head.

A little bit of back info if it matters or plays a role at all. In high school, I was diagnosed bipolar type 1, a diagnosis that took a long time to receive, as I was initially almost labeled a schizophrenic due to musical hallucinations.

Either or, I've been put on medication, stabilized and been considered "bipolar in remission", just so anyone reading knows that this isn't just a moment of crazy. To be honest, sometimes at night when I'm laying quietly in the dark, it's like I'm hearing multiple people talk at once, never being able to make out what any one of them are saying and feeling frustrated.

I've been told that all of this (my diagnosis included) is from another realm, perhaps spiritual guidance and that I need to concentrate and meditate on that and hopefully slow it down enough to understand. I've never done this out of sheer fear that my symptoms actually show no improvement even though I take medication for the auditory stuff. Also, it feels deep down like I have some responsibility to do it, which has always scared me a little more because I don't know that I want it.

This whole story boils down to a moment 2 years ago. I started doing research on a few crystals, primarily for a friend who was struggling and who was into crystal healing himself. I saw a picture of Seraphinite in a book and was immediately halted in what I was doing and I had to read the description. After that I put it in the back of mind.

The next day I looked up a crystal shop and headed over there. As I was looking for some stones for my friend, I found a few pieces of seraphinite. Obviously, I had to at least touch it right? Lol

As soon as I held it in my hand, there was an intense high pitch ringing in my ears that I was almost caught up in for a moment before I quickly put it back down. It scared me... the intensity of it, the vibrations I felt in my hand as well as my ear. I actually left immediately and never bought a thing.

My question is, is this a normal trait of this stone? I've read about it but never encountered a similar story. And like I said, it keeps circling back in my thoughts. Whenever I see a beautiful stone or anything I think about it or have to tell someone about it... Please tell me I'm not crazier than I think I am.

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Rae I completely understand you.....
by: Anonymous

Rae, I completely understand you. I know what you have felt because I had a similar experience myself a few years ago too.

I was working with gemstones for a client and that day I was wearing a Seraphinite necklace. During that day I heard lots of chattering but I didn't pay attention at first and I went on working. I felt like very peaceful and surrounded with lots of peace and love energies.

All of a sudden I heard very clearly, a voice that said, "Stop.... stop, stop and Pray, Pray, Pray." The energy was so strong and pushing me with urge the need to stop and pray. So what you experience is normal and very real. You are not crazy at all. This is a VERY spiritual angelic stone.

I've had other spiritual experiences working with Seraphinite stones. So please don't be scared of working with spiritual stones. Remember there is always Spiritual Angels all around you working with you. Take Care~

Thank you anonymous!
by: Rae

I really appreciate your response! So glad to think that it may not have been solely in my head. The more reading I've done, the more informed I've become on this stone in particular. I just didn't see anything pertaining to that type of experience or anyone relating to it.

My issue is that I only heard the ringing when I had the stone in my hand. The talking I've heard even before than...for years. It's almost like AM radio if i had to describe it. Usually when it happens, and it's def not all the time, I'm laying in bed at night or just about to fall's happened every time I've ever tried to meditate so I don't even try anymore. I just put my hands over my ears (because it's startling and sometimes can be pretty loud) and say stop and it does everytime. Never persists any further.

When I finally did have the courage to tell anyone (one of which was a stranger lol but idk, her eyes just looked open) they both had the same explore it and that it may be metaphysical of sorts I guess. And really, that response is why I've ignored it further because something that big, shoulders far more than I want, for sure. Since my run in with seraphinite however, I've become increasingly more curious and figuring it out has become more pressing even while I'm hesitant if that makes any sense at all.

I keep feeling like that ringing in my ears was the sound of me tuning into those jumbled frequencies just a tiny bit more. In short, obviously I want to reassure myself that I'm not insane, but also puzzled by this specific stones qualities and wondering if it would help or hurt everything that I've been experiencing off or on since I was 15. So going on 16 years of intermittent static! That sounds crazy all by itself!! Lol

Thank you again so much for sharing your response.

Native clairaudience?
by: Cecilia

I'm new to crystals myself, having come from a "school" without props, if some of you remember the Silva method. I didn't ask for the course, but I was helping out at a psych rehab clinic and the director's brother turned out to be a Silva instructor. During a visit from him, we got the whole 5-day beginners' course for free.

The premise is that everyone has gifts they are taught to ignore. Now, this was supposed to be an "week-off holiday" for the staff, so two kids turned up because their mother was staff.
During the clairvoyance part (which some got pretty frustrated at), one of the kids was given the name of someone she didn't know. She described a "small banana" that "needed cleaning". It turned out the person had kidney stones. She was using her own language cypher to express an unknown that neither we nor she knew the vocabulary for.

A few others did describe the static you talk about, so we were told about clairaudience. It's not as common, since an overwhelming part of the information humans get is visual - they attune to sight more easily. The most curious case is clairsentience, when someone actually threw up because the name of the patient they were given had a digestive disorder.

Think about it. It could be more normal than you're told.

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