I'm in love with my stones........

by Niki vd Merwe
(Pretoria, South Africa)

Hi I'm Niki from South Africa and I never knew why I loved playing with stones. I was so attracted to them, could stare at them for hours. Playing with them etc.

I am 49 now, always knew I was physic but never to what extend and what I could do with it. I have decided to study Holistic Healing now and my main subject is going to be Crystal Healing.

My little family (me and my girls) escaped a very abusive man and I do crystal healing now on my daughter who has a very negative block and lots of guilt resulting from my divorce from her dad.

I don't have a favorite crystal, as I choose different ones every day depending on what the need is. I love your page. As I don't have the money to study as yet, I learn all I need to and more from your page. I have also realized that my mom, who was very psychic also had stones, this past weekend I was looking for a bracelet that she had with stones in to give to my daughter for patience, and I found a whole stash of crystal quartz and tigers eyes and an amethyst.

So loving stones are obviously in my genes. Oh yes when my grandsons touched my stones they both (very strangely) took the little stones and held it up against their throats. Well me and my daughter just looked at each other. They obviously also have it in their genes. lol.......

I am so glad to know there are others like me out there. Although I have God as my center piece - I don't see why Christianity and Spirituality cannot work hand in hand. Thank you for your fabulous website.

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