Lemurian seed crystal and its side effects.

by Alysha bell
(Toronto, Canada )

I bought a lemurian seed crystal and amethyst. I put them both on chains and wore them, then took them off and went to bed. The next day I put them on and I went to go head out...

But before I hit the door, I randomly felt a wave of nausea and I suddenly felt like I was about to black out. That tingly feeling, and how your vision starts to blacken effects before you pass out. so I took both necklaces off panicking. Went to washroom to throw up but couldn't.

I went to lay down and it went away. As soon as I stand up again I feel like I'm gonna throw up and pass out. When I try and get up or go on internet and read something I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep any second. But when I rest my head, I can't sleep. My whole body feels awful, and I don't know why. I just got them yesterday, first time ever. Someone please tell me what is going on? I'm scared.

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Side effects
by: Anonymous

Take a deep breath and say something positive. If you have the strength take a shower with sage and sea salt... Re-grounding while cleansing yourself at the same time. Hope that helps.

Lemurian & Amethyst Lady in Ontario Canada
by: Anonymous

Did you purify them first before wearing them ..you must sage smoke them or put them to the full Moon to charge them.

The Amethyst and the Lemurian Crystal must have been manipulated maybe by someone who was sick. Be careful when you order stones, be sure you charge them in the full sun although not recommended for Amethyst.... they like the dark or they will loose their colour.

Hope you're feeling better..I think Healing Crystals for You explains it in her blog what to do ....

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