Loving My New Crystal Grid !

by Tyra
( Hartford, Connecticut New Haven)

I have been experimenting with healing crystals for about two years. I have many different crystals of all sizes colors and also jewelry. I love the way they look. I think they are so beautiful.

I have been very fascinated with the mystery behind crystals and gem stones and had little miracles happen here and there for me while using them. I have a son that is 29 yrs old that lives with us. He smokes a lot of weed and drinks alcohol here and there. He is always very loud and obnoxious. He causes so much negativity and havoc in our home that he upsets all of the other family members.

We have tried so many different things to try and help him with his bad attitude with no success. Last week during one of his melt downs I decided to make a crystal grid for his mental health issue. Writing a small note and putting it under a crystal grid along with a photo of him.

I activated the crystal grid with a small selenite stick and prayed for the best for my son. Sending positive vibes and blessing his way through meditation. I thought it would take a while to start working but to my surprise as soon as I activated it...it started working IMMEDIATELY !!!

Now I'm not saying that grids always work immediately but this is the way that it happened for me. I have read in some articles that sometimes it takes a little time to work. I am so happy with the way that the crystal grid is working. The peace that has come over my son and our household is absolutely astonishing!!!

I am so grateful for my beautiful crystals and gemstones. I have no doubt in my mind that that absolutely do work for our good. So far within this last week I promise anyone that is reading this...that my son is a absolute changed person who's bad vibes and negative attitude has diminished by about 99%.

Thank you for who ever has read this post and if you are considering making a crystal grid I hope it works as well as it has worked for us. Happy griding and best wishes to all. 😊

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