Moldavite, Nausea And The Heart Chakra

by Deirdre

I just wanted to share my experience of a little piece of Moldavite that I received about a week ago, and ask for some opinions please!

I've been keeping it in its plastic box on my bedside table, or pocket and very occasionally holding it in the palm of my hand, no discernable reaction.

However, this morning I decided to lie down for a little rest and thought it might be a nice idea to place the Moldavite on my heart chakra and just relax.

Goodness, within a couple of minutes I had intense nausea. I didn't really connect it with the Moldavite, but as I was feeling worse and worse, I removed it from the chakra, put it in its box and away.

Immediately, I felt completely better. I wanted to ask advice as to why this would happen in relation to my heart chakra and also, what would be the best way to benefit from my Moldavite, which I felt very drawn to buying in the first place?

Thank you everyone for any advice. ~Deirdre

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Moldavite And Nausea
by: Tina

I have been told that if holding a crystal causes pain or other symptoms, there may be a blockage in the area expressing discomfort. Alternatively, the crystal may need cleansing and readjusted to your vibration. Clean the Moldavite and try again.

Hold the crystal in your hand and meditate on your intentions to direct the energy to your intention. Limit your direct exposure daily until symptoms resolve. You may have a physical or chakra issue.

Try placing the Moldavite in a different location. When I placed a new piece of quartz on my chest, I experienced a sharp pain in my heart area. This has resolved with time and cleaning. However, it does reoccur after cleansing and fades away if I proceed as I described.

I use various crystals to heal different problems in my body as I ask for healing during meditation. My health has improved and chronic problems are fading away. Good luck.

Very helpful
by: Deirdre

Thank you Tina. I do suffer from IBS which I think is tied in with emotions/heart so that makes sense. I have a lot of work to do and will follow your advice about clearing, and focussing my intention. :)

by: Anonymous

Please remember!! Sometimes certain crystals respond differently to different people. I completely agree with everything Tina advised, but the plain and simple truth is that it is possibile that moldavite may take some serious getting used to on your part. Tina may be more in tune with the vibration of that particular stone, due to many natural and energetic influences. Without becoming attuned to such a high vibration crystal, some can end up feeling very ungrounded.

I have questions too
by: DeAnna

I also have been having issues with some of my stones. I have smudged them all and have put my intent in them. Now my chest feels like I have an elephant sitting on it. Help please.

My Experience With Moldavite
by: Dani

Moldavite is a very intense stone. It is also called "The Holy Grail" stone. It is not for everyone one or in moderation. I have worn a hulk of Moldavite for years . I strongly don't recommend this but I also wear a large hunk of rose quarts with it. I have never noticed a problem for me. That is just me.

The stone is for transformation. I have a sturdy foundation in recovery and a solid support system. I anticipate and welcome very rapid change in my life. I also have good friends that are on that same path. People around me understand when I talk about all the very rapid/dramatic change.

The changes are dealing with values, beliefs, philosophy or life events. They are different because the change comes from me seeing life differently.
If you don't like or not especially grounded, this may not be a good fit.

Cleansing Moldavite
by: Dani

There are so many ways to cleanse a stone. The secret is to use the correct method for cleansing and charging the stone unique to that stone. It is important to learn proper care/cleansing of stones that are meant to alter moods and life direction.

I have read NEVER use salt to cleanse Moldavite. It is too powerful for such a high vibration stone. Sometimes the best way to wash them in room temperature water. I have heard of some stones actually caused the water to bubble around the stone.
Some thrive on moonlight others fade in sunlight.
It is recommended not to allow other people to touch your stones.

The woman I bought the Moldavite from told me when hers gets too strong, she takes it off the metal chain and puts it on a long (away from heart) black cord.

Cohabitation With Your Stones
by: Fawna

Sometimes our bodies are simply not used to the unique new energy provided by various gems. Id say the best thing to do is simply cohabitate with your stone, allowing yourself to gradually get used to the new energy.

I personally take salt baths with my new stones in order to bond myself with them. (Some stones however can be harmed by this. Then I simply put them on the side of the tub.) Your body will adjust to the foreign vibrations with time, simply by making yourself aware of the stones personal affinities.

If the stone continues to feel uncomfortable, it is likely that that stone is simply not meant for you, but perhaps someone close to you that would not have acquired the stone themselves. Let your intuition guide you, and blessed be!

by: Misty

My husband and I each have our own piece of moldavite, we're both experiencing pressure on our chest. Though I'm feeling it a bit more than he is so he is able to ignore it, he thinks it could be the bear metric pressure change because it is now fall and smoke from the fires in California and Montana. I also suggested maybe it's our moldavite's.

Although if it was, wouldn't it have stopped after I took mine off? If it is our Moldavite's, when will the pressure in our chest's stop?

by: Tina

Please help bought piece of moldavite within second holding it felt so so sick and my head ache felt so dizzy gave back to shop owner week pass each time pass shop was drawn to get it felt it pulse each time walk past shop brought it home sage it left it on my plant in kitchen window went bed had urge to leave all lights on never do my dream was in vast space felt like white being so bright were looking at me in my bed felt sad and out of my body floating next morning took it back to shop any help or advice love my crystals orange calcite green calcite and rose love light healthy big Tina

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