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Hi! I am David from Spain.

I was always interested about minerals since I know my mind. I can remember back things from I was 1 years old. When I was young I didn't know what to do with the other kids around me, I was never interested about playing but other things like minerals, fossils. Especially those with deep red colors like garnet or ruby.

I had trouble sleeping always, sometimes I woke up with bruises. Nothing has helped, it has just stopped a few years back. My mom brought me amethysts but it didn`t have any effect on me at that time. I was always nervous and shaking. I couldn`t feel the vibration of the stones... I assume due to the extra amount of tension.

I was messing up electrical systems, activated alarms, couldn`t pay with my credit card when I was happy or sad. Radio frequencies are not my friend. When I am meditating or get emotional. The mobile network is just gone, the speakers in the hi-fi or in the computer are starting to go wrong...

One of my ex girlfriend has seen a "ghost" in my back when we had a webcam conversation... She has freaked out but I was lucky that time, she was brave... I am still experiencing weird stuff like that but a few months since the nervousness is gone, I am truly calm, I can feel almost every vibration around. I always had some other weird stuff around me also, like I freaked out girls with telling simple things what they are thinking about, UNINTENTIONALLY. I have never wanted to do this, before.

A few months before I said, ok, I am giving up, let`s take a control on these things. I met someone I really loved, everything seemed like perfect, but the same thing has happened as many times before. When I truly wanted something and I was very close to achieve it has gone far away... It does not matter what kind of thing we are talking about, love, career, or studies. Just the same. The bright side is I have tremendous willpower, a single step forward in life for me is like to climbing the Mt. Everest. –Any idea how to stop this?-

So, I wanted to stop this trend even in the cost of my life. I was digging in, let`s try isochronic tones. That was a sensation first time. I had flashes about what some people are saying a few seconds later, weird people were nodding in the street, had a sensation like the cold wind is coming to my limbs, my t-shirt was moving during meditation etc.. And sometimes I was looking at some really easy things, like small piece of paper and it has started to move around…

The intensity has stopped of these things, I did not know why. The key is: calm awareness. That is a state when your mind “feels” things like isochronic tones or the power in the crystals. When you get a new impulse it`s easier than later. It`s like a challenge for the mind. This can be stimulated. I started to buy some minerals and playing games to activate both of my hemispheres. If you are improving your peripheral vision that can be a great help.

What I have now: multi color tiger`s eye from Tibet which one has an epsilon mark (what is this?) and seems like turning to be blue, charoite, moonstone, amethyst, golden tiger`s eye, dumurtierite, magnesite, clear quartz, small red-pink garnets, and what is really overwhelming for now, a 45cts clean phenacite. When I am meditating I light up a candle and placing stones in my forehead, in both of my palms, and sometimes I put stones around in some geometric shape. It has help to challenge my mind. I am relaxing, but keep my mind “open”, like a back-think of the objects around so I feel the same pulsation in my head like in the first time. Now I feel tingling vibration even in my feet.
What else would be good to add?

What do you think about the white river nephrite pebble with an inner golden heart from Xinjiang? I just bought it, but I can`t find many info about.

I am an Aries, I like the most of the stones but not bloodstone…I don`t really know why. Should I try it also? I don`t know if I am in the right path, feel free to share your knowledge!

Thanks. David

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Spain, you say?
by: Lucy

Hi David, you have written a lot and I can see how you have concerns. I'm sure I would too if I didn't know what was going on, and had very little support. Spain is a predominantly Catholic country, so many people might be afraid, as you say your ex girlfriend was.

However. I think there are also Spiritual or New Age people also and I very much hope you soon find some to share experiences with. As with everything just try Googling.

Reading your comments, what came to my mind was Waterfalls cascading and showers and feet in grass, so perhaps it represents Grounding?? Maybe in time with meditating you'll get more insight- you have come a long way as you say. Its good that you're not afraid and one day you'll be proud to be different.

You Tube also has a surprising amount of Spiritual stuff that links one from another. I wish you great luck on your journey and hope its not too long before you find your Soul Quest.

further progress
by: David

Thank you Lucy for your comment. The interesting thing is about your waterfall thoughts, I just love the water`s calming effect. It works and makes me happy like nothing else.

Now I know why some of the people are nodding in the streets... I always thought telepathy can happen only one way. Receive thought. But nowadays most likely I am giving thought instead of receiving.

I started to meditate with stones intensively. I feel the vibration in my feet, sometimes in my palms, and yesterday I felt in my lower stomach area. And I feel strong beats under my body when I am laying down and meditating. Any idea?

I love my 45cts clear phenacite. Should I clean sometimes? First I received I felt like out of space after 2 hours, but now this effect has stopped. First I meditated with and the chaorite it was really overwhelming. I still feel the vibration, but it is not stronger than the kyanite, for example. Maybe I did a mistake. I have cleaned with flowing water.(?)

The killer combo: left hand: phenacite+Dumortierite
right hand: kyanite+chaorite , moonstone one the "3rd eye chakra

Further progress
by: Anonymous

Ahhh So you like water, waterfalls? Do you take crystals into the shower or bath? I rarely have baths, but when I do, I always choose some crystals to put into the very hot water... and often fall asleep with relaxing music and candlelight. Yes, I put a crystal on my third eye too, in the bath.

I'm sure you've read all the properties of crystals in this website (which is one of the best I've ever read), so you will know that Phenacite is a very high vibration crystal. In fact I usually try to search for those kind to raise my consciousness.

All the ones you mentioned in the combo are very strong so my thoughts are that mixing too many energies may be confusing to your own aura? Maybe focus on one crystal at a time to define the qualities it can share with you during a period of a few days? Although i may try the combination you described.

Nowadays, I try to always buy 2 of the same stone - to have in each hand when meditating, or give one as a gift to a good friend, but I am greedy and don't want o give my best crystals away. So then I have to buy 3. (I've also got a bloodstone somewhere in the house, which is a bit unattractive.) I've got a tiny Phenacite as they are usually quite expensive.

I've been looking for some Cryolite for a while, and knowing it's genuine by the fact that it becomes invisible almost in water* - interesting.

I'll tell you my theory about crystals... You know how people reincarnate over many many lifetimes? Well I believe that when they are buried and sink deep into the earth... our remains blend with the earth, so parts of our remains can be parts of crystals over the ages.
Also, crystals contain chemicals like magnesium, calcium etc... and so do human bodies, so possibly when we are deficient in some element - that's when a crystal may resonate with us to provide that balance???? That's my theory.

Kind regards

fire agate
by: Lili

How big, what are the dimensions of your fire agate you keep under your bed? please Thanks

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