My path to my enlightenment

by Stephen Cuthbert
(Derbyshire United Kindom)

My story started when I was looking at different thing on YouTube when came across a "Guided Meditation by Drunvalo Melchizedek", the awakening the Illuminated heart meditation.

So I joined in and on my first attempt to make contact with Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky I made the connection.

It was in the way of a very strong tingling vibrational sensation from Mother Earth which started from my root chakra up to my crown chakra, and Grandfather Sky started from my crown chakra down to my root chakra.

It was amazing so I kept up with the "Guided Meditation with Drunvalo Melchizedek" until I could do it on my own and still get the same results because listening to someone talk in mediation is not as good as sitting in piece quite.

Whilst watching Guided Meditation with Drunvalo Melchizedek I noticed he had Crystals around him at the same time I had also herd that one of the best gifts to give back to Mother Earth to show your love for her was to give her back the Crystals that you have had for a long time that was close to you so that's what I did I rowed out to the middle of the lake and gave her back the crystals that I have had for a long time it hurt it was like saying fare well to old friends but it felt right to do so.

And now I have some new ones and how did I pick them? Well only one came from a shop that my attention was draw to, the others came from internet. I new some of the crystals I needed but not all of them and as situation arose which then drew my attention to other different crystals and their uses.

So I would go onto the internet to look for them and when I came across the one that drew my attention to I would relax look straight at it and send it my love from my heart then ask if they would like to come home and live with me and be part of my family and if it answer back in the way of a very strong tingling vibrational sensation the same that Mother Earth and Farther Shy answered me then I bought it because we made contact if I didn't get anything back I would leave It.

Now when I meditate I first get in touch with Mother Earth and Grandfather Sky to get their permission to use the crystal for the mediation because Mother Earth gave us the crystal and Grandfather Sky give it the life power in the crystals.

Then I would pick up the crystal in my right hand build up the love energy in my heart and then move it across and down the right hand side of my body down the right arm and into the crystal.

Then after this I hold the crystal in my left hand and wait for the crystal sends it love back to me which then comes up my left arm and down the hole left hand side then carries across to right hand side of my body and wow what a buzz then I hold the crystal in both hands and go into normal meditation.

Question:I purchased a good size piece of AAA Moldavite got it made into a pendent first time I wore it it made me tired so I went to bed fell a sleep and when I woke up my plane carpet had a patten all over it which lasted for about 10 minutes,soon after purchased nice piece of obsidian and now I don't feel it on me and it's a piece that is 2inches long 3/4 inches wide pear drop in shape and I have a good meditation connection with it.

But now when I go to bed I lie down and after about 5 to 10 minutes later my inner self starts to vibrate very fast when I try to lock in on it and it fades away then I relax then again it starts up. I have managed three times only, I managed to lock in on it, twice I saw a white square with black small square lined boxes with all different numbers in the boxes and the numbers changing every spit second with the flashing pulsating rhythm of the vibration.

The other time it was objects, normal every day objects changing every spit second with the pulsating rhythm of the vibration. Now my question is will it be the Moldavite causing this because I sleep with it or is it that my vibrational inner self rising and beginning to speed up? Regards: Stephen

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